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"You know who i am" Ethnicity-🇮🇳Blood-Iranian 18th May(Eid baby) Twitter:Zainimam01 Collab: [email protected] Business Enq: [email protected]

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2 days ago

First day #indonesia 🥰😍 Loving the cast and crew of @antv_official @pesbukers_antv Thank you for the warm welcome #indonesia

2 weeks ago

A surprise visit on the set by aapki aur hamaari @araalexanderofficial So thought of getting something clicked And this is what came out

2 weeks ago

Thank you @mohitmalik1113 for sharing such a touching story about @Additemalik Here is my story! “Never give up.” It’s probably one of the most cliché phrases you would have heard. There is a person in my life who has lived up this cliché, day in day out - My Friend, My Mentor MY brother @shujaimam He has always been a figure of inspiration for me, a person with a never say no attitude. Being resilient comes to him naturally!!! In spite of being stretched or in adversity, he has always come back stronger. His self-discipline and perseverance truly makes him my “Real Fit Hero”. Thanks bhai for being who you are . The @quaker_India film is superb and it instantly reminded me of him. Indeed a great piece of work @neeraj ghaywan Would love to know who is your Real Fit Hero @shrenuparikhofficial ? #FuelForTheRealFit #Quaker

2 weeks ago

HI, ANTVLOVERS, CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS. WE’LL MEET UP AT PESBUKERS RAMADAN EVERYDAY ONLY ON ANTV @otis__hahijary @antv_official @goquest @jenilparmar @whogabru #antv #indonesia

4 weeks ago

Sit back and relax because UrbanClap is all you need for all your needs. Thank you @urbanclap for making everything so easy for me.

5 weeks ago

Shower your love once again Tonight only on @starplus 7pm Make sure you guys watch it and write to us with your views We all will be watching it together . Are you guys in? 🤪🙏🙏🙏 @diptikalwaniofficial @deepakchopra official @tanvi dogra @shrenuparikhofficial #sarvagunsampanna And our complete cast (your @tags i need to be told by ya”ll 😉 ) who work together as family to make this show which is gonna be a super duper hit inshallah

last month

“Nahi khao mumma” #sweettemptations In #udaipur After the tiring day promoting the show #sarvagunsampanna @starplus we really needed some sugar to up the energy With @shrenuparikhofficial I aint having sweets @diptikalwaniofficial @deepakchopra official nahi khaon

last month

RAW #raw #zainimam #picoftheday 🤘🏻😇

last month

The reason i am posting this is because it synced and like how...hats off to you who edited this one🤭 This particular song is my fav aajkal While @varundvn @duttsanjay @adityaroykapur @madhuridixitnene @aliaabhatt are busy in the promotions of #kalank #firstclass we get nostalgic with a throwback video of @maheshfilm sir’s #naamkarann P.s: sit back and relax and wait to burn your screen again very soon

last month

Just so i was away for a short time #diariesofapoolguy #zainimam #someplace

March 2019

Did you know @danielwellington has interchangeable straps for your watch? Treat yourself to a free strap with every watch purchase until April 10. Use my code DWZAIN to also avail for an extra 15% benefit at their website. #danielwellington #dwindia

March 2019

Alright alright hold on tight 🔥🔥🔥 One from @sajidshahidphotography calendar shoot And one of my favourites #calendarshoot2019 #calendar

March 2019

Hahhaa had to post this Cz of the funny commentary given by @eijazkhan bhai and the head space given by @harshad_chopda and my food testing partner @sharadmalhotra009 When the table became the #gullyboytable #total riot and madness For #timesfoodawards #timesfoodguideawards @bombaytimes video courtesy : @rishinakandhari Thank you for the invitation @bombaytimes

February 2019

Throwback For @mensxpofficial Whats with the hairstyle Well thts what they wanted😎 #behindthescenes

February 2019

Making of @sajidshahidphotography calendar #throwback Getting the time now to post saaj hehhe Cant wait to get my calendar Go grab yours #calendar2019 #calendar #shootdiaries

February 2019

Hmmmmmmmmm weeekend over #khatronkekhiladi9 until next time Did the creepy crawlies freak you out. It certainly did to me Wearing : @rockitindia @colorstv great fun to have been on the show

February 2019

So now you know creepy crawlies freaks me out😛🤪🤪 #khatronkekhiladi9 @colorstv #stunt #fearfactor wearing : @rockitindia Tonight is the night at 9pm

February 2019

Just felt like sharing after watching the emotions in #humsafar #throwback to #naamkarann hooked on to it Great work by @fawadkhan @mahirahkhan Oh how much i miss my pathbreaking show #naamkarann #zainimam #aditirathore @starplus Few scenes shot by my bandra boyh ☺️ @beingyusufansari best of luck buddy for ur new show

February 2019

See you on #twitter tomorrow at 1pm IST use the hashtag #kkk9 #askzain

February 2019

Its not as easy as it looks especially when you have an injured back which had not been recovered well Keeping your head high making sure it does not hit the ground ,at the same time focussing and keeping the body strong. #childhood love for frisbyzzzz #stunts #kkk9 #khatronkekhiladi9 @colorstv

January 2019

ON THE COVER PAGE @lfoug magazine Much love to Arab family #peace #magazinecover @hichem bencherif

January 2019

Herez a treat to Arab and Algerian family On the cover of @lfoug magazine Great to be connected to brothers and sisters from the other part. #magazinecover #coverpage #zainimam

January 2019

Taking pride in being optimistic Happy republic dayy Tonight on @colorstv #khatronkekhiladi9 #kkk9 #Stunts #fear # argentina

January 2019

#helo #Your friends update news in Helo,why are you still waiting?Try download Helo and join the interaction!More interesting events happened all around the world could be find here, come and say “Helo” to the bigger and funny world~ @helo_app @black_horse_eventesia

January 2019

Indeed it was ......🤬 @colorstv had to edit the abusive language that came out of my mouth naturally while doing this disgusting stunt😛😛😛😛🤪🤪😝😜😜 #khatronkekhiladi9 #kkk9

January 2019

However strong you try to be but there are some fears u cant really conquer FEAR OF CLAUSTROPHOBIA What you saw yestrday with the maggots and rats was really disgusting and claustrophobic. And i had to get out of that space cz i cdnt really breathe inside☠️💀💀🙀 Wearing : @rockitindia Stay tuned for tonight’s episode at 9pm #khatronkekhiladi9 #kkk9

January 2019

What an amazinng evening with this funny superstar @rohitroy500 Though i have met u quite a lot of times but yesterday was the longest time we spent together. Bhai what a gem of a person you are. And as you said “ TU MERA PAST HAI ...TUMHARE MEIN MAI NAZAR AATA HOON” I took it seriously bro ☺️🤪🤪😜🤭🤭 Also seen is the aajka star baba @randeepraii

January 2019

And when those snakes and iquanas kiss you on ur bumm ,u feel it and the word “ouch” coMes from your mouth but u really cant do anything cz ure stuck in that box and havto complete that stunt #khatronkekhiladi9 #kkk9 @colorstv wearing @rockitindia hope you guys are having funn watching the show

January 2019

When the sun shines at you Early morning 2 hours away from #buenosaires #heroic stunt #chopper #khatronkekhiladi9 Wearing : @rockitindia

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