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20 hours ago

Yum!! ☠️🍦

23 hours ago

Sugar Skulls are always a little better with some Sharpie makeup and a big bow. 💄☠️🎀


Baby Groot will always be my favourite Groot. 🌱 💚🌿

3 days ago

Looking back on the first half of 2019 - so many great memories were made. 💕Highlights were teaching and learning alongside other incredible instructors and friends in St. Louis, Germany and Calgary ... and of course, the introduction of 7” chrome balloons. 🎈😍😂

4 days ago

My living room never looked so colourful. 🤩🌈 Looking forward to some fun and fabulous things for #calgarypride2019 #prideparadeyyc

4 days ago

Good news!! 🎉 For anybody wanting to learn how to make this pretty girl, there is a tutorial available!! 😲☺️ Click the link in my bio to download. 👆🤩 I can’t wait to see all your fairies. When you’ve made your own, be sure to hashtag #jackieofairy so I can repost your masterpiece. ❤️🎈***$18.50 USD*/$25 CAD ☺️ *USD price will fluctuate slightly depending on the exchange rate for the day* 💕

4 days ago

Free hugs, but be careful, he’s a little handsy. 💜 #octopuslove

5 days ago

Sometimes when I play with new designs, things go right ... and sometimes they go terribly wrong. 😂 My favourite new flavour of ice cream is now ... octopus. 🍦🍒🐙😬

5 days ago

I made a friend. He didn’t seem to want to share his ice cream. 🍦🌵 @thequalatexeventcalgary Gorgeous rainbow arch by @suebowler 🌈 💕

6 days ago

Everything old is new again - I hear the new live-action Aladdin is amazing!! Can’t wait to take the kids. ❤️ (PS: I miss that toothless grin, why do they have to grow up so fast?! ) 😟😢

6 days ago

The Classic Balloon Dog and Poodle. 🎈 This is the first little video in my new series of balloon clips I’m calling: Basic/Try this (clever title, no? ) 😂🤓

6 days ago

I’m normally dressed in hi-top sneakers, jeans and a baseball cap - so I tried to get a cute shot of myself all dressed up for a wedding this weekend and this happened. 😂🙈 #photobomb #momlife #fail 😂

1 weeks ago

🦄 + 🍦 = Unicone

1 weeks ago

This was as big as me - so, not that big really. 😂😣😒 #batmanfanart #almostlifesize #imshort

2 weeks ago

Somebody just got their black belt in Taekwondo!! 🥋 🎉🤩 Is there any better way to celebrate than with balloons?! Okay, maybe cake & balloons. 🍰 🎈

2 weeks ago

I tried to make them look tough, I really did... I failed. 😣😂 #cutewinsagain

2 weeks ago

The little green guy found a home ... and a friend. 🕷

2 weeks ago

What I’m working on today. 😂 Baby Hulk Smash!!! 🤓 Kind of looks more like a temper tantrum and he needs a time out. 🤷🏻‍♀️

2 weeks ago

How to make your own tissue tassels - I made so many of these last weekend for a gender reveal and this cutter saved my life. 🙌 It’s a rotary cutter I found on Amazon, I also used a self-healing mat and the tissue paper is 10” square. ☺️😘 #easydiy

2 weeks ago

Throwback to 2016 ~ a 7th birthday balloon with a garden theme. 🦋🐞🌹 I still like to throw a @busterballoon ladybug in wherever I can. 😂 Some things never change. 🤷🏻‍♀️

2 weeks ago

Unicorn ice cream cone. 🦄🍦😍 This might be the most “me” thing I’ve ever made. 😂

2 weeks ago

Grad 2019 🎉🎉🎉

2 weeks ago

Holy smokes. 🤯 This is how I’m making balloon dresses from now on. 😳😱👏 Posted @withrepost@interviewmag Looks for the RUpocalypse today at Central Saint Martins @fredriktjaerandsen 🤯 @bafcsm #RG @juliahobbs_

2 weeks ago

Rainbows and cactuses about sums up my weekend. 🌈🌵 @qualatexcanada #qualatexevent

3 weeks ago

I love these!!! Gender reveal balloon heading out the door today for some very special people. 🎈 I’m so excited for you guys!! What could it be?!?! 💖💙🤔

3 weeks ago

Some requests make me so happy that I found balloons. ❤️ “Hi! I'm launching a new product at our clinic- Enchroma glasses, they are for people with color vision deficiencies. I thought it would be great to have some bright rainbow colored balloons with us, so they can test out the glasses and see if they see color!” 🌈 #allthecolours #qualatex

3 weeks ago

“Num noms” themed party. 😋 I got high blood sugar just making this one. 🍭🍬🍩

3 weeks ago

I hope that’s a new diaper. 😳 #burgerbaby #nationalhamburgerday 🍔

3 weeks ago

It’s National Burger Day and I can’t let it pass without sharing Burger Baby. 🍔 For a mom-to-be that was craving burgers and curly fries. 🍟 😂 #babyshowerballoons #funrequests

3 weeks ago

This was for a little boy’s Hot Wheels themed party but I’m thinking of making one for my son when he gets his learners licence in a couple months. 🤫 I’ll tell him I got him a car and then give him this. 😂🤣 #bestmomever

3 weeks ago

Did you know that there’s a free tutorial available for my unicorn centrepiece on Qualatex.com? 😲 Click on Magazines, then Balloon Images 2019 - Issue 2. Tap on my “Magic is in the Air” article and enjoy!! 🦄 🎈

3 weeks ago

My number one requested balloon is coincidentally my favourite thing to make. 🦄💕 #unicornlove

4 weeks ago

This is too cute not to share. 💕 Puppies and Pjs themed party. 🐶😴 Happy birthday Lily!! 🥳

4 weeks ago

I love when clients want me to personalize their orders. It’s what makes their reactions so great when they see the finished product. ☺️This order went something like this: “My daughter is turning six and is having a Puppies and Pjs party. Her favourite colours are blue and turquoise.” 💕

4 weeks ago

It’s Grad Season!! 🎓 How fun is this giant balloon gift?! (The clear balloon is stuffed with candy and gift cards ). 🤗🤫Congratulations Emily!! 💙👩‍🎓 🎉

4 weeks ago

Happy 6th birthday Lily! 🐶💙

4 weeks ago

Anybody else a little behind on their gardening this year? 😳🤭🤣 #cheekygnome #mankini #peachy 🍑

4 weeks ago

It’s filming day in the studio. 🎥 This is how I warm up apparently. 😳🤣🤷🏻‍♀️ This is also why my kids prefer I don’t dance in public. 😆😬 #theyreright

4 weeks ago

Pretty cry ~ the opposite of the ugly cry. 🤣 The last movie to make you ugly cry was _______? Mine was “A Walk to Remember”. 😭 Also, the opening sequence of “Up”. 🎈😫

4 weeks ago

I’m going to be teaching some classes in Lebanon in October!! 🇱🇧 ❤️ We are busy bees planning some amazing new classes for this event. 🤗🎈 I will be joining the lovely and talented Eve Antonello Cba and the also lovely and brilliant Dominic Cassidy for the 'Beirut Balloon Convention' with Qualatex Distributors Party World Group Sari 🎈 Thank you so much Qualatex and Party World Sarl for having me. ❤️❤️ Also, my dress has pockets! 😂🤣

4 weeks ago

Frozen 2 is coming out in November (!!! ) and the Elsa requests have started to roll in already. ❄️ #letitgooooo #soexcited

4 weeks ago

Six petal flower in Qualatex Chrome mauve and gold. 🌺 I can’t get enough of this colour. 🤩

5 weeks ago

Happy May Long Weekend to my fellow Canadians - (it’s our unofficial beginning of summer )!! ☀️🇨🇦🌸 I hope all you campers are staying warm and dry this rainy weekend. ☔️ At least it’s not snowing. 😂 #VictoriaDay #maytwofour #wheresmyumbrella

5 weeks ago

I filmed this llama tutorial in the burton & Burton studio with the adorable Lauren when I was in Athens, Georgia last year.❤️ You can find it on their YouTube channel along with so many more wonderful balloon tips and tricks from @edward_munoz and the amazingly talented people of @burtonplusburton https://youtu.be/NsnsFEkjrPs

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