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15 hours ago

Happy Easter 💜🐣🌷 Just waiting for the Easter Bunny to take my spot. 🐰


I found this adorable baby dragon garden ornament for my mother-in-law for Easter (she loves dragons ). 😍 I wanted to dress it up a little before I gave it to her and I remembered this cute little Easter egg trick from the amazing @marlysparracba 😘 Balloons to the rescue again. 😂 Happy Easter everybody. 💜


When all your friends are a little extra too. 💞💞 #mermaidsquad

2 days ago

I made a boy balloon!! 🤗💙 Happy 2nd birthday little dude, I hope you get lots of cake. 🚜

3 days ago

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter from the Fairy Garden 🌷🍄🐣

4 days ago

I’m often asked if I have a YouTube channel. I do! I’ve been uploading all my videos on there and I just put up this little mouse tutorial for those who’d like to learn how to make him. 🐭 I’m going to be putting more fun videos up soon - so be sure to subscribe. ❤️🤗🎈

5 days ago

So shiny. 🤩 Made this for a pretty cool kid who’s Marvel crazy. 🍿 Just a few more sleeps until Endgame!! #infinitygauntlet

5 days ago

Oh my word ... 💖 Take a look at this pastel dream @wildchildparty created for @khloekardashian 💕💕💕 Happy 1st birthday baby True 💞

6 days ago

Are those ... 💩?! 🙈 I created these for a pet expo for a company that cleans up the puppy mess from your yard. 😂 @poooh_busters you’re awesome 👏👏👏

2 weeks ago

Working on an order for tonight and I was thinking that this is probably the number one reason I am so excited about the new 7” Qualatex Chrome balloons. 😍 Double stuffed never looked so good. 🤗

2 weeks ago

Just over a week until Easter. 🐣 I hope you are lucky enough to spend it with the ones you love ~ and chocolate. Lots of chocolate. 💜

2 weeks ago

I hope you find somebody that loves you as much as I love this hula hoop. 💛 Just look at how happy I am. 😁😂

2 weeks ago

Chrome princess ~ using the new Qualatex Chrome 7” balloon. ✨ There is no such thing as being overdressed.

2 weeks ago

Hello beautiful. 🤩 The new 7” Qualatex Chrome is here and we’re going to be great friends, I can tell already. 😍 Shine is my favourite colour. ✨✨✨

2 weeks ago

April 9th is National Unicorn Day!! 🤩🦄 What a wonderful excuse to have something extra sweet and maybe use a little more highlighter. I’m going all out today. 🤓😂 #watchoutworld

2 weeks ago

I absolutely love when my customers share their pictures with my balloons. Especially when they set up pink tutu-filled photo shoots with their dog and hubby with the balloon. 😍 Happy 5th birthday @azumi_minibullterrier 🍰😘🎈

2 weeks ago

Here’s hoping your day is as sparkly as this chrome seashell. ✨✨✨

3 weeks ago

My classes in Bremen, Germany condensed to 10 seconds. ☺️ Which design is your favourite? 🌵🍍🤵👰🦄🧜‍♀️

3 weeks ago

TBT: One year ago this week @faceaballoonza (😘 ) made me this gorgeous dress in Banff @bodyssey I felt a little like Jessica Rabbit. 💃🏻 The funniest part was trying to have lunch in it - I did manage to sit and not pop any balloons. 😂

3 weeks ago

I call this one “Girl with Rose Gold Hair ~ Holding a Rose”. Too literal? 🌹

3 weeks ago

Something I made that’s not pink. 😲😂 #peterbilt #truckerlife #openroad

3 weeks ago

My last class of the German Balloon Convention is complete - this is how I celebrate. 😂 #balloonshimmy 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

4 weeks ago

Day 2 - German Balloon Convention 🎈 My “Trend Zone” Class 🌵 🍍 #Qualatex

4 weeks ago

Day 1 - German Balloon Convention - my Bride/Groom Class 🎈(She said yes! ) #qualatex

4 weeks ago

Mr. Llama at the horse racing track in Bremen, Germany. I think he’s winning. 🐎 #germanballoonconvention

4 weeks ago

What a wonderful thing to wake up to! 💛 #iloveballoons #thankyouguys

4 weeks ago

Today’s mood!! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 I’m packing for my trip to Bremen tomorrow!! I’m teaching some balloon classes at the German Balloon Convention this week and I can’t wait. 🇩🇪🎈Unfortunately Mr. Bear has to stay here. 😆

5 weeks ago

Flashback Friday - one year ago today. 👻🤢 #slimer #iaintafraidofnoghost

last month

Finishing off some balloons for a fairy party. 🌺 This girl is ready to fly. 🧚‍♀️ #legday

last month

Such great memories. ☺️ This time last year I was on my way back to Canada after teaching in San Diego at the World Balloon Convention. 🎈 The countdown is on to WBC 2021 in Orlando!! 🤩 #worldballoonconvention

last month

Save the drama for your Fortnite llama. 🤓 #fortnite

last month

Happy 6th birthday!! 🎂You’re one in a Minion. 🍌🤓 #minionbirthday #banana

last month

The six petal flower. 🌸

last month

Experimenting with a new design. Baby T-Rex. 🦖 He is ferocious, no?

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