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18 hours ago

for a limited time use the code “MACCHIATO” for 20% off your entire order 😍 @corgimacchiato


hey momma who’s your new friend?! ❤️💍 via @rattoffeln

5 days ago

for the cutest frenchie rings look no further ❤️ visit our website today and use the code LULU to get 20% off you’re entire order! video ~ @dejavu frenchies

6 days ago

say hello to one of Australia’s cheekiest sausage dogs, zorro and napoleon! They are a bit suspicious of mommas new friend 😍💍 @zorroandnapoleon

1 weeks ago

momma will never forget me ( @enzocorgipdx ) now that she has a corgi ring from Wear Felicity. For more info visit the link in our bio ❤️

2 weeks ago

meet @harleyandrocket , the cutest bunnos from London! when they aren’t napping you can catch them modeling for momma... or maybe just doing both at the same time 😂

2 weeks ago

YES SHE DOES! 😍 thanks for sharing this adorable video @ksena_art

2 weeks ago

“When you have a bunny this cute, you need a ring to match 💙” thanks for the amazing photo @louisaandbenny

2 weeks ago

we love you @chunk the.corgi 😍 thanks for having momma send us this beautiful video of you!

2 weeks ago

@sammytheschnauzer_ modeling mommas new ring from @wearfelicity 😍 peep that tongue!

2 weeks ago

get your adorable doggo ring by clicking the link in our bio, or visiting wearfelicity.com video by @buddythedappleddachshund

3 weeks ago

the gorgeous girl @moose__tracks loves modeling for momma! featured is our dachshund silver ring 😍

3 weeks ago

SUCH AN ADORABLE DOGGO 😍 thanks for the video @khaleesi the.dachshund, shop wearfelicity.com to get your adorable doggo ring!

3 weeks ago

HI! my name is Neville longbottom ( @neville longbottoms ) and im 1/2 a dog tall, but 2 dogs long. my birthday is on october 6th but momma got me an early birthday gift! 😍

4 weeks ago

have you ever seen such a prettier girl 😍 use the code “MOOSE” for 20% off you’re entire order today! Thanks for the amazing video @moose__tracks

4 weeks ago

What a gorgeous animal! Thank you so much for the amazing photos @hiitaylorblake ❤️ click the link in our bio to get your animal ring today!

4 weeks ago

say hello to one of Australia’s cheekiest sausage dog, zorro! him and his brother Napoleon are a bit suspicious of mommas new friends 😍💍 @zorroandnapoleon

4 weeks ago

momma loves her boy so much she got a ring to always remember him ❤️ Isn’t @agoldenstorm one of the prettiest boy you’ve ever seen!

4 weeks ago

to get your hands on an adorable ring like @olli_thecocker momma, view the link in our bio or visit wearfelicity.com ❤️

last month

Hey momma, is that me on your finger?! @enzocorgipdx 😍

last month

bunny rings back in stock! thanks for the amazing video @loptales 😍 bristol has our heart forever!

last month

@pennylanepompom modeling our popular Pomeranian ring 😍 she’s an aspiring world record holder and squirrel catcher!

last month

get your rings today at wearfelicity.com ❤️ use the discount code “ITSFREESHIPPING” for a special discount! via @crittercatchermeg

last month

say hello to one of Australia’s cheekiest sausage dog, zorro! him and his brother Napoleon are a bit suspicious of mommas new friends 😍💍 @zorroandnapoleon

last month

use the discount code “MELVIN” at checkout for a special surprise! ❤️ thanks for the adorable video @melvinthe_pug

last month

meet qlka, she’s an angora minilop from Poland ❤️ she’s as fluffy as they come! Get your adorable bunny ring from wearfelicity.com via @theprivatelifeofbunnies

last month

not to be dramatic, but id die for benji 😍 oh and that ring as well! Thanks for the video @babybear_dachshund

last month

meet @arothepomsky ! this good boy is all the way from Vancouver. He’s mommas favorite model. the ring featured in this picture is our new husky ring! shop now with the link in our bio!

last month

that’s one big kitty 😯 via @madalynsterne

last month

for the cutest animal rings click the link in our bio! 🐶❤️ Via @symon_pet

last month

this ring has turned into one of our fan favorites this month! ❤️ view the link in our bio, or visit wearfelicity.com to get yours today!

last month

I have so many questions 😂 via @divinefalcon17

last month

meet one of the two golden brothers ( @henry and.luke ) from North Carolina 😍 thanks for showing off your new ring momma! Looks so good on you!

last month

“I love your new ring momma, but does this mean it’s going to get more attention than me?!” 😂😍 via @whiteboxerbailey

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