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Decided to Re-edited this beaut recently. Sadly I haven’t been able to go on any hikes over the past couple weeks from a combination of bad weather and just being quite busy with side projects. So I’ve just been editing old photos. Anyways this shot has always stood out to me considering we shot mid day (which is the worst possible lighting for us to shoot with imo ). But in the end I still managed to find an edit that worked without to much haze, glare and overexposure. In frame you see the one and only @jurgencrous We keep talking about going on hikes but our as you can imagine our schedules just never line up 😂

3 days ago

The Black Tusk is truly an iconic pillar just sticking out of the ground that is near impossible to miss. This was taken earlier on in the season so there was still a fair amount of snow on the ground. I’d really love to hit this park up one more time before it starts to snow again. I maybe only have less than a month left to do so, and it doesn’t look like the weather is in my favour. It’s currently grey skies with calls for rain. I have a couple really good rain ideas I want to do. Just need to find the time as usual. In the mean time, Wishing everyone a great Sunday!!!

6 days ago

Ok, this will be my last Wedgemount shot for a while. Wedgemount lake is quite barren once you get to the top. While editing, no mater how I tried to edit it, I always found I ended up toning down the all colours to make up for the all the grey tones of the rock. The funny thing for me was, that the only thing that really popped in terms of colour, was the sky. Now normally I tone down the saturation of the sky to try to bring more focal interest to what ever the subject may be. In this case I did the exact opposite as I felt it added to the coolness of the rock while becoming a new focal point. Anyways enough of the mumbojumbo. I have a whole bunch of shots that are edited but now I just need to organize before I post any of them. Fall is approaching quick! Gotta get on the ready for those autumn vibes. Hope everyone is as excited as I am!!! 🍂

2 weeks ago

There is nothing quite as magical as climbing up a mountain in the clouds, and right as you get to the summit, the clouds roll off and Then you get to see something like this. Normally I wake up extra early so I can do most of my hikes in a single day. In this case, I decided to leave later on, around 4pm to climb up in the Mt. Seymour backcountry for a sunset Typically I dislike doing overnight hikes as I have to carry soo much extra gear: (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, extra food and water, extra layers, plus if I’m going the distance I’m definitely going to take extra camera gear ). So going from a day hike ~20-25 pounds to overnight ~50-60 pounds, really adds up. In the end it was overall very rewarding as I managed to have all my gear with me, so I could really focus more on getting the shot I wanted, without having to sacrifice on only bringing one or two lenses tops. Anyways this is probably one of my favourite shots I’ve edited in a while. Hope you all like it as much as I do!!!

2 weeks ago

Being inside this ice cave hands down had to have been one of the top 5 scariest moments of my life. Around 2-3 minutes of shooting while inside the cave I hear the sound of cracking rocks overhead. Immediately I get a big kick of adrenaline and right as I look back at the entrance I see a whole bunch of bowling ball sized boulders tumbling over the entrance I had just entered. I had left extremely early in the morning as I normally do. Specially for that morning lighting, and so that it would still be cold enough that I wouldn’t have had to worry about melting glacier and such. That being said the weather was a mix of sun and cloud and I’m pretty sure the sun broke through the clouds right after I walked inside the cave, which I figure was enough to heat the up rocks enough to cause a rockslide. Anyways it’s nothing too crazy as I didn’t catch the initial moment on camera (probably for the better ). If you are curious, I have a video on my story under (Wedgemount ) if you want to see a video of the reminiscing boulders tumble down after I had gotten out.

3 weeks ago

So a lot of the time while I’m hiking up to a specific location, I will typically take a glance every so often at anything that catches my eye. In this case the sun was just starting to rise and I had just found this massive granite slab with the reminisce of rockslide, that must have happened ages ago. While there isn’t anything too spectacular about this shot. I found that there was a very calming glow being illuminated on the trees. One of the big things that the camera doesn’t fully do justice with, is how big some of these rocks from the rockslide actually are. If you look at the size of the trees, you will realize some of the boulders are just as tall if not taller than some of the trees. This is where I would refer back to my post a couple days ago about having a subject really helps with giving a point of reference. It’s the small details like that I find, that really take your breath away while viewing this sort of thing! 🌲⛰

3 weeks ago

The Cleveland dam is one of those spots that gives you a sneak peak of the mountain ranges BC has to offer. while being pretty much right next to the city. Grouse mountain is just on the right, to the left out of frame you would be able to see the two lions, which I still have yet to climb and shoot. This beautiful blue water is actually the drinking water for about 2.5 million people who live around Vancouver, myself included. Anyways I’m debating climbing up to 3rd peak of mount Seymour tonight for an overnight trip. Just waiting to see what the weather is going to do as rain is still in the forecast 🤷‍♂️

3 weeks ago

The thing with mountains is that cameras can only give you soo much of an idea, as to how utterly massive they actually are! In this case you see Parkhurst mountain in the far distance with an elevation of 8200 feet, meanwhile Wedgemount lake is only 6100 feet. it might not look like much but that’s a huge elevation gain. On that note I found the use of a subject to be absolutely necessary to even try to give an idea of how big some of these ranges actually are. It’s a long weekend but the weather here is a little iffy, not sure if I’m going to be doing any cool hikes this weekend. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!! 🤗

3 weeks ago

Last weekend I woke up at 4am and climbed up to Wedgemount Glacier. The best part of waking up crazy early for hikes is that you are almost always the first one one the trail. With that being said, that also means you get to frame each shot in the best possible lighting while avoiding the larger crowds of the weekend. There was a bunch of cool spots I found while hiking up the trail, even before I actually got to the lake. I’ve been meaning to edit some of those photos to share with all of you. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some spare time this long weekend so I can go about doing that! 🤗

4 weeks ago

As a couple of you know, I just got back from Montreal a couple days ago. While in Montreal me and @michelleeed went a couple hours west of Montreal, to look for some random spots out in the country that we figured people wouldn’t shoot or know about. Anyways we found this cool one car bridge with the perfect golden hour lighting.

4 weeks ago

Looking through some old shots and stumbled upon one I took while hiking along the Howe Sound Crest Trail with @jurgencrous Pretty cool to see the islands and mountains off in the distance with not all that much snow on them which really gives you an idea how high up the snow line actually is. As you can see the snow line is only really visible in the tantalus range off to the right in the distance. As august is ending it looks as though it’s only a month or so away before some of the mountains start to get A sprinkling of snow again. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m actually a little excited to see some snow again!!! 🏔

4 weeks ago

This is my friend Eric!!! He’s a really cool and down to earth human being. Every time I run into him it’s almost always in random encounters. This was a shot I took at @shambhala_mf while just wandering in the camping area. I thought it was a pretty banging shot, so figured it was worth sharing on my feed!!! 🤗

4 weeks ago

Tried to make a new preset from scratch for this one. The problem I have with most of my presets is how many gradients both linear and radial I end up using. They usually work well for the picture at hand, but don’t always translate well into my other pictures. Anyways I spent a good solid couple hours trying to fix a bunch of things that were driving me crazy with this shot. The lighting was a bit to harsh, the sky was overexposed, I was fighting against the sun, I could go on, but in the end this is what I ended up coming to be happy with. I’m currently spending my last day in Montreal today, should be back in Vancouver to start another big project later tonight. I’m the mean time hope everyone is having a fabulous Thursday, I’m gonna try to squeeze out a bit more content before everything goes back to its chaotic ways. 🤗

5 weeks ago

Sky ✔️ Mountains ✔️ Ocean ✔️ Nature ✔️ Someone to enjoy it with ✔️ Sometimes I get the impression nothing in the world can out-do a pnw sunset!

5 weeks ago

The framing of this shot is meant to be in the full 3:2 ratio but with instagram, I had to downgrade to a 4:5. I still love this image, but I don’t think it quite delivers the same composition as the initial intention. The top and bottom feel a bit cut off and too tight but in the end are still in frame. It’s interesting as I find shooting primarily with instagram in mind I almost always shoot vertical with the 4x5 crop in mind. I would love to shoot more horizontal shots, and might even start doing that. But as we all know you lose a whole bunch of resolution when posting those. Anyways here is a a shot from Squamish I took a couple weeks ago!

last month

Even in the rain it’s hard not to love the PNW! This was taken moments before being caught in the biggest rainstorm I’ve ever hiked in. You could actually see the puddles rising from the amount of water falling from the clouds. In the mean time I’m currently on a plane on my way to Montreal so I won’t be able to respond and all that! Wishing everyone all the best!!! 🤗

last month

Hey everyone. I haven’t been as active as I normally am. I’ve been off the radar as I was quite busy with side projects. So this is one of those shots I took a while ago and never planned on posting, as I felt the composition needed a subject for full potential. The reason why I’m posting this is because I realized I won’t be able to visit location for quite a while now, as I just learned that a few days ago someone had seriously vandalized the sea to sky Gondola shutting down the entire gondola as well as trail. My heart goes out to the employees and the people who made this breathtaking resort the beautiful spot that it is. Really hoping for the best possible outcome, as hearing about something happening this close to home is very saddening to hear.

last month

Nothing quite like the golden hour glows 😎

last month

Moody with a chance of mountain. I actually pulled over on the side of the highway for this shot. Was about 2 hours before sunset so the light was just starting to do it’s cool effect.

last month

Nothing quite like being up on a plane above the mountains, witnessing the sun glow as it takes a break just before night falls. This was taken a couple months ago with @jurgencrous as we were en route to shoot a sunset at Mt Garibaldi. There was a really cool cloud pattern off in the west which caused the clouds to be illuminated from below. We were extremely lucky with the conditions that day!

last month

I woke up at 1am in order to get this shot. I had an absolutely crazy idea of hiking up to the sea to summit trail (in the dark ) in order to catch a sunrise. Long story short I managed to do so and was able to witness one of the most magnificent sunrises on top of upper Shannon falls. It’s quite intimate being in the wilderness without any human interruption. I didn’t see any other humans for at least 6 hours until just before the gondola opened up. Definitely plan on doing this again sometime, just need to find the time to do so! 😅

July 2019

The Black Tusk!!! Truly a marvel that’s impossible to miss. Some of you may recall seeing this shot before. As I had previously posted it with a bit of a rushed edit that I soon realized I didn’t like. Anyways I retouched it to make the colours fit the palette a bit more. Other than that this was taken on the top of Panorama Ridge around noon after hiking for what felt like 6 hours. After summiting the ridge it took us 3 hours to get from this spot to the top of The Black Tusk. Definitely would like to do an overnight again as Garibaldi Provincial park is absolutely stunning.

July 2019

Hey everyone! I’ve been a bit inactive for the past week or so. I’ve been quite stressed with a combination of work, side projects, life and have sadly pushed what I love doing to the side. With that being said I have a deadline for project on Monday but after that should be back to the swing of things. In the mean time here is a lovely shot my sister @michelleeed captured from the @rockymountaineer a couple months ago when I let her borrow my camera. Despite being a bit overcast I still managed to edit this photo to get the colours pretty much where I wanted them. I hope everyone Is having a good one and I also recommend that everyone takes a break from this app every now and then. I find too much time here can be distracting from reality.

July 2019

So this is a little different than what I normally post here. This shot was actually taken a year ago, back when I decided to take my camera to @basscoastfest and just see what I could do. I wasn’t a very experienced photographer back then, so you can imagine how eye opening this was seeing how well some of the images I took turned out. After editing many of the photos. I realized I have a true love for night shooting as well as composer involving lights with colours. (part of the reason I love playing so much with colours in my nature shots 😉 ). Anyways it’s not everyday you can shoot a music festivals with absolutely mind blowing installations, artist and music. With that being said I’m proud to announce I will be shooting for them this year. I’m looking forward to my first time actually being part of the team of one of these things. As Im pretty much always a lone wolf when shooting. Can’t wait to share what I have in store!!! Only a couple days away 🥳

July 2019

I may or may not have a nature crush for Mt Garibaldi! This was taken a month or two ago when I did a sunset shoot with @jurgencrous We had some of the most unreal lighting despite being a little uncertain of what the clouds were going to do that day. Being at a whole next level in elevation for sunsets really blows me away, considering how often I try to catch sunsets/sunrises. I have a whole week of posts planned for the next 10 or so days. Quite excited to share it all. Just feeling a bit under the weather recently but hopefully it goes away soon!

July 2019

Last weekend I went for a nice little stroll through Cascade Falls with @nataliajohnston We went with the intention of shooting in the rain. It’s safe to say it rained on us but in a much larger quantity than we had anticipated. Still managed to get some unreal shots though! For this shot I found I was at a bit of a compromise for editing. Darken it to add a more mood and mystery element. Or lighten it to make it more visible for the viewer. I compromised somewhere along the middle of those lines as I really wanted both. Any darker you loose some of the background elements. Any lighter they become to much in focus. I found a got a pretty decent mix as I really want it to only focus on the subject on the bridge, aswell as the falls in the distance. Nothing all to much else to add. wishing everyone a Happy Canada day!!! 🇨🇦

June 2019

Nothing to much to say about this one. Just a simple sunset I took on one of the cliffs at lighthouse park a couple weeks ago. Sadly this sun fizzed out just after taking this. I did however still manage to get this picture, so I’d say it was well worth it in the end! 💫

June 2019

PANORAMA RIDGE!!! I’ve been meaning to edit this photo for ages now. Since that I have a long weekend, I think I’ll spend a bunch of my time glued to my computer editing. So Panorama Ridge was hands down one of the coolest spots I’ve been to. You get a full 360’ view of pretty much all the mountains in the Garibaldi provincial park. (Table Mountain, Mt Garibaldi, The Black Tusk, Tantalus range. just to name a few. ). In frame you see The Sphinx and Guard mountain. A little bit bellow that you see a greenish/teal lake. When Glaciers melt, the water carries all kinds of minerals that make the water turn that teal colour you currently see. To the right of that is Garibaldi lake, the moment you see the lake the first thing that you notice is how it’s even more blue than the sky. Just below that you see @kaeden lane Sitting on one of the ridges Panorama Ridge has to offer. I have a bunch more to talk about, but I’ll save that for the other shots from this hike. In the mean time hope everyone is enjoying this long weekend!!! 🇨🇦

June 2019

Hey everyone! I haven’t been keeping up to schedule with posting and all that. I have a whole bunch of content Ive been meaning to share but have just been a little busy with other things and haven’t found the time to work on it. I will most likely be quite inconsistent on being active for the next week or so. Should be back after that. In the mean time here is a sunset I captured a while ago. In frame I captured the sun setting just behind what I believe to be part of the Tantalus range. Being right by the ocean and having such long days, really allows for some breathtaking sunsets

June 2019

Almost a week ago @kaeden lane @marcmattinson and myself went for a nice little stroll in Garibaldi provincial park. If any of you have done that hike before you will probably be familiar with the long and drown out process of 7.5km of no stop switchbacks. Once you clear the switchbacks you are now find yourself in this meadow that looks almost like something straight out of Narnia! The trees, birds, and all the other parts of the environment, all give off a spectacular rewarding for finishing the hardest part. When we arrived into the meadow we were just above the cloud line. (I was worried we would be in the clouds and miss the sunrise ) as we ventured further, the sun still had not quite risen yet. As we were hiking east towards the mountains, the sun just began to peak out and make the tips of all the trees glow with its golden light. I tried to capture as much of the golden hour as possible but as you can imagine it’s hard to shoot and try to push a big day at the same time. I managed to get a couple decent shots from sunrise but still am not satisfied as the exposure is quite difficult to work with. In the mean time I’ve got loads more of shots from Garibaldi on the way, I just started a new project (unrelated to this account ) in the meantime wishing everyone a great day!!! 🤗

June 2019

Hey everyone, just wanted to say sorry that I’ve been a bit inactive the past couple days. As some of you may have noticed, I just hiked Garibaldi Provincial park the other day. I felt that I just needed a day or two to unplug from everything, and possibly even recover, as I may have burnt myself out a little 😅. Onto the photo, This was taken just over a week ago while driving through Pemberton. This is one of those “I pulled over for this” kinda shots. My favourite thing about road tripping solo, is that you can stop and go at your own pace. If I see something that looks interesting, I just pull over to the side of the road, and do what I can to get the shot. I find being rushed sometimes kills your creative freedom. In this shot you see Mount Currie in the distance. I’ve always looked at Mt Curie and see letters in the alphabet, depending on the snow line and the Angle you are looking from. I mostly see the letter (Y ) but it’s always up to interpretation. Other than that I’m going to be quite busy this summer with work, trips, festivals, family, friends. So I’m gonna do my best to keep up to date with all my content. Hope you all are as excited for the summer as I am!!! 🥳🔥

June 2019

I spent well over an hour just on the lighting of this photo, just trying to get everything to work together. The thing was the sky was overexposed and the trees were a little on the dark side. I tried quite a bit to recover each element without totally destroying the them (mostly the highlights and shadows ). The 2 things that really grabbed me in this shot were the shadow on the road, as well as the glow in the trees from the setting sun. I used 13 different linear gradients to the point where this edit was getting a little out of hand. I then tried to delete them all and start fresh but couldn’t get the initial look I was able to achieve, that you are currently looking at. I’ll probably come back to this shot some other time and try to tweak it a bit more once I consider myself better at editing! In the mean time I’m currently getting ready to hit up Panorama Ridge tomorrow, so I will be M.I.A. for a day or so. Wishing everyone a great weekend! 🤗

June 2019

I have to admit I feel incredibly lucky to live so close to the Howe Sound. I swear it’s one of the most beautiful places to witness sunsets. You have these massive granite cliffs right on the water, all overlooking islands as well as distant mountain ranges. This has to be one of the best pictures I’ve taken in this area, As sunsets are almost always a gamble. You never really know what it’s going to look like, so the best thing to do it just wait and find out! 😉

June 2019

I usually make up my mind if I’m shooting a sunset or not, about an hour before the sun actually sets 😅. In a perfect world I would obviously give myself more time, as I do find myself rushing to the spot for the perfect golden hour capture more often than not. This shot was taken yesterday of the lighthouse at Lighthouse park. The sun was glowing so crisp that the orange could almost look like it was part of the building. I’m quite happy with the composition, everything looks clean to the most part. If you look closely you might even spot an eagle! 🦅

June 2019

The Black Tusk! One of those mountains with quite a nice ring to it. This shot was taken again with the one and only @jurgencrous while flying over Garibaldi Provincial Park. This was taken at a peak time while the sun was setting, The clouds were turning all kinds of pink and red. I had to compromise a little with this shot as this was taken on 200mm. Now add movement from flying + it being quite dark from the sun setting, I had to really crank up my iso In order to keep up with the fast shutter speed needed to take this shot. Despite these conditions I think the shot came out pretty well. Once it warms up a little bit more I will probably end up hiking The Black Tusk and or Panorama Ridge to get some more close up shots. In the mean time hope you enjoy! 🏔🌄

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