Vestrum Vere @vestrum_vere_pp

This is a project by @rachel_hsn to promote Indonesia's natural resources.

Vestrum Vere photos and videos

January 2019

PRODUCTS 〰 Natural soaps come with essential oils extracted from the finest local plants. The soaps have a relaxing scent, with plenty of fragrances to choose from. Scents Available - Sandalwood & Bergamot - Lemon & Ylang-ylang - Tea tree & Ginger 〰 Rp40,000 ea.

January 2019

PRODUCTS 〰 Scented candles are candles with essential oils added to their wax. Usually resulting in a relaxing fragrance and aroma. Scents Available - Lemon & Peppermint - Patchouli - Citronella & Eucalyptus 〰 Rp35,000 ea.

January 2019

PRODUCTS 〰 Lotions made from shea butter and infused with essential oils coming from local plants. Moisturizing for the skin, soothing for both the body and mind. Scents Available - Lavender - Ylang-ylang & Lemongrass - Ginger & Lemon 〰 Rp 35,000/ 100ml bottle