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don’t be sad twitter/snapchat - imnotscottysire [email protected] grab tickets to see a live concert

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6 days ago

i hate posting videos on instagram because nobody likes them and i get insecure but shit dudes! only a couple weeks until our first tour stop and i’m so excited to see you guys in person, perform my old and new songs, and just to experience touring again. VIP tickets are sold out in a few places so grab yours literally right this fucking second (i’m kidding )! @ and tag your concert buddies i’ll see you guys soon! 💋 kisses! xoxo

2 weeks ago

felt nastea might delete later ha ha ha

3 weeks ago

natalie and i wore matching shirts the other day and you could hardly tell us apart lol

3 weeks ago

i got all my friends together for a photoshoot to promote my merch

4 weeks ago

ever since i quit drinking my gains have been insane.

last month

fuck jeff and todd

last month

i just want to thank kristen for helping me with this #ad because it would’ve been awkward asking anyone else to take this photo. Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with code SCOTTY20 at!

July 2019

“ohh today’s the day scott, i can feel it in my bones old buddy. gonna finally get a good disposable photo of you today” 📸 @notalent

July 2019

i miss the way things used to be

July 2019

just posting this to show off the tan i’ve been working on for 27 years

June 2019

WHAT’S GOING ON? nobody fucking knows, but i’m going on a Fall Tour! 30 shows across the country. Tickets are available now with presale code “GETBETTER” on i hope to see all of you! ALL OF YOU (tickets available to general public on friday )

June 2019

kevin’s senior quote was “i can’t tie my shoes but i passed high school” and lucas won’t let me tag him because he doesn’t want anyone to find his account. but who cares! my new song notice me comes out tonight at midnight! congrats to me! not them!

June 2019

4 more days until the notice me song and video are released! weeee! 📸 @tienphotographer

June 2019

sorry... for breaking down in front of you. another new music video is up on my channel! And it’s trending! If you haven’t seen it yet i’d love if you guys gave it a watch/listen. it’s one of my favorites. 📸: @notalent

May 2019

i only post high quality photos on my instagram because i want to be taken seriously

April 2019

I’m against Zane losing weight because it means less for me to hug :(

April 2019

todd hits a single leg and then puts you in a cradle wyd

April 2019

this was the only picture i got of my outfit sorry kristen 📷 @notalent

April 2019

zane is nobody’s bitch

April 2019

just got our stomachs pumped, ready for day 3! 📷: @memorycardfull

April 2019

he might look like the biggest douche at this music festival, but deep down matt is a really sweet guy. 📷: @tienphotographer

April 2019

happy birthday todd, it’s not your birthday yet but tomorrow we are leaving to go to coachella. it’s also your birthday tomorrow. i could’ve waited and posted this tomorrow but i didn’t. anyways it’s cool that we went from going to shows together to playing in shows together. if anybody wants to tell todd happy birthday, don’t! just buy tickets to our show at the house of blues. linked in my bio. maybe next year we can perform at coachella for your birthday. why am i writing like this? goodbye

March 2019

nothing beats spending st. paddy’s day in chicago with the boys 🍀💚

March 2019


March 2019

thanks david, jason, natalie. i could KIIS you guys.

March 2019

can’t go anywhere without my emotional baggage 💫

February 2019

don’t talk to us or our sons ever again

February 2019

edward finally teaming up with those wolf guys

February 2019

our first ig pic together .... AND OUR LAST!!!! jk. happy birthday

January 2019

it’s like we were watching dora and she asked us to point to the pool with dry ice in it and zane and i are dumb as fuck

January 2019

where did my abs go lol

January 2019

weather was a bit cheeky the other day but zane, heath, todd and i had a fun time at the beach nonetheless. look at us smiling from cheek to cheek.

January 2019

the tip of my nose looks like a butt isn’t that so sick

December 2018

kevin isn’t wearing shoes because he still can’t tie them

December 2018

just hanging out with the girlies!

December 2018

they forgot to get me a shirt haha. that’s ok, honest mistake i’m sure. me not tagging what’s his face wasn’t a mistake though.

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