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The Stay Naked Collection is available NOW on UrbanDecay.com! Click the link below to shop now. #PrettyDifferent

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36 minutes ago

Fave shade from the NAKED Cherry Eyeshadow Palette — GO! #NakedCherry #UrbanDecay #PrettyDifferent

3 hours ago

@sammijefcoate creates a whole lewk using the UD summertime essentials💜Products used: Brow Blade, Eden Eyeshadow Primer Potion, NAKED Reloaded, All Nighter Setting Spray and Beached Bronzer #NakedReloaded #StreetStyleBrow #UrbanDecay #Repost

10 hours ago

Double tap if Naked Cherry is your fave way to get Naked 🍒😛 #PrettyDifferent #NakedCherry #UrbanDecay

22 hours ago

Double tap if our 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils are your eyeliner of choice for longwear makeup ✔️✔️ Shades (top to bottom ): Wildside, Roxy, Viper and Electric Empire. Tap to shop! #SparkleOutLoud #UrbanDecay #PrettyDifferent


Flip the rainbow 🌈 ✨ Use emojis to tell us how @ruthiebarone 's Heavy Metal Glitter Liner look is making you feel! Shades used: Stonewall, Midnight Cowboy, Distortion, Goldmine, Stage Dive, Studio and Gamma Ray #SparkleOutLoud #UrbanDecay #PrettyDifferent #Repost


Double tap if doing your brows is your fave part of your makeup routine 💜 #StreetStyleBrow #UrbanDecay #PrettyDifferent

2 days ago

Neutral + ✨ 4 eva // Vice Lipstick in shade Interrogate and Moondust Eyeshadow in shade X #UrbanDecay #PrettyDifferent #LipstickIsMyVice

2 days ago

Shades for dayyys. 50 to be exact ✔️ Double tap if you found your match with Stay Naked Foundation! #StayNaked #UrbanDecay #PrettyDifferent

2 days ago

The best day evs starts with a foundation that won’t quit💪 What shade of Stay Naked foundation are you wearing? #StayNaked #UrbanDecay #PrettyDifferent #Vegan

3 days ago

Tag a friend to let them know you found their ex in your Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette 🧐 #NakedHeat #UrbanDecay #PrettyDifferent

4 days ago

Tag the spicy mami, hot tamale in your life 🌶🌶 Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette #NakedHeat #UrbanDecay #PrettyDifferent

5 days ago

The 3rd episode of the Urban Decay Naked Truth Docuseries is LIVE! This week we meet @Sanam , creator of @SouthAsiaArchive and overall badass. Raised in India and America, Sanam struggled to find acceptance from her peers and, more importantly, herself. Click the link in bio to see how Sanam’s been able to find beauty in herself and her culture. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch a new story every Tuesday and Thursday!  #StayNaked #PrettyDifferent #UrbanDecay

5 days ago

I’d tap that 😏Tap to shop our lineup of vegan, Vice Lip Chemistry shades! 👇👇 #StayNaked #PrettyDifferent #UrbanDecay #Vegan

6 days ago

Shine w/ me ✨ Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lipgloss in shade Star Stunner 💫 #PrettyDifferent #UrbanDecay

6 days ago

@xeniavalevsky out here having a v real Euphoria moment rn. Double tap if you're as in love as we are 💜✨ Products used: Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in shade Studio + Distortion Heavy Metal Glitter Gel #PrettyDifferent #UrbanDecay #Repost

6 days ago

I think about it over and over again 😍✨✨ Double tap if you live for the glitter life. Shade featured: Dreamland #PrettyDifferent #UrbanDecay

1 weeks ago

"That s #!t's GOLD." — Anyone talking about All Nighter Setting Spray. #PrettyDifferent #UrbanDecay

1 weeks ago

Double tap if this is a visual representation of you getting your All Nighter Setting Spray fix // #Repost @jessie_maya_ #PrettyDifferent #UrbanDecay

2 weeks ago

Which 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil shade are you feeling for your Saturday night? Tell us in the comments! #PrettyDifferent #UrbanDecay

2 weeks ago

Tell us how this look is making you feel using emojis! ✨🤤💜 Repost @laraisabellemakeup UV-B vintage eyeshadow and Moondust Eyeshadow in Solstice #PrettyDifferent #UrbanDecay #Repost

2 weeks ago

QUICK! Tell us your all-time favorite 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil shade! 👇 👇 #PrettyDifferent #UrbanDecay

2 weeks ago

TBH, you can use the Stay Naked Correcting Concealer for just about anything, from covering imperfections to highlighting your cheekbones. It’s theeeee best. ✔️ vegan formula ✔️ real-skin matte finish ✔️ full coverage that lasts up to 24 hours #StayNaked #PrettyDifferent #UrbanDecay

2 weeks ago

Jamie teasing that new new 👀😉 #Repost @jamiegenevieve A closer look at my makeup for the @urbandecaycosmetics Stay Naked launch! FACE: @urbandecaycosmetics stay naked foundation @urbandecaycosmetics all nighter setting spray . EYES: @urbandecaycosmetics ??? 👀

2 weeks ago

Picking out your shade of Stay Naked Correcting Concealer like 😍 Double tap if this is your new ride-or-die concealer! #StayNaked #PrettyDifferent #UrbanDecay

2 weeks ago

Honestly, our fave complexion duo ever: Stay Naked Concealer and Stay Naked Foundation 🖤🖤 PS thanks for letting us borrow your paws, @itslikelymakeup 😘 #StayNaked #PrettyDifferent #UrbanDecay

2 weeks ago

We couldn’t keep this one under wraps. 😏 Double tap if you’re buzzin’ on the next big drop from Urban Decay, the NAKED Honey Eyeshadow Palette! Stay tuned for all the details on September 3rd. #NakedHoney #PrettyDifferent #UrbanDecay

2 weeks ago

Drop a 🍒 in the comments if you LOVE the Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette! #NakedCherry #PrettyDifferent #UrbanDecay

2 weeks ago

Tag someone blessed w/ flawless skin (PS, you’re allowed to tag yourself )🖤 @kristen_v_marie ’s Naked Truth is Stay Naked Foundation in shade #71NN. #StayNaked #PrettyDifferent #UrbanDecay #Makeup #Beauty

2 weeks ago

Double tap if the Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette is your palette of choice 👇👇Shades featured: Ambitious and Young Love #NakedCherry #🍒 #UrbanDecay #PrettyDifferent

2 weeks ago

It’s all in the name. All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray is here for you for up to 16 hours 💜 #UrbanDecay #PrettyDifferent #Makeup

2 weeks ago

Buildable coverage and a skin-like matte finish? We did that! 👏🏼 Stay Naked Foundation’s formula covers without feeling cakey. Shade shown: #30CP #StayNaked #UrbanDecay #PrettyDifferent

2 weeks ago

What are your favorite ways to use All Nighter Setting Spray? Tell us down below👇One of our fave hacks is to spray our makeup sponge with All Nighter Setting Spray and use it to blend out our foundation for longer wear. #AllNighter #UrbanDecay #Vegan

3 weeks ago

A doe-foot applicator that can give you either light or full coverage? YES, PLEASE. Our unique applicator has ✌different sides: Use the flat side for precise, light application or lean into the curve for smooth glide-on application and a heavier dose of product. #StayNaked #Vegan #UrbanDecay

3 weeks ago

Water 💦 Who is she? We don’t know her. 🙅‍♀️ Not only is Stay Naked Foundation waterproof but it’s vegan, lightweight, breathable AND available in 50 shades. Have you found your perfect match yet? #StayNaked #UrbanDecay #PrettyDifferent

3 weeks ago

Have you seen the next episode of the Urban Decay Naked Truth Docuseries starring UD Global Citizen @karolg ? Head to the link in our bio to watch. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch a new story every Tuesday and Thursday. #StayNaked #PrettyDifferent #UrbanDecay

3 weeks ago

New foundation feelz 😜 Double tap if you’ve found ‘the one’ in Stay Naked Foundation👇👇 #StayNaked #PrettyDifferent #UrbanDecay

3 weeks ago

It's the next episode 😎 The 2nd episode of the ALL-NEW Urban Decay Naked Truth Docuseries is here! UD Global Citizen @KarolG talks representing her uniqueness and celebrating how each and every one of us different. Link in bio to watch the full episode. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch a new story every Tuesday and Thursday! #StayNaked #PrettyDifferent #UrbanDecay

3 weeks ago

✨ Up to 24 hour wear ✨ Real-skin matte finish ✨ Breathable & flexible ✨ 50 shades ✨ Vegan Have you found your shade of Stay Naked Foundation yet? # your shade in the comments to help other UDers find their Naked Truth! #StayNaked #UrbanDecay #PrettyDifferent

3 weeks ago

How exactly do Urban Decay's new Stay Naked foundation and concealer stack up? ✔️ Vegan formula ✔️ Long-wearing ✔️ Matte finish That packaging though✨ — Repost @Sephora #StayNaked #UrbanDecay #PrettyDifferent

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