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17 hours ago

It's a vicious cycle created by systemic barriers that sustain the gender pay gap in the sports world. Girls don't get as many opportunities as boys get to play male-dominated sports, face gender stereotypes that hold them back, and are marginalized when they become athletes in sports that have been traditionally associated with men's interests. As a result, there is less #WomenInSport in those disciplines, hence less competition in women's tournaments, hence less viewership. Finally, presuming lack of interest from the audience, media doesn't give enough visibility to women athletes, which means less sponsorship. Add these together and you get the gender pay gap. #FIFAWWC #DareToShine #EqualPay

3 days ago

The lack of women's stories in the news skews our perception of world. We want to hear more from women & about women, without gender role biases and expectations!

3 days ago

Did you know that with 184 goals, @abbywambach still holds the world record for goals scored at the international level by both women and men football players? Despite this fact, she got paid much less than any men who played at the same level as she did. In her words, “It’s not only the pay gap, there's also opportunity gap, and just being seen as an equal is a challenge.” ⚽️⚽️ #FIFAWWC #DareToShine #equality #equalpay #womeninsport #womeninfootball #wolfpack #abbywambach

4 days ago

There are 25.4 million refugees around the world today, and nearly half are women and girls. On #WorldRefugeeDay , we are honouring the resilience and determination of refugees worldwide. As women and girls are displaced, many protections and essential services break down, leaving them vulnerable to specific risks. For instance, they face heightened discrimination and violence at a time when support services are lacking and their burden of care work at home, such as providing food and water, and caring for the sick and the old, increase. Join us in standing #WithRefugees in their journey to safer futures. Let’s #StepWithRefugees to show our solidarity. 📷: UN Women/Ryan Brown

5 days ago

Sexual violence cannot prevail as a weapon of war and armed conflict. #NobelPeacePrize Laureate @nadia_murad_taha shows courage by telling her story to the world to #EndRapeinWar #WPSin2020

5 days ago

Hear from a survivor of sexual & gender-based violence. To end impunity for sexual & gender-based crimes, we work with Justice Rapid Response towards justice for survivors. #EndRapeInWar

6 days ago

⚽🇧🇷 GOAL MARTAAA! 🇧🇷⚽ Our Goodwill Ambassador @martavsilva10 just scored her 17th @fifawomensworldcup goal at the #ITABRA game and broke the @fifaworldcup top-scorer record of all time for both women & men! So inspired by Marta's persistence and courage to crash barriers & limits on and off the field. #FIFAWWC #DareToShine

6 days ago

Join us in demanding policies that can ensure safety and dignity for displaced women and girls! #WithRefugees #StepWithRefugees #UN4RefugeesMigrants #WorldRefugeeDay

2 weeks ago

They play the same sport, at the same level, so why is there such a big difference in their salaries? We demand equal treatment for #WomenInSport , NOW. #FIFAWWC ⚽️⚽️ #EqualPay ⚽️⚽️ #TimesUp ⚽️⚽️ #DareToShine ⚽️⚽️

2 weeks ago

To get justice for conflict-related sexual violence, survivors need to report such cases, and to do so, they need to know that they wouldn’t face social exclusion and stigmatization after reporting. "We need to ensure that survivors receive the necessary support from their family and from the society," says prosecutor Hajdari. #EndRapeInWar

2 weeks ago

Equality is something we still need to fight for. Today, our Goodwill Ambassador @martavsilva10 chose to play without shoe sponsorship at the @fifawomensworldcup Instead, her shoes bore the universal symbol of equality. Join Marta in taking a stand against the gender pay gap for #WomenInSport and #GoEqual by making the equal sign with your arms, take a picture, and post it on social media with your message. Regram: @goequal__ ⚽️ ⚽️ ⚽️ #FIFAWWC #DareToShine #BRA #AUS #AUSBRA #WomenInFootball #Equality #EqualPay

2 weeks ago

No matter which team you’re rooting for this @fifawomensworldcup , let’s pledge to have each other’s back in our fight for gender-equal world! #FIFAWWC #sports #athletes #womeninsport #equality #daretoshine #womeninfootball

2 weeks ago

Anne Frank, born 90 years ago #OnThisDay , wrote these words in her diary that she would receive for her 13th birthday. Today, she continues to be an inspiration for us all to fight all forms of discrimination and racism. Her legacy lives on. #Anne90

2 weeks ago

Good luck to our Goodwill Ambassador @martavsilva10 and all the gender equality champions at the @fifawomensworldcup ! ⚽️⚽️ You inspire us all with your courage & persistence. #FIFAWWC #WomenInSport #DareToShine

2 weeks ago

Ahead of @fifawomensworldcup , we had a great chat with Olympian and former Colombian Women's National Team player @MelissaOrtiz5 about breaking stereotypes, the gender pay gap and other challenges #WomenInSport face. Check it out!

3 weeks ago

Plastic bags in the ocean cause massive pollution and endangering marine life, as well as jeopardizing the tourism industry. We need to take action to #SaveOurOcean #worldoceansday

3 weeks ago

Why sport to empower women and girls? As #WomenInSport are kicking goals for gender equality at #FIFAWWC , find out ☝🏽

3 weeks ago

Happy #WorldEnvironmentDay ! 16-year-old Swedish climate activist @gretathunberg launched a #schoolstrike4climate Her persistence inspires us to protect our 🌍.

3 weeks ago

Leila & her husband started growing organic, natural vegetables. Now, they can eat from their farm and increase their income. #worldenvironmentday #farmtotable #organic #organicfood #vegetablegarden #agriculture #farming

3 weeks ago

#Beijing25 will bring together generations of women’s rights activists to finally make gender equality a lived reality. See how you can join the movement and be part of the change via our #GenerationEquality campaign. #WD2019

4 weeks ago

"Are we at the @unitednations ready to take our own advice?” Our Goodwill Ambassador @annehathaway recently called on the UN to set an example of inclusivity, diversity, and flexibility by implementing gender-neutral workplace parental leave policies and child care services. Because families, including working mothers and fathers, cannot do it all on their own. … #WomensProgress2019 : Families in a Changing World, launching 25 June, echo’s Anne's calls for action. The report identifies the changes needed in laws and policies to enable gender equality within and outside the family, including such social protections and services to support #FamiliesOfToday

4 weeks ago

It’s Global #ParentsDay ! Today, we celebrate parents who raise their kids with love and acceptance and give them equal opportunities regardless of their gender! 💙 #FamiliesOfToday

4 weeks ago

😲😲😲😲😲😲 It really shouldn't be such a scary word. Ahead of #ParentsDay , we want to know how you encourage your kids to take action on gender equality and women's empowerment? #FamiliesOfToday

4 weeks ago

Ibrahim Hamawa, is the Lamido— traditional leader— of Zamay Kanton, a village in the Far North Region of Cameroon. The 63-year-old leader has already appointed the first-ever woman as a Lawal (Chief ) and encouraging more women to take up decision-making roles within the traditional council. If women from other countries can make good leaders, why shouldn’t they in his community, he challenges.

4 weeks ago

Women’s participation in peacekeeping is a critical factor for #ProtectingPeace Happy #PKDay !

4 weeks ago

They’re fearless. They’re equally capable. So why exclude them? We support @unpeacekeeping in efforts to increase the number of women #ProtectingPeace around the 🌍. #PKDay

4 weeks ago

Major Cleo is a @unitednations Peacekeeper with MONUSCO. Her mission is not just about #ProtectingPeace she builds trust with members of the most vulnerable sections of society.

5 weeks ago

Manal al-Sharif made history 8 years ago when she broke the law, simply by driving. Her activism spurred a movement that led Saudi Arabia to finally make it legal for women to drive in 2018. Today, she is once again taking the wheel to raise awareness of her fellow women activists who are still detained, by driving across the U.S. 🚘✊🚘

5 weeks ago

On #AfricaDay , we look back at @glblctzn South Africa and honour strong & determined women like our Global Goodwill Ambassador @danaigurira , aka General Okoye of #BlackPanther

last month

Time to step it up, guys!

last month

Sonia Maribel Sontay Herrera is a #humanrights defender and an indigenous woman from #Guatemala Her father brought Sonia to the city when she was 10, so that she would get the education she deserves; something most indigenous girls can’t access. While it was a great opportunity for her, it was also a “cultural shock.” First she had to overcome the language barrier as her teachers only spoke Spanish while she only spoke K’iche’. As she got older, she kept encountering discrimination and racism because of her gender and identity. Each struggle gave Sonia a new reason to speak up, and she won’t give up until indigenous women’s voices are heard and their rights respected. #WeAreIndigenous

last month

No woman should be restricted from pursuing a career of her choice--even if it is in a male-dominated field. 👷‍♀️🚧💼

last month

It’s 2019, but to this day, laws continue to exclude women & girls around the world. The times are changing and so must #EqualityInLaw

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