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It’s Parenting Month! What would help you spend more precious time with your children? Add your voice to our parenting poll. #EarlyMomentsMatter

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15 hours ago

One Bangladeshi. One Rohingya refugee. Two best friends ready to take on the 🌏 and pursue their dreams of becoming a doctor and helping others. #RefugeeDay #AChildIsAChild

18 hours ago

When you tell stories, you're helping to boost your child’s brain. #EarlyMomentsMatter

19 hours ago

We’re LIVE with @unicefsudan in Khartoum, join us! 👆 Learn about UNICEF's work for children in #Sudan , how they've been affected by the recent unrest and how you can help. #StandWithSudan


Have you heard? @unicefafrica has launched an exciting photography competition with the theme 'African Childhood Today.' If you’re 25 or under, live in a country in Africa and love photography, post your best photos that bring to life the theme using #youngafricaphoto for a chance to win a once in a lifetime opportunity to shoot with a renowned photographer in the continent. . The #youngafricaphoto contest is open to everyone who is 25 years old or younger and has a personal Instagram account. Only those living in African countries are eligible. . Entrants should post a photo interpreting the theme 'African Childhood Today' with the hashtag #youngafricaphoto from 16 June to 12 October 2019. . A weekly finalist will be announced on @unicefafrica every Monday from June 24 to October 14. . Three winners will be selected from the pool of weekly finalists and announced on, or after, 20 October. The prize? An educational one-day photography session with a top photographer working on the continent. The photos from these sessions will be unveiled in the run up to World Children’s Day celebrated on 20 November. Stay tuned! . Finalists and winners will be selected based on their creativity, how they interpreted the theme “African Childhood Today”, as well as on the basic composition of the photo. . Entrants can post as many photos as they like using #africayoungphoto during the submission period. . You must hold the copyright of all photos you submit. Entrants are responsible for obtaining permission from any recognisable individuals. Entries that we deem abusive, inappropriate, offensive, defamatory, obscene, in violation of copyright or trademark laws, or otherwise unacceptable will not be considered part of the contest. The people using the hashtag associated to the contest are liable for their public posts and using the hashtag does not imply endorsement from UNICEF. . Our team @unicefafrica will contact winners via direct message. . © UNICEF/UN0254751/Franco


😁😝🙃 A silly face can make a child’s face light up with laughter. It also sparks millions of connections in a child’s brain. #EarlyMomentsMatter


Having a work-family balance isn’t just the responsibility of parents. It’s the responsibility of businesses and governments as well. Join us in calling for policies to support working parents by tapping the link in our bio. 😘 @unicef_ukraine © UNICEF/UN0201127/Maloletka #EarlyMomentsMatter

2 days ago

Baby Francisco feels the happiness as people displaced by Cyclone Idai await the arrival of emergency supplies at an accommodation centre in Beira, #Mozambique We’re on the ground doing all we can to keep children and families healthy and safe. @unicef_mozambique © UNICEF/UN0305961/Oatway

2 days ago

⛵ Making things out of paper isn’t just fun. It’s helping boost your child’s creativity and imagination! #EarlyMomentsMatter

2 days ago

Students grin ear-to-ear in a classroom in Niger. Education offers children a ladder out of poverty and a path to a promising future. It's vital every child can learn in a safe and supportive environment. #ENDviolence © UNICEF/UN0318021// Frank Dejongh

3 days ago

These children are writing their own story. #AChildIsAChild

3 days ago

💦💦💦 100 days after Cyclone Idai devastated Mozambique, UNICEF is continuing to deliver safe water and other vital aid to those affected. Disease can spread with deadly speed in these emergency conditions but clean water will help keep this baby healthy and happy.

3 days ago

“My message to young refugees everywhere is you are already stronger than you know you are. We are standing right beside you.” Lovely words @dualipa ! Thank you so much for shining a light on our work protecting refugee children. #AChildIsAChild , no matter what. #regram “In April I was lucky enough to have the most inspiring experience in Lebanon with @unicef I met refugee children and young people and saw for myself how strong and brave they are adapting to any circumstance they find themselves in because of conflict. When the numbers of refugees are so shocking – estimated at around 70 million worldwide – it is important to remember that no family or child chooses to leave their home. All children need a safe place to learn, play and reach their full potential. UNICEF is keeping children safe and protected and helping them to keep smiling and laughing. On #WorldRefugeeDay , my message to young refugees everywhere is you are already stronger than you know you are. We are standing right beside you. #WorldRefugeeDay #WRD2019

3 days ago

“I love Messi because he plays very well. When I am big I'll play like him." Jean-Petit, Burundi. Economic and political instability has left over 710,000 children in need across the country but @unicef_burundi is there to help them learn, play and prepare to live out their dreams. #ForEveryChild , hope. #EarlyMomentsMatter #AfricaCup

4 days ago

Beautiful words @muzoonalmellehan 💙! It’s an absolute pleasure to work with you for every child. Thank you so much for your tireless work on education and for being an inspiration. #AChildIsAChild #regram “Two years ago, I was the first-ever refugee to be appointed a @UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. On #WorldRefugeeDay , this is my message to refugees around the world.”

4 days ago

We 💙 this! Thank you so much @priyankachopra for shining a light on our work and inspiring the world on #WorldRefugeeDay #AChildIsAChild , no matter what. #regram “The truth is quite simple...the future of this world lies in the hands of the children of today. But the harsh reality is that there is an entire generation of innocent children growing up right now without any prospects for their future...these children are affected by displacement due to serious conflict and emergencies in their various regions. When families are forced to leave their homes due to violence, persecution, and natural disasters, they are torn apart and it's the children that end up suffering the most. The numbers are staggering, yes...but we have to continue to stand for them, in whatever capacity we can as individuals. They are the future and we need to help. Join me and @unicef by clicking the link in my bio to help keep refugee children safe. #AChildIsAChild #WorldRefugeeDay

5 days ago

What was your favourite childhood book? School should be a safe place where children have a chance to learn, explore and grow. #ENDviolence © UNICEF/UN0319668/Seng

5 days ago

The love of a sister! This little one is going for a 🐎 ride at a UNICEF-supported healthcare centre for refugees in Cox's Bazaar, #Bangladesh Around the world millions of families have left their homes fleeing conflict or seeking a better life, including 28 million children. On #WorldRefugeeDay , spread this message far and wide → #AChildIsAChild , no matter what.

5 days ago

The 👍 news: Between 2000 and 2017, the number of people practicing open defecation decreased by 647 million. The 💩 news: Over the same period, 49 million people started practicing open defecation. To end open defecation for the next generation, we’re working with governments and partners to build toilets in villages, schools and hospitals - and conduct countrywide education campaigns. © UNICEF/UN0271237/ @vtremeau

6 days ago

Smiles are contagious 💙 Especially in the safety of your mother’s arms while waiting to be transferred in Lesvos, Greece. #AChildIsAChild - no matter why they left home, where they come from, where they are or how they got there. This #WorldRefugeeDay , stand with refugees.

6 days ago

1.7 billion people have gained access to safe drinking water since 2000 👏💦. Along with partners, we’ve dug wells in villages, built toilets in schools, constructed innovative solar-powered pumps in towns and delivered life-saving education and awareness campaigns across whole countries. Yet vast inequalities exist. Children in poor and rural areas are being left behind. We’re working with partners to get clean water #ForEveryChild @unicefcotedivoire © UNICEF/UN061567/Dejongh

1 weeks ago

Hands up for every child’s right to a childhood! For millions of children, like this group of friends at a UNICEF-supported centre in a refugee camp in Cox's Bazaar, Bangladesh, travelling is not a choice. In the lead up to #WorldRefugeeDay , spread this message: #AChildIsAChild , first and foremost.

1 weeks ago

A peaceful baby, born into chaos in Yemen. A @unicef_yemen report reveals that one woman and six newborns die every two hours in Yemen from complications during pregnancy or childbirth. Ongoing conflict, staff shortages and a lack of supplies have closed half of all health facilities in Yemen. We’re on the ground, supporting the vital health services left open, but to save lives, we need more funds. #ChildrenUnderAttack © UNICEF/UN0318233/Aljaberi

2 weeks ago

Two hours ago, this baby girl was born to proud parents in Nigeria. Her mother Hajara was nervous, having lost her first and second babies because she couldn’t access health care. But today, mother and child are in the safe hands of a UNICEF-trained midwife. Hajara is looking ahead with hope. “I want my baby to become a doctor when she grows up so that she can help women as they are helping us now,” explains the mother. “She may change my life.” #EveryChildALIVE © UNICEF/UN0261804/van Oorsouw

2 weeks ago

Faster! 🐎 Playing with your child is priceless when it comes to bonding. It also helps build your child’s brain. #EarlyMomentsMatter This animation is based on real ‘play tips’ from parents. Thank you @khadij___ !

2 weeks ago

Paul gently holds his son Archie, born prematurely at a hospital in Exeter, England. . Paid paternity leave helps fathers bond with their babies, contributes to healthy child development, lowers maternal depression and increases gender equality. We must support fathers, so they can support mothers, so together they can support their children. Find out more by tapping the link in our bio. #EarlyMomentsMatter #HappyFathersDay #FathersDay © UNICEF/UN0204073/Zehbrauskas

2 weeks ago

A picture of joy. School should not be a scary place. There simply is no exception. Children should feel safe, supported and happy in a place where they will spend many of their formative years. Years that will shape who they are and who they will become. #ENDviolence © UNICEF/UN0319674/Seng

2 weeks ago

🐥🐎 Stories and games help kids learn language and social skills. #EarlyMomentsMatter

2 weeks ago

It’s about children. It’s about parents. It’s about time. Help us convince governments to invest in family-friendly policies. Take our poll. Link in bio. #EarlyMomentsMatter #regram @uniceflaos 📸 © UNICEF/Laos/2019/Verweij

2 weeks ago

Siba, five, fled violence in northern Hama, #Syria , just before Eid al-Fitr, the holiday marking the end of Ramadan. She’s now living with her family in a makeshift camp near the Turkish border. “We can’t celebrate Eid here,” she says. “We used to have nice food and I would get ice cream and a new doll on Eid. I wish my parents and I could go to the amusement park like we do on Eid day.” UNICEF’s partners are on the ground in the northwest, working to reach children and families with mobile health clinics, immunization and nutrition services, psychosocial support and water and sanitation supplies. #ChildrenUnderAttack © UNICEF/Syria 2019/Ashawi

2 weeks ago

Weeeee! 🏔 . A simple game creates millions of connections in babies' growing brains. #EarlyMomentsMatter

2 weeks ago

Parents need support and time to give their children the best start in life. Stand with parents across the world to demand investment in family-friendly policies like paid parental leave, breastfeeding breaks, child grants and quality, affordable childcare. Link in bio. @unicefmalawi #EarlyMomentsMatter

2 weeks ago

To save children's lives, the violence in #Sudan must stop. . Schools, hospitals and health centres in Sudan have been targeted, looted and destroyed. Health workers have been attacked simply for doing their job. In the face of this unrest, @unicefsudan is providing millions of children with vaccines, safe water, treatment for severe acute malnutrition and psychosocial support. This alone, won't keep children safe. We appeal to all those involved to protect children at all times and to keep them out of harm’s way. Any attack on children, schools or hospitals is a grave violation of children’s rights. #ChildrenUnderAttack

2 weeks ago

A child's brain is twice as active as an adult’s. . Playing with sand is fun and helps boost your baby’s brain! #EarlyMomentsMatter

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