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2 days ago

Here’s a picture of me in my @fashionnova removing some cum from my hair 🤷🏻‍♀️ #badaim 😂😜

3 days ago

Looking at young meat in my @fashionnova cougar dress 😜😎

5 days ago

When he checks out your hot sister 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ @chefboybonez @theonlykiaramia Tag a friend

6 days ago

Yay or Nay? outfit from @prettylittlething #prettylittlething

2 weeks ago

Big big booty or nah? 🤪 Had so much fun at the @jlo concert thanks @livenation ❤️🤗 #itsmyparty #jlo #uldouz #jloconcert

3 weeks ago

Proud owner of my AW3 Slim Light Vertical 2 @allwhitelaser ! The machine does wonders to my body and skin, I couldn’t recommend it more! #brazillianbumlift #radiofrequency #AW3 #allwhitelaser #cavitation #bestbrand #laserlipo

4 weeks ago

In my @fashionnova Guess what I’m thinking about, comment below

4 weeks ago

Fuck yeah @fashionnova Before you try to have sex with me, ask yourself this question. Do you really have time to stalk me for the rest of your life? 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ #doyou ? #decisions 🔮♾ #scorpio

5 weeks ago

Just a quick booty check in my @fashionnova ☑️ Yes it’s all real, I used to be bullied for having a bigger behind growing up in Sweden, they used to call me baboon butt & wooden legs lol now it’s trendy to have curves, so now I get bullied for being fake instead 😂 if it’s not one thing it’s another 🤦🏻‍♀️ if you want to bully me about any body part make fun of my small tits, these mosquito bites been there since I was born & they’re not growing! 😂😂😂

last month

In my @fashionnova caption this dick 🤪

last month

I call this dress HEY IM HERE NOTICE ME IN MY @fashionnova ORANGE NEON DRESS BITCH! 😂🧡

last month

In my @fashionnova I think my car needs an alignment, it always pulls towards the liqour store 😂🥃

last month

Loving my @fashionnova dress. I always kept it real with you guys, sometimes I’m too honest & it gets me in trouble lol. I’ve went through some life changing experiences & I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching & been on a spiritual quest, trying to figure out or focus on what I’m supposed to do & how to get there & my purpose. What you guys may see is, here’s a woman that got it easy & she got everything handed to her (I’m getting these assumptions from some of the comments lol ) but that’s not the case at all. Nothing in my life has been easy & I had to work hard for everything that I ever had. Even harder than most cause I still kept my integrity. I had it rough from the beginning until now & along the way I had a lot of hard times, including people portraying me as something I’m not and making me out to be something that I’m not and I also had a few good times too, I’m thankful for all of them cause that’s what shaped me into who I am today. Even when the good times come it feels like you get one thing but can’t get the other. I trust the process & believe there’s a time for everything & when the time is right everything will align. Make sure you do your own spiritual quest it’s very important, everyone has a purpose & only do things that makes your soul feel good. What helps me a lot with the soul searching is alone time, being out in nature, meditation, also everyone don’t deserve access to you etc, love you all ❤️

last month

Loving my @emprada dress ❤️ I usually keep my social media light hearted & joke around a lot, even though I joke around a lot even in my personal life, cause I like to have fun, I’m also a very serious person. I don’t usually share my private life cause I enjoy my privacy (even though people try to steal it ). But here’s some information about me I’m iranian but was raised in Sweden, I have a masters degree in marketing, I speak 3 languages fluently, I like tequila, I keep my circle very small & it keeps getting smaller & smaller. I’m not talking to you from another account, that’s not me & you’re being catfished (sorry ). Growing up in Sweden I used to get bullied about the way I looked & my body type, at that time it was popular to be white, blonde, blue eyed, tall, skinny with big boobs & no butt. I was the exact opposite, I used to be called baboon butt & wooden legs, cause of my butt & legs, so I think it’s funny that the trends turned around & now instead people call me fake & accuse me of plastic surgery. LOL I take it as a compliment cause my body type ended up being what some people pay for nowadays & I don’t even think my butt is that big especially since so many women have huge butts now, wether they had surgery or not it doesn’t matter to me, whatever makes them happy. 🤗 So to answer some of your questions, yes I’m all natural, I always had small boobs and bigger behind. I think it’s important to stay true to yourself because you never know how things might turn around. Regardless people are going to have their own opinions no matter what you do or don’t do. So staying true to yourself & not allowing peoples opinions get to your soul is the key to enlightenment. Hope this helps someone or answers some questions. Love all my uldouzians 😂❤️🤗 P.S yes my real name is Uldouz & it means northern star 🌟 (the brightest star in the sky )

last month

Happy Birthday @therock hope you have a great one & drink some tequila for me! ✨🌟✨🥃 Is he #therock or #dwaynejohnson ? Comment below #uldouz

last month

My dawg Charlie loves @trudoghealth #trudog ❤️🥓

last month

Aw shit this Dick just gave me a headache, in my @fashionnova

last month

RIP my friend & mentor John Singleton, I prayed you would pull through but I’m really saddened that you had to leave, the tears just keep falling from my eyes & I can’t stop thinking about all the times we laughed & cracked jokes & all the fun moments 😭 thanks for believing in me & my dreams. I remember when John reached out to me years ago & I was so surprised, this was in the beginning of my comedy career, we talked & he said that he thought I was funny, I told him “oh yeah you think I’m funny? Cause you don’t laugh at any of my jokes” & he said “I don’t need to you laugh at your jokes you laugh at your own jokes lol rule number one in comedy don’t laugh at your own jokes” we both laughed. He told me that I had natural talent & that I was naturally funny, even when I just talked cause of my awkward personality & just the way I naturally am. But comedy has structure & even the best comedians know about the steps or structures of comedy. Knowledge is key & I wanted to be better. He then mentored me & told me that I should go to groundlings a comedy improv school that a lot of SNL people went to & to also take a directing & editing class along with scene study. I took his advice & built on everything to where I’m at now. Some of my first videos was guided & directed by him to make sure I was on the right path. Throughout the years he has always been there for me to mentor & guide, the best advice he ever gave me was that you need to do everything yourself & not depend on anyone. He also gave me a lot of insight on understanding about people in general, the good & the bad & understanding why some people make some choices etc. John I will miss you & I’ll see you in the next lifetime. Your spirit will live on & thanks for touching & helping so many people. Love you always ❤️♾ #eternallife #johnsingleton #rip #uldouz

last month

Caption this @fashionnova

April 2019

When I’m in my @fashionnova & see anything over 6 inches, how many inches do you think it was? 😂Comment below

April 2019

I’m sorry I said you remind me of a Simpsons character @21savage you look nothing like any of them! 🙄Let’s cheer with some fine embalming fluid & get casket ready!!! 😂 #yourfavoriteauntie Thanks @luiebcartoons for getting us simpsonized ❤️😂🤗 #21savage

April 2019

Praying for my sisters & brothers in Sri Lanka, I just don’t understand how some people can be filled with so much hate. It really saddens me that people are getting killed over religion or simply for just praying to GOD, there’s only ONE GOD, we’re all ONE, we’re the human race. Terrorism has no faith or color don’t give into these cowards who are trying to divide us. It’s time for us all to unite & come together & carry the human race & mother land higher & into the next level. Let’s focus on healing each other & helping the people & the families of those who were affected. If anyone knows any foundations or help organizations please let me know in the comments so we can all help. And again don’t let these cowards divide us we’re all ONE, love you all ❤️🇱🇰

April 2019

I’m in love with @StellaRosa wines! They’re refreshing, delicious and the perfect way to #Stellabrate Sunday Funday. 💗 Comment your favorite #StellaRosa flavor below. #TasteTheMagic

April 2019

@krayzie_bone teaching me how to Rap! I Killed it! What do you think? Comment below! 😂 Tag someone #crossroads #celery #seven #touchingstones #hellastoned #420 #hottestrapperinthegame

April 2019

When You’re Trying To Be Sexy but You’re Hungry 😂w/ @uldouz @jasonderulo Tag a friend #jasonderulo #uldouz #getugly

April 2019

I love my @happytea #happytea

April 2019

The More Money @michaelblackson Make The More Money I TAKE!!! Tag 2 friends & like & comment below Money letter by letter & I’ll spam you! #childsupport #money

April 2019

In my @fashionnova you’ll be my Bull & I’ll be your Matador ❤️ That was one caption I also was thinking about captioning this, when you put your arms on your invisible bar 😂 Which caption is better? Comment below

April 2019

When I’m hangry, I’m waiting on my food like this...😂👹 thanks for the opportunity @hellboymovie catch it in theaters tomorrow! #hellboy

April 2019

My friend @djpaulkom interviewed me & it’s going to be funny! 😂😜Make sure you download the @dashradio app channel @dashmixtape to tune in! 9pm EST, 8pm CNTRL & 6pm PST! We got a lot of juicy stories on there! 😂😅 Photo by @paperfilms

April 2019

JESUS CHRIST IT’S A DANCE BATTLE! w/ @uldouz @servinmike20 😂💃🏻 Who do you think won? Comment below #jesuschrist #jesuschroist #dance #dancebattle Song @iamcardib - #pleaseme

April 2019

Got a Dick pic in my @fashionnova guess if it’s big or small, circumsized or not!

April 2019

In my @emprada , a strong woman builds her own world 🌎✊🏼 who wants to join my world?

April 2019

Just got ready in my @fashionnova just to get disappointed, a guy sent me a dick pic but he looked nothing like the pic, I’ve been catfished! The night have been cancelled! The lobster was really a shrimp 🍤😩🤦🏻‍♀️

April 2019

This beech @michaelblackson is trying to not pay me, so I need to go out on BET Weekend & All Star Weekend to find new potential child supports!

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