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July 2018

Bishop 🔫

July 2018


May 2018

Perry the platypus and Dr. Doofenshmirtz lol

May 2018

The Book of Enoch can impart a lot of mysteries regarding the domed World. It's a prophecy from beginning to end.

May 2018

The Big Bang theory and the theory of evolution are both hypothetical and do not depict the reality of our universe. What both theories excel in is the storytelling timeline. But when it comes to facts, do you guys really think we were created from nothing billions of years ago and evolved into dinosaurs and apes?? The only real evolution is within the mind. We are universally connected.

February 2019

The term "Flat" is not very concise because it can be confusing to most people. Flat refers to the sea level of Earth, not the literal definition of thickness, like a piece of paper. Diction is very important when describing the actual shape of Earth. It mostly resembles an enclosed system with a firmament dome.

May 2018

The Heliocentric Model of our "Solar System" makes no sense at all. If the Sun was truly that large and massive, its gravity will completely overrule the gravity of Earth. This means that we would all be crushed. The geocentric model is way more logical, its physics can be tested with experiments. The maths not only work out the same way but provide more reliable data. If gravity was a real force, we wouldn't be able to jump that high tbh 🏀. Many people be like "since the sun and moon appear to be round so Earth has to be a spinning ball too" not rlly lol

May 2018

Einstein's theory of general relativity can be used to disprove gravity since it contradicts itself. The object's energy is always conserved due to gravity being an active force(constant )

last month

What we usually refer to as "gravity" is simply the observation of an object's density/buoyancy, not an active force. Essentially, the main factors that determine an object's velocity is mass, temperature, pressure and size in ratio to its environment. Ex: hot air helium balloons: less mass, more air buoyancy > goes up. This density test can also be tested underwater since air and water are very similar in structure, just in different states. Thus, Tesla's theory of dynamic electromagnetism is still valid since it can be tested with Kinetic Energy.

March 2018

Fitness tip: Try intermittent fasting. I don't even go to the gym and was able to build lean muscle. Balanced diet > overworked body. New stats: 150lbs, 9% bf, 6'0" #thinksmart #workhard