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17 hours ago

Comment below, what type of photography gets you out of your comfort zone? #Contest #Sponsored @flyswiss #sponsored a #contest and I hung out w/12 sick photogs on Friday down in Santa Monica and #Venice your likes, comments, and feedback can help me win a trip to Switzerland! - This was a workshop/photo contest led by @dylan schwartz and it involved us going to iconic locations where thousands of photos have been shot, and us trying to take a new shot or perspective there. We had about 15 minutes in each location that we went to.. I haven’t shot most of the locations so I had no idea what the iconic shots were there anyways! I think this probably helped me more than it hindered me.. — The challenges I had were not foreign to me. This type of shooting I started calling “Kamikaze Photography” many years ago when I used to travel all over the world with the UFC fighters. I didn’t get to relax and set up a tripod, in fact my @slikusa tripod traveled everywhere and rarely got used at the time (been shooting with Slik long before I was sponsored! ). I had to grab many of my shots on the run; sometimes throwing up the camera without even looking through the viewfinder.. but, it’s something I haven’t done in many years and I can see it’s a perishable skill so I was hard pressed to find some great shots in such a short time. Time of day had me trying for sun stars in most my shots, and while in #TongvaPark , utilized the hand rail as a leading line to catch this silhouette of @thekevingreene overlooking the ocean in #SantaMonica — Please comment what type of photos you find most challenging! — ISO 100 F22 1/200 second @tokinausa 24-70 @ 24 @canonusa 5DMK1 — #flyswiss #switzerland #myswitzerland #tokinausa #canonusa #mycanonstory #teamcanon #5dmk4 #canon5dmk4 #heater_central #heatercentral #agameoftones #agameoftonesasteryx #sunset #sunsetsantamonica #citykillers #abc7la #visualambassador #streetmagazines #trappingtones #artofvisuals #beautifuldestinations #losangelesdesign #losangelesartdistrict


Who’s got a MW Airplane Shot in their portfolio? Everyone’s talking about an airplane shot @jaworskyj posted and I’ve been tagged a few times so I decided to repost this from last year. I shot my 1st plane pic in 2017, this one last year, and tried again last month but was unable to get the shot because of being so far behind the wing.. — Repost @tracyleephotos : So last night I jumped an @americanair flight to Puerto Rico for #RGGPuertoRico put on by @RGGedu I knew that the flight was going to put me right on a collision path to see the MW from the plane as it was rising so I checked into my flight hoping to score a window seat on the south side of the plane near the wing... —— Success!!! I packed my tripod on my carry on, threw my intervalometer in my purse, and had my camera ready. I also had my sweatshirt to cover the window from the cabin lights... —— I took 189 shots just to get 4 images in a row that I could stack; turbulence is your enemy in this process! —— Everyone asks what the flight attendants said. They really didn’t say anything in spite of me spending a good hour and a half with my camera against the window and me hugging the window with my sweatshirt... —— I filmed video of my process the entire time too so I could put together a quick tutorial. Stay tuned! —— ISO 12800 F2.8 6 seconds 4 images stacked in SLS for NR Processed in LR @tokinausa 11-20 @ 16 @slikusa 634-CF @canonusa 6DMK1 —— #tracylee #tracyleephotos #tracyleephotography #slikusa #canonusa #tokinausa #canonbringit #teamcanon #teamtokina #teamslik #shootslik #americanair #americanairlines #longexposure_shots #nightpics #milkywaygalaxy #astrophotography #astrophoto #astro_photography_ #astro_photography #longexposure

3 days ago

#FBF To last years @thegreatmilkywaychase and this awesome arch I found! Stay tuned for more info about this year’s June 19-July 13th! — #TheGreatMilkyWayChase Tuesday night we headed into Colorado to try and find a place to park the Airstream and then look for a comp for the night... poring over google maps is a favorite pastime of mine so before long I found an arch that I thought would line up both with Sunset and Milky Way... So we made our way over, cutting it close and got lost trying to find out way up onto the plateau where it was at... but!! We made it in time to catch the most amazing sunset of the entire trip followed by an incredible framing of the Milky Way on the opposite side of the arch... such a spontaneous comp that was a huge effort to get to, but totally worth it! This is 20 images stacked in SLS for noise reduction. I lit the arch with 3 (use code TRACYLEE for free US shipping ) —- ISO 6400 F2.8 15 seconds Processed in LR —- @tokinausa 11-20 @ 16mm @slikusa 634-CF @canonusa 6DMK1 —- Tuesday night we headed into Colorado to try and find a place to park the Airstream and then look for a comp for the night... poring over google maps is a favorite pastime of mine so before long I found an arch that I thought would line up both with Sunset and Milky Way... So we made our way over, cutting it close and got lost trying to find out way up onto the plateau where it was at... but!! We made it in time to catch the most amazing sunset of the entire trip followed by an incredible framing of the Milky Way on the opposite side of the arch... such a spontaneous comp that was a huge effort to get to, but totally worth it! This is 20 images stacked in SLS for noise reduction. I lit the arch with 3 (use code TRACYLEE for free US shipping ) —- ISO 6400 F2.8 15 seconds Processed in LR —- @tokinausa 11-20 @ 16mm @slikusa 634-CF @canonusa 6DMK1 —- . . . . . #tracylee #tracyleephotos #tracyleephotography #slikusa #canonusa #tokinausa #canonbringit #teamcanon #litbylume #lumecube #capture4cubes #arches #arch #archesnationalpark #longexposure_shots #nightimages #nightshooterz

4 days ago

Who shoots with a crop sensor?? This is proof you can do it and get great images; tag a friend who shoots with one! — This was from the Badlands in New Mexico last year on The Great Milky Way Chase. The clouds were rolling in and out so, I set my 70d up for a time lapse and wandered around shooting with my 6d. I didn’t end up editing the lapse yet, but I decided to edit this to see how it would come out! This is 30 images stacked for the sky, and 14 images taken at Blue Hour stacked for the foreground in Starry Landscape Stacker —- Sky 30 images stacked in SLS ISO 6400 F2.8 20 seconds - Foreground 14 images stacked in SLS Varying settings at blue hour starting: ISO 100 F 2.8 30 seconds - Processed in LR & PS — @tokinausa 11-20 @ 16mm @slikusa cf-522 @canonusa 70d — #tracylee #tracyleephotos #slikusa #canonusa #tokinausa #canonbringit #teamcanon #mycanonstory #newmexico #longexposure_shots #nightimages #nightshooterz #nightshooters #nightpics #milkywaygalaxy #astrophotography #canon70d #cropsensor #nationalparks #hoodoos #newmexicolove #newmexicolife #newmexicoskies #newmexicobeauty #longexpolite #longexposures #longexposureshots

5 days ago

Who’s got lots of old images they have yet to edit; where are they from? — I took this last May when I went to Alabama Hills with @xo_anhie on a spontaneous trip.. it was a windy night and we almost lost our tent (with us in it! 😜 ) before it cleared up for Milky Way time.. I took a good many different comps that night and have taken the last year to actually edit and put them out lol... I can’t recall the name of this peak you see through the arch, so comment if you know it... I just know it’s NOT Whitney.. one LumeCube ( for 10% off and free US shipping ) from the right and one inside the arch... — 25 images stacked ISO 10000 F2.8 10 seconds - @tokinausa 16-28 @ 16 @slikusa 634-CF @canonusa 6DMK1 - #tracylee #tracyleephotos #canon #mycanonstory #teamcanon #tokinausa #slikusa #alabamahills #nightphoto #nightphotography #natureshots #longexposure #photochallenge #lumecube #lonepine #arches #nationalgeographic #longexpo #photocontest #longexposures #longexposhots #longexpoelite #fs_longexpo #longexpohunter #nature #milkyway #milkywaychasers

2 weeks ago

I love this shot- wondering if I should try a re-edit; thoughts?? #FBF —— Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ This is the classic Watchman view from the bridge in Zion and I have wanted to get the shot for my own but the multiple times I have tried, something came up... This time, I made the effort to make sure it happened and after exploring during the day, I napped for two hours and then came down here and was surprised to have the place to myself on that Saturday Night. I took 20 images for the sky, and 6 images for the foreground. --- Someone parked across the bridge and walked up in the middle of the night without saying a word. I spotted them approaching and yelled out loudly, but I think that he should have announced himself. I was definitely on the defense in this situation being that I was by myself and think that this guy, who ended up being a photographer, should have said hello instead of sneaking up on me. --- 20 sky images stacked in SLS for NR ISO 10000 F2.8 10 seconds - 6 images for the foreground stacked in SLS for NR ISO 10000 F2.8 75 seconds - @TokinaUSA 16-28 at 28mm @SlikUSA 634-CF @CanonUSA 6DMK1 Processed in LR & PS —- #tracylee #tracyleephotos #tracyleephotography #slikusa #canonusa #tokinausa #canonbringit #teamcanon #teamtokina #teamslik #shootslik #sliktripods #longexposure_shots #longexposure #longexpohunter #longexpo #amazing_longexpo #amazingearth #natgeo #itsamazingoutthere #milkyway

2 weeks ago

I took this shot a year ago, tomorrow so I figured it was only right to be my #ThrowbackThursday #TBT today. — Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ On Night 7 of #TheGreatMilkyWayChase , we made our way up to The Crystal Mill... it was quite a trip up a narrow 4x4 road and when we arrived a very intoxicated photographer was up there hanging out to shoot the stars as well... I shot some blue hour foregrounds before settling in for a nap... when my alarm went off a little after 10, startled, I stumbled out of the car to check on my comp and get my star shots going and at some point ended up falling so bad that I still have a bump on my arm 3.5 week’s later... —- This shot is 25 images stacked in Starry Landscape Stacker for NR... the lighting is a combination of (use code TRACYLEE for free US Shipping ) and a Mag light that the drunk guy had to cover the distance across the water... I had shot all kinds of shots to blend foreground and sky, ended up changing my comp, and ended up with this stacked instead... (which makes my life easier in post of course! ) —— ISO 10000 F2.8 13 seconds @canonusa 24-70 @ 24 @slikusa 634-CF @canonusa 6DMK1 Processed in LR —— . . . . . #tracylee #tracyleephotos #tracyleephotography #slikusa #canonusa #tokinausa #canonbringit #teamcanon #teamtokina #teamslik #shootslik #litbylume #lumecube #capture4cubes #longexposure_shots #nightpics #milkywaygalaxy #astrophotography #astrophoto #crystalmill #marbleco #marblecolorado #coloradooutdoors #outtherecolorado #coloradorockies #colorado_photographers #colorado_creative

3 weeks ago

Does anyone else have issues with their horizon lines ending up in the dead center of their images due to the IG Crop?? The full size image doesn’t have it usually but due to IG crop I end up with a centered horizon line on here a ton! —- This was taken the opposite direction from the Milky Way Shot I got in Utah when on a trip in end of April with @missjessbess @jacobthefu & @estherjulee courtesy of @nationsvacation ! I shot some super long exposures at about 4am for this foreground and then 30 images for the star trails before we took off for a final comp that morning... —- Foreground 10 stacked ISO 12800 F 2.8 2 minutes - Sky 30 images ISO 800 F2.8 30 seconds — Processed in LR & PS — @tokinausa 16-28 @ 19mm @slikusa 734-CF @canonusa 5dmk4 —- — #tracyleephotos #tracyleephotography #canonusa #teamcanon #canon5dmarkiv #mycanonstory #tokinausa #slikusa #utah #utahisrad #utahrocks #iloveutah #hanksville #milkyway #astrophotography #longexposure #longexpo #natgeoadventure #natgeo #stars #starphotography #astrophoto #longexposures #longexposhots

4 weeks ago

#FBF I think I’m gonna have to head back and shoot this shot a little earlier in the season this year... Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ --- This was taken late season in October at Convict Lake. This was the night before I held the Milky Way Chasers meet up at Trona Pinnacles and I was on a mission this night to get as many comps as I could. So I shot a sunset/milky way comp at some springs nearby, and then continued to this famous comp at Convict Lake in the Eastern Sierras. I had been wanting to shoot this for a while, although I might try again for a better alignment and core this coming season.. --- 20 images for the sky stacked in SLS for NR ISO 6400 F2.8 15 seconds - 10 images for the foreground stacked in SLS for NR ISO 6400 F2.8 60 seconds --- Processed in LR & PS --- @TokinaUSA 16-28mm at 16 @SlikUSA 634-CF @Canonusa 6dMK1 —— #tracylee #tracyleephotos #tracyleephotography #slikusa #canonusa #tokinausa #canonbringit #teamcanon #teamtokina #teamslik #shootslik #sliktripods #mycanonstory #newmexico #bistibadands #longexposure_shots #nightimages #nightshooterz #nightshooters #nightpics #milkywaygalaxy #astrophotography #astrophoto #astro_photography_ #astro_photography #longexposure #LumeOneUp

4 weeks ago

#throwback To a fantastic road trip last summer... - Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ When we got out of the car, drops were already starting to fall and crowds were leaving the area due to the storm clouds overhead.. we didn’t get discouraged and headed out on the boardwalk with the hopes of the clouds breaking and then completely clearing up for stars later that night... well i love it when a plan comes together like this; we got sunset and clear skies for stars that night... I know I rarely post photos other than stars, but doesn’t mean I don’t take them... I just have to be super motivated by a shot to edit it, and this is one of those shots... the composition was a lot taller than this so I used content aware scale to make it fit for IG’s resolution... it was a lovely trip to Yellowstone with my dear friends @missjessbess @rachel_jones_ross @smpetersonphotography & @brentdangerrose —— Handheld because I didn’t want to move my tripod from my night composition to scope out the rest of the area; I didn’t know the sky was going to color up like this and spontaneously shot this... —— ISO 100 F11 1/10 second @tokinausa 16-28 @ 22 @canonusa 6dmk1 —— #tracylee #tracyleephotos #tracyleephotography #slikusa #canonusa #tokinausa #canonbringit #teamcanon #teamtokina #teamslik #shootslik #sliktripods #mycanonstory #sunset #sunset_pics #sunsets #sunset_stream #sunset_ig #sunset_vision #sunset_hunter #sunsetlover #sunsetlovers #sunsetlove #sunset_lovers #sunset_lovee #yellowstonenationalpark

5 weeks ago

Where have you avoided going because of crowds only to go and find out the crowds weren’t as bad as you thought they were going to be? - Ive always avoided shooting here because of the crowds I’ve heard about but @missjessbess and I ended up here on a non-new moon weekend and crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.. we scooped out a few backup locations in case and then we arrived a couple hours before the MW rose to set up tripods, and light the foreground.. i used a @luxlilight Panel (courtesy of @bhphoto ) face down on the rocks to diffuse an even light across the scene from near my camera.. I then used a lumecube ( for 10% off and free US shipping! ) from behind the arch to light up the inside of the arch... as we were sitting there a couple of guys joined us and nearing the end of shooting, the guys from @planitphoto Showed up... so we had a fun little group, but not too big! We shot until the moon started rising behind the arch which was right before this perfect alignment and then called it a night! — 25 images stacked ISO 10000 F2.8 8 seconds Processed in LR @tokinausa Opera 16-28 @ 24mm @slikusa 734-CF @canonusa 5dmk4 —- #joshuatree #archrock #california #arches #tracylee #tracyleephotos #luxlilight #bhphoto #lumecube #litbylume #capture4cubes #tokinausa #slikusa #canonusa #teamcanon #mycanonstory #milkyway #milkywaychasers #astrophoto #astrophotos #astrophotography #moonrise #joshuatreenationalpark #jtnp #adventurephotos

last month

#TBT #ThrowbackThursday to a hot summer day discovering new things.. who’s ready for #TheGreatMilkyWayChase ? Starting in mid June-July. Will announce sponsors soon!! —- Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ I have so many photos still left from #TheGreatMilkyWayChase but i'm too excited about this one... @MissJessBess , @Megavai and I have been adventuring and exploring in the off days that the moon was full.. Well that meant spending a lot of time in random areas with HOT temps... Yesterday Jess and I started exploring at 6am and found this wonderful arch that we named Meatball Arch; Not sure if you can see why... --- It was over 109+ by the time we got to the car at 10am with 6 miles under our belts... We then napped and fed ourselves midday while we waited for the sun to go down before returning to shoot this in the 45 minutes of MW we had last night. It was absolutely perfect; weather was amazing and conversation non-stop.. I have decided that Jess is my adventure spirit animal and I look forward to many more scouting and photo missions with her! --- We lit this with 1 10% off & free US Shipping ), one inside the arch and the rest was just ambient light before dark. This is 10 images stacked, focused on the foreground, blended with 20 images stacked for the sky. --- Foreground- 10 images stacked in SLS for NR ISO 800 F6.3 30 seconds - Sky 20 images stacked in SLS for NR ISO 6400 F2.8 13 seconds - processed in LR & PS --- @TokinaUSA 11-20mm @ 16mm @SlikUSA 634-CF @CanonUSA 6DMK1 — #tokinausa #canonusa #teamcanon #slikusa #desertphoto #desertphotography #milkyway #astrophotos #astrophotographer #astrophoto #milkywaychasers #tracylee #tracyleephotos #californiatrip #lumecube #litbylume #capture4cubes #arches #rockarch #archrock #joshuatree #californiasun #californiasunsets #californiaroadtrip #adventurephotos #adventurephoto

last month

I had to doublecheck that it's Thursday for this #TBT shot, lol.. — repost: when you travel as much As I do, you tend to lose track of days.. I'm super excited to go to @tokinausa & @slikusa headquarters today, followed by @virusintl headquarters (the gear I wear on all my adventures ) while I'm in Huntington Beach.. --- This photo has been on my mind a lot lately because I'm busy planning out my adventures for this year and I need to get back to Bisti Badlands!! This is also my favorite star trail I've ever done : ) ________ ISO 2500 F 2.8 20 seconds 701 images Processed in LR & PS Using my @slikusa tripod ________ #startrails #startrail #startrailchasers #bistibadlands #visitnewmexico #nightscaper #nightscape #nightphotography #night_excl #fantastic_universe #natgeospace #tokinausa #slikusa #hoodoos #nightpixels #nightshooters #nightshooterz #nightphoto #nightimages #globalcapture #supreme_nightshots #earth_deluxe #earthfocus #earthofficial #earthpics #earthphoto #ig_shotz #ahd_shotz

last month

Who has made a journey for a photo, only to be disappointed by weather? Where to? — I will start off by saying, this image is completely a COMPOSITE. For those of you who know me, you know that’s not my normal MO. but after making the journey to this place, to get overwhelmed by rain & gale force winds, I decided for this situation I would do a composite of exactly where the MilkyWay would have risen that night. This was my 5th time coming here, perhaps my last.. - I took off to Bull frog marina w @missjessbess on Monday around 9pm. We didn’t go to sleep till 730 at the Defiance House Lodge. We woke at 9 to meet up with @jacobthefu & @estherjulee to head out on our journey for the next few days.. thank you @nationsvacation ! - The hike was a lot sketchier than expected but we arrived around 4pm, just in time to see a rainbow stretch itself across the canyon. it was a battle over set up camp or take photos &photos of course won. We shot sunset, then set up camp, then started shouting blue hour.. - I only got a few blue hour shots in before the skies opened &it started pouring. I was in a VERY dangerous spot on the slick rock &I also had another camera out in another location. I climbed back up, collected my things &retreated off to the tent that thankfully Jess carried in as we were contemplating leaving it. From 9-4am, the winds howled &shook the tent. I woke up every 30 minutes starting at midnight to see if the wind stopped or the skies were clear. The core was rising behind a thick collection of dark clouds w/ tiny breaks in it &wind was going nuts. by 3 am I gave up &went to sleep until just before blue hour sunrise where we woke up to get more shots - Took two more nights for clear skies where I shot this from factory butte. - Sky-25 shots ISO 12800 F3.2 10 sec - Foreground ISO 100 F20 15sec - @tokinausa opera 16-28 @ 18 @slikusa 734-CF @canonusa 5DMK4 Processed in LR&PS - #nationsvacation #lakepowell #tracylee #tracyleephotos #tokinausa #canonusa #slikusa #canon5dmarkiv #mycanonstory #teamcanon #milkyway #milkywaychasers #astro #astrophoto #longexpo #nature #natureshots #adventure

last month

Where would you go if money were no object? —- I haven’t been posting the last couple weeks, and I’ve just been busy traveling... so until I get photos edited (perhaps by tomorrow ) I will share this behind the scenes sunset photo I took on Tuesday when on Lake Powell with @jacobthefu @estherjulee & @missjessbess Thank you to @nationsvacation for making this journey possible (and to Jacob for setting it all up! ) —- @slikusa 734-CF @tokinausa 16-28 opera lens @canonusa 5Dmk4 —- #adventures #lakepowell #aramark #nationsvacation #sunset #sunsetlovers #nature #landscape #canon #teamcanon #canonbringit #canon5dmarkiv #tokinausa #slikusa #michaelmelford #camera #travel #travelphotography #travelphoto #adventurephotography #adventurephoto #livelifehappy #getoutside

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#FBF #FlashbackFriday so a lot of people have been heading out here as of late. I hear it’s not being treated well and people aren’t being very respectful to the #LeaveNoTrace movement.. it was this hike that caused me to stop ever posting trip reports and blogs about how to get places again. I feel partially to blame for the rumors I’m hearing. I stopped posting locations and I don’t give out coordinates anymore.. I think if a place that’s so remote and this hard to get to can get messed up, All photographers should set an example and practice discretion.. this is still one of my fave photos/Trips ever.. I will go one last time and then look for a new untouched place to photograph... —- To this date, one of my favorite photos... —— Repost @tracyleephotos Reflection Canyon.It was brought to public light by a Nat Geo photographer named Michael Melford for a story, Glen Canyon Revealed in 2006. The canyon got "famous" when Apple TV added it to its screen saver in 2012. (I recently learned that Google added an image of Reflection Canyon to IT'S screen saver by another photographer- weird lol ) In 2010-a photographer name Ranier Grosskopf had seen the article by Michael and arranged to journey to the canyon and created a series of way pojints that I used to follow to get there 5 years later in 2015. I made sure to learn from his mistakes- I paid attention to the water levels in the lake and went there at its lowest level in end of April last year. I posted the images I got & became "friends" on FB and Instagram as a result with @MichaelMelford He gave me props for making the journey by foot- he had done it by boat. I decided to make this an annual trip &went again last week. —- #tracylee #tracyleephotos #tokinausa #slikusa #canonusa #teamcanon #canonbringit #naturephotography #glencanyon #reflectioncanyon #milkyway #stars #nightsky

April 2019

What’s high on your list of places to go this year? really want to make it back here again this season- crossing my fingers to! #TBT #ThrowBackThursday —- Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ So the other night, @missjessbess and took off to the Grand Canyon in search of this viewpoint we had been obsessed w/ for some time. I didn’t know what it was called, so I pored over maps until I figured it out; we took off to pick up permits from the Navajo Office in Cameron, Az.. - We walked into the offices at 3:45 pm, but I guess we were wrong and it was actually 4:45; the Navajo nation is on Mtn time. The gentleman opened the door for us and when we asked for a permit, he issued it as well as gave us a map with very difficult directions on how to access the edge of the canyon. we didn’t know that other than us, the canyon had been closed to visitors since May. (we found this out after the fact& even called the office to verify.. ) — We took off to our destination &although made many stops along the way for photos, arrived to the edge of the canyon in plenty of time before the sun went down; we couldn’t see it because of storms but it hadn’t set yet. - We backed the Jeep up to the center edge of the canyon where we could sit in the back of the vehicle & still adjust our cameras.. we could see clouds rolling in but we’re hoping they would clear by the time the milkyway rose.. I let a timelapse run while I waited for the next few hours and we fell asleep in the back of the Jeep. About 330 am, Jess moved up to the front seat &I checked my shots for a slight glimpse of the MW.i got nothing good, but as blue hour arrived, so did clear skies! Jess joined me in this very short opp to shoot the Milky Way perfectly aligned almost west at the center of the canyon as the light was starting to brighten the sky. Lower pano I shot at am Blue Hour. — I shot a 2 frame horizontal orientation vertical pano with 20 stacked images in each. — SKY: 20 images stacked ISO 10000 F2.8 10 seconds - Foreground: 20 images stacked ISO 100 F11 1/13 second — @tokinausa 11-20 2.8 @ 16mm @slikusa 634-CF @canonusa 6DMK1

April 2019

What’s the tightest schedule you’ve kept when shooting multiple comps in one night?—- This was on Thursday of the @bhphoto #RoadToNAB and I have to give @missjessbess all the credit in finding this particular arch in the hills. I also have to give her the credit for at 315am when shooting the previous arch, motivating to this one in a very short amount of time before being back to where we just left in time for blue hour and sunrise. She suggested it, we hiked out of one place, into this one, and back out again... we made everything in the right amount of time! —- I got the new @TokinaUSA 16-28 2.8 Opera Lens to use on this trip. I used a @luxlilight set on warm tones bouncing off rocks to the left along with a Lume Cube (10% Discount and free US shipping use: ) with a warming diffuser on 1% up in the arch. I shot the foreground images at 10k ISO and that’s how I got so much detail in the back of the foreground vs how I shot the previous image the same night. —- Focus Stacked Image - 20 sky images ISO 10000 F2.8 8 seconds - 11 Foreground images (not sure why 11! Lol ) ISO 10000 F2.8 30 seconds —- #tracylee #tracyleephotos #slikusa #canonusa #tokinausa #canonbringit #teamcanon #sliktripods #mycanonstory #longexposure_shots #nightimages #nightpics #milkywaygalaxy #astrophotography #astro_photography_ #astro_photography #longexposure #longexpohunter #nationalparkgeek #findyourpark #yourshotphotographer #naturephotography #landscapephotography #allaboutadventures #litbyluxli #litbylume #lumecube #capture4cubes

April 2019

I’m always in search of new comps and this trip on the #RoadToNAB w/ @bhphoto was the perfect opportunity to look for ones off the beaten path.. I took off to Cali with @mrhollender @stanmoniz @missjessbess on an adventure of epic proportions and shot all kinds of fun stuff over 4-5 days.. it was an exhausting trip but I really think I got some cool stuff and it makes me excited for #TheGreatMilkyWayChase this summer! —- We were exploring areas of Alabama Hills we had never shot in before and we went in different directions... most arches in the area face east to west but this was North to South so it was perfect for this comp.. @missjessbess and I came back here at 3am and I lit the entire foreground with a @luxlilight from the right with a warm setting at about 30% bounced off the neighboring rocks. Then I put a warm diffused LumeCube at 2% inside the arch which was not a hard climb at all but a little bit of effort to get to... we were a bit of a distance back from the arch too so I shot a focus stack/stacked image (25 sky, 20 foreground ) at 35mm on the @TokinaUSA 24-70mm. The clouds were out and caused some serious bloating of the Stars!! —- This was the 1st comp of the night and we did about 4-5 more after lol... —- Sky - 25 stacked ISO 10000 F2.8 8 seconds - Foreground- 20 stacked ISO 3200 F2.8 30 seconds —- Processed in LR & PS @tokinausa 24-70 @ 35mm @slikusa 734-CF @canonusa 5DMK4 - #tracylee #tracyleephotos #slikusa #canonusa #tokinausa #canonbringit #teamcanon #sliktripods #mycanonstory #longexposure_shots #nightimages #nightpics #milkywaygalaxy #astrophotography #astro_photography_ #astro_photography #longexposure #longexpohunter #nationalparkgeek #findyourpark #yourshotphotographer #naturephotography #landscapephotography #allaboutadventures #litbyluxli #litbylume #lumecube #capture4cubes

April 2019

#ThrowbackThursday I'm sitting at this arch right now so why not #TBT ? —- Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ I made my way out to Alabama hills after 2 days in the Mono Lake area. @mr_awesome717_photography @KaylaRain and rory were heading out to meet me from Vegas for the final 3 days of the trip. After meeting up with my friends, they followed me back to the parking area for Lady Boot just coming up on blue hour. I was rushing so much I walked out there with all of my gear, sans camera. Take 2, and I had my camera and all my gear set up for the alignment on Lady Boot I knew would be there soon after dusk. I started shooting for stacking for noise reduction. I had tried stacking for the 1st time earlier that week and I had somehow failed miserably at it. But, I love the results of a noise stacked image so I have been shooting images for that purpose for weeks. I had bought Starry Landscape Stacker based on Joshua Snow 's tutorials on the subject. I knew I would figure it out eventually. After shooting a while, a guy appears out of the dark. His name was Ralph and he was on a 10 day Milky Way journey from San Jose Ca. We all talked about shooting because it's what we love to do and he goes, you should stack your images. And to that I said, I'm shooting to do that now. He asks, what are you using to do your stacking to which is respond, well i'm new at it and I haven't figured it out yet but I am using Starry Landscape Stacker. The guy yells out, "YES!" and does a little celebratory dance; Dan and I looked at each other in the dark, bewildered. And then Ralph proceeds to tell us that it's the first time he's run into photographers in the field using the software that he created. HE was the creator of the software that I had purchased to stack images! lol What are the chances? So here is my first successful image using Starry Landscape Stacker. I'm pretty happy with the noticeable difference in noise and results! PS: i'm not paid to endorse the product, I just think it's an amazing coincidence and cool friggin story! It's definitely a cool product... - 4 Images Stacked using Starry Landscape Stacker ISO 2500 F2.8 25 sec @TokinaUSA 11-16 @SlikUSA tripod @canonusa 70d

April 2019

I'm taking off in T-Minus 3 hours on a trip for the next 5 days shooting all over Death Valley and the Eastern Sierras with @MissJessBess @StanMoniz & @MrHollender Thank you to @BHPhoto for sponsoring the #RoadToNAB culminating with us hanging out at the HUGE B&H Photo booth at NAB and hopefully getting to meet some of you guys! Thank you to @TokinaUSA for dropping everything and getting me out the NEW 16-28 2.8 for me to test out on this trip and thank you to all of my other sponsors for your support: @tenbabags @lumecube @slikusa @bucknbearknives & @hoyafilters Stay tuned on all of our stories for the week!!! --- #tracylee #tracyleephotos #slikusa #canonusa #tokinausa #canonbringit #teamcanon #sliktripods #mycanonstory #longexposure_shots #nightimages #nightshooterz #nightshooters #nightpics #milkywaygalaxy #astrophotography #astrophoto #astro_photography_ #astro_photography #longexposure #longexpohunter #nationalparkgeek #findyourpark #yourshotphotographer #naturephotography #adventurephotography #landscapephotography #allaboutadventures

March 2019

What’s your favorite part of Death Valley?It’s the time of year when Death Valley’s landscape goes under major changes... this particular year it’s going to have insane changes because of the major flooding they experienced this year... I’m very curious to see when the water dries out of the valley, what those changes are... —- I took this on a trip last year with @missjessbess and we got blessed with an unexpectedly amazing sunset with such vibrant colors and array of clouds.. I often pass by the non-night images as most know but this one caught my eye and decided to post it... —- ISO 100 F18 .5 seconds Processed in LR @tokinausa 16-28 @ 28 @slikusa 634-CF @canonusa 6DMK1 —- #tracylee #tracyleephotos #slikusa #canonusa #tokinausa #canonbringit #teamcanon #mycanonstory #sunset #sunset_pics #sunsets #sunset_stream #sunset_ig #sunset_vision #sunset_hunter #sunsetlover #sunsetlovers #sunsetlove #sunset_lovers #sunset_lovee #goparks #nationalparks #nationalparklife #deathvalley #deathvalleynationalpark #nationalparkgeek

March 2019

#flashbackFriday #fbf to summer 2016 when I went to the Patriarch Grove in the Ancient Bristlecone Forest. I love this tree! Shot on a crop sensor camera! --- Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ I just completed a 5 day trip in the Eastern Sierras and boy, did I have a lot of fun and shoot a TON!! I met up with so many friends from Milky Way chasers and met some new friends in the dark. I am not going to be posting/editing in order at all.. Just kind of doing it as the feeling takes me.. This tree we started calling the Zebra tree early on in the evening before it was dark... The colors of it's trunk captivated me as we wandered through the Ancient Bristlecone forest on Monday night. . . . I had met up with @Mr_Awesome717_photography , @Prevailz & @MatthewSavillePhoto as well as Kayla and Rory who were along for the adventure, and we drove into the Patriarch Grove in the White Mountains. I knew this tree was an early evening composition but it was going to be a gamble to see how perfectly the Milky Way core would fit into the break in the trees. . . . The gamble paid off and this ended up being my favorite composition of the night!! This is a single image with the moon still up on the right side of the frame. We used a @lux_pro_flashlights to light up the foreground of the tree. This 5 day trip taught me to embrace the moonlight in my images and therefore extended the amount of days I can shoot each and every month! ___________ ISO 2500 F2.8 25 seconds @TokinaUSA 11-16 2.8 & @slikusa Canon 70d Processed in Lightroom and Photoshop Planned using @photopills app ____ #longexposure_shots #nightshooters #nightpics #milkywaygalaxy #astrophotography #astrophoto #astro_photography_ #astro_photography #longexpohunter #amazing_longexpo #amazingearth #natgeospace #milkyway #milkywaychasers #tracyleephotos #nightscaper #nightscape #universetoday #nightphotography #photopills #nightphotography_exclusive #agameoftones #nightpixels #pocketnights #tokinausa #sliktripods #luxproflashlights #patriarchgrove

March 2019

#Tbt #ThrowbackThursday - Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ Back in April i had the pleasure of shooting with two of my very talented friends, @cecphotos & @stevenjmagner one of the main reasons I like writing stories about my adventures is not only to share with you guys, but to help myself remember which I’m having a problem doing so many months later, lol. I think Chris was in town for the NAB convention, and we had dinner with @tenacityinpursuit at some point I think Steven was jealous of us going out and shooting 😜 so he made the 4 hr drive out to vegas to join us for some adventures... I had never been here at night although I have explored many other parts in the same vicinity.. (please don’t ask the location, and please don’t name it; I appreciate you guys in advance... ) We hiked out to this spot after midnight on a night the very small moon wouldn’t ride until after the MW had set and played around shooting for a few hours. I ended up hiking out on my own because I had to be up but the guys wanted to stay for sunrise.. —— This was 12 images stacked in SLS for Noise Reduction I took exposed for the sky. The light pollution from Vegas was enough to light the foreground in spite of the lack of moonlight; that’s Vegas light on the bottom right. I’m sad that milky ways season is over but I am happy that I have countless photos left to share from the season because I took so many! —- ISO 6400 F2.8 15 seconds @tokinausa 16-28mm @ 16 @slikusa 634-CF @canonusa 6DMK1 — #tracylee #tracyleephotos #slikusa #canonusa #tokinausa #canonbringit #teamcanon #mycanonstory #longexposure_shots #nightimages #nightshooterz #nightshooters #nightpics #milkywaygalaxy #astrophotography #astrophoto #astro_photography_ #longexposure #longexpohunter #nationalparkgeek #findyourpark #yourshotphotographer #naturephotography #adventurephotography #landscapephotography #allaboutadventures

March 2019

#TBT #ThrowbackThursday heading out with @missjessbess right now to play with out @slikusa trackers and thought I would throw up this 12 min shot from last summer! —- Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ 12 minute exposure... I was going to head to sleep for a bit but I decided since I just finished editing this one, I may as well post it.. I was talking to my sponsor @slikusa a couple days ago, bragging about how I had gotten a 12 minute image off the Slik ECH-630 tracker and then I realized I had never edited or posted it!! Well, I did now and here it is along with the settings screen shot so you can see how long the exposure was... I have a very minute amount of trailing in this image taken at 35mm but it really is so little that I can’t find it now that I’m looking on here.. now that I’m used to the tracker, it only takes me about 3 minutes to polar align and then get started shooting; there was definitely a slight learning curve and I hope to put out a tutorial with Slik soon! —- This was during #TheGreatMilkyWayChase in June and I was in Death Valley shooting next to @smpetersonphotography that night. I had cruised out with @ryantoswald to meet up with Shaun and company and we had a grand old night shooting the stars.. I didn’t know if the Slik tracker could successfully pull off 12 minutes with a 6d and a Canon 24-70, but I had done 6 min previously and thought it was worth a shot... thoughts??? —— ISO 200 F2.8 725 seconds @canonusa 24-70 @ 35mm @canonusa 6dmk1 @slikusa ECH-630 Star Tracker @slikusa 634-CF —- . . . . . #tracylee #tracyleephotos #mstracylee #artofvisuals #milkyway #startracker #travelphoto #naturephoto #naturephotography #awesomeglobe #awesome_earthpix #awesome_shots #awesome_globepix #awesomeshot #awesome_captures #awesome_photographers #awesome_naturepix #awesome_earth #earth_expo #earth_shotz #earthcapture #milkywaychasers #canonusa #teamcanon #slikusa #tokinausa

March 2019

I hope we see bioluminescence the season! —- Repost @tracyleephotos : Here’s a happy photo from last September when I made a lot of new friends —— Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ I just realized I never posted this image that I edited.. This was from the week I was down in LA for work and hit the beach with @theKevinGreene and a bunch of others and ran into @StevenJMagner & @Cecphotos there. I spent 2 more nights on the beaches of Cali chasing #BioLuminescence and was thrilled with the outcome of all the shots. Believe it or not, I still have more that I haven't edited yet!! I was scoping out that week for places to hold the @TokinaUSA / @slikUSA / @HoyaFilterUSA meet up. This night on the beach was like a IG meet up unplanned though.. I met tons I had only seen on Instagram prior to that night... Great meeting everyone!!! --- 10 Images stacked in SLS for NR ISO 6400 f2.8 15 seconds @SlikUSA 634-CFL @CanonUSA 6dmk1 @CanonUSA 24-70 @ 25mm Processed in LR & PS ___ #tracylee #tracyleephotos #tracyleephotography #slikusa #canonusa #tokinausa #canonbringit #teamcanon #teamtokina #teamslik #shootslik #sliktripods #mycanonstory #malibu #longexposure_shots #nightimages #nightshooterz #nightshooters #nightpics #milkywaygalaxy #astrophotography #astrophoto #astro_photography_ #astro_photography #longexposure #longexpohunter

March 2019

Happy International Women’s Day!! —- I had the privilege of being a part of this all female crew back in December thanks to @rachel_jones_ross and @bhphoto !! You can watch the entire video through the YouTube link in my profile! It was a pleasure to spend the week with Rachel, @charlottelittlewolf @dreamingandwandering @themandagies @missjessbess and @kelly_mena !!! Can’t wait to be apart of something this great again soon! —- #tracylee #tracyleephotos #canon #canonusa #teamcanon #banff #banffnationalpark #canadianrockies #womensphotography #womensretreat #canonphotography #abrahamlake #bhphoto #phototours #phototravel #photoadventure #travelphotography #travelphotographer #adventurephotography #adventurephotographer

March 2019

#TBT #ThrowbackThursday I need to go back soon!! —- Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ Part of my El Paso trip to meet my family I had never met before, also included a couple side adventures. Including this one to White Sands national Monument. --- My brother, Rick took me and my niece to shoot photos on the dunes in her sweet 16 dress. We were rushed for time, so we got out there late, and we were battling cloudy skies. The park closes at sunset so to be able to stay after you have to get a back country camp spot and backpack in a mile through the dunes to your camp spot. Thanks to @Jaxsonpohlmanphotography for the info on this one!! Your photos there inspired me for sure on this trip. --- I have to admit I'm pretty thrilled about how this photo turned out in spite of all the set backs. In her hand she is holding a lumecube which both lit her and the sands up, as well as gave the entire image a mystical feel. ______ This is 4 images stacked in starry landscape stacker for noise reduction as well as a single image for my niece in the foreground. Sky: ISO1250 F2.8 25 seconds Foreground: ISO2000 F2.8 10 seconds (because I didn't want her holding her arm up forever in the shots ) I used the wifi app on the Lume cube to have the cube go off at 1/4 power for 1/4 of a second. @tokinausa 11-20 @canonusa 70d @slikusa 634-cfl _________ #milkyway #milkywaychasers #NatGeospace #nightphotography #night_excl #nightphoto #nightimages #globalcapture #supreme_nightshots #tokinausa #slikusa #ig_shotz #ig_shotz_le #igpodium_night #rsa_night #insta_worldz #long_exposure #waycoolshots #longexpo_addiction #amazing_longexpo #nse_dusk #westcoast_exposures #amazingphotohunter #fs_longexpo #nightscaper #tracyleephotos #lumecube

March 2019

#TBT taken last year next weekend- I’m going back to CO again next week! —- Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ A friggin' successful trip to Colorado! I am going to Peru very soon and wanted to get in some time at elevation. So I planned some hikes, snowboarding, and of course Milky Way shooting with friends including @big_kansas and @chasing luminance.. Out of 4 nights I tried to shoot the Milky Way, I got skunked on half of them.. That's ok, I got some great ones on the nights the skies were clear!!! --- I went snowboarding in Aspen all day Saturday and Sunday but still went out to try to shoot Saturday Night; clouds took over the sky. I wasn't sure I was going to make sunday night's adventure with Alex of a snowy hike to over 12k ft because of lack of sleep. But, I drove my friend to the airport in Aspen, stopped to take a nap for 2 hours, and then continued back up the hill to meet up with Alex. Did I mention I HATE being cold?? --- It was about 230 am by the time I got there and we jumped in the car to Loveland Pass.. We set up timelapses near the car, and then started hiking up the ridge to Grizzly Peak.. I will tell you it didn't take long to show how painfully out of shape I am; we made it as far as 12.2k and decided to stop for fear of missing our MW shots... I kept looking to the peak as we sat their and wondering if I should climb the rest of the way; I regret not having done so!! 4 degree weather had us scurrying out of there within a couple hours.. It also froze my intervalometer; my other timelapse camera stopped after 70 images and I still don't understand why. I still fear for the elevation on my Peru trip!! Lol --- 20 images stacked ISO 6400 F2.8 10 seconds Stacked in Starry Landscape Stacker for NR Processed in LR @TokinaUSA 16-28 @ 16mm @SlikUSA 634-CF @CanonUSA 6dmk1 ---- #tracylee #tracyleephotos #tracyleephotography #slikusa #canonusa #tokinausa #canonbringit #teamcanon #teamtokina #teamslik #shootslik #sliktripods #colorado #outtherecolorado #longexposure_shots #nightshooterz #nightshooters #longexposure #longexpohunter #longexpo #amazing_longexpo #amazingearth #natgeo #itsamazingoutthere #nightphotography

February 2019

Do you know any of these talented people? If so, who’s work is your fave?? Every year during @WPPIevents , we have a group dinner to korean BBQ.. it’s often filled with some of the most amazing talent from across the photography industry. This year, I messed things up due to my invite to #NASA and will be flying out to Florida to KSC tonight. So a couple of us decided to dinner a few days early, missing a part of our crew who flies in later today; it ended up being 18 people who showed up! Thank you to @karaminder for forcing my hand at this; I’m happy to not have missed most of the crew but hope you get everyone else together this week! —- #wppi #wppi2019 #koreanbbq #tracylee #tracyleephotos #portraitphotography #portraitphotographer #nightphotography #nightportrait #nightphotoshoot #retoucher #retouch #retouching #retouched #beautyphotography #adventurephotography #photography 📷 #photographylovers 💕💕 #photographyworkshop #photographyworkshops #photographyworld #photographywork

February 2019

#TBT #ThrowbackThursday — Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ I took off up to Salt Lake City with @MissJessBess exactly a month ago with wildflowers and Milky Way on our minds... this was from the last night we were there and I can’t believe how much we lucked out on this incredible sunset... we weren’t so lucky that night with the clouds and Milky Way so I’m glad we walked away with this amazing experience and not empty handed... I can’t remember if I took this with my remote of me, or if Jess clicked it for me, so thank you Jess either way! —— Single Image ISO 100 F5.6 1/100 second Processed in LR —- @canonusa 24-70 @ 24 @canonusa 6DMK1 @slikusa 634-CF —- #tracylee #tracyleephotos #slikusa #canonusa #tokinausa #canonbringit #teamcanon #mycanonstory #sunset #sunset_pics #sunsets #sunset_stream #sunset_ig #sunset_vision #sunset_hunter #sunsetlover #sunsetlovers #sunsetlove #sunset_lovers #sunset_lovee #utahisrad #iloveutah #utahrocks #reflections #reflection_perfection #reflect #mirrorimage #mirror

February 2019

Last summer I had spent months researching and made plans to hike to a permitted location in the Eastern Sierra’s.. I got permits and waited months for this trip only to be turned back when I was sick and by really inclement weather.. When I researched the trip and planned it, I had only seen one photo of the Milky Way there... unfortunately now there have been tons of shots from there so I have less inclination to want to make the tough journey although I might try again this year... have you ever planned a trip and had it not go according to plan like this? —- This photo was taken that same week on a different night thanks to a suggestion by @cartermurphyphoto I can recall the cold I was fighting that week and hiking even the short few miles round trip was difficult and cold, in spite of it being end of May! My bag had frost on it by the time we hiked out; I think it was in the 20s at that point.. although this wasn’t my first choice, it’s definitely not a bad alternative! — Foreground 4 images stacked: ISO 10000 F2.8 60 seconds —- Sky 20 images stacked: ISO 10000 F2.8 10 seconds —- @slikusa 634-cf @canonusa 24-70 @ 25mm @canonusa 6dmk1 Processed in LR & PS —- . . . . . #wonderfulplaces #wonderful_places #beautifuldestinations #ig_worldclub #thegreatoutdoors #worldbestshot #longexposureoftheday #worldcaptures #ic_longexposure #earthofficial #special_shots #main_vision #naturerad #worldspotz #worldbestshot_ig #earthdeluxe #jaw_dropping_shots #destination_wow #longexpoelite #longexposhots #longexpo_addiction #fantastic_earth #fantastic_shotz #earthfocus #earthpix #earthporn #canon_photos #tracyleephotos #natgeo100contest

February 2019

#FBF - I’ve been on this 2 week road trip all over the Southwest on a night photo mission with @missjessbess and various others along the way... it hasn’t been all rainbows and sunshine; but there’s been some very incredible, WOW moments a lot of the times and for that I feel so fortunate... I feel very bad for all the people in all the fires right now losing their homes. I just got word yesterday one of my childhood friends homes was saved in the Carr Fire while her 3 neighbors were not. 😢😢 so happy for her but sad for the people around her.. the smoke everywhere we have gone except Colorado has been insane... —— I took this selfie on Thursday night at Rocky Mountain National Park when I headed there with @missjessbess , @xlj_photography , @megavai & Joe.. Apparently we barely missed @michaelsimmonsphotography1 that night! I kept having to do this shot over because this wasn’t right or that wasn’t right... in the end, my analness about getting my shots made my photo come out much better than I imagined and I feel like I’m walking away with what I would deem is a memorable and EPIC shot in spite of how hard I was being on myself about it prior to getting it on my computer... On location, executing a shot like this is more than just setting up a tripod and a timer. —— Thank you to @tenbabags I love being a part of the team! This Solstice 24L was exactly the bag I needed to compliment my travel gear; it carries the exact same amount of camera equipment that I put in my @ShimodaDesign bag, but just a lot less extra gear that I would need for backpacking trips or whatnot... 2 bodies, 4 lenses, 2 tripods, my star tracked and all of my accessories and lights! —- This image is a total of 49 Stacked and Blended photos; 22 for the sky, 15 for me, and 12 for the water... All stacked in Starry Landscape Stacker. I was running out of time so I didn’t set up my lights, instead I took my iPhone with it’s flashlight on and placed it facedown on the rocks. The light bouncing off the rocks was perfect! —— SKY ISO 10000 F2.8 13 seconds - WATER ISO 10000 F2.8 30 seconds - ME ISO 6400 F2.8 13 seconds —- @tokinausa 11-20mm @ 20 @slikusa 634-CF @canonusa 6DMK1

February 2019

I shot this as an after thought when I met up with @missjessbess & @megavai in Alabama hills right before New Years... Core was long gone by now, but I didn’t want to be out and not grab a Shot... so I set up my camera outside the RV they had for the trip and shot from my cellphone instead of standing in the cold... I wanted to wait till Orion was closer to the horizon but as it got later, I was thankful that I had taken these shots as the wind kicked up something fierce and howled in the wee hours of the morning.. I can imagine some shapes in this part of the Milky Way; I see a cat right in the center, what do you see?? —— This is 20 foreground shots and 20 sky shots stacked.. Foreground: ISO 10000 F2.8 30 seconds Sky: ISO 10000 F2.8 10 seconds - @tokinausa 24-70 2.8 @ 24 @slikusa 734-CF @canonusa 5DMK4 Processed in LR & PS —- . . . . . #tracylee #tracyleephotos #artofvisuals #agameoftones #illgrammers #travelphoto #naturephoto #naturephotography #ig_clouds #canonusa #milkyway #awesome_earthpix #teamcanon #slikusa #tokinausa #nationalparkgeek #findyourpark #yourshotphotographer #naturephotography #adventurephotography #landscapephotography #keepitwild #wanderout #allaboutadventures #takemoreadventures #wildernessculture #neverstopexploring #earth_shotz

February 2019

#TBT #ThrowbackThursday to a spontaneous trip earlier this year w/ @cecphotos ! —— Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ The ever elusive. I feel like I can gauge the improvement in my photography skills based on the photos that I have taken here. This is my third time making the trek out to Joshua tree to shoot here at night and I feel it’s by far my best set of photos from this location.. My original plans got a little messed up so to save the evening, I happened to be talking to my buddy @cecphotos and on a whim we decided to meet here... I spent the afternoon in the area killing time, took a sunset hike out to the arch to confirm alignment and explore the area, and then slept in the car until midnight when Chris arrived... we set up some timelapses which we let run a couple hours before we took our other shots like this one.. I used a (use code TRACYLEE for free US shipping ) at 1% to light the inside of the arch. The foreground I took 3 min long exposures for.. we shot until the sun came up; I love this photo! —- Sky- 20 images stacked in SLS ISO 10000 F2.8 10 seconds Foreground- 10 images stacked ISO 1600 F2.8 3 minutes — Processed in LR & PS @tokinausa 16-28 @ 28mm @slikusa 634-CF @canonusa 6DMK1 —- #tracylee #tracyleephotos #slikusa #canonusa #tokinausa #canonbringit #teamcanon #shootslik #sliktripods #longexposure_shots #longexposure #longexpohunter #longexpo #amazing_longexpo #amazingearth #natgeo #itsamazingoutthere #litbylume #capture4cubes #lumecube #photopills #amazingphotohunter #wonderful_places #beautifuldestinations #ig_worldclub #thegreatoutdoors #worldbestshot #longexposureoftheday

January 2019

What are your thoughts on Internet Bullies? How do you react to them? —- I’ve been overwhelmed the last few days between being sick (I’m still on the tail end ), to working on all my client work, to running the Milky Way Chasers Night Sky Awards, working CES and getting a video edited from that for my client, to throwing a HUGE influencer event next week for Shot Show. Add to that personal issues here at home, and then the last couple days of being bullied and harassed. I’m not sure how I found time to edit this actually lol! — I want to thank everyone who has reached out for the amazing support.. it’s definitely been a helping hand through this.. I’ve learned a lot the last few days and the biggest one is that no matter how hard you try, no matter how good your intentions are, there’s always going to be someone not happy. I have to learn to accept that and move on. —- This was from a trip in October with my girl @missjessbess I had seen pictures of this area for a couple years and was determined to find it. I knew generally where it was and had explored looking for it the previous summer with @smpetersonphotography & @ezumphoto but hadn’t found it... With a call to @cecphotos to verify we were in the right direction, turns out I was only off the 1st time by less than a 1/4 mile! —- Jess and I hiked out here late afternoon and stayed for hours shooting sunset (which I have amazing photos from and I’ll edit them some day! ) and then into the night hoping that the clouds would clear. They never did fully but I still got a great photo of this alien landscape. This is a cropped pano I did 2 horizontal sets of images, cropped to a vertical 4:5. I also used content aware scale to get it to fit into 4:5 for Instagram. —- Foreground- 14 images stacked ISO 100 F11 - F4 (changed as the blue hour did ) 30 seconds —- Sky 20 images stacked ISO 10000 F2.8 10 seconds - @tokinausa 16-28 @ 28 @slikusa 634-CF @canonusa 6DMK1 Processed in LR & PS —- . . . . . #tracylee #tracyleephotos #mstracylee #artofvisuals #agameoftones #illgrammers #travelphoto #naturephoto #naturephotography #ig_clouds #canonusa #milkyway #awesome_earthpix #teamcanon #slikusa #tokinausa

January 2019

Are you a mountains and forest fan or deserts and sand fan?? — Last summer during the #GreatMilkyWayChase , I ended up stopping at Maroon Bells to shoot a drab sunset.. I ran into @arwin l next to the lake whom I had met at the MWC Meetup the year before; she lives in Vegas like me... in spite of it being way too early in the season for MW to line up well here, we still met up at about 4 am to shoot and got these shots at blue hour right before sunrise... it was amazing and beautiful to see, and I’m so happy there was still snow on the mountains in June.. —- Sky 25 images stacked in SLS ISO 10000 F2.8 10 seconds - Foreground 8 images stacked in SLS ISO 10000 F2.8 20 seconds —- @tokinausa 11-20 2.8 @ 20mm @slikusa 634-CF @canonusa 6DMK1 Processed in LR PS & SLS —- . . . . . #nationalparkgeek #findyourpark #yourshotphotographer #naturephotography #adventurephotography #landscapephotography #keepitwild #wanderout #allaboutadventures #takemoreadventures #wildernessculture #earth_shotz #big_shotz #depthsofearth #optoutside #gramslayers #exploreourearth #exploremore #northwestisbest #shootslik #teamtokina #canonusa #tracyleephotos #tokinausa #milkywaychasers #milkyway #nightphotography #teamcanon #colorado

January 2019

When you shoot with friends, are you forced to make the executive decision? Or do you just go with the flow? —- A shot from a group trip up through Utah, Idaho, Montana and into Canada back in October... I met up with @missjessbess , @megavai , @ryantoswald & @whiskeybowen for an adventure of epic proportions.. the original plan was to shoot the MW from inside this lava tube, but it was risky as the skies were filled with clouds and we had no idea if they would clear up enough to get a good shot. so we decided the safer route was from up top with a wide angle to include the lava tube... I shot 15 images of the sky just before it completely clouded over. Then I placed a #lumecube (go to and use code TRACYLEE10 for 10% off and free US shipping! ) through another lava tube to light the back of the cave... then @ryantoswald had this lamp and wanted to be in the comp so he climbed down into the tube in the dark and this was the resulting image.. I think him standing in the shot really makes the image although the full comp is so much more interesting than the IG 4:5 crop... I really didn’t have faith on this image turning out because I barely got any shots of the sky before it clouded over but I am thrilled about it’s turnout now... —- Sky - 15 images stacked in SLS ISO 10000 F2.8 10 seconds - Foreground - 6 images stacked in PS ISO 6400 F2.8 8 seconds —- . . . . . #longexposure_shots #tokinausa #slikusa #tracyleephotos #canonusa #milkyway #astrophotography #astrophoto #teamcanon #astro_photography #longexposure #longexpohunter #longexpo #amazing_longexpo #amazingearth #idaho #lavatube #milkyway #nightphotography #night_excl #photopills #amazingphotohunter #fantasticuniverse #wonderfulplaces #wonderful_places #beautifuldestinations #thegreatoutdoors #worldbestshot #longexposureoftheday

January 2019

So earlier in 2018, I took off to the Eastern Sierras to meet up with @ryantoswald & @whiskeybowen The weather was questionable, and the wind was atrocious and we ended up here lake side.. well I was standing on some rocks and had used my gear bag to weigh down my tripod and then turned my back.. two seconds later the entire set up had blown into the lake... without hesitation, I jumped in after it and saved all my gear from sinking, but everything, all my lume cubes, intervalometers, batteries, and more were wet. At some point during all of this, my case of memory cards flew out of my pocket and disappeared into the abyss. Luckily I had some extra clothes to change into in the car and started stripping down to my skivvies out there on the rocks while the guys got me dry stuff to wear.. I’m fortunate that my camera was not attached and didn’t go swimming, so my night wasn’t ruined. We decided that on the rocks was a poor place to set up and moved to a more stable location to wait out the clouds and hope for clear skies... —- We got them and I was able to shoot 4 images for the foreground here horizontally, and then 8 Images and 14 images stacked for the horizontally oriented images but vertical pano of the sky. I can’t say why I didn’t have a consistent number of images but I’m assuming the wind and the cold and clouds prior to this had a lot to do with it... just thrilled that the image still came out pretty good in spite of the drama of the evening lol!! —- ISO 10000 Foreground 4 shots @ 30 seconds Sky 8 and 10 shots @ 10 seconds F 2.8 @tokinausa 16-28 @ 28 @slikusa 634-CF @canonusa 6DMK1 Processed in LR, PS & SLS —- . . . . . #nationalparkgeek #findyourpark #yourshotphotographer #naturephotography #adventurephotography #landscapephotography #keepitwild #wanderout #allaboutadventures #takemoreadventures #wildernessculture #neverstopexploring #earth_shotz #big_shotz #depthsofearth #optoutside #gramslayers #exploreourearth #exploremore #northwestisbest #shootslik #teamtokina #canonusa #tracyleephotos #tokinausa #milkywaychasers #milkyway #nightphotography #teamcanon #mammoth

January 2019

#TBT #ThrowbackThursday — This adventure starts over a decade ago here in Las Vegas... I made friends w/ @MichaelPernula as he bartended at one of my favorite clubs in Vegas. We would see each other around, and hung out a time or two even; we had since lost contact. Fast forward to recent times. We reconnected & on a whim, took off to Escalante w/ no notice. I planned out a few spots to explore & decided I wanted to shoot this cottonwood composition I had seen from other photographers although try as I might, couldn't find this exact tree with the Milky Way over it. --- Now, this exact tree; that's another story in itself. We arrived to the area of Escalante that we knew it was in, but it was already dusk & getting darker by the minute & I had never been there before! We didn't realize that the rock formation it was on top of extended for at least a couple miles when we started exploring potholes, some over 50ft deep! I was obsessed because I knew this one had the right depth, as well as was the right composition (I love the leading lines in the photos @dustinlefevre has taken here! ) to line up with the Milky Way. I pored over the details of Dustin's photos vs Google Maps & found what I thought must be the tree a good distance from where we started. In the dark with potholes everywhere, we finally found it!! --- Michael was gracious enough to go place my (Use TRACYLEE10 for free US Shipping at this link!! ) in the pothole facing the wall directly in front of me.. He slid into the hole, but when it was time to climb out, his shoes were covered in sand & got no purchase on the walls. He was stuck!! I kept him in there a few moments longer as I sent up my camera's focus, and tested it's settings then ran over with my 2nd @SlikUSA tripod extended fully and used it to give him a hand up. We actually ended up doing this dance 2 more times to adjust the light and then retrieve it at the end of the night. --- It was an amazing adventure with great memories, and one that should cement our friendship forever! --- ISO 6400 F2.8 15 seconds 10 images stacked in SLS Processed in LR & PS @tokinausa 16-28 @slikusa 634-CF

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