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The art of throwing unique vessels. Founder of the Tortus Pottery Studio in Copenhagen. 100% handmade. 👉🏾👈🏾

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4 hours ago

New ceramics are coming in our black silver glaze. Some of you have missed it. Are you one of them?

11 hours ago

Took 25 minutes to make. _ Music by Katsa Music #ceramics #pottery #handmade #makersgonnamake #creative #artisan #diy #crafts #clay #craftsmanship #potteryvideos #ceramic


We welcomed twelve new students into my studio today for another week long workshop at the TORTUS clay studio. Day 1 is always quite intense as we try our best to get everyone off on the right foot. We have a mix of beginners and experienced throwers, all with different goals and needs, and we pride ourselves on quickly getting the ball rolling on each individual student’s development👍🏾


Takes 15 minutes to throw. _ Music by Ketsa Music: Empty Trees. #ceramics #pottery #handmade #clay #maker #potteryvideos #ceramic #creative #artsandcrafts #diy #artisan #copenhagen

2 days ago

Me trimming a tall vessel. Workshops keep my time pretty occupied during the summer months, so I fit my own work in where I can. In this case over the weekend. It helps the my job is also my hobby✌🏾

3 days ago

From soft to angular form. Enjoy. _ Music by Ketsa Music. _ #ceramics #pottery #handmade #creative #artisan #clay #makersgonnamake #crafts #diy #potteryvideos #artsandcrafts #ceramic #ceramics

3 days ago

Such an amazing week long workshop has come to an end with 14 Students traveling from 12 countries: USA, Brazil, France, New Zealand, Mexico, Sri Lanka, India, UK, Iceland, Argentina, Portugal, Spain❤️ so amazing that pottery can bring people together like this!

5 days ago

Had a very lovely visit today from a beloved member of the TORTUS family, @mathildeeich keramik (left of me )❤️ She has been a very important part of our small close team, and we are saddened that a complication in her pregnancy has meant that she’s had to take a break from ceramics. Many of you that have met her will agree with me when I write that she is just awesome! We wish @mathildeeich keramik great health and we hope to see here back at the wheel some time in 2020!!!❤️

5 days ago

Having a little fun with today’s demo vessel cutting. Thank you Lilian for lending a Brazilian hand👍🏾 🇧🇷 (this vessel was a demo piece. The clay will be recycled✌🏾 )

6 days ago

A part of a workshop demo showing that there are many possible ways to pull a cylinder if one understands and respects the principal of a good pull. I used my chin next. Will not be sharing that one😅

2 weeks ago

Was a brilliant first day of a week long workshop in the studio. Its a very internationally diverse group with 14 students from 10 countries🌎🌍🌏❤️

2 weeks ago

Bellying a small fluted vessel from the perspective of the wheelhead. Notice the slight wobble. It’s the piece making contact with my hand and tool with each rotation.🌀 ________________________________________ Music by @insightful , Cherry Chapstick #makersgonnamake #clay #pottery #ceramics #ceramics #potteryvideos #creative #artisan #handmade #ceramic #diy

2 weeks ago

I’m a restless maker, always exploring new possibilities. Any of you the same?

2 weeks ago

Some of you may remember I did a video like this 9 years ago that made a lot of people dizzy. Thought I’d give it another go after all these years. Enjoy✌🏾 _ Music by Ketsa Music #ceramics #pottery #ceramic #handmade #creative #makersgonnamake #clay #crafts #ceramica #potteryvideos #artisan #hansmade #diy

2 weeks ago

Good to be back❤️

3 weeks ago

Again, these minis are made just for a bit of fun, but I may give one of them away at some point. So stay tuned! _ Music by Insightful, without. #ceramics #pottery #handmade #creative #artisan #makersgonnamake #clay #clayart #handmade #crafts #potteryvideos

3 weeks ago

While summer workshop series is well underway, the new TORTUS Clay studio is excited about its first round of Autumn 🍂 workshops. To see our program for the Fall so far, visit our website✌🏾

3 weeks ago

I’m itching to get my hands back in clay at my studio in just a few days after a nearly two week holiday break. Feeling inspired and have so many ideas to try out. Look forward to sharing! _ Music by Ketsa Music. #ceramics #pottery #ceramic #artisan #crafts #makersgonnamake #diy #danishdesign #creative #potteryvideos #ceramica

3 weeks ago

Beauty can be found within the accidental. Wonderful I have a place to share many of these accidental moments in my studio with you✌🏾

3 weeks ago

I have to steady the piece with my left hand so it doesn’t tip over as I trim.😅🤞🏾 Music by @insightful , Cherry Chapstick. _ #ceramics #pottery #clay #makersgonnamake #artisan #creative #crafts #handmade #ceramicart #diy #artsandcrafts #potteryvideos #processvideos

3 weeks ago

Glaze glorious glaze❤️ Which one of these is most you?

3 weeks ago

Small vase in gold glaze❤️ A couple are available on our online shop in the moment😉

3 weeks ago

For a little bit of fun before my summer holiday I made a few mini versions of some of my favorite vessel types. It’s an enjoyable challenge. Check back over the next days to see a few more✌🏾 Music by Insightful. #ceramics #pottery #clay #makersgonnamake #artisan #crafts #handmade #creative #ceramic #potteryvideos #makersgonnamake

3 weeks ago

Distributing clay inward and upward by pulling and collaring. Satisfying every Time. Enjoy. _ Music by Ketsa Music, #ceramics #pottery #clay #makersgonnamake #artisan #creative #processvideos #potteryvideos #ceramic #diy #handmade

3 weeks ago

large fluted bowl. Just sold it’s sister. So It’s time to glaze this one. 🤞🏾

3 weeks ago

[*Answer: middle] Which of these colors is our best seller? Top, middle, bottom? Answer on my stories tomorrow😉

4 weeks ago

900K followers😱 I am grateful that this once kinky haired Black/Mexican mixed kid from Milwaukee has the opportunity to share his work with the world despite being confronted with a number of serious hurdles in life. Grateful to have the chance to prove that, despite struggles in school as a child and being told that I wasn’t quite book smart enough, that intelligence takes many forms and one can be successful despite one’s limitations. Grateful to prove those wrong who said “ya can’t make a living doing pottery”, and thought “who are you to believe that you can’t achieve something that few have achieved with your pots.” Where there is talent, creativity and determination, anything is possible. Grateful to, despite being made to have self esteem over my ethnicity and appearance throughout the my youth, to have deepened my love and pride for it, and add just a little more color to the crafts scene which struggles with the problems of underrepresentation. Grateful to, despite not being particularly popular or cool in high school myself, manage to reach and inspired a countless high school students and aspiring young ceramicist around the world with my work. It’s all only possible because of your love and support. I feel honored dedicate just a little of your time following my life in clay. Thank you from bottom of my heart ❤️

3 weeks ago

For a little bit of fun before my summer holiday I made a few mini versions of some of my favorite vessel types. It’s an enjoyable challenge. Check back over the next days to see a few more✌🏾 Music by Insightful. #ceramics #pottery #clay #makersgonnamake #artisan #crafts #handmade #creative #ceramic #potteryvideos #makersgonnamake

4 weeks ago

Making pottery can be a messy job and I love a mess every now and then. However, many have asked how my clothes stay so clean in the studio and at the wheel. With practice comes cleanliness. Effective throwing is generally cleaner.

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