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9Live n let live 6U aint gotta lie too kick it n!gga 8Appreciate the real1z 1Be Happy b!tch 7Hold it down when im here💯 1x

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June 2018

Love yo life it’s the only one u got! Love your self before u love others, cuz one day they goin say, hooo Fawk u ugly ahh😂 #Cutme ?

April 2018

Throwback wit tha uce💯

March 2018

Always be nice to people in this life. You don’t know what’s goin on in theirs, It’s always a blessing for me to meet new people, it’s always a pleasure of mine to make them laugh or smile etc........ There was this co worker at my old job and the first day I met him I wanted to fold his ass cuz he came in drunk but never said anything to me. The next time he came into work I decided to talk to him, A REALLY COOL DUDE and A HARD ASS WORKER FOR A BITCH ASS COMPANY. He was a homeless guy who would walk from puyallup to summer and back EVERY FAWKIN DAY. I remember it was lunch and I always ask if people are hungry cuz I’m like that, and I seen him just put his head down on the table and I went to the vending machine (Overpriced ASF ) but I bought him food and as he looked up he just smiled and took the food. Later on down the road prolly like the week after he came and told me “I got your money”. I looked at him and I started laughing, I told him “I don’t want your money” he looked at me stupid and I told him “it’s all g bro, it’s what I would someone to do for me.” (Even tho nobody would wanna treat a big boy😒😂 ) I just told him you a cool guy and a hard worker and it was just a mutual thing. People at our old job would tease him (some ) but if they just talked to the nigga they woulda seen what I seen, a cool ass guy and hard ass worker. His name was Justin, Always smelled like whiskey cuz it kept him warm at night, Suicide is not a god damned option, He was all by himself and felt like nobody loved him that’s the most fawked up feeling u could have. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemies. I honestly felt like I was goin through a bit of a fawked up situation but this was havin it tough and idek if people would talk to him or show him love. With that being said I hope y’all keep it real with everybody especially yourself. Remember this shit cuz it could happen to u. More I wanna say but that’s good enough for y’all. #RIPJUSTIN 😭

March 2018

Throw back to family day! You already know 2nd platoon had to cop the DUB!💯 #2ndPlatoonrideordie what u know bout dat? #Class44 da best class lyydat🤔

March 2018

To all u fawk niggas! Fawk you!!!!!!!!!!! Fawk you!!!!🖕🏽💯😪😤 #Bitches

March 2018

Idek what’s goin on. I would like to know tho. #RealniggasDontQuit 😂💯🕺🏽

March 2018

2 lovely ladies😍💙 miss da guy in da back tho neva give a fawk bout anything. Back when boys was everything to me 😂💯 still yet lyydat, but we growing up, so imma take all the memories with me down this road I’m on. Time to grow up g. 💃🏼🕺🏽🧐😫🅱️🤘🏽Ⓜ️🌀🅿️🚷 #YCA #younotdowntoride 🙅🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ #nofakes #nofrauds 👌🏽😵🤐

March 2018

All dis bullshit got me like dis💯😪😤

March 2018

“To all the ladies in the place with style and grace”.🤫😌💃🏼🕺🏽

March 2018

BH over everything on g!

January 2018

Follow da uso one quick one! #realnigga u know what to do #follow 💁🏽‍♀️💯

December 2017

Happy bday bro! Onelove mah dawg, many more to come... hopefully 💯 all love outchea g. #Ridahz #Souljahz

September 2017

Hbd to da uso matty ice. Have a good one sole, onelove bro. Clap clap 🍶I guess ahh lol no make your ass clap clap tho cuz that's gay😂😂😂😘💩🙏🏾

September 2017

Late bday shouts to my uso right chea. Hope u had a cherreh weekend. Onelove sole, see you when I see you. #kangzter

September 2017

"Don't be a hater, be a player congradulader."😂 Congrats to da uso Q, see you when I see you sole. Onelove☝🏾🙏🏾💯 ft: his dads class in da back😂😂💀💯

September 2017

Happy birthday sole. Keep doing you dawg, more birthdays to come bro... If god allows it, until then, live right work hard and be smart. Until then bro, Onelove💯 #Majahshouselyydat #tb

September 2017

Outchea with the Uso💪🏾💯

September 2017


September 2017

"When I'm chillin I'm chillin, Keep it tight neva slippin, they said Hawaii no more action now we know that you trippin." #Ishakawhenimnotathome 💯🤙🏾

September 2017

Birthday shout out to the uso💯 Hope u have/had a solid day. Onelove💯😘 #R.N.O

August 2017

Latasha lee got me singing high and shit🤦🏽‍♂️ Add me on👻👻👻.

August 2017

Keep on squeezin till the watah turn brown.

August 2017

If I was ever fake to you lmk. If loyalty wasn't there lmk. If u ever needed anything and I wasn't game lmk. What u see is what u get, nothing more nothing less.

August 2017

Shout out to the toko. Happy birthday bro. Onelove sole💯.

August 2017

If Trump really wanted for go to war with the Koreans from the North tell em come lol I not in the military lol jkjk #amosc 👻

July 2017

Idgaf is it hard to tell?🖕🏾🖕🏾🤡💯🃏

June 2017

What you won't do, you do for love... You'll try everything, and you don't give up.💯❤️ #Ufa 🚦

August 2016

Wishing my brobro right here a happy happy birthday . Was pretty g day today lol . No need say much cuz we know wassgood ! Onelove my toko . #Big19 👌🏾🤘🏼🖕🏽🙅🏽💯

August 2016

Something lyydat lol

August 2016

There's something wrong with your character if opportunity controls your loyalty . #BHillin

August 2016

Throw back my uce #fatdammeh

August 2016

Everybody go back to school when we came out of hell ... Fawk em it was worth it tbh lol but tb to grad Mann ! #class44 #wegotazewmr #all ⛽️noblinks😂 #ZewmKing 😂

July 2016

This camp is gee tbh !

July 2016

No matter what happens , to me you'll always be my sister . #famstuffbro

July 2016

I fuck with the real ones bro .! #Iprroommiisseee #uknowthatalready hahahahaha BH on 🔒 bro 👻

July 2016

Chillando' on the west side!

July 2016

Missing my family up in Washington . Love them a lot ! #onelove

July 2016

Happy 4th sole 🎉🎊🔥💥

July 2016

Light skin niece , light skin uncle ! Hahahaha #myskindry 🤕👻

June 2016

No worry sole/suga lol .. Whichever one you are ... No matter what , life goes on the shetty thing is wether we like it or not , the memories never fade ... Fawk em tho if it ain't real it won't last bro/sis or bae whichever one you guys like . #ifitsmadeinchinaitaintreal head down 🖕🏽up . #realasfhahahaha

June 2016

Squad shiit bundy ! #squa 🔥 #notall

June 2016

One thing grandmas hate other than an empty stomach is a kid with no manners ! #onelove #untilwemeetagain

May 2016

Don't prove nothing to nobody as long as your boyz and u know what's good that's all that matters ! Be game not shame !

May 2016

Thankful for the boys who could chill with me n jawdan while we was on pass.. Much love to yall and in couple weeks I be out.. But until then boyz Take care and stay safe ! #onelove #bh1x 💯😈🔥💀

May 2016

My sister ! No worry bout anything I got you.... I prrrrooommmiisseee !! 😤😈💯 #fambam #nana #nofawkaround !

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