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5 days ago

Last one from Melbourne ladies and gents. A lil’ pham photo ft. brother Pham.

6 days ago

Mum and dad walked a lot in Melbourne. So I filmed em’ a bit.

2 weeks ago

Look at the pretty tree tops! : )

3 weeks ago

Mum and Dad lookin’ for shoes unsure of which pair to choose.

last month

Russia. We may lose but you cannot win.

January 2019

Seriously...check it out. It’s legit. It’s on Spotify and everything

January 2019

I’ve been working very hard on a podcast. I’d love for you to check it out. Link in bio : )

January 2019

Hey hey

December 2018

It’s a phamily Christmas

December 2018

Hello fellow cool kids. May I have one drugs please.

December 2018

Found an old camcorder. Nuff said.

November 2018

Wish I could tell him he’ll be school captain one day and that that the candy wasn’t worth it.

September 2018

The saga of Hello My Name Is 2018 is now over and you can checkout the director’s cut using the link in my bio. I don’t even like the director’s cut that much but u can read the video’s description if you want a bit of insight. I have made all my thank you’s and hopefully there will be more projects in the future. ☺️

July 2018

My new short film: “Hello My Name Is” has just been released on YouTube. It took us 6 days to shoot and it’s only 3 minutes long. A 5 minutes long director’s cut will be released of tomorrow and you can vote for our film from Tuesday this week. #myrodereel

July 2018

“What do you think of the taste of Listerine sir?” Bit of blooper teasing. #myrodereel

June 2018

Ah yes I have been focusing on block exams obviously.

May 2018

"The fashion in which you compose yourself disturbs me to the extent that I would, if not for my extensive self-respect, jump from atop a building in attempts to end my life"

December 2017

Happy Holidays