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November 2018

Let’s save our Citarum, by sharing this post,like and comment! • • “The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the one who clean up the river.” • • “A clean river means, the water we drink everyday is clean” #cleanriver #rivercitarum #citarumriver #cleanupriver #river #cleanup #factorywaste

November 2018

Let’s make a difference in our Citarum river✨ #citarum #citarumriver #citarumriverside #letsmakeadifference #care #society #indonesia #indonesiaclean

November 2018

Do not destroy the greenery, don’t spoil scenery✨👌 -The Spotless Project

November 2018

KEEP CLEAN GUYS‼️ As per a common saying, CLEANLINESS is next to GODLINESS. Maybe! But it certainly can induce healtiness around you. Keep your surroundings clean. Cleanliness can create a healthy and positive ambience that is so very essential to a healthy lifestyle. Neat and well organized places are conductive to healthy mind and body; and in turn to a healthy lifestyle! Unclean and untidy place can mot only irritate you but can make you sick!! It represents unhealthy mindset. Stay Clean Everyone! -The Spotless Project #clean #project #thespotlessproject #stayclean

November 2018

let us clean up the mess and make our environment a better place for us to live in! -The Spotless Project