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Enjoys 70's music & breakfast food. Environmentalist. 50 minutes to save the world 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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2 weeks ago


4 weeks ago

Absolutely shocking. Glaciers and ice are extremely more important than most people may think: not only will it lead to ocean rising, but it causes a positive feedback loop (shout out my APES class ) which causes the planet to heat even more, due to the ice being a “reflector” of the sun, and as it melts it will begin absorbing more heat, therefore leading to higher temperatures. We can’t do nothing even if it feels hopeless. Please start getting serious, we don’t have time to wait.

4 weeks ago

New Andi Mack tonight! Miss all these ppl❤️

4 weeks ago

San Francisco !

last month

Happy #WorldOceansDay ! Our oceans face daily threats, like offshore drilling, species extinction, and toxic pollution. BUT, there are ways to help ensure a future for them. Join @nrdc_org to do your part by texting OCEANS to 21333 and Sign the link in my bio to tell the Trump administration to take action to protect our oceans!

last month

CLIMATE CHANGE IS NOT A LIE, DO NOT LET OUR PLANET DIE! • I feel so empowered striking and marching alongside my generation for the global climate strike. Thanks to @usclimatestrike @climatestrike la and @fridaysforfuture and especially to @gretathunberg who started this movement. 🌎WE ALL HAVE A VOICE, AND THIS MOVEMENT IS GROWING. WE WILL BE HEARD.

last month

PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO!!! I’ve teamed up with @fridaysforfuture to join the global climate strike THIS FRIDAY MAY 24th. There are school strikes EVERYWHERE in the world this Friday (check FFF for more details ). We can’t wait. We won’t be silenced. We must act NOW! • • ALSO I will be at the Los Angeles strike with some friends at Pershing Square from 11-2 if you are in the LA area and want to meet me and join the movement!! #fridaysforfuture #youthclimatestrike #stopclimatechange • • thanks to my boys @minh7ran and @oliverpelly who helped make this video possible! Give em a follow: )

May 2019

Mister steal yo girl

May 2019

Happy Mother’s Day to my rock, my angel, and my best friend. You’ve taught me how to be selfless, compassionate, and a better person. Love u more than anything mama❤️

May 2019

Guys! We all have the ability to change these things in our lives every day. I promise you it won’t make a big difference in your lives, but it will make a huge impact on our planet. It’s honestly so easy to change the world: ) Tell me in comments below how you help change the world!

May 2019


April 2019

Tomorrow, the Waorani people (native people to the Amazon ) are just one day away from saving 500,000 acres of rainforest from oil drilling and they need our support!! Sign the petition in my bio to send a message to the Ecuadorian Government: indigenous rights trump fossil fuels. Link in bio. #WaoraniResistance UPDATE: SUCCESS! The government has listened and the land will not be auctioned off to oil drilling!

April 2019

The best way to combat climate change and remove gases from the atmosphere is by storing carbon in natural ecosystems. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION IN MY BIO for the Global Deal for Nature to plead world leaders to come together and protect and restore half of our environment NOW!!! #earthday #globaldealfornature #climatechange Link:

April 2019

Literally every picture on my Instagram is of me and it’s starting to bug me, so here’s a cool video of a bridge

March 2019

@glaad awards were amazing. I’m so honored to be a part of such an inclusive, diverse, and accepting show. Was truly inspired last night by the amazing speakers and heroes who fight for #lgbtq rights! #glaadawards

March 2019

- “My life is a movie, yet I’m only watching From the passenger seat, I stare from afar My actions aren’t mine, but written on a page I want to write my own life, but I’m only watching” - LM

March 2019

“Let’s get this bread Let’s obtain this grain Let’s yeet this wheat Let’s feast on this yeast Let’s empower this flour Let’s go with the dough Let’s entrust this crust” - LM

February 2019

Wow @gretathunberg you’re so inspiring! PLEASE everyone read what I’m about to tell you all: It is so important that we start taking action NOW against climate change. Climate change has already killed thousands of people, and these insane storms are a DIRECT LINK to our actions. If you want help, here are some easy steps I suggest u take! 1 ) stop eating and buying all beef products (and try limiting other meats ) 2 ) don’t accept plastic bags at stores/restaurants or use plastic bottles 3 ) stop buying products with palm oil in them!! 4 ) urge your parents to buy hybrid cars, and carpool whenever possible If you want to do more, click the link in my bio to see how you can help fight climate change✊🏻🌱

January 2019

Jus a couple kids in the hills up in Hollywood @caye

December 2018

Preposterous boast, but alas

December 2018

Throwing it back to when we were lil fetuses. Ever since I met you the first day on set, I knew we we would be friends for a long time. You're one of my best friends, and even though we drive each other crazy I don't know what I would do without u man. Love u buddy, can't wait to make more memories 💫

December 2018

You know when your slating for an audition and you're sick and mucus starts flowing out your nose? No? Just me?

November 2018

In recent events, we have witnessed the devastating effects gun violence has on our communities and our nation. Gun safety is more critical than ever, and I am honored to be a part of a show that stimulates conversations and hopefully empowers people to do the right thing.

October 2018

TJ turns Dragon Ball Z • Also so pumped #andimack is moving to Friday nights @8pm ET/PT beginning 11/2, and that we just got nominated for a BAFTA award!!!✊🏼

October 2018

Is that just me or does it smell like teen spirit? 📸: @ysbnow

October 2018

Big things on the horizon

October 2018

Mother and child

September 2018

kickin it with some kool kids Pic creds/missing sis @sofia_wylie

September 2018

piggy backs for my boo

September 2018

Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys! 🎉I would love to give 17 people access to clean drinking for LIFE on my 17th birthday, so instead of birthday gifts PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO TO DONATE TO MY CAMPAIGN (any amount would be amazing ). Once you donate comment your username in my campaign comments and I'll give you a thank you! By partnering with @thirstproject which provides access to clean drinking water in developing countries, I believe we can make our goal and give this necessity to people in need. Thanks guys; )

September 2018

I thought I was the king of princesses @joshuarush ?

August 2018

Fiona who?? • •Caption creds: @liv drake @unistudios #universalstudioshollywood #shrekislove

August 2018

For the boys🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼 @copygoog

August 2018

Thanks @instagram for letting us stop by today! Even in a fake car @joshuatbassett managed to get a parking ticket

August 2018

YOOOOO who's ready for the ANDI MACK SEASON FINALE TONIGHT at 8pm??What do you think is going to happen??? @disneychannel

August 2018

Rip summer😞

July 2018

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie

July 2018

Catch a new Andi Mack tonight at 8pm PT @disneychannel ! This a lil throw back to my first day on set 🎥

July 2018

@thisiszerohour - So inspiring watching kids use their voices to stand up to injustice! We all need to come together to protect the one thing we have in common: our planet. Follow @thisiszerohour to find out how to be apart of their #youthclimatemarch on July 21st and to learn more about their organization @thisiszerohour ✊🏼✊🏽l✊🏾|✊🏿! #ThisIsZeroHour 🎥: @nowthisnews

July 2018

Coupe with the top down, no ceilin' 🤘🏼

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