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18 hours ago

She’s not from here, she’s imported 😏


Green doesn’t look good on everyone, but it sure looks good on @dorota916 || smoking our green Pure oil pen with @thekindkart in Trainwreck

2 days ago

@mellowmelofficial sent us this sweet little video of her and her girl @sheystaytrippyx using our favorite little pipe and we couldn’t help but share 🌻

3 days ago

Be DISCREET & keep it KUSH-Y

4 days ago

We hit 1k followers today and could not be more happy with our growth over the past 2 months or so since we launched the line! ... but we’re still not satisfied! SO help us get to 10k on @thekindkart page by following both @thekindpen & @thekindkart and tag a friend in the comments of this photo on The Kind Kart account so that we can hit our goal. We will pick SEVEN winners who will get a Kind Kart and variable voltage battery to use it with, and the last winner will get ALL EIGHT FLAVORS of The Kind Kart and a VV battery. This #giveaway doesn’t end until we reach our goal, and the more friends you tag, the sooner you can win & better your odds. We will be checking 👀 👀 👀 !!!!

4 days ago

Monday’s can be prickly... but our Mist Pen will give you the soft touch you need to carry you through this week. Photo cred || @mountain_infyoused

1 weeks ago

*~*~* how your brain feels on The Kind Pen *~*~*

2 weeks ago

We know you all had a rough week, so we’re doing a little #flashgiveaway so you can take it EZ this weekend. Like this photo, tag a friend, and we’ll send you both an EZ pipe. Will pick 2 winners by end of today! Follow our @thekindkart page and like one of the last 3 posts for an extra entry and chance to win a Kind Kart too!! #beKind and #TakeItEZ

2 weeks ago

Check @420luna page for an all time #giveaway package. Winner will be announced on 8/20! Follow @thekindkart for an extra entry!!

2 weeks ago

... and we keep smoking on Thursday

2 weeks ago

We ❤️ you all so much! Keep an eye out for our @kushcandles giveaway this week! Keep watching our page and theirs for the official announcement

2 weeks ago

@kannabis_kayla bringing the 🔥 with her new V3 😏😏😏

2 weeks ago

Us all weekend, courtesy of @weedfeed

2 weeks ago

Especially premium slim oil 💅🏻

3 weeks ago

@elevatedtikii picked the perfect flower today, our rainbow Slim Oil Premium 💐

3 weeks ago

Time to Dream away 💤 we recommend you keep your Dream Pen and product handy on your nightside table for maximum effects

3 weeks ago

Einstein says “WEEDgalize it, man”

3 weeks ago

Grow up & start smoking full spec CBD

3 weeks ago

EZ Pipe is always going to be a fan favorite (and maybe ours too ) Magnetic tops so you can store different strains in different color tops and pop them on when you want a different kinda vibe. We’ll post some full tutorial videos soon

3 weeks ago

L’huile est bonne!

3 weeks ago

Wowwww nothing could hit better than this combo. Little Mist battery with some @wowfulls

4 weeks ago

So much to shop. Wax, oil, full spec CBD... one stop, we got it all. Pictured from left to right: the Dream wax/dab pen, Slim Oil Premium, Pure for oil & our newest inclusion... THE KIND KART @thekindkart with third party testing and true CBD content at 30% in a 500 mg cart. Non isolate, non diluted , and straight from Colorado

4 weeks ago

So tiny, but so effective. Shop our VV batteries now!

4 weeks ago

Thank you for this light at the end of the tunnel @mountain_infyoused

4 weeks ago

Keep it HIGH KEY with our newest device yet. Works with (most ) 510 threaded cartridges, has a distinct clip on/clip off feature so you can easily remove from your keychain if need be(knock on wood ) This product has gotten the best response out of any we have released in the past year... so that means IT’S LIT and you should get yours now before they sell out again

5 weeks ago

Wake up in the sky

5 weeks ago

Keep your eyes on @dimebags page for their Kind Pen x Dime Bags giveaway announcement! Not giving any details away yet but the sooner you follow them the sooner you’ll know!

last month

We love our wholesalers like @littlemaryandjanelife if you don’t feel like buying direct or want more than just @thekindpen they’re your go to! Device pictured is the blue Pure oil pen, compatible with almost all 510 carts

last month

Throwback from @heytommychong 80th bday party when the Kind Kone was fresh... maybe we’re hinting at something here... maybe we’re not... 😏

last month

Who else is ready for harvest season?

last month

Hula your little hearts out, cause it’s BABY FRIDAY, featuring our Dream wax pen... basically the best thing since sliced pineapple 🍍

last month

Keep your day bright and smooth with a Slim Oil and Kind Kart

last month

Take it EZ, Take it anywhere

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