G.P.™️ 💎 @thegangstaprince

D.C.S.™️ 💵💵💵 Been Real since day 1 Gave you a chance to fuck with a real nigga CTRL THE VIBE™️ #LongliveAnimal #LongliveEmanPoE #LongliveLandy 💯💯💯

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January 2019

“Uptown vibes”

December 2018

“i got so much up on my plate 🥘 i jus can’t stand it, done played the streets so long it’s time for me to live lavish 🏖, you gotta execute your plays after you plan it 🗺 & when you turn up 🚀 you gone take over the planet 🌍, 💯💯💯

December 2018

“Dreams Money can buy” 💭💭💭

December 2018

“Respect The Game”

December 2018

Can’t hang wit a mice 🐁 so high I came in her twice ✌️

October 2018

Cap & Gown

October 2018

“Don’t Hate, Just Wait Your Turn!

May 2018

“I remember all them shoot outs 🔫 that we had with them other niggaz, my bitch got mad & fucked ANother nigga 😡 man that shit was krazy ain’t gone lie it made me heartless ❤️ ♥️ 💜 fell in love wit money 💰 it’s gone stay with me regardless”

May 2018

“Before me you wasn’t important, now you acting like you earned it, girl go head smile for the camera 📷 I hope 🤞 that all that shit was worth it 🤦‍♂️”- @chrisbrownofficial

April 2018

“I’m riding sporty, actin sporty 🤷‍♂️ can’t control it” #freekodak 💯💯💯

April 2018

“You keep talking bout money 💰 you bothering me 🤦‍♂️ (you making me sick 🤢 ) I own all my cars 🚘 jewelry and I got property 🏡 ( so please do not talk to me, you don’t do nothing you obsolete )- Offset

March 2018

Niggaz talk shit but they quiet 🤫 when they see me if you want smoke 💨 you kno wzp wit me 💯, i ain’t wifing none of you bitches can’t run no game on me 🤦‍♂️ I’m sticking to the code you kno it’s M.O.B

March 2018

“Most the hating be right under your 👃 nose keep the glock 10 under ya clothes” 💯💯💯

December 2017

Gave you a chance to fuckwithme💯 I do it for my niggaz who ain't here R.I.P. Eman R.I.P. Animal R.I.P. Landy 🙏

July 2017

Can't trust these niggaz 😷 they misleading, Can't trust these hoes❎🔎 they so deceiving ( Blue cheese in my offwhites 🧀 I been drinking codeine all night 💎 )

April 2017

"Pick Your Poison" 😷

December 2016

"Girl im done with you"💎