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4 weeks ago

is it too early for #seniorsunday ?? 📸: @madixochristine

June 2019

“mr. jones and me, we’re gonna be big stars...” happy father’s day to the best dad ever!❤️ i love you dad, thank you for being the guy i look up to, and sorry, this is the only picture i have of you😂

May 2019

you’ve been gone for a year now, sweet lady. there’s not a day that goes by that i don’t think about you, you were one of my absolute favorite dogs! miss you more than anything, sweet mama jazz!! 🥰❤️❤️

January 2019

Promise me you'll never change Promise me you'll catch me if I fall like the rain Promise me we'll find our place in this crazy world And you'll be there when I call out your name I promise I got you, promise we'll make it

December 2018

even though my dizzy head is numb, i swear my heart is never giving up

December 2018

girls day with momma was a success!!! after running out of gas about 3 blocks away from our house, after running alllll over before we left town, we finally made it lafayette, saw a super cute/adorable guy at starbucks, ate cold soup/mac n cheese at mcallister’s, spent too much money at five below, spent a whole hour in tjmaxx, went to goodwill, got stuck in traffic #sigh , i would say all in all we had a pretty good day, right momma?! #wespenttoomuchmoney

October 2018


September 2018

if i lay here, if i just lay here, would you lie with me & just forget the world?

July 2018

i wasn't sure of this was quite instagram worthy so i posted it anyways

April 2018

ft cambree's letterman jacket: )

April 2018

what's the point in closure, when its already over

March 2018

oh i think i'm in love with your body and your mind and your soul and eyes but i don't know oh my god

March 2018

if you wanna love me tomorrow and you wanna hold me tonight gotta light my world, be my sunrise gotta build me up like an empire

March 2018

🌟no matter where i go, i'm always gonna want you back🌟

February 2018

✨baby we can shut the world out✨

February 2018

hi beautiful

January 2018

wait. did i just post a selfie?

December 2017

forgot to post on friday night so here it is now... thank you guys for the best 16th bday party anyone could ask for... love you guys❤❤ lets do that again soon

November 2017

🚫dont leave me low, dont let me go, dont fuck me up, dont make me beg🚫

October 2017

good weekend with good people💖

September 2017

1st runner up in their eyes but definitely Queen in mine❤ congrats cam!

August 2017

so its like an hour and a half after her birthday and me being the crappy friend i am didnt post a pic of her so here's one 😘 happy birthday, i am sorry i was busy and i didnt think about it im sorry and i love and i love you ❤❤❤

July 2017

He's pretty hot but our cougar paws are hotter😉 @claywright98

May 2017

I know I already posted but I haven't done a #wcw in a while so here she is! My bess frann in the whole wide world 🌎 love you bbg ❤❤

May 2017

Felt like an Instagram post

May 2017

"No matter where you are, whether you're a quarter mile away or halfway across the world you'll always be with me and you'll always be my brother" have fun at your first prom big brother #prom2k17 #rideordiebrother

May 2017

We look like shit but its okay. Happy birthday to my favorite big brother. You're always there for me when I need a brother. And I honestly couldn't ask for a better brother and you aren't even my real brother. 😂 you're pretty great and I don't know what else to say. Love ya and happy bitchday to you... Bitccchhh @_drewjackson_

April 2017

I used to be a badass... Eh who am I tryin to kid, i still am.

April 2017

Floor held up by 1000 men.. I was iffy at first but I was standing in the center of it in this... IMA was lit.

April 2017

HAPPY DAY OF BIRTH MADISON!!! I love you so much idk what I would do if you didn't come out of your mother 18 years ago today. You are probably the best guard captain ever!! I'm so sad that you're graduating but you're gonna move on to much better things than your time in high school. Sadly. I'm gonna miss you so much Madi. Happy birthday beautiful. ❤😭

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