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@beautybybsimone @everythingbxoxo LIVE IN YOUR PURPOSE💙 #BSimoneFreestyle 👈🏽click 2 hear me rap I make a lot of money by being myself,be yourself 🙏🏽

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20 hours ago

Boss lady wearing @beautybybsimone ! Order now 💓 Don’t miss out


Freestyle Friday throwback… If this gets 5000 comments I’ll post a new freestyle ... fuck it 🤷🏽‍♀️ you rappers are lucky i’ve been busy telling jokes and selling lipgloss ...

2 days ago

Diamond watch and lipgloss kit available NOW only at @beautybybsimone 💎

3 days ago

BABYGIRLLLL✨⁠ The @jbwwatches x @thebsimone2 kit is HERE! ⁠ Includes the exclusive B. Simone Pink Mondrian timepiece with a custom B. Simone signature case back & the shades “Baby Boy” and “Wet Jewels” from @beautybybsimone debut lipgloss collection! Shop NOW using the link in bio 💎⁠ #BEAUTYINDIAMONDS

2 days ago

#MillennialQueensOfComedyTOUR with @yesimprettyvee and @justnesh ! First 2 stops Denver 8/28 and Kansas City 8/29 ! www.officialbsimone.com FOR TICKETS 🙌🏽 (click The link to see if we’re coming to a city near you ) HEY DAD 😂😂😂😂

5 days ago

The #beautyindiamonds kit with @jbwwatches includes the exclusive B. Simone Pink Mondrian diamond timepiece with a custom B.Simone signature case back & @beautybybsimone lipgloss in the shades Baby Boy and Wet Jewels from my debut collection! Available 8.22💎

1 weeks ago

The guy that gave me his number tonight plz DM me... I’m missing the last 2 digits 😩 Your number didn’t save and i feel like you could be my next ex ❤️ @jbwwatches 💎

2 weeks ago

Me and @yesimprettyvee and @justnesh Going on tour!!!! DENVER see y’all August 28th ! KANSAS see y’all August 29th!!! Link in bio for tickets!

2 weeks ago

When white girls trynna practice how to fight 😂 Sarah’s gonna beat your ass Ash and I’m not jumping in bishhhhhh 👊🏽 Get ready cause Me and @yesimprettyvee going on TOUR!! Link in bio for tickets #millennialQueensOfComedyTOUR

2 weeks ago

I keep in touch with other niggas cause you make me nervous💔 @beautybybsimone

2 weeks ago

You could learn a lot from me 😏 💦 | Glam @glamtechstevent 😍 Lips @beautybybsimone ❤️

2 weeks ago

My career turning into a “how to” manual 💰

2 weeks ago

Thank you PHILLY ! ❤️ I’m Going on tour with @yesimprettyvee ! MILLENNIAL QUEENS OF COMEDY TOUR! Tickets in bio ! -8/28 Denver Improv -8/29 Kansas City Improv -9/18 Albany, NY Funny Bone -9/19 Hartford Improv -10/24 Perrysburg, OH Improv -10/17 San Antonio Lol Comedy -10/30 Columbia/ S.C. House of Comedy -11/12 Spokane WA, Spokane Comedy Club -11/13 Tacoma, WA Tacoma Comedy Club -11/14 Tacoma , WA

3 weeks ago

ghetto Parents all month 😂 leave that baby alone she only 18 months ... parent be so scared they baby gonna be dumb lmao .... #deleting

3 weeks ago

👽 @jbwwatches

3 weeks ago

Atlanta see you the 30th

3 weeks ago

New BABY GIRL graffiti Shirts drop in 3 hours 😍🙌🏽 omg !!! Only on sale August 4th for 24 hours! Good luck ❤️ @everythingbxoxo @everythingbxoxo LINK IN BIO !

4 weeks ago

New BABY GIRL graffiti shirt with different colors 😍 Shirts drop August 4th and only Available 24 hours (per usual ) Only 1000 will be made ! @everythingbxoxo @everythingbxoxo GOOD LUCK 🔥

last month

I’m not dating no more rappers I’m sick of promoting mixtapes ... jk Zaddy send me the link 👅 Top @prettylittlething 😍

last month

Tonight is the night ! The premier of @girlscruise airs tonight on Vh1 at 9pm ! I’m so happy i had my baby @yesimprettyvee by my side the whole time .... you don’t wanna miss this ❤️

last month

@fashionnova | Hurt people , hurt people. If you hurt me I forgive you because I know it’s not your fault ...you’re just damaged . I truly love you❤️

last month

If you can do stand up comedy you can do anything ❤️ Yesterday i made 3000 people laugh in New Orleans at the Saenger theatre . Jesus is real and I’m His favorite 🙏🏽 Next time you say “ohh she’s just a IG comedian “ make sure you add “...and a stand up comedian , and an actress (I got the hook up 2 comes out July 12th ), and a host (i know y’all saw me at the MTV movie awards ) , and a entrepreneur/ marketing genius that can sell anything (my T-shirt’s sold out once again yesterday ! Thank y’all ) , Oh and she has her own show, plus she’ll be on a new show on VH1 that airs July 15th, oh and a bomb ass rapper (google me ☺️ ) ....” I’m humble AF but i also know who i am .... don’t bash me , don’t hate, don’t envy... just support a young black bish cause God chose me and I’m just fulfilling my purpose 🙌🏽

last month

When my crush watches my story 1 fucking time! Nigga you want me TF 😍 and if you like my picture i know you love me 🤷🏽‍♀️ ughhhh he’s my boooooyfriend 💦

last month

@fashionnova | Let’s play a game ... never have I ever said the wrong name during sex! If you’ve done it raise your hand ✋🏽and if you haven’t 🙅🏽‍♀️

last month

I’m not yo ex , I’m not yo baby momma , I’m not finna watch yo bad ass kids , im not gon drive u around cause yo license suspended.... ask HER , I’m not finna stay the night and you got bed bugs but no bed .... IM NOT HER👏🏽👏🏽 Airbrush “IM NOT HER” shirts drop in 3 hours! Good luck DONT BE HER!!!! 👅 (LINK IN BIO ) @everythingbxoxo

last month

San Antonio your vibe was amazing and touched me to my core 💙 I never just walk onto the stage , i always need your energy so i walk through the crowd and touch the people . Stand up comedy is the hardest most rewarding job I’ve ever had and i thank my fans for growing with me and trusting me to give you a great show 🙏🏽Im going back on tour in August with someone SUPER special ... who y’all think it is 👀😊👅 #TheFemaleJamieFoxx #BSimoneComedy

last month

The bro @yfnlucci and me chopping it up in Atlanta to promote his new project 👏🏽👏🏽 #650Talk 650 Luc out now! Check it out on YouTube NOW! Produced by : @_desgray

June 2019

Y’all already know WTF going on 💙

June 2019

When you ready for a boss, baby hit me up 💕 Thank you @theonlyjasonlee for letting me host @hollywoodunlocked 1st annual brunch with you ❤️

June 2019

I wish we met before the fame 💕 Makeup @itshotchiick Stylist @kingtroi

June 2019

Money talks anything can get swept underneath the rug 💎 Top @fashionnova

June 2019

One that don’t give A👏🏽F👏🏽 and say she took Dat 👏🏽👏🏽 @fashionnova

June 2019

This was the girls trip of a lifetime! Thank you to the Queen @lilkimthequeenbee for personally inviting me to go on this journey! You guys don’t want to miss this! I’m so nervous to let y’all deeper into my life but excited to share my truth ....There is a lot of tears and a lot of turn up 🙏🏽 plus i had my girl @yesimprettyvee by my side the whole time ❤️ Tune into @vh1 July 15th for our new show GIRLS CRUISE 🌊

June 2019

We just have attitudes when y’all deprive us 🤷🏽‍♀️ 💦 🍆 Man we on a break that don’t mean be with hoes at tha ‘partments with Parlay @iamdesibanks #BSimoneComedy #TheFemaleJamieFoxx

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