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Iraqi girl from Sweden living in LA 📍💃🏻Sweetener World Tour Represented by @blocla 🇺🇸 & @lingmanco 🇸🇪 @makeupbytaya RICHGIRL$

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2 days ago

GÖTEBORG - My one and only class in Sweden for a long long time. Intermediate level and up. Come dance and ask all the questions you want! 👠 @twistedfeetda

3 days ago

SURPRISE I’M HOME! 😍 Been holding on to this secret for weeks, told them I’m stuck in rehearsals in LA lololol😄 Been so homesick I could die, my heart is so happy. My story will only be food and my cat for the coming 2 weeks.

2 weeks ago

Sent a picture like this to my mom saying thank you for my body. Because wow, can’t believe I used to hate these curves. Kim who bitch? ⌛️👅 #LOVEYASELF #EMBRACEYASELF

2 weeks ago

Only 2 more shows this leg. How when what?!😰 Excuse me as my emotions are all over the place trying to understand this🙏🏼💜 #SweetenerWorldTour

3 weeks ago

Your name must be Coca Cola, because you're so-da-licious😏 • CORNIEST PICK UP LINES - GO!!!🤓🌽🌽🌽

4 weeks ago

Happiest of birthdays to the bravest, real life angel I’ve ever met. Changing lives. Can’t wait to eat lemons together forever. Love you down sis. Stay golden ✨🎉 #26on26th #itsLIT

4 weeks ago

MONDAY✨😄🙏🏼 THANK GOD! Last week was one of the most challenging weeks physically, mentally and spiritually in a very long time. I was struggling in every aspect and had a really hard time seeing the good in things. In life, in my blessings. And that upset me even more. But that happens sometimes, and that’s okay. - BUT!! It’s a new week, a new day. I feel better; physically, mentally and spiritually. I’m ready to soak in all of the new moments, soak in all of my health, all the love surrounding me. I’m gonna do my very best. I am blessed beyond measure✨🙏🏼 - Life keeps reminding me that happiness and calm is not a place, not a thing I get go get somewhere. It’s right here, in me. And even tho I know this, sometimes it seems to be the hardest thing in the world to understand. I’m writing this to share that everyone, regardless of “success” or not, go though life, struggles and mental health issues. It’s common and more importantly OKAY! Have an AMAZING WEEK FRIENDS ✨❤️

last month

#MOOD MADISON SQUARE GARDEN TONIGHT AND TMRW! 🔥 My first time performing here, a dream come true🙏🏼 🎥 @alfredoflores #SweetenerWorldTour #ItsLIT

last month

1st show in NYC tonight!😍🎉💃🏻 Also, MAJOR shoutout to @jstayready_ for this bomb ass wig. I feel like a brand new bitch on stage hahah. My curls can finally rest and grow in peace ☺️ #protectivehairstyles FTW

last month


last month

Nashville - ya ready?! 🔥 Comment if you know what song this is from😏😏😏😏 📽 @blaircaldwell

last month

SOUND ON!🔈 Key makeup products I use every show! My right eye is so trash today so don’t mind her 😂😅 • - Highlighter: @maccosmetics “Whisper Of Guilt” - Eyeshadow: @shopvioletvoss PRO Palette - Glitter: @stilacosmetics Glitter & Glow “Follow The Sun” - Lashes: @antija_beauty ”FUCKBOY” - Foundation: @makeupforeverofficial HD foundation - Lipstick: @urbandecaycosmetics “Stark Naked” - Setting Powder: @maccosmetics Studio Fix Powder 🌟🌟🌟

last month

bday babies 🥂💸

last month

June 1st 1993. ♊️🐰 #26

last month

#TBT to last time I was in Miami because I saw my sessster @itscultura today and I miss dancing with her. This was the fastest 25 seconds of my life 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣and don’t mind my face 🥴 Choreo: @itscultura

last month

You ever intend to do something but just end up feeling yourself? Yeah... that 👅 • Did @darrion_g makeup for the show last night. Will drop video at some point this year lol.

last month

Let’s just say....... it’s hot af outside💦 #geminiszn

May 2019

Twirling into this new week and Gemini season like 😈😈😈♊️♊️♊️ @_kristerry Dallas show tomorrow! #SweetenerWorldTour

May 2019

This is me watching @smino at Coachella. I aspire to feel this euphoric, excited, happy, dreamy and in love everyday for the rest of my life. #fangirl

May 2019

risking it all for the gram. . San Antonio show tonight!🔥🔥🔥

May 2019

Warming up for the show☀️🔥 👅 #VivaLasVegas

May 2019

The most rewarding feeling when people you love are in the audience💖 Last LA show and some of my bestest sisters were there and so many friends, and I could see them in the audience and I swear, there is NOTHING that is as precious as that. In all my years on stage, I’ve very very rarely had my people in the crowd. This is why I do this shit. My heart is so happy. This is all I want 💖

May 2019

#TBT because 🇸🇪’s own @zaralarsson is on a US tour kicking ASS and I just spoke to @marlene lindahl today💞💞💞 and I just came across this on my phone. PS. Do you know what music video this is from? 😏 #hejjasverige

May 2019

👑🙌🏼 x1000

May 2019

Mood for the LA shows this week🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I’m so hype I might explode.

May 2019

Mental health matters🧠 but so do thick thighs 🍗😏 • 📸: @ghuudmood (but basic ass edit by me lol ) #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters

May 2019

😇+😈=✨ San Jose tonight. • #SweetenerWorldTour #Judas

April 2019

Shoes shoes shoes 😍 Thank you @indexportland for the hookup🙌🏼 My sneakers collection is coming together nicely! #indexportland #damagehasbeendone #tourlife

April 2019

💃🏽DANCERS🕺🏽: TAG your local studio! Sweetener kiiDs are available to teach on the DATES LISTED ABOVE. • 💜DANCE STUDIOS💜: contact swtkiids @gmail com to set up workshops on the available dates. 🔥CANT WAIT TO DANCE WITH YOU ALL!🔥 ————————————————- I will personally focus on teaching Heels Technique and Performance classes 👠🌟 #TayaTraining

April 2019

Tour ready teeth😁✨ Thank you @puredermmd for being my favourite teeth whitening spot in LA and making sure I go back on tour with a Hollywood smile 😁😁😁. No more yellow coffee teeth insecurities🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 • If you go, tell them I sent ya and save some 💰!!! #HighlyRecommended #TeethWhitening #NoMoreCoffeeStains #StageReady #SupportYourLocals

April 2019

THIS IS LOVE 💘 #femmetastic5

April 2019

Currently not giving a 💩 #coacheezy #coachiana

April 2019

Coacheezy ‘19 🔥🔥🔥

April 2019

Chella ready⚡️ Everyone deserves a human unicorn in their life 🦄💕

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