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21 minutes ago

With water this inviting, how could you not take a dip? (Even if it is a quick one! ) @melindabrown___ donned her bathers and found her own secluded little rock pool cove on a recent trip to the Bay of Fires. Located north of the coastal town of St Helens on @eastcoasttasmania , The Bay of Fires Conservation Area covers 1210 hectares of coastal wilderness that extends into the stunning wilderness of Mount William National Park. It's perfect for outdoor adventures including camping, swimming and walking. 🏖️👣 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Melinda!

21 hours ago

The brilliant colours of autumn light up Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park in this shot by @tasmanianwilderness In the foreground, the leaves of the Deciduous beech, or 'fagus', are ablaze with the autumn hues that envelope pockets of our Wilderness World Heritage Area at this time of year. Native to Tassie, the leaves of the fagus have started their transition through a spectacular range of autumn colours, from rust red through to stunning gold. This annual display is a favourite with visitors and locals alike, with people traveling from far and wide to catch a glimpse of the magical season. 💛🍂😍 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Heath!


Whoever said "don't go chasing waterfalls" clearly hadn't been to Tassie! @_aswewander spent a warm autumn afternoon soaking up the beauty of Mathinna Falls, a stunning, four-tiered waterfall in Tassie's north-east. The falls cascade over a total drop of 80 metres - a truly spectacular sight, especially after rain. From the car park, an easy 30-minute return walk leads to the base of the falls but you'll hear the water long before you see it. To reach the falls, head north from the town of Mathinna towards the Evercreech Forest Reserve. 🌊🌿 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Luke and Jess!


Walking away with a sense of accomplishment is just rewards for  @lucylaucht after a climb of Mount Amos in the Freycinet National Park. One of five peaks that make up the Hazards mountain range within the Park, Mount Amos famously offers 360-degree views out over the Peninsula and surrounding coastline. When you see images like this, it should come as no surprise that  @eastcoasttasmania 's award-winning National Park is one of Tassie's most cherished natural places. 🗺️👣💙 Thanks for tagging  #discovertasmania , Lucy!

2 days ago

"G'day ladies, welcome to Mount Field National Park!" @photography_by_nikki_long bumped into this very handsome pademelon, while exploring one of the park's forested walking tracks. The tracks and trails here in Tassie's oldest National Park are a favourite spot to catch a glimpse of our many furry locals. While this particular species is now extinct on the Australian mainland, they are a common sight across much of our state - keep an eye out in dense forested areas, especially around dawn and dusk. 💪💪😱 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Nikki!

2 days ago

How many public swimming pools do you know that are located in a setting like this? Welcome to Launceston’s Cataract Gorge – locally known as The Gorge - captured by @arya msp. Located just minutes from Launceston’s CBD in @northertasmania , the Cataract Gorge Reserve features walking tracks, a restaurant, a café, a suspension bridge, and panoramic lookouts with spectacular views. Not to mention the world's longest single span chairlift. And a swimming pool that’s the perfect location for lazy afternoons with friends and family! 🏊👙☀️ Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Arya!

3 days ago

Magical scenes captured at the beautiful Lake Elysia framed by turning fagus leaves, captured by @bjornbaklien Located in the shadow of Mount Geryon, within the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, Lake Elysia is one of the local landmarks that include Pine Valley and the Acropolis. Each are accessed via gazetted side-tracks off the legendary Overland Track. 🍂⛰📷 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Bjorn!

5 days ago

Cradle Mountain's iconic boatshed set against the backdrop of Marions Lookout in this shot by @joshuawhysall The boatshed was constructed from local King Billy pine in 1940 by the first Ranger at Cradle Mountain, Lionell Connell. In 1938, the Cradle Mountain Reserve Board purchased three Huon pine boats, which remained in service for visitors until the 1960s and were stored in the waterside shed. It's a fascinating reminder of how visitors have enjoyed the region for generations. 🛶💧🏠 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Joshua!

5 days ago

Photographer @_danieltran_ captured the last rays of the day warming one of the countless beautiful beaches of Flinders Island in @northerntasmania Flinders is the largest of the islands in the Furneaux Group, just off mainland Tasmania’s northeast coast. With its pristine coastline and rugged pink granite Strzelecki mountain range, there is no shortage of spots to take in the sunset ambience. In Daniel’s words “We were treated to some incredible light but this sunset was the most memorable of the trip.” We couldn’t agree more Daniel! ⛰️🌄🏖 Thanks for tagging  #discovertasmania !

6 days ago

Sometimes nature asks us to narrow our view. It begs us to capture the moment – snuggled between geology thousands of years in the making. @melindabrown___ hit the pause button while exploring the Cape Queen Elizabeth walk on Bruny Island, just an hour hike from a carpark near the airstrip. Do the full 12km cape walk and fill your Bruny cup. It’ll take about three hours and delivers secret coves as well as views out to The Neck and Adventure Bay. 👣🌄💙 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Melinda.

6 days ago

Dinner in Hobart with a double side of rainbows! A Monday doesn't look too bad when it starts like this. @miapotter1 captured this moody-sky stunner while on an evening walk to dinner along @hobartandbeyond 's Constitution Dock. The waterfront area is a hub for delicious dining experiences, beautiful accomodation, boutique bars and of course, views that just can't be beaten! 🌈🛥🥂 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Mia!

1 weeks ago

Dragons, fire and ice, oh my! Well, seadragons, Bay of Fires and some pretty chilly waters, if we're getting technical... @submerged_images took a dip in our refreshing east coast waters at Seaton Cove and was rewarded with this stunning underwater encounter with one of our more elusive residents, the weedy seadragon. While they're not nearly as intimidating as the fire breathing sort, we think they're equally as impressive! 🐉🌊🔥 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Danny!

1 weeks ago

It's not a road trip without a stop at Little Blue Lake! @4patitasporelmundo had all the makings of a great @northerntasmania adventure in their very appropriately coloured little blue van! The brilliant lake is a window in the pioneering past mining days of South Mount Cameron and a welcome pitstop on the way up the mountain biking mecca of Derby. 🚌🚴‍♂️💠 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Javi and Mati!

2 weeks ago

Tassie's east coast was made for days like this... lazy starts, beach picnics and tide-pool dips. @_aswewander soaked up a classic Bay of Fires afternoon in one of the region's many secluded white sand coves. In this part of @eastcoasttasmania , it's easy to feel as though you have the whole world to yourself. Grab some local Tassie fare on your way up from St Helens and make a long weekend of it! This part of the island is best done slowly... 🧀🏖️🍒 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Luke and Jess!

2 weeks ago

It’s one of Tassie’s most photographed natural locations, and it’s easy to see why with @thegingerwanderlust ’s shot of The Neck at Bruny Island. In the distance is South Bruny Island; behind you is North Bruny Island. The Neck is the narrow strip of land that connects the two, and is home to Truganini Lookout – a vantage point at the top of 238 steps that offers 360-degree views across Adventure Bay, Bruny Island and the D’Entrecasteaux Channel: the body of water that separates Bruny Island from the Tassie mainland. 💙👣🗺️ Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Ellie!

2 weeks ago

Come on in, have we got a story for you! @katypotaty77 snapped this stunning start to the day while strolling the wharf around the award-winning MACq 01 storytelling hotel. Hobart's historic waterfront has been home to thousands of captivating stories and remarkable characters over the years, making it the ideal spot for the world's first storytelling hotel. Located on Hunter Street on the old Hunter Island - one of the earliest sites of European settlement in Tasmania - the hotel and surrounding waterfront are the perfect place to start your own Tassie story! 🥃⛵📜 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Katy!

2 weeks ago

There is no better perspective to appreciate the mountainous Freycinet Peninsular than from the air. @kirkjrichards had the perfect window seat to capture first rays of the day warming the white sand crescent of Wineglass Bay on Tassie’s  @eastcoasttasmania The pink granite mountain range, known as “The Hazards” rival the beaches for your attention. Whilst they are just over 450 meters high their abrupt rise from sea level gives them a sense of towering over the surrounding coastline. ⛰️ 🛩️ 🏖️ Thanks for taking to the air and tagging #discovertasmania , Kirk.

2 weeks ago

"Why hello there! Mum taught me all about good eye contact and well-groomed fur for photoshoots. Make it quick though, I have grazing to tend to.” This curious wombat was captured by @mattdukephotography near Ronny Creek at Cradle Mountain. Ronny Creek is one of the best spots on our little island to come across our furry mates in the wild. Yes, they look super huggable but these critters are wild so be sure to love (and photograph ) them from a distance. 👀📸🐾 Thanks so much for tagging #discovertasmania , Matthew.

2 weeks ago

So many layers of Tassie past here at Tasman Arch, captured by @icangowiththeflow on the Tasman Peninsula. Rolling wave action has formed this geological wonder that’s been about 270 million years in the making. It’s the leftovers of a mighty sea cave – one of many geological quirks on this @hobartandbeyond peninsula. Be sure to visit the arch’s close neighbours including Devil’s Kitchen and wander down to the much-photographed Tessellated Pavement, patterned by centuries of erosion. 💙👣⌛ Thank you for tagging #discovertasmania Bianca.

2 weeks ago

Taking a break at the Salmon Ponds at Plenty to soak up the autumn sun and colour with @snapshottours Our Derwent Valley is currently undergoing its annual seasonal change as a blanket of gold paints its way across the Valley. The roads in this area are a favourite with visitors at this time of year, as many venture out to explore the golden countryside throughout the Valley and beyond to the vibrant colours of the fagus trees in Mount Field National Park. 🍁🍂💛 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Carmel!

2 weeks ago

Jumping for joy on Flinders Island! @iona molly couldn't contain her excitement at the enormity of Castle Rock on a recent visit to Marshall Bay on Flinders Island. Part of @northerntasmania ’s Furneaux Group of islands, Flinders is the largest island in Bass Strait (about twice the size of Singapore ) and is home to stunning coastal landscapes, super-friendly locals, legendary produce...and some very impressive boulders! 🧡🤸‍♂️🙌 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Molly!

2 weeks ago

The roaring cascades of D'Alton Falls charting their way through the wilderness of Overland Track. These stunning falls, tucked away in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage area, are one of three impressive cascades that can be visited on day 5 of Tassie's iconic hike. @taswalkingco took their guests to explore the optional side-trail which meanders through some of the Tassie's most beautiful forests, and ends up looking on to these majestic waterfalls. With plenty of stunning surprises like this along the way, it's easy to see why the 65km, six-day trek is considered by many to be Australia's premier alpine walk. 👣⛰️🍃 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , team!

2 weeks ago

Dusk light paints the majestic peaks of Mount Roland and the sprawling countryside of Tassie's northwest... Add a couple glasses of Tassie red and an outdoor spa and you've got the makings of a perfect northwest getaway! @thegingerwanderlust took the time to slow down and soak up the autumn evening glow from the comfort of Eagles Nest Retreat, nestled near the idyllic @visitcradlecoast town of Sheffield. The Retreat is surrounded by a working dairy farm and offers a luxurious base for whatever northwest adventures you have planned! 🍷⛰️🛁 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Ellie!

2 weeks ago

This is how holidays are meant to start! @travellingonthompsontime wasted no time in getting into full relaxation mode after their arrival in Tassie. They said of their trip, "slowing down the pace in Tasmania. We got off the Ferry at Devonport and drove a few minutes before we found this beautiful inlet where the river meets the sea." Looks like the perfect start to the trip to us! Happy Travels! 🏖️💙🛳️ Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Denham & Annie!

2 weeks ago

"Don't forget to pack a jacket!” @samhbarnard spotted this fluffy young wallaby exploring the Dove Lake Circuit on an early morning walk in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. While they are certainly cute and may even appear to be cuddly, it's important to remember that this little guy (and all of Tassie's native critters ) are wild animals and should be respected when entering their habitats. The best way to do this is by sticking to designated trails, leaving no trace when exploring our wilderness areas, and appreciating our furry friends from a distance. 🐾😍🦘 Thanks for tagging  #discovertasmania , Sam!

3 weeks ago

Shifting sunlight illuminates the autumnal colours of Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park in this atmospheric shot from @beautyoftasmania The colour is courtesy of the Deciduous beech (Nothofagus gunnii ), or fagus as it's more commonly known - @Australia 's only cold climate winter-deciduous tree, found nowhere else but Tassie. Its annual foliage transformation through a spectacular range of autumn colours, from rust red through to brilliant gold, is simply breathtaking. 🍂 😮 ⛰Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Luke!

3 weeks ago

It is not easy being as cute as this young Echidna. @carmelboyd_ met this spikey little guy on the trail to the spectacular Liffey Falls. The falls are near the town of Deloraine in @northerntasmania and are an easy 45 minute return walk. Keep your eyes peeled as walkers regularly see these endearing and often shy creatures snuffling about in search of ants to devour during the warmer part of the day. 😍📸🐜 Thanks for tagging  #discovertasmania , Carmel!

3 weeks ago

It’s just you and the open road… What more could you want? @saltysummits captured this scenic perspective of our Great Eastern Drive. Take this road and nature invites an indicator. This stretch between Orford and Swansea is just a couple of hours from Hobart, but you'll want to allow plenty of time for stops along the way. Vineyards, historic townships and rocky capes are your pitstops. 🍷🧀💙 Thank you for tagging #discovertasmania Scout, Ben & Tosca.

3 weeks ago

Some landscapes are truly breathtaking; stunning locations that are as beautiful as they are dramatic. And Cradle Mountain certainly fits the bill - especially in a blanket of snow as seen in this shot on the Overland Track by @beautyoftasmania Millions of years in the making, the iconic profile of the mountain and its World-Heritage listed backdrop is easily one of Tassie’s most visited natural attractions. Have you visited yet?... ❄️🌄 😍 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Luke!

3 weeks ago

Ah, dawn’s golden light on The Hazards granite peaks in Freycinet National Park. @stilliwander captured this early morning stunner not without a little effort. This is the view from the southern end of Wineglass Bay, looking back to the Hazards. There are plenty of great @eastcoasttasmania short walks including one to this spot. Just take the 2.5 hour return walk to Wineglass Bay and continue to the beach’s far end. It’ll take an additional 20-30 minutes to walk the full sandy crescent. There’s even a campsite down there for those with a penchant for sunrise snaps. 👣🌅🧡 Thanks so much for tagging #discovertasmania , Zach.

3 weeks ago

It’s like a gateway to your own little island paradise, captured here by @_aswewander. The arch at Mars Bluff on Bruny Island has fuelled the imagination of many an intrepid traveller taking on the Cape Queen Elizabeth Walk. This 12-kilometre hike leads over the top of Mars Bluff but at low tide, walkers can pass below the bluff where they’ll find the iconic arch. Walk beneath it … See where it takes you. 👣💙🗺️ Thank you for tagging #discovertasmania , Luke & Jess.

3 weeks ago

CUTENESS ALERT! Tassie is home to some of the world's most unique (and adorable ) creatures and these pademelon joeys, Tabitha and Maxwell, snapped by @djjosiestyles , are no exception. You can get up close and learn about some of our incredible native animals at one of the many wildlife sanctuaries and parks across the island. The teams at these sanctuaries are at the forefront of conservation and rehabilitation efforts for Tasmania's threatened and injured wildlife. You can play your part in protecting our wildlife by keeping your distance from wild animals in our National Parks and by driving carefully and slowing down on our regional roads between dusk and dawn. 😍🐾💕 Thanks for tagging  #discovertasmania , Josie!

3 weeks ago

White sand beach walks are a perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon, especially when they're just a stone's throw away from a capital city like this spot is in @talamoona 's shot. Being an archipelago of islands, Tasmania has a stunning variety of beaches. Some are wild and remote, others are ridiculously close to our coastal cities. Many are within one of our state's 19 national parks, which means their natural beauty is preserved for generations. Fortunately, most are very accessible, which means spending a quiet day at the beach without the crowds and chaos is within everyone's reach! 💙🏖️👣 Sounds just perfect - thanks for tagging #discovertasmania !

3 weeks ago

It’s easy to see why this spot got the name Remarkable Cave! @icangowiththeflow captured this clifftop snap but head down weaving stairs and peek right through the cave. Look closely and you’ll even see it’s shaped like Tasmania. Remarkable! Located on the Tasman Peninsula, this coastal beauty is just a few kilometres down the road from Port Arthur Historic Site and the cave entrance is a ten-minute downhill stroll from the carpark. Be sure to stick to the tracks and viewing platform as waves can be unexpected and unpredictable inside the cave itself. 💙🌊🙌 Thank you for tagging #discovertasmania Bianca.

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