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11 hours ago

Taking a moment to soak in the stillness of a Tassie winter night with @beautyoftasmania under the dancing beams of our Southern Lights. The Lights (or Aurora Australis ) aren't always about, but when word gets out that charged particles from solar activity are on their way, that's when when Tassie's aurora chasers get excited! And how could you blame them? If you're lucky enough to be in the right spot at the right time, with clear views of our southern skies, you could in for a real treat! 💜📷 ✨ Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Luke!

15 hours ago

Looking down on the vibrant turquoise waters of Little Blue Lake in this shot from @cassleigh_ Located just metres off the main road between the @northerntasmania towns of Derby and Gladstone, the lake is a phenomenon that has resulted from the area's pioneering tin mining days. It reflects a vivid aqua blue from the minerals that occur in its base. Though the miners have long since packed their bags, the lake is now a popular spot with locals and visitors alike, and well worth the stop on any Northern road trip. 🚙 💙 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Cass!


Exploring the towering man ferns of the St Columba Falls track with @hertaboada Located near the village of Pyengana, the track is one of Tasmania's 60 Great Short Walks, meandering through cool rainforest to arrive at one of Tassie's tallest multi-tiered waterfalls. A perfect spot to stretch the legs on a @northerntasmania road trip. And if you're lucky, you may just spot a resident platypus playing in the reserve's waterways. 🍃💦👣 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Hernan!


Marvelling at the jagged peak of Cradle Mountain, covered in a thick blanket of snow in this shot by @matthew kean.12. At this time of year, the alpine landscapes of Tassie's World Heritage Wilderness Area transform into a mesmerising winter wonderland, inspiring locals and visitors alike. Spend your days exploring the snow-dusted boardwalks of our national parks and your evenings curled up by a roaring log fire with a glass (or two ) of Tassie pinot in hand. Yes please! ❄️⛰❄️ Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Matthew!

2 days ago

Chasing rainbows with @meredithhockey along the undulating fairway of Tasmania Golf Club. If golf's your thing, Tassie has no shortage of courses to keep you busy. Whether you're trying your luck on some of Australia's top-rated links courses up north, putting on Australia's oldest course in our central highlands, or taking in the views at this special spot just outside of Hobart (to name a few ), there'll be no wanting for a great place to tee-off. We can't guarantee you'll find that hole-in-one at the end of these rainbows, but the views along the way will more than make up for it! 🏌️‍♂️🌈 🌊 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Meredith!

3 days ago

Sunrise skies and a crisp winter morning breeze paint a picture-perfect scene in @snapshottours ' shot of @hobartandbeyond 's Richmond Bridge. Located a scenic 30-minute drive from Tassie's capital, Richmond is a quaint historic village in the heart of the Coal River Valley wine region. The town's iconic bridge, built by convicts in the 1820s, is the oldest bridge still in use in Australia and well worth a visit. 📜 🍃🚙 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Carmel!

3 days ago

The blazing band of our Milky Way serving as a backdrop to the Shot Tower in this snap by @deni_cupit Tucked away in the coastal forests of the @hobartandbeyond suburb of Taroona, when this 58m tower was completed in 1870 it was Australia's tallest building and remained so for four years. Today, it serves as a distinctive landmark for the area and a great stop for those exploring the greater Hobart region. And if you're willing to climb the 318 wooden steps, you'll be rewarded with 360 degree views across Storm Bay, South Arm and surrounding countryside. 📜🌌 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Deni!

4 days ago

This looks like a good spot to lay anchor for the night!  @jimmyemmsphotography captured this stunning vista while sailing the tannin-stained waters of Bathurst Harbour with @hobartyachts Located in Tassie's remote Southwest National Park, Bathurst Harbour is part of the Port Davey Marine Reserve - a vast 17,753 hectare reserve that extends 20 kilometres inland within the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Sounds like the perfect wilderness adventure! ⛵⛰️🍃 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Jimmy!

4 days ago

In how many other capital cities can you see a sky like this? @jedfarout captured this amazing celestial shot from atop a snowy kunanyi / Mount Wellington. During @hobartandbeyond 's early days of exploration, the iconic Mountain underwent many name changes including Table Hill, Montagne du Plateau, Skiddaw, Mount Collins, and Table Mountain. It was renamed Mount Wellington sometime between 1822 and 1824 in honour of the Duke of Wellington. These days it is officially called kunanyi / Mount Wellington in recognition and celebration of Tassie's first inhabitants. Whatever you call it, we think she's a real stunner no matter the season or time of day. 🏔️🌌🌃 Thanks for sharing this great shot with us, Jed!

5 days ago

"Surf's up!" @submerged_images captured this cheeky snap of a black-browed albatross when exploring the waters off Merricks Reef at the @eastcoasttasmania 's St Helens. Tassie's coastal birdlife is as diverse as it is impressive, with albatross, shearwaters, gulls, gannets and sea eagles frequenting our coastlines. Spend some time on the water or gazing out to sea and you'll soon spot some locals! 🐦 📷 💦 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Danny!

5 days ago

Dawn, and a new day is reflected in the geometric gridlines of the Tessellated Pavement in this shot from @travellingonthompsontime A geological oddity formed by thousands of years of tidal erosion, the Tessellated Pavement is one of a number of natural attractions on the Tasman Peninsula. Together, they make for a fascinating, family-friendly day of exploring 90 minutes south-east of @hobartandbeyond 🚗 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 📷 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Denham & Annie!

1 weeks ago

Morning warmth strikes the towering dolerite cliffs of Cape Hauy in @travellingonthompsontime 's shot from Tasman National Park. Located 90 minutes' drive south-east of @hobartandbeyond , the 5-hour return walk to Cape Hauy traces the closing stages of the award-winning Three Capes Track, and is one of the 60 Great Short Walks of Tasmania. This is Tassie coastal wilderness walking at its very best! 🚶‍♀️💦😎 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Denham and Annie!

1 weeks ago

Port Arthur Historic Site's convict-built church, captured under starlit skies by @planetscapes_photography One of numerous landmark buildings within @hobartandbeyond 's World Heritage-listed historic site, the church was constructed by Port Arthur's resident convicts between 1836 and 1837 using stone that was prepared by juveniles at Point Puer Boys' Prison across the harbour. It's a remarkable building full of equally remarkable stories. ⛪️️ 📷 📜 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Rod!

2 weeks ago

Blue winter skies and a snow-dusted Cradle Mountain stand as a backdrop to Dove Lake's iconic boatshed in this shot by @photosby_ang The boatshed was constructed from local king billy pine in 1940 by the first ranger at Cradle Mountain, Lionell Connell. In 1938, the Cradle Mountain Reserve Board purchased three Huon pine boats, which remained in service for visitors until the 1960s and were stored in the waterside shed. It's a fascinating reminder of how visitors have enjoyed the region for generations. 🛶💧🏠 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Ang!

2 weeks ago

Bursting with pre-dawn colour – that’s just how the Bay of Fires likes it! This beautiful shot by @thegingerwanderlust invites you to find a granite outcrop of your own. While the waters might be a little chilly at this time of year, there are plenty of quiet spots to choose from to enjoy a sunny winter morning and take in views of sapphire waters, orange lichen, and squeaky white sands… Nature’s palette is bold in these parts. 🧡🎨🌊 Thanks so much for tagging #discovertasmania , Ellie.

2 weeks ago

Planning a day of adventure with @travellingonthompsontime from the Bruny Island Neck lookout, with views out onto Adventure Bay and beyond. The bay has long been a refuge for some of the world's most intrepid explorers, with Abel Tasman, the first European in the region, sailing its shore in 1642 and Captain Tobias Furneaux in 1773, later naming the bay after his ship, the Adventure. Captains James Cook and William Bligh also took in these views after their own voyages through the wild waters of the Tasman Sea. Today, adventure here looks a bit less demanding for visitors, with your pick of leisurely day-walks, plenty of taste-testing and, of course, the climb of the lookout's 238 stairs. 😍🧀☀️

2 weeks ago

Good morning Hobart! A Thursday doesn't look too bad when it starts like this. @jniza images captured this golden-sky stunner while on an early morning walk along @hobartandbeyond 's Constitution Dock. The waterfront area is a hub for delicious dining experiences, beautiful accomodation, boutique bars and of course, views that just can't be beaten! 🌅🛥🥂 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania !

2 weeks ago

One of the many perks of living in Hobart is waking up to winter views like this! @digitalhippie67 captured this wonderfully winter scene of a snow dusted kunanyi / Mount Wellington lit up in dawn light. "The Mountain", as locals like to call it, is an ever present feature of the @hobartandbeyond skyline. And as it is only a 25-minute drive to the summit, it is easily accessible for a family adventure, wilderness walk, or snowman-building escape. This morning though, we might just enjoy the views for down here in our warm, cosy city. 😉⛰❄️ Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Peter!

2 weeks ago

"Like my new fringe?" @lucychampion met this glamorous gal while exploring @hobartandbeyond 's Huon Valley. If you've road tripped through Tassie, you may have spotted some of the highland cattle that call our picturesque farmlands home. The fertile agricultural valleys in Tassie's south are just one of the places you might run into the fluffy cows. They're also a well-known welcoming committee at the village of Tarraleah in the central highlands and at Sheffield in our northwest. 🍃 🐮⛰ Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Lucy!

2 weeks ago

Getting an adrenaline fix with @jdaseymourphotomedia on the winding trails of Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails in @northerntasmania Once a booming mining settlement, the town of Derby was the setting for an epic tin rush that saw thousands of eager miners flock to the area. Today, the town has seen rush of another kind, with the construction of more than 80km of world class singletrack amongst enormous granite slabs, dense tree fern forests, and breathtaking scenery. You up for it? ☁️🍃🚵‍♂️ Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Jasper!

2 weeks ago

Exploring the expansive curve of the Gordon Dam wall with @beardmcbeardy Located in @hobartandbeyond 's Southwest National Park and constructed in 1974 for the purpose of generating hydro-electric power via the Gordon Power Station, this 140m-high icon has since become a mecca for thrill seekers, with the dam wall serving as the site of the world’s highest commercial abseil! Are you game?... 🙌😎🚴‍♂️Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , mate!

2 weeks ago

Nestled on the shores of Macquarie Harbour, a sunlit Strahan stands quietly ahead of an afternoon storm.  @colin_clark_rally captured this picturesque scene on a recent visit to the west coast town, the gateway to the World Heritage listed Franklin–Gordon Wild Rivers National Park. Strahan is full of stories from the days of convicts and pioneers toughing it out in Tassie's Western Wilds. 🍃🌦️🛥️ Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Colin!

2 weeks ago

The inner-city serenity of King's Bridge at the mouth of Cataract Gorge, captured on a winter's afternoon by @runawaywithamorris Located in city of Launceston, the wrought-iron bridge crosses the waters of @northerntasmania 's South Esk River. Construction of the bridge began in 1864 in Manchester, England before being transported to Launceston for final assembly. At the time it was named the South Esk Bridge and it was the only form of vehicular crossing of the river in Launceston. Today, it is just one of many beautiful historical highlights to visit in our northern city gem. 🍃🚶‍♀️ 🐾 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Kel and Jamie!

2 weeks ago

Soft dawn light pours over Hobart's kunanyi / Mount Wellington behind the distinctive face of the Cascade Brewery, captured by @mattdavis_photography Established in 1832, it is Australia’s oldest continually operating brewery, giving brewery tour visitors the chance to get up close and personal to a beer-making process that has been more than 180 years in the making. Time for pint or two? Don't mind if we do! 🌄 🍻⛰Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Matt!

2 weeks ago

"Do you wanna build a snowman?" @hazfos captured this shot of a friendly wombat enjoying the first snow of the season. It sure looks chilly! Fortunately Tassie's bare-nosed wombats are built for all seasons, with a thick coat of fur providing plenty of insulation for when the mercury drops - so the grass munching (and snowman building ) can continue! ☃️📷😆 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Harry!

2 weeks ago

Tucked away behind the white sand dunes of East Coast Tassie's Bay of Fires, Forester Beach Camp is a secluded accommodation reserved for those taking on day one of the Bay of Fires Lodge Walk with @taswalkingco This stunning part of Tassie is best explored on foot, and the four day lodge walk offers the ideal way to immerse yourself in the endless beaches, turquoise waters, and coastal heathland by day, with all the creature comforts at night. ⛅👣🌊 Thanks for sharing this special spot with us, team! #discovertasmania

3 weeks ago

A secret stairway in the Tarkine wilderness, captured by @saltysummits Located on the Pieman River in @visitcradlecoast , the stairs lead to the Lovers Falls Track, one of the Tarkine's hidden gems. Accessible only by water from the historic mining township of Corinna, Lovers Falls has to be one of Tassie's most unique cascades. Make sure you share it with someone special... 🙌🌿🛶 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Scout, Ben and Tosca!

3 weeks ago

When there's a private hot tub on your deck, who cares if it's a bit chilly outdoors! @melissafindley took the opportunity to soak up the wilderness surrounds at Cradle Mountain Lodge - one of a range of accommodation options on the fringe of the northern reaches of the Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park in @visitcradlecoast After kicking back like this, you can't help but be ready for the next wave of wilderness adventures! ❄️🍷🛀 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Melissa!

3 weeks ago

Marching off into a weekend full of Tassie winter adventures with one of Tassie's pricklier locals and @chasedavidson_ This intrepid little character was photographed in Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park, on a mission to explore the region's incredible wilderness. Tassie's echidnas can be spotted across the state and are significantly bigger, fluffier and (if you ask us ) cuter than their mainland cousins. Have you seen one yet? ☀️🗺🍂 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Chase!

3 weeks ago

Waking up to an idyllic Tassie winter wonderland with @jodieparison This stunning location is Cradle Mountain Lodge, one of several accommodation options at the northern entrance to the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park and Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Pack your beanie, gloves, scarf and boots - with the recent snow we've been having, the time's perfect for a winter wilderness adventure! ☃️ 🎿 🏔 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Jodie!

3 weeks ago

Exploring the impressive dolerite rock formations at Bruny Island's Mars Bluff with @jeon_landscapes A feature of the 12-kilometre return day-walk to Cape Queen Elizabeth on North Bruny's east coast, Mars Bluff lies at the northern end of Adventure Bay and offers sweeping views of Bruny's coastline and the famous isthmus (land-bridge ) that links North and South Bruny Islands. 🔭 ☀️ 💦 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Jeon!

3 weeks ago

Mysterious. Magical. Inviting.... We've joined @lulus_happy_face on the Pencil Pine Walk near @visitcradlecoast 's Cradle Mountain for a unforgettable winter stroll through ancient alpine wilderness. The network of trails on the northern fringes of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park offer visitors a tantalising taste of World Heritage-listed wilderness. We're convinced you'll leave wanting more... 🌿 📷 🍃 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Lulu!

3 weeks ago

Winter has arrived! Overnight, many of Tassie's alpine regions were blanketed in fresh snow and @loicleguilly was up bright and early to enjoy the views that came with it. There is a distinct feeling of excitement in the brisk winter air as we prepare for our season of sharing. Sure, the days are shorter and the temperatures lower. But that's the perfect opportunity to celebrate the dark in warm, cosy ways. Let the feasts, festivals and fireside chats begin! ✨😉🔥 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Loic!

3 weeks ago

Wisps of sunrise colour illuminate the sky over Lake Oberon and the Western Arthur Range in @beautyoftasmania 's image from @hobartandbeyond 's Southwest National Park. Reaching this view requires considerable preparation, experience, and a 6-day circuit hike through magnificent but unforgiving alpine scenery. For many of us, photos like this are as close as we will come to some of Tassie's more wild and remote locations. But they're a reminder of the sheer majesty and untamed wilderness that still exists on our pristine little island. 😍🍃 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Luke!

3 weeks ago

"Welcome to Bruny Island!" @justileah was greeted by this resident bundle of cuteness on a recent visit to Bruny Island's Simpson's Bay. Located off the south-east coast of the Tassie mainland, 35 minutes' drive and a 20-minute ferry trip from @HobartandBeyond , Bruny is home to a small and isolated population of Bennetts wallabies that sustain a rare genetic white variant. Cute, huh? 🙌📷🐰 Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania , Emily!

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