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22 hours ago

Just checking on leo mum.. he was barking while you went outside.. my bro 😍 #CharlieAndLeo


Boop, boop ♡♡♡ It was a loooooooong week. Happy weekend peoples & furiends. ♡ #pixiepopsie #lifeofpixie #themanyfacesofpixie #iampixie


To all our pawesome friends.. thank you so much for following us from the bottom of our hearts.. My bro is doing good.. back to see the vet tomorrow for.check up.🤞🤞 He really doesnt like being crated while i run around.😝. i did try and bite a hole in the cage but the cage won this time 😡 Thank you for all your support for Leo, we love all you guys. Night all shihtzu kisses to you all 😘😘😘


in #thailand i used to have a backyard all to myself but now i like to trespass and dig around other people’s backyard 🐶🐾

2 days ago

Me 2 minutes after coming home from being out all day 😴 nap time now ok x 🐶💙 Happy wanger out Wednesday! 🌽 RALPH20 @poochbandana for 20% off 🤗 . . #ralphdailyzu My bros! 😘🐶 @wilber_the_shorkie 🥓 @jaxthetzu 🐷 @teddy_shih_tzu__ 🐻 @oliver_gordon_shihtzu 🐷 @shihtzulovebug ❤️🐛 @elvis_thedog17 🌊 @dougietheshihtzu 🍌 @misterrmase 🍕

2 days ago

Mummy said if i didnt bounce about Leo and I could lay and have a cuddle. 😍 #CharlieAndLeo

3 days ago

is it friday yet?? 😴✨

3 days ago

#repost CREDIT: @badtags

3 days ago

Mi Amor ❤️

3 days ago

It’s Tuesday! 🐶 hope you’re week is off to a fun start furiends 😘💙🐾 I got paw mail from @pawsomepawsboutique - was excited to open my new lead and harness! 🥰 I’ve been for walkies around the lake, had a lil dip 🦆 and played with a lovely furiend 🐶 fun times! . . RALPH20 @poochbandana for 20% off 🤗 . . #ralphdailyzu My bros! 😘🐶 @wilber_the_shorkie 🥓 @jaxthetzu 🐷 @teddy_shih_tzu__ 🐻 @oliver_gordon_shihtzu 🐷 @shihtzulovebug ❤️🐛 @elvis_thedog17 🌊 @dougietheshihtzu 🍌 @misterrmase 🍕

3 days ago

Daddy loves us.. daddy loves us... he only pretends he doesnt.. hes coming home to be with me today while i wait on Leo coming home.. #CharlieAndLeo

4 days ago

Wamtermeloms are da best. I chomp on wamtermeloms and somtims daddy’s hamd . . . . . . . #shihtzu #tofutheterror #dogasmr

4 days ago

Ill watch for Leo mum.. you chill. #CharlieAndLeo

4 days ago

Out for walkies with mummy.. wish Leo was here as its more fun barking with him with me... ppl think we are hugh dogs when they hear us together..lol 🤣🤣 #CharlieAndLeo

4 days ago

Update on Leo.. Surgery went well. On painkillers and comfortable. Hopefully home tomorrow night. 🤞🤞🤞🤞 thank you so much everyone 😘😘 #CharlieAndLeo

4 days ago

another Monday here at #ShihtZooEnterprises ☕, can't wait to have our official uniforms from @m.o.b.ties 😁⁠ ❗🚨we are still accepting applications for those who missed out or who are interested in working with our great company🚨❗⁠ *⁠ *⁠ *⁠ *⁠ My Furfam: @jaxthetzu , @dougietheshihtzu , @divashihtzu , @heksenkindje , @ralph_shih_tzu , @wilber_the_shorkie , @freddie and.beau, @zorrotzu , @leon_the_shihtzu , @teddy_shih_tzu__ 🐶🐾⠀⁠ *⁠ *⁠ *⁠ *⁠ #dogsofinstagram #dogs #dogstagram #doglover #dogoftheday #doglovers #doglife #shihtzu #shihtzugram_feature #shihtzulovers_feature #shihtzu_of_ig #shihtzunews #woofpackbros #animalsinfluence #barkbox #shihtzugram #shihtzucommunity #shihtzufeature #shihtzuofinstagram #dogmodel #cutedog #shihtuzoftheday #instafamous #dailybarker #shihtzulovers #misterrmase #canadadogs #dogsofbark #petsofinstagram

4 days ago

If you take my advice There's nothing so nice As messin' about on the river 🎶

5 days ago

Mummy i have a bad feeling about Leo this morning.. im just going to cuddle him and give him a wee kiss then we will go out and play..

5 days ago

Lets ask our Pawsome friends for some ideas to get back at mummy & daddy?? #CharlieAndLeo

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