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1 hour ago

Don't forget! 📸📸 . ______________ Join us September 21st for a @sdphotosquad MEETUP! Models and photographer's of all experience welcome! Build a portfolio, practice or learn new skills, collaborate and network with locals, create lasting relationships, meet new people. Get inspired! This event is FREE! Please RSVP via link in bio! #sdphotosquad | #sdphotomeetup ______________ Get an additional 15% off your order at SMOKEEFFECT.COM by using code SQUAD at check out! @smoke effect ______________ . . . . . . . #sandiego #sdphotographer #sandiegogram #sdblogger #sdlife #visitsd #mySDphoto #sd #chicanopark #sdphotographer #sdphotography #sandiegoevents #sandiego_visuals #sandiegomodel #sdmodels #sandiegoyoga #allthingssd #igerssandiego #sandiego_ca #sandiegoliving #sandiegovisuals #theresandiego #sandiegolocal #sandiegolifestylephotographer #socal #sandiegoskateboarding #tonyhawk #theresandiego

3 hours ago

Fire & Desire. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Photographer: @buen foto ⠀ • • ✨ taken @lm meets ✨ • #portrait_perfection #willyscouts #elitenyc #portrait_pros #wlyg #portrait_today #postthepeople #melaninmagic #portraitcentral #lamodels #iemodels #makeportraits #folkportrait #portraitvision_ #dopeports #pursuitofportraits #portraitvibez #sdphotography #vogue #hvmansouls

4 hours ago

Our favorite way to take in San Diego’s beautiful views ✨

5 hours ago

Family photos are my jam. I love them!! I think I love them so much because I know how much I TREASURE my family photos. Pictures of my sweet fam over the last few years have changed so much! My kids are growing ya’ll!! And before I know it they’re going to be big 😭😭😭 Like really big and grown up. They will never. be. small. again. So. Family photos ARE important! You will never get this time back. Those cute looks and outfits they choose. The way this little gal Emma decided to flex for the photo and I LOVE IT! These are what they will look back on years from now and smile at. If you haven’t gotten a session in years... or it’s been too long. Schedule it now!! It’s worth it people. #jamiegrantphotography #socalfamilyphotographer #socalfamilyphotos #coronadofamilyphotography #sandiegofamilyphotographer #socalfamilies #beachphotography #reallife #socalfamilyphotography #sandiegophotographer #sdphotography #familyphotographysydney

6 hours ago

So I keep telling myself that I’m not booking anything else for 2019, and then I get a really awesome inquiry and I can’t say no! 🙈 I’m so grateful for everyone that reaches out to me! Over the next month I have 2 weddings and 5 couples shoots! All while working my day job (until the first week of October, eeeek! ) and planning my own wedding in November! 😱 I have countless bridal appointments sprinkled throughout the next month too. It’s gonna be a busy one you guys but I AM SO READY. 🙌🏻💛 Also cannot wait to finally commit allllll of my time to photography. Big, big things are coming my friends!

6 hours ago

Happy Monday! Here’s a super adorable guy cheering you on! 😍

8 hours ago

The calm before the storm ☔️ you guys. I officially have only ONE spot left in October. Busy season is already starting and I’m just here soaking up all my extra free time before I dose up the caffeine and edit until my eyes close. So grateful to do what I do, I truly am. I can’t wait for my these fall sessions 🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍. If you’re thinking of booking with me, DO NOT WAIT! October is basically full and I already have sessions booked in November and December ❤️❤️❤️

10 hours ago

I have the case of ABCD’s (American born confused desi ) Pic: @eyecreatevisuals Bindi: @bindibabeonline

11 hours ago

Happy Monday! We have another incredible feature to share with you for #thedelightofdecor This week our co-host is Kelby @the modberry 💙 Her Texan home a very cool and unique mix of modern and BOHO and we’re digging it!! She is definitely one to follow - you won’t be disappointed! — Thank you to Tamara @mygrandparentschair for co-hosting with us last week! We so appreciate our guest hosts. All of the posts that used our hashtag #thedelightofdecor these past couple of weeks were so amazing; we are looking forward to another round!⁣⁣ —⁣⁣ If you want to play along and be featured next week follow the steps below:⁣⁣⁣ 1✨Tag your awesome decor with #thedelightofdecor this week⁣⁣ 2✨Follow all your hosts below: 🌿Erica @annageorgiannahome ⁣⁣ 🌿Janelle @burnettbungalow 🌿Maggie @experimentingwithdecor ⁣⁣ 🌿Kayleigh @ourwelldesignedlife ⁣⁣ 🌿Rachel @thenortherncurrent ⁣⁣ 🌿Nikki @cottageandsea ⁣⁣ ✨Co-host✨ @the modberry ⁣⁣3✨We'll pick a winner to feature next Monday! The winner will be featured on all our accounts and asked to co-host with us. Feel free to invite a few friends to play along!⁣

21 hours ago

I first photographed the Cole family when they lived in San Diego, but they’ve since moved away. I was so glad to see them again this year and meet their precious new addition!


Worth the hike


Super fortunate that I get to take pictures of the cutest couples 🥰😭 Literally squeal from cuteness every time I edit. I love it.


the number 8 has been following me and according to google it means infinity and all that is good and right in the universe. i’ll take it. shot for @banyankitchensd + @thecoastcreative at @confettiacademy


Happy belated 29th Anniversary to these gems!! I loved every second of this shoot and watching how you all interacted with each other. So much love! *⁣⁣ *⁣⁣ *⁣⁣ *⁣⁣ *⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣⁣ *⁣⁣ *⁣⁣ *⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 🐝__________________________________________________________⁣ #sandiego #sdphotographer #sandiegomoms #sandiegogram #sdblogger #sdlife #visitsd #mySDphoto #momlife #sdlivin #sdphotographer #sdphotography #sandiegogram #sandiegolove #californiaphotographer #family #momsofinstagram #mysdphoto #allthingssd #igerssandiego #sandiego_ca #sandiegoliving #sandiegogram #familygoals #californiaphotographer #familyphotography #portrait_mood #portraitphotography #sandiegolifestylephotographer #socalphotographer


Jaipur 📍 • Feeling the warmth in India


Great Photography is about depth of feelings,not depth of Photo.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . #photo #photography #tulasi #depth #picture #focal #depthoffield #canon #pictures #sdphotography


Morning friends! It’s #sundayshare today and we are loving on our friend Jess at @houseon77th 💙 How gorgeous is this room - that black rattan pendant and every single detail! She is a self-taught DIYer and home stylist queen! For some major inspo, go check her out and show her some LOVE!! 🙌🏻


Several of the mommy-and-me photos were favorites from this session. Those boys loved their moms!

2 days ago

This is my Canon 5D MKii with a 24-70 2.8 L blah blah blah. I am so proud of my self for how far I came as a photographer. I found my style, I traveled, I met some awesome people and made dope friends from all over, even got published a few times. Listen. I am happy to say that no matter how small or big your dreams are that you should never ever EVER give up on the things and the people that make you happy and chase your passions in life. It is going to get stressful, you are going to get tired, hell you might not have anyone to pick you up when you fall down. But I believe in you as much as I believed in my self when I was grinding it out and I’m still grinding it out trying to make my way as a professional photographer. This post is in celebration to my accomplishments and victories big and small because in the last 3 years of being a photographer I never got a chance to celebrate. This one is to you @terrencej for casting in a romantic comedy that made me find my passion in photography called The Perfect Match! To @canonusa for making professional equipment that allows me to create under the crazies weather conditions (L series is the way to go! ). Shout out to @asiansneverdie for helping me stylize and carry some culture during my adventures always keeping a smile on everyone’s face around me especially me. Much love to @adidas for driving me to be original as a bboy, a photographer and comfortable. Lastly to my friends and family I love you all for supporting me through the last 3 years it’s been mad real. Have a blessed day everyone and Happy Saturday!!! Sincerely, Mr. Thursdays _____________________________________________________________ The Perfect Match is a dope movie I don’t care what anyone has to say! It’s all good baby baby!

2 days ago

Newborn Session Ravishing in Red ❤️ >>>BOOK NOW<<< 📷 @shelenedanielle

2 days ago

Day 4: Teens . Contrary to popular belief, almost all of the teenagers I have interacted with as a photographer and a med student have been pleasant people! Sure there are a few fruits with attitude in the mix but teens are full of youth and quite fun to work with. __ This is an age where a lot of changes are happening and where mental illness becomes a big issue. One of my most memorable experiences was talking to teens on my inpatient psychiatry rotation. One of them was sexually abused when she was young, which made her fearful of men and now she is in a safe relationship with a girl. However, her mom is not very supportive of this and that has significantly affected her mental health. I couldn’t even imagine how hard it must be for her to deal with everything. Sometimes it just takes one understanding person, if we are brave enough to choose kindness. … #sacramentofamilyphotographer #sacramentofamilyphotography #sacramentonewbornphotographer #sacramentomaternityphotographer #norcalphotographer #familytime #photographytips #sandiegofamilyphotographer #sandiegofamily photography #sandiegomaternityphotographer #sdphotography #lifestylephotography #premed #medstudent #medstudentlife #medicalschool #nursingschool

2 days ago

Can you spot @persianskater ? Meet the fan club that showed up during the @sdphotosquad meet. Surprisingly @polarpro 2-5 ND filter with @petermckinnon really settles in smoothly with my selective color edits. I’m very very happy with the colors I’m getting that are making my post edits a breeze now ☺️. Happy Saturday everyone! In frame: @persianskater _____________________________________________________________


Being sisters and brother means being there for each other💟 CC: @miss_short_soul #SD ❤️ #SDphotography #canonpic #sisters 💕 #brotherlove 💗 #sisterfromanothermother 😍👭 #blessdtohavethem ❣️😘

2 days ago

Am the #king of My #kingdom 👑🙏👑 #instapic #instagay #1m #sdphotography

2 days ago

Don’t stop, won’t stop... believing it’s still summer in this 78 degree Cali weather! 💙 And side note, if you guys need a rattan pendant this one is so gorgeous from @wanderlustlighting 🙌🏻 Yesterday at the grocery store I met a 75 year old who was as healthy as can be and he said his secret was being active and also eating right. He said not to eat any produce from Mexico because of the pesticides and water. So I’m curious, how many of you buy organic fruits + veggies? We love being active and healthy and this is one we go back and forth on. It’s so much more expensive but what do you guys think, yay or nay?

2 days ago

Please share!!!! There is only one polar bear left in this photo, all the rest have been photoshopped out. We need to do something about this! Studies show that the senseless editing out of helpless polar bears leads to increased depression and anxiety in the polar populations. Do your part, dont crop out polar bears! Please share! . . . #thewildsideoflife #seetheworld #photooftheday #travel #adventure #picoftheday #travelphotography #adventurephotography #sandiegophotography #sdphotography #wildlifephotography #nikonglobal #ig_daily #traveltheplanet #animalphotography #sandiegozoo #sandiegosafaripark #sandiego #animalsofinstagram #sdphotosquad #instagood @sandiegozoo @sdzsafaripark @wildlife_conservancy @smithsonianzoo #wildlife_seeker #animals #wildlife #bear #bears #polarbear #swimming #predator

2 days ago

"Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.” - Gerard De Nerval #nature #naturalphotography #naturalbeauty #blossom #flowers #SDphotography #mobilephotographyindia #mobilephotographynature

2 days ago

Walking on water...

2 days ago

They’ll always have each other... These precious twins share something so many of us will never understand 💕 A forever friend from the womb. I pray they never experience loneliness and stay the best and closest of friends. Have you ever been lonely? I have 🙋🏼‍♀️. I have battled severe loneliness my whole life. Maybe from growing up as an only child, or because we lived in a suburb with sparse houses and almost no kids... or maybe a combination of a lot of things. Either way loneliness felt like a constant companion. I tried to numb it with friends and accomplishments but I never felt TRULY accepted (whether that was just in my head or actual reality 🤷🏼‍♀️ ) fast forward to when someone tells me about Jesus and how he DEEPLY and truly knows me and loves me... and for the first time having that lonely ache within soothed with the precious salve of Gods acceptance and presence. It’s not that I haven’t felt lonely since, it’s just when I start to feel lonely, it’s in indicator for me that I haven’t been spending time with the only One who can take that pain away. Loneliness has been knocking on my door these days that I have so little time to sit with my Heavenly Father and be filled by His truth. And there are days where loneliness gets the better of me. But it doesn’t last long and I know the answer is Him. There is hope and joy the moment I turn my eyes back to him. Maybe you’re lonely today... let me tell you, you really are not alone. 💕

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