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12 minutes ago

Waterfalls everywhere - that was the theme in Krka National Park! ☀️

39 minutes ago

Need to learn to chill or you’re never going to last 🌌 ... 📷 @shadyffa

45 minutes ago

Rasuti između zelenih obronaka Fruške gore i plavog Dunava, Sremski Karlovci čuvaju bogatu riznicu srpske kulture i duhovnosti u svojim građevinama od neprocijenjive istorijske vrijednosti, a na njegovim ulicama se i danas slave vino i grožđe uz poeziju Branka Radičevića. ✨ U Sremskim Karlovcima je 1734. godine održana prva pozorišna predstava kod Srba, a 1791. godine osnovana prva srpska gimnazija. ✨ Kažu da u Sremskim Karlovcima svaka zgrada, kuća i ulica priča neku slavnu priču jer je ovaj grad bio duhovni i kulturni centar Srbije. Na one koji ga nikada nisu posetili, idilični gradić sa nestrpljenjem čeka, kako bi prosuo pred njih svoj šarm i stekao nove obožavaoce. ✨ #novisad #fotkrovenje #mojsvetuboji #sremskikarlovci #srbijanadlanu #istrazisrbiju #novosadski #vojvodina #photooftheday #travelgram #topinaljudi #prelepost #bluesky #living_destinations #riyets #travel #travelphotography #srbijauslikama #lightroompresets #lightroom

1 hour ago

August mornings at it's finest!

1 hour ago

Proudly presents: @canon_girl_5 Feature chosen by: @chris_nature_lover CONGRATULATIONS!! Your work is absolutely amazing! 🏆🏆🏆 . We are happy to present this amazing picture from this fantastic artist. Please take a moment to visit the gallery for the talented featured artist above. . Recommended friends hubs: @ig_nature_naturally @bestpicturesgallery @world_photo_shots @igbest_shots #bestpicturesgallery #planet_earth_shots #riyets #bns_earth #awesomedreamplaces #depthsofearth #dream_image #fiftyshades_of_nature #earth_shotz #nakedplanet #duskmac #stellar_shots #earth_reflect #gottolove_this #ig_fotografdiyari #ig_nature_naturally #kings_shots #moods_in_frame #the_gallery_of_magic #bestcaptureglobal

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Villány, Hungary

1 hour ago

The light on this early morning was out of this world! 😍

2 hours ago

Repost by @hub_world_photography ——— Tea makes everything better! - - - Shot by: ( @yourworldmylens ) Curated by: ( @5iddhesh ) - - - To get Featured: 1. Follow @true colours.of.india 2. Use #_tcoi or #truecoloursofindia - - - #india #dslrofficial #_soi #mypixeldiary #photographers_of_india #oph #travelrealindia #ourmoodydays #visualambassadors #Riyets #artofvisuals #agameoftones #moodygrams #sunset_vision #duskmac #art #creativeoptic #gramslayers

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💧TRAVEL DROP OF THE DAY💧 25/08/2019 ____________________________________ 🏆 Belongs to the talented: 👉🏻 @karlvibes ********************************************** 📷 Location: Montreal, Canada 🇨🇦 Photo selected by: 🌐 Admin: @insta_ksou *********************************************** 🏆 Congratulations 🏆 ----------------------------------------------- Please take some time to visit our featured artist's gallery and feel free to spread your love and support! ----------------------------------------------- For a chance to be featured, ➡️Follow: @travel_drops_ ➡️Tag: #travel_drops ____________________________________ Don't forget to mention where your photo was taken. ____________________________________

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+++ Das Boot +++ Vor einer Woche war ich seit langem mal wieder am Brombachsee. Das Foto, wo das Boot zum Steg gefahren ist, hatte ich euch ja schon gezeigt : ) Nachdem das Boot am Steg festgemacht wurde, habe ich es noch im restlichen Abendlicht fotografiert. Es war ein wirklich zufälliges Motiv und man sieht hier wieder mal gut, dass man nicht alles planen kann : ) . Später gehts für mich noch zum alljährlichen Feuerwerk nach Weißenburg. Mal schauen, ob ich hier wieder ein schönes Foto bekomme : ) . . . #landscapephotography #landschaftsfotografie #fotografie #photography #picoftheday #photooftheday #photographer #earthisunique #batpixs_germany #igers #naturephotography #goandcapturethelight #naturesplash_dream #touroftheworld #fiftyshades_of_nature #rebel_sky #earth_reflect #everything_imaginable #tv_allnature #singleleaf_collab #colors_of_day #nature_brilliance #flareforyoface #riyets #gegoppelt #abendstimmung #brombachsee #haidam15

3 hours ago

Фотография которая показывает/описывает все то, что сейчас происходит в моей голове и в принципе в жизни. На фото стою я смотрящий куда-то туда, на другой берег, в будущее, я его уже вижу, единственное препятствие это река передо мной, внутри которой находятся подводные камни и ямы, ещё возможно водоросли средь которых я могу запутаться, но самое главное я уже вижу другой берег, он передо мной так же как и мои мечты сейчас, цели. А река? Ее можно обойти и пройти через мелководье, заодно и подводные камни буду видеть, и в водорослях не запутаюсь как в своих мыслях иногда, ну и ямы, не впаду в депрессию, что значит не утону.

4 hours ago

"She looked above the sky, the sky which was dark and gloomy, but had one halo like spot from where the lights from the sun approached, Just like the sky had The sun and the moon, she remembered a pair of eyes,; caring & loving eyes. Eyes which are the moon and sun to her skies " She never posed obstacles for his growth, never demotivated him for the things he wanted to do, Never saw anyone else above him, Never she thought for a second that her life would be better without him ! Because that 'better' will make her heartless and her soul would retreat in darkness ! She never thought that she would be a burden after all huge moments of love, she never thought that he who made her feel special even in the darkest hours will now openly make her feel unwanted ! She never thought that the dignity of hers which she placed in his hands to safeguard will be tossed right on her face, She never thought that her innocent love and anger, will make her man so irritated! She never thought that in testing times, instead of roaming around he will make new best friends to replace her. Maybe demon for others, but she saw her God in him, who would be there to protect her and guide her, whose loving presence would fuel her to smile and shine in her most natural ways ! But if you really love someone with your soul, how is it possible to just not care, for the tears they shed, for the hours they spend staring the ceiling at night, until the alarm rings breaking their loneliness! How is it possible to love someone and still make them feel wortless? She never thought that her God for whom she prayed, will turn so bitter, Maybe her God is in a crowd of opinions from others, maybe he is caged with some dark thoughts fuelled with the poems and people present virtually and in real ! No one knows that THEY ARE ONE OF A KIND TOGETHER , they will never know!! Just maybe her God will hear all her prayers once he listens to them in silence with his heart, for the heart, she bets will never say a word against her !! Till then she prays with a steady heart whose hope is as vast as the sky and love deeper than the depths oceans can cover -Saumya S.

1 hour ago

Definitely one of the most beautiful and best hikes in #ny #nylandscape #nystateparks #waterfalls #beautifullandscape #nyspots #njspots #magical #chasingwaterfalls #riyets

5 hours ago

The tragedy of life is that almost all people cannot change.

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