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2 days ago

flying away on the tail-end of never-land

2 days ago

DETALLES ⠀ ⠀ Sabías que el policarbonato corrugado también se puede utilizar para paneles divisorios.⠀ ⠀ Crean un efecto visual muy “cool” dejando pasar la luz pero manteniendo la privacidad. ⠀ ⠀ Recuerda que si tienes una pregunta o algún proyecto en el que requieres asesoría te brindamos una hora de consulta gratuita. ⠀ ⠀ @destro rd⠀ ⠀ Info @destrointeriors com⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #pocket_minimal #materialesarquitectura #minimalha #_rsa_minimal #great_captures_minimal #rsa_minimal #excellent_minimal #finishescreative #minimal_perfection #mainsimple #creative_minimalism #nothingosordinary #supermegamasterpics_minimal #himmelist #mustardmood #artisartcommunity #indies_minimal #fineartzone ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

It’s Friday & I like this picture of us... that is all 😊

last month

Meet Baby Mia...I had the pleasure of taking some shots of her and her parents when she was 5 weeks old 💕👶🏻 I can’t wait to show you some of my favourites from this shoot! Stay tuned 🙌🏼

last month

Chocolate heaven today in York! . . . . #chocolatelover #chocolate #chocaholic #colourful #yum #myhappyviews #nothingosordinary #york

last month

Turmeric #growyourown #delicious #rubychai

last month

Oh my sweet sweet girl. This strong-willed soul decided that midnight was a good time to be "awake" for the day and mama was up with her until the wee hours of the morning. I was totally at the end of my rope with exhaustion, patience, keeping my emotions in check, etc. Then of course when I couldn't take it anymore and went to get my husband to take a turn with her, she was out in under 5 minutes. Like what? Who else experiences this? Despite the extreme tiredness today, she's chipper as can be and we have been enjoying this rainy weather! Oh the joys of motherhood 🤷🤦💗

June 2019

{Asseyez-Vous}. On an early morning walk, gentle of mood, I stood under a snowstorm of elderflowers shortly after accidentally flushing out a flock of blackbirds from an oak tree. Later, Herons grazed the river while canoeing along the Yonne. We spotted baby swans following their mother while father hunted and gave us a warning protective ruffle of his hind feathers. To think nothing happens is the country is quite silly. The rivers, hills, endless sweep of forests and sky has so much to say if we listen. . . . . . . #ruralphotography #frenchcountrylife #igersbourgogne #seekthesimplicity #nothingosordinary #countrylove #theartofslowliving #simplestcharms #myfrenchcountryhome #brocantestyle #countryhouse

June 2019

Fostering (positive ) interactions with locals - a MINISERIES 4. Leave the touristy spots behind and travel slow. If you’re in the middle of the most touristy spots of the city, the probability of a local approaching you for genuine reasons is VERY unlikely. Let’s be honest here, mass tourism destinations normally feel the strains, and the people of the area are more likely to be annoyed at you, than interested. Just staying in a more residential neighborhood, or going to an undervalued part of the country, can totally turn things around! But even in the most touristy of places, life has to go on for locals. If you stay away from the popular spots, you’ll see a whole new side! It is there where you will learn about local habits and customs, and where you’ll be able to meet the most interesting people. Oh, and it will probably be more rewarding. Another important factor is your pace of travel. We’re not saying that when spending only a few days in a place you cannot make meaningful connections, but it is much more difficult. If you’re cramming your days with must-see activities, the likelihood of you slowing down enough to properly build a relationship with someone, is very low. So if you want genuine interactions, change your priorities, adjust your pace and visit different areas. We, for example, were in Sri Lanka for a couple of months, but didn’t end up seeing much of the country. Instead, we spent longer periods of time in a couple of places. This meant we got to establish mini-routines and do activities that many tourists wouldn’t. Soon enough, we were regularly recognized, and slowly made new connections. We now have multiple friends in Sri Lanka who we cherish! Have you ever made friends with locals whilst traveling?

June 2019

These sporty guys always keep us on our toes. Guardario river kayaking trip 🚣‍♀️

June 2019

Sleep... the best thing for your health and good looks is sleep! Creatives I talk to say they often do their best work late- night owls! Others say it’s very early morning- early birds! Either way- getting enough sleep is a problem- and not just for writers and artists- sleep deprivation is a problem in today’s world. I’ll admit I too suffer from lack of sleep- I’m working on it... making sure there’s no LED lights in the room, wearing a sleep mask and meditation has helped when I just can’t seem to fall asleep on my own. Even giving myself permission to occasionally take a nap. Now, if I could just take a few lessons from our kitten, I know I’d be much better off! Do you suffer from too little sleep? What are your tried and trues? . . . . . #saturdaycaturday #livemorenow #sleepdeprived #sleepingcatsofinstagram #enjoylife 💯 #instamakeoverfam #nothingosordinary #livemorelife #verilymoments #livemorelife #creativesolutions #momentslikethis ❤️ #lifestyleblogger #lovingwhatido #believeyoucanandyouwill #believeinyou #loveyourself 💕 #weekendgoals #findjoyinthelittlethings #beyourbestself

June 2019

So. Freaking. Grateful. 💚

June 2019


May 2019


May 2019

Happy Monday! 🤣✌💚 __________________________ #nobaddays #thatsmiletho #doublechinfordays

May 2019

My #painting of a duck venturing out on the wetlands- I had called it The Quest, but have decided to call it The Odyssey. Copyright #art #artgallery #painting #artwork #artist #gallery #nature #natureartist #natureart #natureloversofinstagram #oilpaint #wetlands #nothingosordinary #oilpainting on #canvas 120cm X 100cm

April 2019

Have you ever seen a sweeter smile 😍😊 I usually get her crazy cheese face but somehow managed to get this sweet little smile on camera 🧡

April 2019

Detail from the portrait I painted of my son. #portrait #portraitart #nothingosordinary

April 2019

Ci sono due tipi di diamanti in questo mondo: il diamante stesso e gli occhi pieni d’amore. __________________ #livecolorfurry #diamond #at_diff #abmlifeiscolorful #acolorstory #choosejoy #huffpostagram #huntgtamcor #livecolorfurry #nothingosordinary #pocket_minimal #happyheart #thecolorshift #minimalism #ig_minimashot #ig_minimalismo

April 2019

Spent the day running errands, now we are back at the farm making homemade pizza & enjoying this amazing weather ☀️

April 2019

It's always hard to leave this sweet thing on my long Saturday workdays! But she's gonna have a great "dad-urday" with dada. 💗

April 2019

This wild garlic purée is unashamedly going on almost everything at the moment, in some form. It’s roughly 50/50 olive oil to garlic ratio and keeps in the fridge for a few months under a layer of oil and can be used to transform into a pesto / salsa verde / gremolata / chimmichurri / other green sauce... or hummus, soups, roast veg, the list goes on. In fact I’ve made so much of this wild garlic purée to preserve the glut, that if anyone wants some let me know!!!! . . . . 📷 @matt_austin_images

April 2019

Is there any better way to end the day...I think not 😌🛁

March 2019

Uma #shelfcloud para alegrar este domingo ☁️⛈☁️

March 2019

Beautiful start to Mothers Day. 🌼

March 2019

Isaac and Pop Sunday stroll 🙌🏻☀️

March 2019

She lights up my life 💗👩‍👧

March 2019

For en deilig dag🙌🏻 håper på mange slike framover💚 Et lite tips for å gjøre turen ekstra gøy: hengekøye✨ alltid en slager👍🏻 #utpåtur #liveterbestute #utebarn #fvntur #candidchildhood #childhoodunplugged #kidsforreal #momswithcameras #ilovenorway #visitnorway #naturelovers #nothingosordinary #hammock #tickettothemoon

February 2019

Same.. 😂 One of my favorites shoots with my girl @tinacookson1 tinacookson1

January 2019


October 2018


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