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8 minutes ago

What would we do without @daisy29forever ? To show our gratitude towards her, this week's #FeatureFriday goes to none other than our People & Culture Manager, Dinna!⁠ ⁠ A key driver in making sure everyone in Sticky Rice Travel is growing in their skills, she is always on the lookout for engaging ways to help each individual shine in their roles.⁠ ⁠ To keep her mind fresh and open to new ideas, she buries herself deep into her favorite reads by Sidney Sheldon or John Grisham but also occasionally heads outside for adventures of her own in nature.⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #stickyricetravel #meaningfuladventures #SRTcrew #companytrip #welcometonature #naturegram #naturephotoportal #photoarena_nature #nature #naturefrother #naturewelove #in2nature #nature_shooters #naturestories #capturethewild #allnatureshots #natgeowild #nature_brilliance #wildgeography #earthcapture #worldcaptures #natureaddict #nature_perfection

1 hour ago

When nature turns into art😍 "Never have I ever seen something quite as magnificent as Jadayupara, a mythical eagle that just so happens to be the largest bird sculpture in the world !" Jatayu Earth's Center, India. . 📸 @jonny melon

11 hours ago

It's #FrogFriday so here's an ornate burrowing frog that @davidthegolieth and I found near our campsite at Chilli Beach #WildOz

16 hours ago

And here we have a beautiful male korimako (bellbird ). Males are a much deeper olive green than females, and have a distinctive purple face. Beautifully photographed by @pohanginapete 🌿

16 hours ago

Bring on summer with another voyage on the southern seas to this lost island! See you in November Campbell Island!

20 hours ago

We watched these pallas's cat for hours on this amazing afternoon. The 3 kittens were first cautious, and then became comfortable with our presence. After playing and exploring for the first hour, they started to practice their hunting skills. This one got lucky with a vole after only a few minutes, and was not about to share with the siblings. As pallas's cats are hunting, they stalk prey and shake their tails in the air. The movemement of the tail creates curiosity in small rodents, and makes them stand up to see what it is. This is when the cat pounces. What an incredible place!⁠⠀ *⁠⠀ *⁠⠀ *⁠⠀ *⁠⠀ *⁠⠀ #mongolia #steppe #manulcat #smallcats #sanctuaryasia #nature #wildtropics #natureseekers #biology #thephotosociety #naturelove #instanature #naturephotography #macro #conservation #natureaddict #vsconature #wildernessnation #wildlifephotography #natgeoexpeditions #natgeo #naturefrother #earthpix #naturefrother #animal_fanatics #wildlifewarrior #wildlife_vision #stickyricetravel

22 hours ago

Who would do this? Who know the name of the song?🙏😍 . Follow @thebeautiful destinations for travel inspiration . Cc @danielristow #adrenalineepisode #adrenaline_rush #adrenalingym #adrenalinaa1000 #adrenalinemoment #adrenalinelife


Goanna giving me some side eye


📷 by @micherwenmike | The haunting atmosphere of Danum Valley in the wee hours of the morning is unlike any other as creatures of the night retreat to their homes and diurnal animals begin their daily rounds of jungle antics.⁠ ⁠ Follow @danumvalley for more updates on Borneo's best-kept secret.⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #danumvalley #biodiversitysurvey #daintreerainforest #danumvalleyfieldcentre #brl #meaningfuladventures #1frame4nature #allnatureshots #capturethewild #electrifytravels #exclusive_animals #exploretocreate #igscwildlife #in2nature #livewildandfree #magic_shots #majestic_wildlife #mammalwatching #marvelshots #nature_shooters #naturefrother #naturegram #naturewelove #outdoorstravel #welcometonature #welivetoexplore #stickyricetravel #sabahtourism #kkcity #borneorainforest


"How many times have you been called beautiful by a man who eventually made you feel ugly on the inside"....._r.h.Sin . Fantastic capture of Singapore by @kevouthere


Lucky to get such a close shot of such a rare bird. This female hihi (stitchbird ) gave me some serious side eye recently. Just love the glint in her eye


Carrying on with our theme of dimorphic native species, here’s a beautiful female korimako (bellbird ) photographed by @melissa_boardman_photography 🌿 Female korimako are a lighter green than the males and have a distinctive white stripe on their faces. We see female korimako far less frequently than the males as they’re much more timid. They’re absolutely beautiful birds! Stay tuned for our male korimako post which will show the difference 😊


Lake Louise, Alberta Canada Always love sharing beautiful images of Canada because most of the world doesn't realize how stunning the views are! Tag a friend that loves nature views! Double tap if you're looking for your next travel destination! Cred: @cbezerraphotos - 🌍Follow  @travelradiant 🌍 🌍Follow  @travelradiant 🌍 #travelrad

2 days ago

This is a fungi called Nidula niveotomentosa or Woolly Bird Nest Fungus. They are small, about 5mm wide and 4 mm high and cup-shaped, and contain several shiny red-brown disc-shaped peridioles that resemble tiny eggs in a nest. These little cups have evolved to be hit by raindrops and scatter the sticky peridioles across the forest floor. A very cool find and I was stoked to be able to get a nice black background. • #nature #fungi #fungus #fungiphotography #birdsnestfungi #macro #closeup #fungifreaks #fungihunter #naturefrother #nzflora #newzealand #flashphotography #macrophotography #macro_love

2 days ago

A village located right on the beautiful waters of lake Lucerne! The town is great for enjoying the lake and hiking through beautiful trails. . 📸 @swissmonamour

2 days ago

A gorgeous pīpipi (brown creeper ) that I was lucky to get up close with recently. Just because these little birds are considered less charismatic than our flagship species like kea or tūī doesn’t mean they’re not worth protecting! Pīpipi are a little known endemic species in Aotearoa, which is why I wanna raise their profile. They’re only found in the South Island, and are usually found high in the tree tops in a small flock. Info below from NZ Birds Online: Brown creepers are found in a wide range of forested and shrubland habitats throughout the South Island and Stewart Island. Often the first sign is a large chattering flock high in the forest canopy. They can be attracted down by squeaking or pishing, but do not stay long as the flock moves on through the canopy. Once sighted the grey face and buff underparts are distinctive. Brown creepers inhabit a wide range of forest types, from sea level to the tree-line, including tall beech and podocarp forests, manuka/kanuka and other scrub forests, muttonbird scrub, regrowing forest, mature pine forests, willow, gorse and broom. Brown creepers are common through most of their range. In the nonbreeding season they may form flocks of up to 60 individuals and associate with yellowheads and parakeets. They disappeared from large areas of the eastern South Island following forest clearance, but numbers and distribution now appear stable.

2 days ago

Chased a pod of orca along the south coast and the sunset wasn’t too bad either 😍 #NatureFrother

2 days ago

Oh nature, you crazy

2 days ago

A pair of kārearea (NZ falcons ) photographed by @mikullashbee 🌿 This photo is great as it shows the considerable size difference between male (left ) and female (right ) kārearea. These birds are apex predators, able to fly at speeds of over 100kmph. There’s an estimated 3000 of these epic birds left in NZ. Moderator: @hollyneill #nzbirds #nz_birds

2 days ago

A 500 meter high glass bridge in China 🔥🔥 Would you walk it? . Cc: @peoples_daily

2 days ago

Horn-eyed ghost crab 🦀 #WildOz

3 days ago

"There's no view of Barcelona that quite compares to overlooking the city from the highest peak of Mount Tibidabo.❤❤ . 📸 @davide anzimanni

3 days ago

Craving another backpacking adventure so badly ✈️ Sri Lanka went above and beyond 🙌

3 days ago

This kakaruwai (South Island robin ) was so friendly that for most of our encounter it was too close to my camera, which is pretty much the best problem a wildlife photographer can have! So cool to be up close and personal with such a lovely endemic bird. They’re my absolute faves! If I were ever to get a NZ bird tattoo... it would be a robin 🌿

3 days ago

Slovenia - Lake Bled Lake Bled has become more popular the last few years w/ Instagram. It's an incredible sight & everyone should experience it! Name that spot you cant wait to visit! Tag a friend you want to show this to! Double tap if you're looking for your next travel destination! Cred: @josh perrett - 🌍Follow  @travelradiant 🌍 🌍Follow  @travelradiant 🌍 #travelrad

3 days ago

Quand vous êtes dans le sud les palmiers 🌴 deviennent vos amies ! ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ #palmiers 🌴 #palmier #palmiers #palmier 🌴 #hyereslespalmiers #nature #naturephotography #naturelovers #naturefrother #naturefriends #naturefriendly #beautifull #beautifuldestinations #picoftheday #picture #pic #photography #bnw #bnwphotography #sud #suddelafrance #france 🇫🇷 #france #blogger #bloggerlifestyle

3 days ago

Crystal Clear 💦 Would you dive here? . 📸 @marine fantasea

4 days ago

This male korimako (bellbird ) has kotukutuku (native fuchsia ) pollen all over his cute little face 😍 I just love these little birds. They’re so sassy, speedy and their song is hard to beat. Spotted this dude at the sugar feeders at @orokonui__ecosanctuary 🌿

4 days ago

Great news! The kākāpō population has reached 200! This critically endangered bird is slowly making a comeback and we couldn’t be more stoked. Awesome photo by @leonberardnz 🌿 Shout out to the incredible teams at @docgovtnz , @dunedinwildlifehospital , @kakapo_recovery for all the incredible work they’re doing to save this precious species Info below from @radionewzealand The critically endangered kākāpō have reached a big milestone, with their population now totalling 200. When kākāpō chicks turn 150 days old they become juveniles and are officially counted as part of the population - which Esperance-3B-19 did yesterday. Deidre Vercoe is the operations manager of DOC's Kākāpō Recovery Team, she spoke to Susie Ferguson and said it is an incredible result. Moderator @hollyneill #nzbirds #nz_birds

4 days ago

Cutting a delicious mango for breakfast in Taiwan😍 Tag a fruit lover . 📸 @dailyourworld

4 days ago

✈️: Lufthansa 🇩🇪 A333 D-AIKP 📍: Frankfurt FRA 🇩🇪 to Dubai DXB 🇦🇪 LH630 📈: FL370 📅: 22.7.2018

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