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4 days ago

We did it, Will Pickle. What an incredible experience to share with you. You’re such an amazing mama and that was such a cool side of you to see ♥️

2 weeks ago

8 weeks old today and it’s puppy pick up weekend!! We’ve loved them like our own and we can’t wait for all the joy they’re going to bring to their families! One last photo with all six together! ♥️ Be good, babies!! Love you forever!

4 weeks ago

Probably about as happy as an Ashleigh and a Blythe can be ♥️

4 weeks ago

My days are filled with a lot of puppy work and a lot of puppy joy lately and I’m soaking it all in! This has been the sweetest adventure ☀️

4 weeks ago

You are the reason for my love of Goldens, you are the reason I like to be outside and hike, you are the reason I like to take photos, you are the reason I wanted to have Golden puppies, you are the reason for so much of who I have become— crazy how a dog can do that. I love you buddy ♥️

4 weeks ago

Good weekends fill up my soul 🌿

4 weeks ago

Not sure I’ve ever been happier during a photo EVER! ♥️ 3 weeks old

last month

happy happy happy 🌿

last month

Had the snuggliest little companions to watch the first episode of the third season with, then we headed to the beach for the day and it was so fun! So thankful for summertime with my love! Hope you all had wonderful 4th of July’s! ♥️

last month

Probably asking him if we can keep them all 🖤 the babies are 2 weeks old today!! Cannot believe how much they grow and change everyday! All of their eyes have opened and they’ll be walking any day now! ✨

last month

Anche la 4° edizione dell'instatrekking è terminata. 2 giorni nei Sibillini, alla scoperta di storie e persone che non lasciano le proprie terre ma resistono e hanno idee ambiziose per il futuro. 2 giorni passati assieme a delle persone che sembravano amici da una vita. Un grazie per la merenda a @lu_soccio_ e per l'ospitalità a @montevector_arquata , a presto! I Sibillini 💙 . #instatrekkingsibillini4 #sibillini #italiainunoscatto #rovecrave #bealpine #choosemountains #mountains #igersitalia #vscogrid #puremountain #myexplorearo #discoversibillini #castelluccio #mountainview #createexplore #landscape #livefolk #timetoplay #photooftheday # #ig_marche #mountainsphoto #yallersitalia #volgomarche #destinazionemarche #world_shotz #LF10K #visititalia #ripartidaisibillini #mountainstories #yallersmarche

last month

Jeep gang 🖤

last month

Wandering in the Upper Peninsula— my favorite place to be 🌲

last month

Happiest with at least 300 pounds of fluff surrounding me 🌿 Happy weekend, friends!!!

last month

Can’t stop holding, snuggling, recording, photographing, etc. How am I supposed to be expected to do ANYTHING when there’s a room full of six day old pups in my house?!?! 😍🙌🏻♥️ Annnnd, I already have favorites... it’s all six of them 🙊

June 2019

My favorite days are the ones where I don’t care about my car getting sandy, or the dogs getting smelly, or the house getting dirty. My favorite days are the ones where we listen to our music too loud and dance around in the kitchen and say over and over again how much we love this life. I like clean cars, houses and dogs but it’s worth remembering that the best memories happen when things are far from perfect... the best memories happen when we allow ourselves to be free ✨

May 2019

Greenhouse dreams 🌿

May 2019

Week long vacations with all the pups 🙌🏻 Lots of swimming in lakes and sandy snuggles. Love my furry gang so much 🖤

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