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6 hours ago

Go where you feel most alive ! Jasper Alberta Canada 2019.

8 hours ago

TBT wildflowers a month ago @ Sunshine

9 hours ago

Back To Normal! it’s been a crazy couple weeks shooting so many different projects and events that it’s finally nice to sit down! Looking forward to more adventures up in the mountains, here’s a shot of Moraine Lake looking as gorgeous as always!

10 hours ago

Tassie was my first epic solo trip. It left me wanting more! And that’s why I’m setting off on Larapinta next. It’s the perfect way to explore the Northern Territory. It will be my longest bush walk to date 🥾 The next action step in making the Larapinta happen was requesting work leave. Fingers crossed team!

10 hours ago

I remember a passage from a trip report online about the Alpine Circuit at Lake O'Hara being "one of the most mind blowing, reality altering hikes you can do anywhere in any mountain environment". I couldn't agree more! 📸 @ibex kelly.amber Edits by me

10 hours ago

Just got down from a fantastic day at Walcott Quarry with Lida from @burgess shale.geoscience and a group of Geo scientists from @exxonmobil #canadianrockies #fossils #burgessshale #yohonationalpark #parkscanada #hikingadventures #cambrianperiod #mountaincultureelevated #wildlycreative #yycphotographer #explorealberta #explorecanada

12 hours ago

There are some things worth dying for

14 hours ago

A small stream of water finds its way through the wildflower-filled meadows of the Jonas Pass. The colossal Poboktan Mountain stands tall across the valley, highlighted by the afternoon sun.

14 hours ago

Lake Agnes on a late cloudy night. No crowds or noise and extremely dark except for a touch of bright moonlight escaping through some clouds over Lake Louise. I wished the Tea House was open, but the solitude and silence of the area more than made up for that. . . . #wildernessculture #lakeagnes #lakeagnesteahouse #mountainstories #wandermore #stayandwander #outdoortones #explorerockies #livefolk #travelcanada #briskoutdoors #travelstoke #outdooradventure #lakelouise #pursuitlife #lifeofadventure #exploremore #MountainCultureElevated #wildlycreative #mountainvalley #canmorekananaskis #kananaskiscountry #banff #brmb #moonrays #alpineclubofcanada @banfftown @banff_lakelouise @travelalberta @alberta canada @albertatourism @alberta_parks @imagesofcanada @tourismcalgary @canada @parks canada @ifootagegear

14 hours ago

To the moon Alice the goon places #420life #420girls #weedmemes #thc #mountaincultureelevated

18 hours ago

This shot has not been edited at all. It’s kind of my favourite photo ever. This was when we were alllllmost at the top of nub peak. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ I was huffing and puffing, felt like I was dying. Had just come around the corner to see this view. You can see it but it’s really snowing here, I turned my back to the snow and set my aperture and shutter speed and quickly turned around to focus and capture this before the snow got my lens all wet⠀ .⠀ .⠀ You can kind of see the clouds coming in in this shot, those are the clouds that engulfed us in the shot with Colby and I walking towards the mist with my dress flowing. So this was taken right before ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Bec, Andrew and Colby were already at the top so I made sure to sneak in this quick shot as I knew I would be forced out of my warm shell in a matter of minutes ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ I want to print this and throw it up on my wall, but my ISO is a little too high so I feel like it wouldn’t look the way I want it too. That’s just one more reason I need a full frame camera 😂⠀

19 hours ago

Optimism. It's the word of the day. @nimsdai and @mingma_david_sherpa have a lot of that stuff. Keep pushing! www.everestexperts.com @elitehimalayanadventures

22 hours ago

A rock, a tree, a beast, an animal or a human all are same energies manifesting in million different ways. As human beings we are just blessed to be conscious with our manifestation ! Jasper National Park Canada 2019.

23 hours ago

Castle mountain on a moody morning


Second guessing life choices when you find yourself not on the top and on the wrong side of the mountain for sunrise. I'll run faster next time @seymourruns Thanks for the 📸 and the great day.


Do you think he's thinking about doing a mischief? Or good boi thoughts only?


#hotgirlsummer & porsches getting towed on the rez. Was it a good night? Or was it trespassing on Federal-Crown Land? #StoneyNakoda #Treaty7 #Alberta #mountaincultureelevated #Such_A_Nice_Car_Too oh yeah and I gots gastro but 1 more day to recover and back at it.


Pretty Views ! Lake Louise Alberta Canada 2019.


If only every day could be spent jumping in the lake, doing head stands, and eating bagels ☀️☺️


Aoraki Mt Cook


When we stare at our goals every day, in written form, we’re more likely to work on them each and every day, whether it’s one big step or one small step, it all counts. There’s always a little element of fear when I write a new goal down, so here’s my new one: I am going to be walking the Larapinta Trail solo in Alice Springs. I have begun the initial stages of research & planning and my next step of action will be to buy a one way flight to Alice springs once I lock in the dates. My training now has an even deeper purpose, and that’s why I work hard behind the scenes: to feel empowered to make more ambitious outdoor goals ↟ Legzzz gooo —> 223km 12-14 days 🥾


Sunshine + River Beauty


If tangerines are divisible by 7 then what is the sum of a spaghetti stained t-shirt?


Lady aurora dancing over the Colin range during one of the best evenings of my life. It is times like these that remind me that I need to take the time away from always working to make these kinds of memories while in such a gorgeous place. Sometimes with the hustle and bustle it can be tough to take a moment to just appreciate everything around you. I appreciate my rad friends that make this area even better, the ever changing weather in the mountains, the ability to live and work in a gorgeous area of the world, and so much more! What do you appreciate?


Can't believe this is real! I always looked on at the cascade waterfall everytime I drove to banff, but for the first time, I got up and close on the hike out from Mother's Day Buttress! Btw that climb is probably my favorite beginner trad climb, easy route finding, good gear and fun climbing. The walk off is not bad too. We did get lost but I think I can handle it next time 😂 #waterfall #landscapephotography #goodtimesoutside #alpineclubofcanada #cangeotravel #rockclimbing #climbingmountains #abparks #Albertarockies #explorebanff #mountaincultureelevated #rockclimber #Climbing #banffnationalpark #banff_lakelouise


Aurora from the top of the Sphinx looking out over Egypt & Scarab Lakes! (2019 ) ....................................... Recent adventures lined up well with visits to the top of Grand Pharoah for the Milky Way and the Sphinx for the auroral spike in the AM on Aug 5th. Magical back to back nights in the backcountry! The wildflowers were amazingly abundant and on par with the mosquitoes but still paled in comparison to Tonquin Valley mozzies 😂 .....and the pack rats showed up in the usual spots on cue (almost lost a full strap this time after letting the guard down for a minute ).


Problems on Everest? Can't walk anymore? If you're super lucky, a team (most likely Sherpas ) will rig you up and haul you down the mountain like this. This is from a rescue on Everest spring 2019. Sherpas go to extra lengths to make sure people get off the mountain alive. Everest climbing wouldn't be possible in its current format without them. Mucho respecto. 🙏 @sherpamountaineer


Looking forward to getting back to the mountains this weekend #kananaskis #kananaskiscountry #canmorekananaskis


Lost my hiking buddies to hangover and softball so I opted for a solo bush whack up Limestone Mountain. Would NOT do again, except I met a couple on the trail who said they followed a different route up and managed to bypass a lo of the forest


Views of Lake Lucerne as we ascend Mount Rigi. | #getouttadodge


Summit Views 🏔 . . Photo from earlier this year, from a long day trip into a favourite mountain area of mine, just after the snow was melting at altitude! Great spot to stand on a ridge and look down on a lake, who else loves these mountain views? 📸🇨🇦☀️🏞🧗🏻‍♀️ . . . . . #getoutsidemore #hikealberta #alltrails #peoplewhohike #canadianrockies #qoqsquad #cangeo #outdoorculture #explorethewild #landscape_love #nature_addict #bns_sky #exploreclub #opcmag #lifeofadventures #pocket_canada #mountaincultureelevated #canadasworld #canmorekananaskis #theoutboundcollective #natgeoadventure @outdoorphotomag @mefototripods @nisiglobal @explorecanada @outdoorresearch @sonyalpha


Mornings like these are the reason I picked up a camera in the first place. I'm off into the deep Alberta mountains today and I'm hoping for good light! See everyone in a few days.

2 days ago

A bit of snow this weekend! It’s probably all melted by now but it was a nice surprise. I’m looking forward to some more snowy peaks. Summer is awesome but every time I look at the mountains it feels like something is missing

2 days ago


2 days ago

It's been a while since I had time to sit down and edit my shots - mountains have been keeping me busy. Here is a quick take on one of my favourite photos from our latest outing with the @accsask : @_sabrinarh climbing the north glacier of Mt.Fay in sunrise light. . . . . . . . #explorealberta #banffnationalpark #nationalpark #rockymountains #mountains #adventure #travelgram #climbing #explorecanada #imagesofcanada #landscapephotography #mountainculture #photography #mountaineering #nikon_canada #photographer #mountainlovers #choosemountains #oh_canada_ #alpinism #beautifullandscape @nikoncanada #exploremag #mountaincultureelevated #wildernessnation #beautifuldestinations #ventureout #nikond7200 #alpineclubofcanada

2 days ago

Sea urchins probably don’t even care about long division

2 days ago

Happy Wednesday! Get outside, get moving, touch the dirt or sand or swim in the waves. #waterfallwednesday

2 days ago

Fireweed forever - was super stoked to see these beauties on my Newfoundland travels

2 days ago

Milford sound

2 days ago

*Breaking Through the clouds* Took a Helicopter trip with @alpinehelicopters the other week. Got a Close up view of Hope *little sister* Charity *middle sister* and Faith *big sister* the three sisters as we passed by. @sonyimages @sonyalpha @alpinehelicopters

2 days ago

I can't believe how incredible this shot is! Full of wonder and magic. Feels like something out of thelord of the rings. 😁 Thanks @carreradawn for being super awesome and making this shot happen! #arcteryx #hikealberta #abparks #Albertarockies #alpineclubofcanada #mountaincultureelevated #optoutside #alltrails #hikecanada #goodtimesoutside #waterfall #longexposure #adventurephotography #mountainlife

2 days ago

Yellow Alberta Canada 2019

2 days ago

Morning in the Rockies. Beautiful light and gorgeous wildflowers. Lots of Fleabane and Arnica plus Louswort and Paintbrush. The minor amount of smoke in the air adds to the mood. Whitehorn Mountain. . . . . . . . . . #wildlycreative #banffnationalpark #wildflowers #explorealberta #lakelouise #justlakeit #canadianrockies #nature_perfection #mountaincultureelevated #mycanadianphotos #mybanff #canadianrockies #nature_wizards #nature_special #flowers_earth #albertaviews #earthdeluxe #bowvalley

2 days ago

Elements !

2 days ago

I have a fever, and the only cure for that fever is more cowbell..... I mean mountains, waterfalls and helicopters. Ooohhhhh looks like my fever will be gone tomorrow ; ) But I will be gone for the next few days, and then I shall be back, with colour images this time? Or stick with black and white? #getouttheremagazine #valhallakingdom #mountains #moodygrams #dolomites #banff #landscapephotography #mycanonstory #grandeprairiephotographer #fstopgear #mountaincultureelevated #albertaviews #albertacanada #inspirationhy

2 days ago

Yesterday I drove out to Banff in the morning for a day of climbing. The clouds were sitting very low around the front ranges and looked very pretty. It made realize I have been very bad at getting out for sunrises and catching moments like this one at Berg Lake. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - . . . . . . #sunrise #mountains #canadianrockies #berglake #mountrobson #nikon #nikoncanada #clouds #imagesofcanada #canada #mountaincultureelevated #wildlycreative #getoutthere #neverstopexploring #deviantoptiks #yyc #calgary #reflection #hiking #backpacking

2 days ago

It’s not always sunny here in the Rockies, but that shouldn’t stop you playing outside ☔️ We’re away for another few days up to Jasper National Park and @alpineclubcan Sydney Vallance Hut! Nothing like a cosy night be the fire with some cheese and wine in the Backcountry! 🔥 🧀 🍷 🍇 See you at the weekend folks! 👋🏽

2 days ago

It’s great to have such spots in your backyard that you can often go to to escape the city life. The popularity of this spot means that one needs to visit it in odd hours in order to gain access to the parking lot, the charm of Moraine is always worth that trip up . . . #neverstopexploring #awesomeearth #earthporn #destinationearth #lovetheworld #longexposureoftheday #ic_longexposure #earthcapture #ourplanetdaily #amazingearth #exclusive_earth #destination_wow #mountaincultureelevated #earthonlocation #naturerad #fantasticuniverse

2 days ago

Still mornings in beautiful places, waiting for those sunrise colours come to life.

2 days ago

Plein air sketching in Squamish is hard to beat.

1 weeks ago

Pancake rocks

1 weeks ago

Fox river sunset

2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

Mt Cook

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