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I’m seriously so backed up on personal edits right now it’s insane and I can’t wait to get all caught up. But for now here’s a quick shot from our trip up to Squaw Lake with family a couple weeks ago. Working on a video from this trip as well that will hopefully be out this week❤️

just now

《La virtud del artista es captar los descuidos de Dios.》 📷: @unperroenlaluz

3 minutes ago

Here’s to one of the realest and most genuine rappers I’ve had the privilege of covering! To the legend @asapferg , thanks for coming out and performing to 7000 of us out here in Vancouver. Enjoy edit and let me know what you think 🙌🏼 Massive thanks to my team @willdicksonn and @noahkbrowne Absolute beauties to work with! And thanks @darcjacobs for allowing us to create that transition through your grills 😁 . . . @blueprintevents @asapmob @amsevents_ @thisisblueprint @blueprintuni @livenation @peaktechnologies

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And that’s when I was introduced to true serendipity 💛 #owlcity #bebrave

6 minutes ago

Spirit Away . 平日とは言え、早朝から外国の方がたくさんいてびっくり。 . Camera:D750 Lens:NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8E . . @focusjp_ @street classics @japan vacations @rawurbanshots @aestheticsjapann

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Presents : Photo | @shaazjung Chosen from | #pr0ject_uno #p1_shaazjung ________________________________________ Congratulations to you! Fantastic work! Please pay a visit to their page and view their talented work! • •W E B: pr0jectuno.org •F B: pr0ject_uno •P I N: pr0jectuno •T W E E T: pr0jectuno •D A Y F L A S H: pr0jectuno •E M A I L: admin @pr0jectuno com • Selected by founder @carolgong Our Instagram pages: Themysterypr0ject Theportraitpr0ject Thegraphicspr0ject Thedarkpr0ject Theblisspr0ject Thefashionpr0ject Thefolkpr0ject Thestreetpr0ject Themanpr0ject Bwsoulpr0ject Pr0ject_soul Flair_bw Pr0ject_bnw Pr0ject_uno Human.edge M3xtures Sombresociety Sombrexplore S0mbrebw Sombrescapes Sombrebeings #way2ill #illgrammers #moodygrams #heatercentral #theimaged #depthobsessed #weeklyfeature #tonekillers #artofvisuals #mextures #expofilm #exploretocreate #world_shotz #fatalframes #justgoshoot #illgrammers #agameoftones #vibesofvisuals #all2epic #visualambassadors

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Lost many of my raw files from a corrupted hard drive about a year ago. I managed to recover everything and it is such a relief! This was one of the pictures I almost lost forever. Canada Day, 3 years ago. 😍 I'll be re-editing these photos and posting them, some of them I seem to have completely forgot about!

11 minutes ago

I don’t really post on much here anymore

16 minutes ago

Amazing Palm Springs! 😊

17 minutes ago

Endless possibilities ☄ • Ella: @caro_martinezl

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Badboy feat sadboy #journey #fujifilm_id #gofujifilm #visitsukabumi #instagood

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I've been missing in action, but the camera is always clickin. I'll be back posting on IG consistently reaaal soon. #nashvillephotographer #reflectiongram

26 minutes ago

“The game has its ups and downs, but you can never lose focus of your individual goals and you can't let yourself be beat because of lack of effort.” - Michael Jordan ・・・ Washington,DC 2019 ・・・

26 minutes ago

p a p i t o ❤️ #ZaidenX

27 minutes ago

Sending good energy to those who are reading this. I hope it manifest all good things in your life, all true things, all lovely things, all things that are pure.

27 minutes ago

The next few posts (and the previous one ) are some moody shots from a sunset that I thought was less than spectacular. I contemplated not even going to catch it because it was so cloudy and blah and I knew there wasn’t going to be that water color scene that everyone flocks to see. Why’d I go? My mom always tells me that each day is a gift and you don’t know what the next one will bring - so live life to the fullest. I also figured this would be a good opportunity to challenge myself and my creativity - help me to grow as a photographer. Although these aren’t the kinds of pictures you’ll see when you think of paradise, I think they symbolize that life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows but that the sun always come back. I’m not a writer…enjoy the moody pics for the next few days lol

28 minutes ago

Urban explorer 🧭💖 #aesthetics

29 minutes ago

Fall in love with the process of becoming the best version of yourself 🖤

29 minutes ago

Tenang saja, aku sudah melepasmu. Hari itu, adalah hari terakhir ku Menganggumu. Sekarang kau bisa hidup tanpa kekonyolanku.

35 minutes ago

BMW M-series Camera: Sony A7iii Lens: Sony 35mm f1.8 Aperture: f/1.8 ISO: 100 Shutter Speed: 1/5000 sec . . . . . . . . #photo #abstract #canon #focus #instagood #art #minimalist #filter #lightroom #streetmobs #urban #citygrammers #streetclassics #sony #sonya7iii #35mm #urbanshots #way2ill #fatalframes #travel #nyc #newyorkcity #empirestate #darkside #manhatten #queens #bmw #mseries #race #car

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👉👉LEFT OR RIGHT👈👈 . 2 of my little AR pistols. Both running @aero_precision and @maximdefense goodies! . @modlitesystems 1500 lumen light @arisakadefense finger stop @cmctriggers triggers in both @eotech HWS @fortismfg Control Shield

2 hours ago

舞妓 / Maiko

6 hours ago

Warlord of @the_den_ Shot by: @alexander_dejesus Edited by: @daniel6rey

16 hours ago

For a rainy, moody day.

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