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Igreja do Carmo #igrejadocarmo #lisbona #portogallo

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IG = Windows to the world. Simple as that. Stoked to share the world with my little family and you. #wearestillwild

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Don't be afraid of the dark, just be afraid of the tree roots, rocks, and ruts that quietly wait in the shadows for you. #bigskycountry

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— We were the people who were not in the papers. We lived in the blank white spaces at the edges of print. It gave us more freedom. We lived in the gaps between the stories — #zerolimits #altrarunning #adventureinspired #getoutside #getoutstayout #campvibes #clymblife #theoutbound #natgeotravel #instadaily #explore #neverstopexploring #glaciernationalpark #parkranger #mountainbabes #forceofnature #sheexplores

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When the hike up takes you 2hrs and the hike down takes 30min, you know its gonna be an instant gratification kinda view. . . #hiking #weekendwarrior #idaho #explore #getoutside #adventurewriter #camping #backpacking #girlswhohike #happydays #sundayfunday #clymblife

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When was the last time you slowed down, made no plans, had no expectations? Sundays are perfect for that. #ClymbLife Photo and caption by @eric_fallecker in #California #adventure #roadtrip #cruising #vanlife #sunday

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T A R T A R E • #foodporn #food #instafood

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Playa sirena 🧜🏼‍♀️ #cayolargo #cuba #playasirena


The glory days. Eating a meal out of a gallon zip lock that has been used a dozen times. It's a luxury on the glacier. . . . #pnwonderland #pnw #upperleftusa #wildlife #natgeo #nature #adventure #cascades #goatworthy #optoutside #Glacier #snow #mountains #mountainlife #life #mountaineering #hike #Rainier #ice #solomon #explore #autumn #Nikon #climbing #volcano #clymblife #snow


Mornin’ light with my favorite person. #shotonmoment


Yeah, we're small. But that just means there's more world to explore, right? #ClymbLife Photo by @mountainslegacy in Chamonix, #France #mountains #climbing #alpine #explore


Confidence.⁣ ⁣ 99 Days of Vertical Ventures - Day 89⁣ Climbing has provided the medium through which I have gained confidence and self-efficacy. It has taught me that I have the agency to try hard, learn new things, and chase after my goals. I feel empowered to act decisively and tackle challenges and I am grateful for this space of honest self-expression.⁣ ⁣ Amity staring down splitter cracks at the Cookie Cliff in Yosemite earlier this summer. ⁣ Photo cred: @samuelcrossley

2 days ago

Let’s go do some round house kick to the wind!! (probably an #ad , who knows! ).

2 days ago

Yep, ready for these winter views.

2 days ago

Setting our sights on a new mountain adventure this weekend: fastpacking! It’s like backpacking, but less boring! 🤘


Josh lining up the huge Dyno on "Spliff" 5.13b, Trinity Arêtes.

2 days ago

Dawn patrol may take me two days to recover from, but oof.. it’s worth it. #ClymbLife Photo and caption by @rach4thesky with @jeremyhottinger in #Utah #rampage #mtb #mountainbike #bikes #morningride

2 days ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONNOR!!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 99 Days of Vertical Ventures - Day 88⁣⁣ Connor turns 28 years old today and I am grateful beyond words for his steady presence in this world and in my life. So today, let’s take the time to celebrate this incredible man!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Connor is patient, wise, intelligent, humble, and above all, kind. Connor cares deeply about those around him. He is self-sacrificially loyal and will go miles out of his way to make others feel loved, appreciated, and understood. Connor sees the best in people. He challenges you to reach your full potential while never making you feel as though you are not good enough in the present. ⁣⁣ Connor is trustworthy, dedicated, and hard-working. When he starts something, he finishes. And he gives it 110% effort the entire time. He makes decisions thoughtfully and you can always count on him to do the right thing. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Connor has been my steadfast companion for the past 6.5 years and I am deeply honored to be his wife. I would not be the person I am today without Connor in my life. Thank you, my love, for walking (and climbing 😜 ) by my side every step of this crazy journey. I hope you feel celebrated and appreciated today and everyday.

2 days ago

A tip for those who eat corn nuts: don’t. They break your teeth causing you to have to get a crown and then ultimately a root canal 🙄🥴

3 days ago

Window | A favorite snap from a weekend trip to Bryce Canyon National Park. Looking through my phone, there aren’t nearly enough hiking photos lately. Work, home, and garden have filled the days. . Yet I’m grateful for each “ordinary” day, because for years I had all of the adventure, but not the deep connections I craved. Today I feel like I’ve won the lottery every day. I look forward to love, family, and community...they are priceless. . All that said, after looking at these shots, it’s time to grab the DSLR and squeeze in a few more adventures 🤓 . . . #brycecanyon #lifeelevated #utahhiking

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@gennarita out standing in her field. Congrats on finishing school and getting a kick ass job.

3 days ago

Everytime I come to Squamish I get scared out of my mind. This usually results in me getting soul food (aka Indian food ) and a quick call home to touch base with the family. This trip is not any different, every climb has challenged me mentally and has pushed my bodies to move in ways I did not know we're possible. I am extremely grateful I have yet to fall here as that would probably not end well. Pushing the limits of my comfort zone is a little easier when I am with a good partner, and @claire megan is quickly rising to be one of the best. Her tenacity and optimism towards unfamiliar techniques are incredibly inspiring. Every pitch she climbs I am taken back with the ease in which she gets up. Whether it's runout slab, tricky face climbing, or cracks (something she just learned a couple days ago ), she gets up it. Anyways, I'll stop the novel and just say - here she is cruising her way up squamish buttress for her first climb to the top of the chief. 🤙

3 days ago

This whole place was somewhat elusive to me on our family trip to Kauai in June. We visited the park twice and were mostly met with thick clouds and drippy rain. So, our second to last day here, I drove from our rental in Poipu at 3am to get here for sunrise. I spent a couple hours driving to all the view points taking in this incredible sights. #travel #globeshotz #adventureculture #lettheoutsidein #instagram #watchthisinstagood #earthfocus #artsyheaven #awesomephotographers #clymblife #amazingplacestovisit #liveyouradventure #outsideculture #youcantravelco #idratherbeinnature #kauai #waimeacanyon

3 days ago

We've got a fun little camp trip planned for this weekend. I haven't seen the Milky Way nearly as much as I'd like this summer, but the big question is whether I can even stay up late enough to try to shoot anyways! #oldman

3 days ago

We’ve done the 5 lakes walk at Pizol but thought we add on a bit more hiking to make the walk slightly longer. So we started at Pardiel and came across lake Vilterser Seeli on the way to Pizolhütte. Stunning little place and absolutely quiet. .... Go to stunninghikes.com for great hiking ideas #berge #lago #takeahike #glasklar #swissalps #inlovewithswitzerland #wandern #hiking #reflection #alpenblick #bergwandern #swiss #switzerland #schweiz #feelthealps #mountainsphoto #blickheimat #visitswitzerland #wildernessculture #camp4pix #ClymbLife #TLpicks #see #bergsee #mountainlake #lake #pizol #badragaz #5seenwanderung

3 days ago

It all began 25 years ago with a lightweight, packable bowl to fuel dogs on the go. It opened up a new world of exploring with our dogs – a world that has in turn fueled our inspiration ever since. We loved reading all of your throwback adventures! We’re sharing a few of our favorites over on our stories! Here’s to 25 more years together.

3 days ago

In the Wallowas doing research.

3 days ago

Hate riding bikes with a backpack? Hate riding with a pannier in tow? Can't make up your mind and just want an option because you're too indecisive (oh boy...we'll unpack that later😬... ) ​ ​Bike commuters rejoice! @greengurugear has a backpack/pannier hybrid to save yourself from a sweaty back in the summer or give yourself a break when hauling heavier loads! For those who want the option of how to travel with a bag, @greengurugear has you covered!! ​ ​Join the ReddyYeti Membership and save 35% OFF all products from @greengurugear

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All you need is your posse, the alpine, and the willpower to attain shared goals 💥

4 days ago

I had to post another one of Tattooed Teardrop, it is such a fun, upsetting climb. It feels so close for me. Excited to get out more these next few days and hopefully come up with some more content to share with you guys. I am so grateful for the friends all this climbing has gotten me and even instagram as I would probably not have ever done some of the things I do if it weren't for all of you. Thanks everyone for the great support and the constant help when I am in need. Here is @calebjusticeanderson crushing Tattooed Teardrop

4 days ago

Small moments captured in even smaller spaces. #MyDogIsMy #SlotCanyonCompanion Photo: @mywhiskeygirl

4 days ago

The landscape was very diverse, changing from green mountains to jagged rocky ridges and peaks... Amazing views of the Dolomites the whole time. #ClymbLife Photo and caption by @germanadventurer in the Carnic Alps, #Italy #hiking #mountains #landscape #adventure #carnicalps #mountainrange

4 days ago

Murky GoT vibes.

4 days ago

From the 1,000 miles of driving to the many hours of city strolling, the 20 miles of Pyrenees hiking to the countless castle visits, the 12 pitches of rock climbing to the many delicious tapas, the quick dips in alpine creeks to the soaks in the Mediterranean, the nights in quaint B&Bs to windy nights in a tent, the hip coffee shops to the ancient ruins, our recent trip to Spain was one for the books. But as cool as this trip was with its epic diversity, the best part wasn’t any specific mountain or any particular local dish. The best part was doing it all with my best friend and love, Chantel. Traveling is awesome, but when done with someone you love, it is infinitely better. Thanks @channymaymo for the amazing time. If you want to see pics and videos from our trip, be sure to check out the two highlight albums on my Instagram profile page: @randysroute #randsandchants #travel #optoutside #exploremore #goatworthy #clymblife #travelspain #spain #pyranees #hike #climb #camp #prana #arcteryx #mountainhardwear #blackdiamondequipment #julbo #julboeyewear #nikon

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Did you know we run day trips from Antigua with awesome whitewater rafting action! Jump on one the upcoming tours: 🌊 Aug 15th 🌊 Aug 18th 🌊 Aug 31st . . . #adventureguatemala #epicguatemala #whitewater #rafting #paddle #familyfun #visitguatemala #antiguaguatemala #outdoorfun #riverrun #goodtimes #Guatemala #guatemalauncrated #adventureaide #clymblife

5 days ago

This pretty much sums up my trip to the Scottish Highland last weekend. Black clouds and heavy rain. But I’m taking a rain check soon!

5 days ago

WELL, HERE WE GO! My new beginning as an expedition filmmaker and photographer. I'm headed 52k deep into the jungles of West Papua, and then upwards into the Alpine beyond 15,000ft elevation and all over nine days. This project is an attempt to film that last crew to ski the very last equatorial glaciers left on Earth. I couldn't be more honored to be invited by Director and friend @jase_hancox The Last Chance Film #TheLastChanceFilm , more to come friends. Grateful!

5 days ago

The Adventures of Captain Twinkle Toes and The Cotton Candy Skies.

5 days ago

For 25 years, Ruffwear has sought The Road Less Traveled. Give us hard choices, painful lessons and doubt. For when we face these challenges, we learn, we grow and reaffirm our true north. It is on The Road Less Traveled that we find purpose in our vision and meaning in our work. Photo: @turquoise sparrow

5 days ago

7yrs ago this kiddo came into our lives. It’s fun seeing him grow and become more full of life and all the endless energy.

5 days ago

This amazing, adventurer ready boy of mine is turning 7yrs old today, can’t imagine my life without this kiddo.

5 days ago

Happy place 🙏🏻 l|📸 @megkkee

5 days ago

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend 💎🗻 ⁣ ⁣ 99 Days of Vertical Ventures - Day 79⁣ Yesterday we climbed D7 (5.11c, 5 pitches ), one of the most classic routes up The Diamond on Longs Peak. The rock up there is stellar, the views are breathtaking, and the climbing is a blast. We spent every belay drooling over the other lines on the wall and are psyched to get up there again on Wednesday!⁣ ⁣ Here, Amity is starting up the last pitch on her way to onsighting the entire climb.

5 days ago

E quanti piedi che s’incroceranno andando Ma solo un paio avranno il tuo stesso cammino ❤️😁 #travel #summer #car #slovenia

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Muita conexão por aqui 🧗‍♀️ Gratidão mãe natureza por tanta energia 🙏💫

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