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So here we are... approaching my due date, almost 40 weeks 😳 - He is officially the size of a small watermelon 🍉 - This baby is clearly too comfortable in there 🥴 - Let’s see how long this takes! ⏰

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Dog Days

2 minutes ago

Big lake. Much wow✨ Had the entire rim trail to myself this morning. Watched the sun rise over the giant water filled crater surrounded by nothing but silence.

5 minutes ago

“Somewhere out there far away, there is a guy climbing the tallest peaks of the world with a piece of you forever with him.” - On Mount Harvard [14,421 ft], the 4th tallest mountain in the Continental United States. We pushed forward to Mount Columbia [14,078 ft] via the most damning ridge line, and the single most challenging thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. 12 hours round trip with total elevation change of around 10,700 ft between ascends and descends.

10 minutes ago

Views like this always make things worth it. Ready for more 🤓

10 minutes ago

It has FINALLY cooled down here! 🙌🏻 (and I hear rumors that it might rain tomorrow! ) I’m not usually one to complain about absolutely gorgeous weather but oooh boy has it been crazy hot here in Alaska. And the rivers here are hurting a bit from the weeks of no rain. So I’m doing my best to think rain so that we can get those rivers higher & full of fish for freezers and bears 🤞🏻🐻 —— #capturedwildandfree

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Happy Mountain Monday😋 ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Anyone else feeling a bit panicked that it’s mid August? That soon it will be Fall, then Winter. So many hikes to do, and so little time! But I’m going to stop worrying about the future and be present in the now. I’ve already had so many great summer hikes to be grateful for, and I’ll continue to have more in the Fall. And whatever I don’t get to this year I get to look forward to enjoying next year😌 ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ On another note, how beautiful is this hike in Glacier😍

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📷 @hikingcampingloversuk _____________________ Tag #TACinsta to be featured! _____________________

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Se na zacetku hoje ogrejete in na vrhu ter na koncu naredite raztezne vaje? 🤸‍♀️ _________________________________ 📸 @sara_kotnik _________________________________ oznaci nas na vrhu @tinka planinka #tinkaplaninka

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Great things never came from comfort zones. 🚧 . . Happy Monday!! Where's everybody at on the @sixpackofpeaks challenge this year? I have San Bernardino and San Gorgonio left on my list. The two beasts! I have the date set for San G but still need to set a date for San B. Any ladies wanna join either or both, message me!! 💛 . . 📸 @mrshikesalot 👯 . . #socalhiker #sixpackofpeaks #ontariopeak #treehugger #hikeinlandempire #hikersofinstagram #girlboss #mondaymotivation #cucamongawilderness #wearealladventurers #sistersquad #naturetherapy #mountaingirls #viewsfordays #abovetheclouds #ontopoftheworld #legdayeveryday #bootygainsplease #inkedgirls #womenwhohike #inkedadventurebabes #allaboutadventures #getinwhereyoufitin #hikerbabes #natureporn #happyhiker #choosemountains #switchbackchics #midweekhikers #hikingheartbeat

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Social media is such a wonderful tool I am so grateful to have in my life. While I've been having such a nice, relaxing time working down in Palm Springs, I've been feeling a bit sad too, to be away from the habitable non billion degree temps in the mountains and adventuring in them with the people I love. But I've been enjoying oh so much scrolling through my IG feed and seeing all the incredibly inspiring stories of people in our community who are doing such mind-blowing things that leave me awestruck and so darn happy for their happiness. The stories of people crushing their goals in Fat Dog and Squamish 50, sending it up huge routes they've been working up to tackle, or simply enjoying their summer with activities that bring them joy. Thank you for sharing your stories 💖 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #hikesnearvancouver #mountoutram #manningpark #hiking #explorebc #hellobc #choosemountains #outdoorvancouver #604explore #vancouvertrails #vancouverhikes #hikevancouver #vancity #dailyhivevan #vancouverisawesome #igersvancouver #thesweatlifeyvr #vancityhype #veryvancouver #igvancouver #vancityfeature #exploreclub # #mountainlifer #exploremag #hikelife #damgooddays #hike365

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first day of school does not rock nearly as much as this.

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A few hundred feet down the Laugavegur Trail, the obsidian and igneous volcanic rocks give way to this massive meadow. The slopes in Landmannalaugar come in nearly every color and if you stay up late enough you can watch the dozens of shades show off dozens more. Most of the day from here was significantly more vertical. If you look close, or zoom in, those tiny white dots are Icelandic sheep. It's pretty rare to see more than a few together out here. Instead of a flock it's more like a menage a baa.

26 minutes ago

the lakes look like jell-O and now my legs feel like that

28 minutes ago

It’s not what you’re doing, it’s who you’re with 👯‍♀️❤️ #goodvibes

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The last glimpse of the city below as we climbed up into the layer of clouds for a three hour hike/scramble/climb to the top of table mountain.

34 minutes ago

"Let us live like flowers, wild and beautiful and drenched in sun" 🌻 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vous connaissez ma passion bouquetins mais connaissez-vous ma passion petits cotons (linaigrette pour @jeff_bonhomme )? . 🌼 . Je les aime d'amour ces petits cotons, des petits nuages qui ne cherchent juste qu'à s'envoler au vent et à partir loin loin... Un peu comme moi! Et ils sont doux, poétiques et mystérieux (pas du tout comme moi )! Il n'y a que moi avec cette étrange attirance pour ces fleurs? 😅👌🏻🧐 Allez, vous aussi vous avez bien une passion/attirance étrange (les pieds sont interdits dans les réponses ! ) . 🌼 . Merci à mon club de soutien bien patient dans ma recherche de petits cotons: @lath_b @can__ben @maquiaz @john_am74 (pour l'idée ) @micka_trail et à @jopop74 qui ce jour-là a raté l'expérience la plus stone de sa vie 😁 au plaisir de te recroiser! @valouu_u des fleurs à coiffer! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #explore_rhonealpes #igershautesavoie #ig_mountains #hautesavoie #savoiemontblanc #snowleader74 #bestmountainartists #beautifulexplorers #wilderness #animallovers #thegreatoutdoors #hiking #hikingwithdogs #hikingwithdogs #choosemountains #montagnes #outdoorlife #bns_mountains #bns_nature #mountainstories #explore_aura #mountainorama #mountainsarecalling #sheexplores #dogsonadventures #naturelovers #mountainlife #igersrhonealpes @savoiemontblanc #neverstopexploring #dogstagram #lacdepeyre

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A theme that's been coming up a lot in my life lately is purpose. I plan to unpack it more for what it means for me as a photographer in future posts but for today, I just want to ask what helps you to live each day with intention? How can you bring purpose to your day? What can you do for someone else? . My goal for today is to be intentional about connecting with my babies and viewing my tasks as opportunities to serve others. What's yours? . . . #Radgirlslife #liveyouradventure #choosemountains #wildernessbabes #everytrailconnects #adventurethatislife #coloradical #mountainadventures #getoutstayout #optoutside #takeahike #hikingadventures #wildernessculture #rei1440project #coloradoelopementphotographer #intimateweddingphotographer #adventureweddingphotographer #momentsonmountains #makemoments #modernhiker #denver #breckenridge #coloradolife #rmnp #coloradonative #coloradosprings #coloradohiking #adventuresession #summitcountyphotographer #denverphotographer

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these girls, tho. but also, Erin... what are you wearing? #itsthebearshirt

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There are so many paths to take, many leading to one singular goal while accomplishing many, but you have to find peace within your own one, sucess or not, it's still a journey, your journey!

40 minutes ago

Went to Denver for the weekend and got to explore beautiful mountain towns that actually got kind of cold at night 😉 And now I’m back in Moab waiting for my van to get fixed. It’s 100 degrees all week here and I’m anxiously awaiting my time till I can drive back to Colorado 🤤 If anyone has any tips of killer places to check out between here and Denver, let me know! • • #wanderandwonder #backpackingculture #livewild #lifeontheroad #mymadness #girlsonmountaintops #raiseyourvibrations #nomadlife #liveyouradventure #mountainmermaid #trekkingtoes #expandyourplayground #seekmorewilderness #choosemountains #backpackingaddicts #meditationspace #wanderingsoul #likeamountaingirl #seekthetrails

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There are so many paths to take, many leading to one singular goal while accomplishing many, but you have to find peace within your own one, sucess or not, it's still a journey, your journey!

42 minutes ago

No epic picture alert! 🚨 It’s never an easy choice to make having to abandon a prepared for hike, but yesterday we decided it wasn’t sensible or wise to go ahead with the planned route from Chamonix. The heat has been pretty intense since we got here, but yesterday just tipped the scales. The humidity & high temperatures put simply, would have finished us both off, no matter how much fluids we could have possibly carried. There’s no ‘man-up’ involved when it comes to knowing your own capabilities, it’s just purely being practical, safe & a little bit smart! So instead it was a potter about Chamonix before driving out of town to find a spot for the night looking out over the Mont Blanc Massif and a late evening mosey. Sometime’s you just gotta roll with the punches 🤷🏼‍♀️ ( The awesome @kilianjornet wrote about something similar in a recent post.. worthy of a read 🙌🏼 ) . . #Hiking #Choosemountains #Thegreatoutdoors #Getoutside #Mountainlove #Mountainwomen #Livetoexplore #Lifesadventure #Hikerslife #Plantpower #Poweredbyplants #Montblancmassif

44 minutes ago

There are so many paths to take, many leading to one singular goal while accomplishing many, but you have to find peace within your own one, sucess or not, it's still a journey, your journey!

45 minutes ago

Just wanting to pick my boy up already😣 when is the work day gonna be over?! Beau had a sleepover in Canmore to see a vet today to finally deal with his toe from his fall. Cannot wait for Friday to go on vacation!!! Will be much needed for EVERYBODY😍 . #borderaussie #hikingdogsofinstagram #outdoorliving #yycdogs #okotoksdogs #albertadogs #canadianblood #wildernessculture #backcountrypaws #mountainadventures #stayandwander #outdoorswithdogs #dogsofinstagram #ourwild #neverleavethedogbehind #choosemountains #amongthewild #hikingculture #hikingfever #dogsofalberta #dogsthathike #findyourbackcountry #travelalberta #explorealberta

46 minutes ago

After fun days in the big city, I'm back where I belong 💙🏔

47 minutes ago

I was very happy to take my older sister along to take on the venerable Rockwall Trail a couple of weeks ago. She had trouble keeping up with her little brother, but she still did pretty well ;- ) Click on the link in my bio for video highlights from the Rockwall Trail. . . . #kootenaynationalpark #kootenays #trekking #trek #outdoors #hiking #hikingadventures #camping #rockwalltrail #explorebc #imageofcanada #enjoycanada #explorecanada #Folkgood #roamtheplanet #earthfocus #earthoutdoors #stayandwander #weroamabroad #rangecollective #wildernesstones #wildernessnation #beautifuldestinations #choosemountains #AllAboutAdventures #nicehike #goatworthy #choosemountains #outside_project

45 minutes ago

Here’s to high-quality weekends so captivating and go-go-go, you only manage to capture two photos 💫🌲🏔. A total whirlwind of winding drives, deep chats, new trails, fantastic friends, future adventure scheming, endless food, @squamish50 magic, and of course, seeing @ivan ya completely crush his first 50 miler 💪! Heading back home, completely exhausted but somehow full-up, all at the same time ✨ Until next time, Coast!

47 minutes ago

I know lots of people have said how challenging the Sewards were, but holy crap! What an experience! I’ll just leave it at that for now.

47 minutes ago

Goat Rocks Wilderness has definitely secured a spot in my fave places to hike 😍 I've been dreaming of visiting for years, and finally talked myself into it this weekend. It was even more awe-inspiring than I hoped for. I'm still smiling about all the good vibes 🥰

50 minutes ago

Golden hour flowers

56 minutes ago

Golden hour on top of Mt. Henry last night.

57 minutes ago

Как горы учат слышать себя, или почему я не пошла на Тетнульди У меня всю жизнь проблемы с тем, чтобы понять, чего и как я хочу. Знаю, что не у меня одной — многих из нас изуродовали советские принципы воспитания. Это мешает и в жизни, и в работе. Внутренний голос заглушен настолько, что раньше, бывало, я не могла сориентироваться даже с выбором блюда в меню. В такой ситуации важно не поддаваться внутренней панике, давлению со стороны и своему ощущению, что сейчас тебя отругают за медлительность, как в детстве. Просто разрешить себе не сделать заказ или думать столько, сколько понадобится — вот что для меня стало маленьким большим открытием, которое случилось благодаря горам. В Сванетию я поехала не на подъеме. Наоборот, находилась в состоянии упадка сил и накопившейся усталости. На самом деле хотелось одного — лежать и любоваться красивой природой издалека. Но признаться себе в этом было сложно, потому что как так?! Надо «покорять» горы, договор дороже денег. Внутренне сопротивляясь, я таким образом сходила на две тренировочные горы, после чего стало очевидно, что это у меня не просто лень. Прежде всего, физически я не готова к Тетнульди. На вершину я дойду, но вот сколько времени это займет и что может произойти на спуске с очень уставшим человеком — вопрос открытый (возможно, что ничего ), но есть реальный случай, который произошел буквально на днях. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #слабоумие_и_отвага 👌 #пирожок_сванетия

1 hour ago

I’m usually the girl who brings everything (including the kitchen sink ) on short backpacking trips. I’ve been known to bring glass bottles of wine and full-length hardcover novels. You could only imagine my shock (and pride ) when I zipped up my backpack on Saturday morning and realized just how small it was!! I had everything I needed for the night (with one exception - Matt carried our dehydrated meal that we were sharing for dinner ), and my pack couldn’t have weighed more than 15 pounds. What a difference UL makes!! And yes, I have officially turned into one of those backpackers who are obsessed with gear + weight for the immediate future, and no, I’m not sorry. Blog post with a breakdown of my new gear soon to follow!! ✨ (I promise I’ll stfu soon... just let me have my UL moment in the sun plz )

53 minutes ago

Sunset over Mount Henry 😍🤟

5 days ago

This place was freaking unreal

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