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9 hours ago

The world is a beautiful place, but it can be hard to see when things don’t go as planned. Sometimes, what we want out of life and what we receive are completely divergent. Sometimes the world takes away things that we thought were certain. Sometimes it tells us we are wrong, when we are convinced we are right. But maybe the world will never change for us, maybe we have to change the way we see the world — maybe it really just comes down to perspective. Is it loneliness or is it self-discovery. Is it hurt or is it growth. Is it a failure or is it a lesson. Is it a breakdown or is it a breakthrough. Life is not about waiting for beautiful things to happen, it’s about finding beauty in the dark. It’s about discovering magic in reality, it’s about seeing familiarity in a whole new light. The world will always be a beautiful place, if we choose to see it that way — change the way you look at things and you may just find what you’re searching for.” ~Bryan Anthonys ~ ~ #fontanalake #nantahalanationalforest #ncoutdoors #explore_countryside #harleydavidson #blueridgemoments #blueridgeoutdoors #landscapephotography #motorcycle_moment #touringbike #letsgoforaride #roadtrip #harleyforlife #hidden_igers #ultralimited #harleysofinstagram #twowheelsmovethesoul #feedyourfreedom #harleydavidsonnation #ipulledoverforthis #open828 #summertime #everything_transport #freedommachine #instamotorcycle #renegade_rides #icu_usa #explorenorthcarolina #ipulledoverforthis #hey_ihadtosnapthat

10 hours ago

Mid summer is the best time to photograph butterflies in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We promise if you time it right, getting a photo of one is easy! They are abundant in mid-August 🦋

12 hours ago

You’re going to have mountains in your pathway, instead of taking the spur trail around the problem, simply conquer it and meet it head on! Just like a physical mountain the view and your sense of self will be amazing from the other side! #conquer

13 hours ago

The viaduct lookin thicc asf rn honestly 🤤

1 hour ago

There are places I return to again and again. I don’t have to travel to the other side of the world to have novelty, I only have to appreciate subtlety. It changes and I change and no two trips are ever the same. Adventure is everywhere if you look with fresh eyes and an open heart. • • • • • • • _____________________________________ #828isgreat #ourstate #optoutside #asheville #blueridgemountains #explorenc #exploreeverything #wildandfree #thebeautywelove #appalachianmountains #romanticasheville #alwaysexploring #ashevilletrails #blueridgemoments #idhikethat #blueridgeoutdoors #blackbalsam #themountainsarecalling #wncmagazine #ourpisgah #appalachian_explorers #artofvisuals #southernlivingmag #goatworthy #discover_carolinas #pisgahnationalforest #wildflowers

12 hours ago

#tbt Foxy rocking her @doctorwho_bbca Dalek bandana from @bibbybubby when we went to @getawayhouse in the Blue Ridge Mountain range in July. Any Whovians out there? #chillpupcrew

14 hours ago

putting on my scrubs today to go back to work was almost surreal.. i’ve have the last two weeks off from work. i know that doesn’t sound like much, but for someone like me that’s almost unheard of.. i haven’t had classes, so no homework. no obligations. i had so many fun and exciting adventures planned for these past two weeks. but, when the time came, and i found myself having more time than i knew what to do with, my soul was soft and i knew that i needed a break. i’m constantly moving, biting off more than i can chew, and overworking myself.. so, i decided to skip out on all my travel and adventures to stay at home and nurture myself. i’ve done yoga everyday with my best friend, i’ve read two new books, hiked mountains, played with my dog, spent time with my family, and even went on a few dates with someone who lights my inner drive ☀️ my roommate and i are both starting our own versions of “self-care september” a few weeks early which is great motivation for us both ✨ this last week has really shown me that who you surround yourself with makes a huge difference in your day-to-day life. so, if you find me not replying to snaps/texts i’m not sorry, but ive found people who make the room feel lighter when they walk in and shower me with encouragement, so i don’t need your negativity anywhere near me or the life i’ve created. my final year of classes start on monday.. and tonight i go back for my first out of six 12hr nights.. i’m going to be a full-time student, full-time ICU nurse, and full-time dog mom..normally i’d feel pretty discouraged about having to juggle all these things, but i’ve been riding this high for awhile now i’m determined to keep it going 💛 so, cheers babes! keep it weird and kick ass 🤙🏼 . . . #nursesofinstagram #icunurse #angelenergy #scrublife #blueridgemountains #blueridgeoutdoors #getoutside #fitness #fitnessmotivation #selfcare #selfcareseptember

14 hours ago

The sunbeams would be closer to parallel if the sun was really 93 million miles away #flatearth

15 hours ago

The lush greenery of the Chattahoochee National Forest never gets old.

16 hours ago

Natural beauty 🌿🌳☁️💚⛰🐾

17 hours ago

Frederick and Thurmont Maryland have been nominated Top Adventure Towns by @blueridgeoutdoors Link In Bio to cast your vote @visitfrederickmd @thurmontmd #fansoffrederick #frederickmd #topadventuretown #blueridgeoutdoors

19 hours ago

"Three Way Battle" This Spring I had the pleasure of viewing these three fight their way across the field at Cataloochee Valley, probably a once in a lifetime shot for me at least #NCElk #WNC #Nature #Wildlife #CataloocheeValley #CataloocheeValleyElk #ExploreNC #ExploreEverything #NatureNC #Wonderful_Places #ItsAmazingOutThere #GreetTheOutdoors #NeverStopExploring #ScenicNC #StayAndWander #BeautifulDestinations #828isgreat #VisitNC #RomanticAsheville #NCOutdoorINC #BlueRidgeOutdoors #WildernessCulture #BlueRidgeMoments #followforfollowback

20 hours ago

Getting my exercise in🏃‍♂️

20 hours ago

This shot was from the highest point east of the Mississippi River, Mount Mitchell. The views from up here were amazing for sunrise and the drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway from that high up were just as special. I love how the rays were coming out from the sun during this sunrise because the mountains stay blue, while the rest of the scene is given a lot of warmth. Overall this view was breathtaking 🌄 📸 Shot on: Canon T7i, 18 mm - f/22.0- 1/125 sec- ISO 100 I also have a photography website in my bio! I am excited to take on clients from all ranges from portraits, landscapes, events, or even pets! Send me an email or a dm and I will respond promptly 👍🏻

21 hours ago

Check out this beautiful @mondraker_usa Foxy 29 featuring the new @manitoumtb Mezzer Pro!🔥🔥🔥 #Repost @squatchbikes with @get_repost ・・・ Misty mountain mornings.... Mondraker Foxy... good cup of coffee... perfect start to the day!! #squatchbikesandbrews #mondraker #mondrakerfoxy #29er #pisgah #pisgahnationalforest #myi9 #mtb #mtblife #singletrack #enduromtb #mountainbiking #coffee #fuelforthesoul #comeridewithus #explorebrevard #828isgreat #ncoutdoors #blueridgeoutdoors @mondrakerbikes @hayesbrakes

22 hours ago

Things don’t always go as planned on your wedding day or adventure session day and that is 100% ok. Rolling with the punches can be half of the fun. So on Kala and Kevin’s weekend as the rain a fog decided to come to town we said no problem! Instead of a sunset session we got up before the sun and drove up the mountain, we were greeted with fog instead of wide open views but that fog kept it so so intimate and a bit magical. Once we had enjoyed that mystical vibe we drove down the mountain a bit to find those blue mountain views and to goof off and get a little silly. - When you’re planning your adventure make sure you find someone who can adjust the plans and keep it fun. Flexibility and knowledge of an area are really two integral pieces of any adventure. I can’t tell you how many of my hikes have shifted or just taken a little extra preparation to keep it fun ♥️ - What’s your number 1 adventure tip?

15 hours ago

MEET LOCAL GUIDES at Brookings Anglers Cashiers , NC | SPEAKING EVENT today @ 17:30 LET’S DO SOMETHING ADVENTUROUS ^^ountain ^^an ^dventures | guide | speaker | personal chef 🇺🇸🇮🇹🇰🇷🇵🇦🇨🇭🇨🇱🇩🇪🇪🇸🇫🇷🇬🇧🇬🇷🇹🇩🇪🇬🇹🇩🇨🇦🇲🇨🇺🇦🇦🇷🇨🇦🇵🇹 Adventure Blog: http://myATguide.com @daybreakflyfishingconservancy #Adventure #AppalachianTrail 2015-6 SOBO Winter thru-hike #ViaFrancigena 2018 Canterbury Roma #FlyFishing Tenkara #bergamo 2018 #visithighlandsnc #peru 2017 Machu Picchu alternative trails #blueridgeoutdoors #highlandsnc #cashiersnc #Paris 2016 Camino st Jacques 2018 via Francigena #thelaurelmagazine #FootHillsTrail 2019 East West #Portugal 2016 Camino de Santiago #bergamo 2018 #roma 2018 via Francigena #milan 2018 via Francigena #florence 2018 via Francigena #France 2016 French way St Jacques way #patagonia 2017 Patagonia #Chile 2017 Patagonia Tierra de Fuego #argentina 2017 Patagonia Tierra de Fuego #Spain 2016 Santiago Primitivo Del Norte #pavia 2018 via Francigena #nyc 2015 Appalachian trail #ardesio 2018 via Francigena #brookingsanglers mountainsdontjudge #switzerland 2018 via Francigena #godosomethingadventurous

23 hours ago

During lunch, while my wine tour group were enjoying their eighth course, a decadent chocolate dessert, the other groups have to settle for crackers. #virginiablueridgewinetours #anniversarytour #birthdaygirl #birthdaytours #makemyday #virginiawines #blueridgeoutdoors #finewines

23 hours ago

Who knows what is at the top of these stairs?? It’s a long trek, but we promise it’s worth it!😉 . 📸: @mikethemathman #OffAska

23 hours ago

Just hangin’

23 hours ago

No that is not a bubble inside a bubble....that's 6 Bubbles inside a Bubble....The sunrises round here are often filled with fog...they dont call them the smokies for nada....when the fog is out, oddities arise! Titled: Golden Oddity Beaver Lake 2018 ✌❤😁


North Carolina has a lot of waterfalls that you can walk behind. Dry Falls has to be one of the more popular spots. It is interesting, however, that another popular “walk behind” waterfall is just down the road at Bridal Veil Falls which is also another roadside waterfall. The Highlands area is really beautiful and has a number of great outdoor locations to enjoy. . . . . #hdcarolina #visitnc #visitasheville #scape_captures #blueridgemoments #dryfalls #southernliving #highlandsnc #longexpoelite #hikerchat #fiftyshades_of_nature #ncoutdoor_inc #nantahalanationalforest #tnc_nc #bd_pro #wanderlust #hikingismagical #chasingwaterfalls #slowshutter #moody_captures #blueridgeoutdoors #longexposure #thehub_longexposure #hikingadventures #highlandsnc #scenicnc #828isgreat #natgeolandscape #ourplanetdaily #heightofhappiness


Keep voting!!! We need your votes!!! Don’t forget @nortonvirginia is in the running for the small town category!!! Go vote right now! #blueridgeoutdoors #stpaulva #nortonva #swva Link in profile!


Tiny mushrooms


Proposal beneath a private waterfall? 😍😍😍 - Last week this lovely couple got engaged on one of our hiking tours!!! We are SO grateful we could play a part in their story and honored that they gave us the chance to capture the big moment for them! 📸 - Anyone else thinking of getting engaged soon? 😉 Our Lula Lake tours make for the perfect proposal setting because we’ll have its gorgeous hiking trails all to ourselves! As with all of our tours, we’ll take the pictures & videos for you and send them your way after the tour...all included in the price of the package. 💍 - P.S. Check out our story for the September Lula Lake dates JUST ADDED! 🆕


I was excited to find this beautiful small waterfall last week while doing some exploring and creek walking. It is not that often you find a scene like this without a bunch of deadfall blocking the view. #blueridgeparkway #waterfall #river #boulders #pisgahnationalforest #blueridgewaterfalls #blueridgemoments #blueridgeoutdoors #blueridgemountains #ncoutdoor_inc #ncmountains #ashevilletrails #appalachian_explorers #naturalnorthcarolina #earthpix #forest #cascade #longexposure #yourshotphotographer #landscape #nature #ourstate #outdoorphotomag #exploretocreate

10 hours ago

An ankle sprain has had me laid up for a couple of weeks but am happy to be on the mend. I thank my lucky stars every day for my ability to walk and explore these beautiful landscapes by foot . . . #wnc #blueridgeoutdoors #blueridgemoments #828isgreat #pisgah #blueridgenps #getoutside #ncoutdoorinc #ncoutdoors #naturalnorthcarolina #visitnc #scenicnc #appalachian_explorers #optoutside #carolinacollectives #itsallyours #dontcutbigivy #ourwild


2/3 of all I need in this world. Coffee and my dog. Just missing @janeygioiosa


Take a step back in time and dive into the rich history of #BlueRidge before you board with us.


The Lonely Wanderers Club ❣️


Leonardtown has been nominated for Blue Ridge Outdoors 2019 Top Adventure Town! Vote at www.blueridgeoutdoors.com/top-towns #Leonardtown #BlueRidgeOutdoors #Vote #AwesomeLeonardtown #VisitStMarysMD #StMarysCountyMD #VisitMaryland #SMC


On “Kids These Days” (2/2 ): Of course there is important data demonstrating the developmental damage done by growing up digitally immersed, but I (choose to ) believe that this is not irreparable. Other, equally important science is proving our minds more malleable than we ever thought before. The human species has not lost it’s capacity or potential for deep and meaningful connection and communication, nor will it in the course of just a few generations. But the only reason I believe this is because I work in a space that deliberately pulls young people well out of their data-ridden lives and asks them to be fully human. I see over and over again that kids do see the difference, and embrace it, and make changes. But we must make it easier for them. The reason that this generation of adolescents may grow up in some sense socially handicapped is not their fault. It has affected them most overtly precisely because it has not been in their control. It is adult society, with its present inability to hold compassionate dialogue, substantive analysis, traditional wisdom, that is to blame. We are equally stunted (though it is less tragic; we have done it to ourselves ). The work of simplifying children’s lives, putting them face-to-face with each other, with struggle, with beauty, is more important now than ever. There is nothing wrong with them; but it is our responsibility to restructure our cultural priorities so that they get the chance to flourish as humans with depth and grit.


On “Kids These Days” (1/2 ): I frequently hear people bemoan the effects of social media and constant screentime on the youngest generation — and much of that is statistically supported; there are rising rates of depression, anxiety, and loneliness related at least tangentially to the explosion of the internet society. But what sometimes alarms me is the attitude that today’s kids are somehow different in their nature, or capacity, or potential — that it’s a problem with young people and not with their environment. It’s an age-old cynicism (“kids these days…” ) and a pernicious one, that kids are soft, or scared, or weaker than we were. I believe the opposite, at least anecdotally. It is the environment, the stimuli, the caterwauling chaos of internet-dom that is distracting our youngest into disarray — but it is doing the same thing to many older people also, equally susceptible to the toxicity of super-stimuli and soundbite idealogues that nurture already established dogmas — dogmas which, by the way, have a far more devastating effect than a kid’s texting habits. What’s that thing in the Bible about the log in your own eye? What I have seen consistently is that today’s kids, when you remove them from their only known normal, very quickly adjust to a face-to-face reality. After an initial stunned learning curve, they prove deeply innovative, curious, resilient, and profound, the natural state of all children. [continued in next post]


I had an amazing time this past weekend with @cathyandersonphoto expanding my photography knowledge. She teaches really cool classes and I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in increasing their skills.


Have you noticed that movie posters use orange and blue as contrasting colors? I can see why. These two colors are very appealing 💙🧡


WE ARE BACK!! After a two week vacation, we are ready to hit the litter game again! Thank y'all so much for helping keep the Trashy Tuesday vibes alive while we were gone...we missed y'all and are so glad to be back at it! We are going to be taking our efforts to Gillies Creek Park! If you've not been before, Gillies Creek Park is an amazing gem nestled in the east side of Richmond! So tell your friends, co-workers, significant others, barista, uber driver, and anyone else you can think of to come join us for the best way to spend a Tuesday evening! Cleaning up our city, then enjoying each other's company at Stone Brewing Richmond! **also, reminder for anyone who wants to be part of something really cool, be sure and come out to Trashy Tuesday on September 3rd! We are going to be featured on the show Virginia This Morning on CBS 6 and there is going to be an awesome giveaway from Parks Project!! (if you don't know who they are yet, give them a follow! They are making huge leaps in the conservation of our National Parks and Public Lands! ) . . . . #nature #wildlife #litter #recycle #virginia #blueridgeoutdoors #radparks #keepvirginiacozy #keepvacozy #vasenbrewery #drinkintheoutdoors #local


The fast moving water created some nice erosion and the noise of the water drowns everything else out.

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