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▪Low angle view of Art Nouveau statue in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany against sky.▪

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quando mi chiese "conosci l'estate?" io per un giorno per un momento corsi a vedere il colore del vento

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🆙 📐🏢📐🆙

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Dublin is quite an epic place - there are so many beautiful churches. Isn’t this epic looking?

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proudly presents 3/3 of our ARTIST’S SERIES of THE WEEK. Read on for the artist’s own words and our editorial. . ★ⒸⓄⓃⒼ👑ⓇⒶⓉⓈ★ to: . 📷💻📲 @urbansquirrel WHAT DRIVES YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY? . Fascination with details and the history that’s all around us, especially in London, where everything and everyone has a story! . HIGHS & LOWS . The highs would definitely be the friendships and contacts, especially through meet-ups and shared quirky interests. Receiving positive feedback from photographers I admire, and places I’ve photographed is always encouraging too - the Instagram community can be hugely supportive and endlessly inspiring. * As for the lows, for every image I’m happy with, there are plenty more that just don’t work! With Instagram it’s also all too easy to get pulled into worrying about ‘likes’ rather than developing your own style, and I’ve been guilty of that in the past. Ultimately though, I want to continue to love photography, not have it feel like a chore because I’m trying to fit into a particular ‘style’ that just isn’t me. . HOW WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR AUDIENCE TO FEEL ABOUT YOUR WORK? Inspired to visit somewhere they’ve never been, or to look at details they’ve missed, and to want to learn more about the history behind their surroundings. . EDITORIAL by Fatma @smileyhuseyin The third and final photo by Julia in our artists series of the week. This is a world premiere yet to been shared by Julia hidden away in her treasure trove of fantastic images! . Here we have a magnificent image captured within Southwark Cathedral. I absolutely love the angle, it gives us a great sense of height within this marvellous building. Julia’s image is sharp and beautifully lite, allowing us to make out the smallest of details within the brickwork. In my opinion Julia has chosen to shoot this particular angle to capture the sunlight pouring in through the arched windows. Lovely shot Julia! . *********************************************** Take part in our weekly session by tagging with the unique #⃣issued early morning each Monday. ************************************************** Huge congratulations Julia! .

1 hour ago

Satellite 🛰️ #diagonal_symmetry Jersey City Urby @urbylife , designed by @ConcreteAmsterdam

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U can hear it

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Under the tree

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