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15 hours ago

Our often under appreciated cetacean species, the Dall's Porpoise. They are the largest of the porpoises and also one of the world's fastest marine mammals capable of reaching speeds of 55 km/h 🚀 . . #Porpoise #DallsPorpoise #WhaleWatching #EcoTourism #Cetacean #Whale #WildLife #Animals #Wild #SwimFree #AntiCap #Free #PacificNorthWest #PacificOcean #BC #PNW #MarineLife #Nature #GoNorthIsland #WonderfulVancouverIsland #VancouverIsland #ShareTheCoast #BroughtonArchipelago #SalishSea #JohnstoneStrait #ExploreBC #BeautifulBritishColumbia #Ocean #BluePlanet #OneOcean

16 hours ago

the L A R G E B O Y E T19B Galiano cruising next to his younger brother and mom a couple weeks ago in the strait of georgia. the summer is winding down, gonna miss all these whales over the winter _______________ #absoluteunit #orcas #killerwhales #blackfish #biggskillerwhales #biggsarethebalance #dolphins #cetaceans #orcasisland #washingtonstate #britishcolumbia #pnw #pacificnorthbest #upperleftusa #salishsea #nofishnoblackfish #anticap #captivitykills #emptythetanks #thanksbutnotanks #nikon #nikonphotography #wildlifephotography #protectwhatyoulove #climatechangeisreal #thereisnoplanetb

19 hours ago

We all recall the horrific holdings of various wild caught marine animals in Russia - branded as “whale jail” and rightfully so. While the - eh hem - facility was by no means adequate to house any of these animals, many necessary precautions and elements were “missing” when it came down to reintroducing these poor dears to the wild in June. But the release - which saw two orcas and six beluga whales transported for six days across 1,800 km (1,100 miles ) - was criticized by Greenpeace and international scientists who said it had been rushed; this release was conducted in secret and may have put the animals at risk of dying. Drone footage of the two orcas during the June 27th release showed the whales struggling to stay upright and get their blowholes clear of the ocean water - a sign, some experts say, of physiological damage from transport in confinement. The Russian government insists that radio tag data shows the orcas are moving away from the release location, around 250 miles from the place of release. No word on the fate of the beluga whales – apparently, only one tag was attached. Video footage of the most recent release of three orcas on July 13th shows some promise. In the video, three orcas instead swimming strongly together. There may be several reasons for this improved outcome. The transport and time contained in small boxes this time around was shorter than the June release, and reportedly the whales were held in a sea pen for a few hours to help acclimate them to ocean conditions. It is absolutely important to release these animals IF possible - but the proper steps NEED to be taken to give these guys the highest chance of survival. Sometimes that takes more time, and while it’s frustrating to think of these animals spending MORE time in the whale jail, we as activists NEED to understand that “FREE THEM! FREE THEM ALL RIGHT MOTHER F*%£ING NOW” is NOT activism. It is a death sentence. http://savedolphins.eii.org/news/entry/three-russian-orcas-are-released https://mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKCN1TZ1SV


Tifo du Kop...le message est passé ! #fcmorteaumontlebon #footballpassion #anticap #tifo #fccmmnelacherien #pontarlieranis


Depending on the time of year, members of the Southern Resident orca population can be found anywhere from Monterey Bay, California to southeastern Alaska. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA ) is proposing to expand the endangered population’s critical habitat based upon their coastal range and habitat use. - Healthy habitat is essential to the recovery of the salmon the Southern Resident orcas depend on, thus, habitat protection is crucial to their recovery as well. Currently, the Southern Residents’ critical habitat is limited to inland waters adjacent to the San Juan Islands in Washington State. The additional critical habitat would include more than 15,627-square-miles of marine waters from Cape Flattery, Washington, south to Point Sur, California. Genetic analysis of prey and fecal samples obtained from the Southern Residents showed that the whales prey on salmon from as far south as California’s Central Valley and as far north as the Taku River in Alaska. It has become evidentially clear that the whales rely on a diversity of salmon stocks from different rivers up and down the West Coast. NOAA is seeking public comments on the proposal: https://go.usa.gov/xVmDe - While extending critical habitat is important, removing the four Lower Snake River dams is the single most effective way to restore salmon populations and ensure the survival of the Southern Resident orca population. Call Governor Inslee at (360 )902-4111 and demand that the four lower Snake River Dams are breached immediately, and for the whales’ sake, cut salmon out of your diet. For every day the dams remain, the Southern Residents are pushed closer to extinction. - In other news, the two newest members of the Southern Resident orca population, J56 and L124, have officially been named by the Whale Museum and are available for adoption. J56 was named Tofino after the area she was first seen, just off the outer coast of Vancouver Island. L124 received the name Whistle after the unique whistling sounds the Southern Residents often use. - Caption: @cetacean inspiration Photo: J27 “Blackberry” by @gary_j27

2 days ago

*JOINT PROTEST* *RISE AGAINST ABVP terror in Jadavpur* 21st Sept, 12pm, @ Arts Faculty, DU After beating up students and burning down the students union office in Jadavpur University to forcefully get their MP Babul Supriyo inside campus despite wide spread students protests, the BJP is now talking of eliminating dissenting students with a surgical strike such as that in Balakot! After all this, they have the audacity to organise a protest in DU against 'left terror' in Jadavpur University. WE SHALL NOT TOLERATE ABVP'S LIES AND GOONDAGARDI. Not in DU, not in JNU not in Jadavpur! Join in large numbers to resist the politics of agression, political impunity and attacking students and universities as 'anti-national'. . . . . #jadavpuruniversity #jadavpur #handsoffju #ju #SanghiGundayKhabardar #pinjratod #feminism #feminist #anticap #antifa #anticapitalism #antifascism #antifascist #instagood #instalike #instadaily #climatestrike #strike

2 days ago

Joke time for you all: A capuchin, a patas monkey, and a macaque walk into an ESA training workshop... All the trainers survive but they’re like - *suuuuuuper* ugly now! All jokes aside, this is an important topic that needs to be addressed: MONKEYS ARE NOT PETS. Feels odd that we have to say that still, but here we are. In regards to this particular *case* - this woman claims these monkeys are ESAs for her PTSD.. 1 ) the ADA does NOT recognize monkeys as Emotional Support Animals.. 2 ) the video (linked below ) shows the monkeys free range in the home with diapers. Diapers cause rashes and hair loss more often than not - ya know, since monkeys are kinda made to not wear clothes or whatever.. also - all three of these species have canines that I personally - even as a self proclaimed primate enthusiast - would never DREAM of being free contact with. I don’t know exactly if there’s anything we can do as a global community to get these animals to a proper facility, but the court date is sometime in November so if your in Missouri US it may be worth looking into. https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2019/09/16/emotional-support-monkeys-missouri-woman-sot-mxp-vpx.hln

3 days ago

2/ HPNLU Solidarity Post: Predictably, the warden of the womens’ hostel started to dial the number of parents of first years students, sending photos of the protesting women with men to burden their parents with the task of ‘controlling their daughters.’ In an attempt to quash the protests, the administration came out with a circular stating that the University will be closed for a week, forcing the students to arbitrarily vacate their hostels. More than 70% of students enrolled here hail from distinct states, inter alia, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Manipur, Jammu & Kashmir and Orissa. It is not less than impossible for the students to make travel arrangements on such an unreasonably short notice. The students have refused to be silenced and sent home! Amidst mounting pressure from the administration and in the face of such adversity, the students have found strength in their collective assertion. #feminism #feeshike #austerity #anticap #anticapitalism #antifa #climatestrike


Pod of Orcas (Orcinus orca ), San Juan Islands, Washington State, US (2018 ). . Watching orcas in the wild is an amazing experience. I almost had tears in my eyes when watching this pod of orcas swim in the Salish Sea. They were so beautiful! And they were FREE! ❤️ It really saddens me that nowadays this highly intelligent, social sentient beings are still being kept in captivity just for the sake of entertaining some human beings. Let's end this torture. Please don't buy tickets to marine parks with orcas and other dolphins confined and performing. Educate friends and family. Captivity won't end if there is any demand for such 'shows'. All cetaceans should be free and protected all over the world 🐋🐋🐋🐬🐬🐬🐳🐳🐳 #emptythetanks #naturephotography #wildlifephotography #wildtierfotografie #wildlife #nature #naturelovers #beautyinnature #natureshooters #wildlifemoments #natgeowildlife #sanjuanislands #pacificnordwest #salishsea #washingtonstate #orcinusorca #orca #killerwhale #marinemammals #cetaceans #anticap #captivitysucks #nikon #sigma150600 #intothewild #nature_perfection #seashepherd #blackfish

4 days ago

T46B1B Tl'uk being the amazing little ghost whale that he is!👻 There's a good view of his blowhole here. 📸: @washy_washout ◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾ #orca #killerwhale #orcinusorca #orcas #wildorcas #thanksbutnotanks #cetacean #wildlife #beautiful #anticap #blackfish #wildlifephotography #emptythetanks #whalewatching #nofishnoblackfish #transientkillerwhales #transientorcas #biggskillerwhales #biggsorca #t46b1s #t46b1b #whitekillerwhale

5 days ago

Orcas chase a bait ball of herring in Norway by @paulnicklen Killer Whales are the ocean’s top predator and their intelligence is truly brought to light when we watch them hunt. While captivity typically strips them of this vital and enriching part of their life, they find their own ways to hunt unsuspecting creatures, most often opportunistic birds who hope to steal the odd frozen fish. Orcas at SeaWorld San Diego are particularly well-known for hunting birds, doing so by using one of the fish given to them by their trainers to lure their victim to the water’s edge and then pulling it beneath the surface. The feathered friend is most often dismembered into little pieces for a trainer to recover at a later date.

5 days ago

Im not sure what is more impressive in the peduncle throw: the power or agility of the humpback.

6 days ago

ORCA MASS STRANDING 7 orcas stranded today on the beach near Mar Chiquita in Argentina. The orcas appeared to be healthy and the rescuers managed to return 6 of them to the ocean. Unfortunately, 1 of them died during the operation. A necropsy is being performed on the orca that died to see what was the cause of this stranding. The other orcas returned to the ocean are being monitored by the Argentina Coast Guard and have not restranded.

6 days ago

Yet another Seaworld CEO resigns. From Click Orlando “After seven months on the job, SeaWorld Entertainment CEO Gustavo Antorcha resigned after a disagreement over decision-making at the theme park company. Antorcha was appointed CEO and to the board of directors Feb. 18 , replacing Joel Manby, who was the theme park and entertainment company's CEO for about three years. John Reilly served as interim CEO for about a year before Antorcha was hired. Both executives were brought in to help the company rebuild its image after fallout from the documentary "Blackfish." According to a filling with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Antorcha announced his intent to step down Friday due to a conflict in the company's handing of decision-making. "Mr. Antorcha informed the company that his resignation was due to disagreements over the board's involvement in the decision-making at the company," according to the SEC filling. Marc Swanson, the company's chief financial officer, was appointed interim CEO. Elizabeth Castro Gulacsy will become interim CFO, according to a news release. Swanson has been with the company for 19 years and Gulacsy has worked for SeaWorld for seven years. SeaWorld officials said the leadership changes were effectively immediately.”

6 days ago

SeaWorld Orlando moved 3 Pilot whales to SeaWorld San Diego. - The three pilot whales (Piper, Ava, and Ace ) arrived at SeaWorld San Diego earlier to day. They now live at the dolphin stadium with another Pilot whale at Sea World San Diego named Argo. Why SWO moved them is anyone’s guess. Probably to keep SWSD’s Pilot whale (who lives alone ) company. But it also wouldn’t surprise me if they were moved there for breeding purposes. - Unfortunately, it’s unlikely Ace, Ava, and Piper will get along with Argo. There are two subspecies of short-finned pilot whales. The Shilo Pilot whales from the Pacific (which is the type Argo is ), and the Naisa Pilot whales from the Atlantic (which is the Type Ava, Piper, and Ace are ). So they may not get along very well. We can only wait to see how these guys will react to each other later on in the near future. Caption: @tiz_just_me Photo: Fox News { #pilotwhales #seaworld #seaworldsandiego #seaworldorlando #seaworldsanantonio #seaworldnews #istandwithseaworld #seaworldsucks #seaworldofhurt #seaworldlies #blackfish #captivity #procap #anticap #thanksbutnotanks #emptythetanks #cetaceans }

6 days ago

Pinjratod invites you for a discussion on the New Education Policy. 18 September. 4:30 pm. Arts Faculty Lawns. The New Education Policy has received partial appreciation from academics and political groups that have been steadfastly committed to fighting the privatization of education. The promise of greater government funding, projected solutions to pressing problems of school teachers, and the very recognition of the requirement of a new national level policy in education, have drawn praise. But is that all that is there to it? Many have correctly pointed that it is a recipe for greater privatization, but not much clarity exists on the mechanisms that the new policy is likely to put in place. In fact, the nature of functioning of the private sector in education is itself rather invisible to the public eye and forms a barrier to political organizing around education. Who will have access to education? Whose pockets would it fill and at whose expense? How will an education system that is designed to maintain status quo weaken the struggle of acquiring an education and educating to struggle? In our discussion we shall try to unpack and understand the new policy and its place in the neo-liberal state/corporate relationship in a stratified society. #Pinjratod #LearningThroughStruggle #feminism #feminist #politics #political #movement #antifa #anticap #protest

1 weeks ago

Look at these gorgeous offshore killer whales! This elusive eco-type was first discovered in 1979 when they were spotted off Haida Gwaii, Canada. Living far offshore has made them wary of boats so little is known about this unique population. What we do know is that they’re shark-killers and enjoy feasting on Pacific Sleeper Sharks, particularly their fatty livers. Photography by @slatermoorephotography

1 weeks ago

In the words of @kidcudi “IT’S ALL HAPPENINGGGG” (from the song - “Going to the Ceremony” I do not know Sir Mescudi’s views on zoological facilities or conservation programs ) but IT IS ALL HAPPENING! After YEARS of research, and after losing the LAST male Northern White Rhino (two female are extant ), scientists working at zoological facilities across the globe have succeeded in creating TWO Northern White Rhino embryos!!! The embryos, created in the lab with eggs taken from the females and frozen sperm from dead males, are now stored in liquid nitrogen, to be transferred into a surrogate mother — a southern white rhino — in the near future. The ultimate goal is to create a herd of at least five animals that could be returned to their natural habitat in Africa. That could take decades. https://apnews.com/0e1236b18b394650a37bfe8e43a388e2

2 weeks ago

Wealth is just a result of working hard… that’s why the richest man in Canada inherited all of his money, right? #the99percent #capitalism #anticap #unionize #labourmemes #climatecrisis #climatestrike

2 weeks ago

A mother nurses her calf whilst her older juvenile swims close by 😍 - 📸: @orcaspeninsulavaldes

2 weeks ago

graphic warning - a few weeks ago the 36As were close enough to shore that I could watch them tearing apart multiple seals. look closely in this video; you’ll see 36A herself pop the head off a harbor seal while one of her offspring grabs the body of the seal, draping the intestines around her dorsal fin. _______________ #orcas #killerwhales #blackfish #biggskillerwhales #biggsarethebalance #dolphins #cetaceans #orcasisland #washingtonstate #britishcolumbia #pnw #pacificnorthbest #upperleftusa #salishsea #nofishnoblackfish #anticap #captivitykills #emptythetanks #thanksbutnotanks #wildlifephotography #protectwhatyoulove #djiglobal #mavic2pro #dronestagram #climatechangeisreal #thereisnoplanetb

2 weeks ago

Yesterday, September 13th, 2019, marked exactly one year since the Center for Whale Research declared J50 “Scarlet” deceased. 3-year-old J50, known as “the happiest baby orca in the world”, met her fate last September after starving for months due to the lack of Chinook Salmon, which stems from the Snake River Dams. To ensure that no other Southern Resident orca ever has to suffer like J50 did, take action. Call Governor Inslee at (360 )902-4111 and demand that the four lower Snake River Dams are breached immediately, and for the whales’ sake, cut salmon out of your diet. For every day the dams remain, the Southern Residents are pushed closer to extinction. NO FISH = NO BLACKFISH - Caption: @cetacean inspiration Photo: Clint Rivers

2 weeks ago

Enjoy a very important video of Slider, the cow, enjoying an automated brush! It begins to rotate on contact and helps with grooming while stimulating blood circulation - helping Slider lead a healthier and happier life! Doesn’t Slider look just happy as a clam?! Oh - did I not mention this is at @sanfranciscozoo ? A happy cow at a zoo?! It’s unthinkable! Unimaginable! Luckily for you - there is video evidence 😘 remember: the title “zoo” DOES NOT inherently mean “prison” or “suffering” or whatever else you’ve learned to attach to it, ok pumpkins?

2 weeks ago

The asymmetry of humpback flukes is mesmerizing. They look just similar enough, until you look closer and notice different scars, notches and even shape of the left and right fluke.

2 weeks ago

That’s right - #antm memes two days in a row😈 This is just a teensy PSA to my darling animal liberationists: the moment you resort to name-calling and personal attacks is the moment you ought to be evaluating exactly why these emotions are stirring. In other words: why you mad, bruh? My theory: I’m making some *really* good points. I GET IT, YOU GUYS - I specifically sought out jobs at sanctuaries because I TOO held them on a pedestal because that’s what animal rights propaganda tells us! It was not until a couple of years in the sanctuary scene did I realize A ZOOLOGICAL FACILITY IS A ZOOLOGICAL FACILITY. We NEED to evaluate facilities on their ACTIONS, not their title. Don’t misunderstand - not *all* zoos are “good”; same goes for sanctuaries. Furthermore, there will ALWAYS be potential to improve the standards of animal care - whether it’s the welfare at a zoo or sanctuary - as that is simply the nature of this field. We need to CONSTANTLY evaluate and re-evaluate our methods of care and keep learning and innovating! And with that - here are some of my fave links about the importance for zoos🥰 Zoo contributions to conservation: https://bestlifeonline.com/almost-extinct-animals/ https://news.mongabay.com/2018/04/animal-trainers-are-teaching-wildlife-to-conserve-themselves/ https://phys.org/news/2019-04-zoos-aquariums-species.html Zoological Welfare: https://www.ny1.com/nyc/brooklyn/news/2018/06/29/new-york-aquarium-shark-exhibit-opens https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C5&q=enrichment+decreases+stereotypes+cetaceans&oq=enrichment+decreases+stereotypesgs_qabs&u=%23p%3DDGpyewfjUAUJ+ceta #d= https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C5&q=training+blood+draw+cetaceans&oq=training+blood+draw+ceta #d=gs_qabs&u=%23p%3DSWyorK9EhRIJ

2 weeks ago

Disturbing, but not surprising, footage of two of Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park’s killer whales displaying stereotypic behaviour and bad rake marks around their mouths. All 4 of Shanghai’s orcas (2 male, 2 female ) were captured in Russian waters in 2015, and have been performing for the public for the past year. Just 4 years after being ripped from their home, Shanghai’s whales are already displaying the negative effects captivity has on them - both physically and mentally. Chronic stress, boredom, increased aggressive are just some of the consequences of cetacean captivity. - RP: @ningyo_la_mar_daprop Exclusive video from 🇨🇳️ Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park Killer Whales, taken 31.08.2019. One of the youngest killer whales, again with a typical wound from attacks between them in his/her jaw. They also seems to show strange behavior at the bottom of the pool, while the other orca intimidates her/him. This young Orca will spend the rest of their life being bullied. full video in FB. . "Due to the manipulation of family units and the creation of artificial pods in captivity, incompatible individuals are forced into close proximity with one another. The resulting anxiety and tension, as well as the added stresses of living in an unnatural environment, causes excessive aggression between tank mates. This can be expressed in multiple ways such as ramming or tail slapping, but the most common form of aggression is raking. Raking is a natural assertion of dominance and aggression in the wild. It involves an orca dragging their teeth along the skin of another resulting in rake marks – characterised as thin, evenly spaced parallel scratches, usually in rows of no more than four. Rake marks are gained during determinations of dominance, reinforcements of the hierarchy (discipline ) and rough play behaviours. However, orcas can also receive rake marks by being helped by another orca. Text from: https://www.inherentlywild.co.uk/"

2 weeks ago

Absolutely stunning capture of the beautiful moment a mother nurses her calf whilst her older juvenile swims close by👩‍👧‍👦💚 📸: @orcaspeninsulavaldes ◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾ #orca #killerwhale #orcinusorca #orcas #wildorcas #thanksbutnotanks #cetacean #wildlife #beautiful #anticap #blackfish #wildlifephotography #emptythetanks #whalewatching #nofishnoblackfish #patagonia #patagonianorcas

2 weeks ago

Feeling the orca vibes this week 💙 (Photo © Kate O'Neil / orcaresearch.org, not to be used without permission )

2 weeks ago

Keepers at #clevelandmuseumofnaturalhistory has done some AMAZING work with Bob the Bobcat to achieve a VOLUNTARY blood draw! How do you convince a cat to participate in his own healthcare, you ask? We’ve discussed it before, so sing along if you know it - POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT hayooooo! Trust between Bob and his keepers is a MUST for this project to be a success, and simply being willing to participate shows just how much trust Bob has in his human coworkers. A voluntary blood draw is a complex behavior, so it is imperative to set dear Bob up for success. - the modified PVC helps communicate the exact positioning his arm needs to be in - the verbal “touch” cue given by the keeper keeps communication up with Bob while the keeper reaches and manipulates his fur - and now they’ve introduced water to the session, as alcohol will need to clean the area for a successful blood draw Moving in small steps like this is called “approximating”, and it ensures that we move at THE ANIMAL’S pace rather than forcing a procedure - leading to stress for that animal. Blood draws are not only important to monitor the individual’s health, but can also be used for conservation research and education! Just one more contribution to conservation that isn’t quantified when an activists spits out that “only 1% of funding from zoos goes to conservation” statistic💁🏽 Video by @felidaedreamin ✊🏽

2 weeks ago

Another quadruple spyhop?😲 Happy orcas😁🌸💓 📸: @sea_safari_andenes ◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾ #orca #killerwhale #orcinusorca #orcas #wildorcas #thanksbutnotanks #cetacean #wildlife #beautiful #anticap #blackfish #wildlifephotography #emptythetanks #whalewatching #nofishnoblackfish #norwayorca #norwaykillerwhales

2 weeks ago

Dolphins are happier in zoos, the Spanish Newspaper El Español explains, basing on a scientific research at Loro Parque. 59 individuals (30 females and 29 males ) from different European institutions were monitored to get to know how much stress they have. Cortisol levels were measured with non-invasive and completely stressless methods and then compared to each other and after that compared to stres levels of dolphins in the wild. The analysis was made by an independent laboratory of the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Dr. Javier Almunia: "The study confirms that dolphins under human care in aquariums and zoos do not suffer from any chronic stress, that their cortisol levels are normal and even lower than other groups in freedom. Still, I fear that the urban legend of stressed dolphins in captivity will continue to wander around. Despite the scientific evidence that has been shown over the past few decades, this kind of myth is difficult to overthrow." . #boycottblackfish #procaptivity #dolphinarium #keepthetanksfull #dolphinshow #captivity #dolphin #emptythetanks #loroparque #anticap #marinebiologist #mymarineland #peta

2 weeks ago

So thankful for these beautiful creatures. Protect what you love. Stand up for what you believe in. “The wonders of the sea are as marvelous as the glories of the Heavens.” #OrcinusOrca

2 weeks ago

Great news today as another one of the Whale Prison’s killer whales has integrated into a wild pod! Zina is now travelling with a pod of 14 transient orca while little Alexandra has joined two older female orcas who were also released from the Whale Prison. Let’s hope the good news keeps coming. In the mean time, enjoy this stunning wild orca captured on camera by Whale Watch Norway.

2 weeks ago

Another porpoise, from another hunt

2 weeks ago

Meme from @wildgreenmemes4ecofiends ••• So, as an animal caretaker, I hear OFTEN how I’m not “worth listening to” because being a “Zookeeper” makes me part of the problem. I have been a “keeper” at rehab centers, on in situ conservation projects, sanctuaries, and most recently zoos. Did you know that neither my title nor my responsibilities has changed over the years? Honestly the only difference (strictly from my personal experience ) is that well managed zoos have more resources available so as to not only provide a *higher* quality of care than the sanctuaries I’ve worked at, but also contribute directly to conservation efforts, which cannot be said for many sanctuaries. All the aforementioned facilities are ZOOLOGICAL FACILITIES. You can use the terminology “caretaker” vs “keeper”, and I definitely agree that caretaker has a nice ring, but the fact remains that if you’re willing to listen to a keeper at a sanctuary, you ought to give a keeper at a zoo that same respect💁🏽

2 weeks ago

K35 Sonata, a 17-year-old male Southern Resident, breaching in the Juan de Fuca by photographer @markmallesonphotography Sonata is one of just 73 Southern Resident killer whales left on earth! With a bit of luck Sonata will sire lots of healthy calves to help boost his dwindling population.

2 weeks ago

I don’t think T137 understands how powerful she is.

2 weeks ago

A B(o )b Ross meme for all (c )onservationists but mostly @a_wild_marnie 😂😅✊🏽 feel free to repost this one, my friend. And now, back to our regularly scheduled program: Well managed zoos and aquariums actually play a critical role in species conservation- the THIRD LARGEST CONTRIBUTORS, in fact - while ALSO providing the highest standard of welfare to those under their care. I get that it would be ideal if zoos/aquariums/sanctuaries didn’t need to exist. But ALL types of facilities are important in their own way. We need to focus on DEMANDING the highest quality of care across ALL zoological facilities (including SANCTUARIES ) rather than making blanket statements that vilify ALL zoos/aquariums🖤

2 weeks ago

Благополучие афалин в неволе. Часть 2 Агрессия Агрессия есть в природе. Это нормально. В условиях замкнутого пространства её может быть больше, из-за того что животные не имеют возможности разойтись по разным углам. Это больше относится к дельфинариям, где в 1 бассейне держать огромную кучу животных и нет никаких других отсадных бассейнов. Вот там этого не избежать. В хороших дельфинариях есть несколько бассейнов и животное может уйти от агрессора. Кроме того, правильно управление группы может исключить появление агрессии в больших количествах. Упреждающие поведение Это тип поведения, когда дельфины ожидают тренера, высунов голову из воды. Это говорит об ожидании какого либо события, но когда это поведение появляется слишком часто, это может свидетельствовать о плохом благополучии. Эмоциональное состояние Было доказанно, что дельфинам нравиться тренироваться и у них в крови нашли эндорфины (гормоны счастья (Clegg et al., 2018, Ridgway et al., 2014 ). _________________________________________ #boycottblackfish #procaptivity #dolphinarium #seaworld #seaworldstrong #dolphins #keepthetanksfull #dolphinshow #captivity #dolphin #emptythetanks #loroparque #anticap _________________________________________ Фото: @dolphinsplanet

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#Repost @alicemurrellanimals • • • • • #Repost @charruart with @make_repost ・・・ Dolphins and Orcas deserves to be FREE FREEE FREEEE FREEEEEE!!!! # Repost @untillolitaishome ( @get_repost ) ・・・ 14 events happening on July 27th 2019 for Lolita. Liberation 4 Lolita rallies taking place worldwide! Location details here https://www.facebook.com/UntilLolitaisHome/events Don’t see an event near you? Volunteer to lead one yourself by emailing UntilLolitaisHome @gmail com #freelolita #retirelolita #emptythetanks #blackfish #anticap #Repost @untillolitaishome ( @get_repost ) #FreeLolita #marchforLolita #orcawhales #miamiseaquarium #loropark #florida #freeorca #FreeTilly #FreeLolita #SeaWorld #SaveLolita #Seaquarium #southbeach #SeaWorldSucks #Blackfish #miami #miamibeach #mundomarino #Sandiegoseaworld #peta  #DontGoToSeaWorld #Repost @officialpetalatino ( @get_repost ) #beard

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#Repost @charruart with @make_repost ・・・ Dolphins and Orcas deserves to be FREE FREEE FREEEE FREEEEEE!!!! # Repost @untillolitaishome ( @get_repost ) ・・・ 14 events happening on July 27th 2019 for Lolita. Liberation 4 Lolita rallies taking place worldwide! Location details here https://www.facebook.com/UntilLolitaisHome/events Don’t see an event near you? Volunteer to lead one yourself by emailing UntilLolitaisHome @gmail com #freelolita #retirelolita #emptythetanks #blackfish #anticap #Repost @untillolitaishome ( @get_repost ) #FreeLolita #marchforLolita #orcawhales #miamiseaquarium #loropark #florida #freeorca #FreeTilly #FreeLolita #SeaWorld #SaveLolita #Seaquarium #southbeach #SeaWorldSucks #Blackfish #miami #miamibeach #mundomarino #Sandiegoseaworld #peta  #DontGoToSeaWorld #Repost @officialpetalatino ( @get_repost ) #beard

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From @derangedhyena_delphinidae : “I wasn’t going to draw anything about this, but I saw that a trainer had posted on social media about how they (& others ) got ice-cream to fix their ‘sad day.’ It seemed flippant. It seemed uncaring. It seemed like Seaworld. (And thus, my irritation with that became this image. ) “ - posted after Kayla’s death in January. Kayla was 30 years old and the 42nd killer whale to die at Seaworld

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Mini spyhop from T46B1A Tsakani. This girl has some very big & beautiful eyepatches🥰❤ 📸: @orcawatcher ◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾ #orca #killerwhale #orcinusorca #orcas #wildorcas #thanksbutnotanks #cetacean #wildlife #beautiful #anticap #blackfish #wildlifephotography #emptythetanks #whalewatching #nofishnoblackfish #transientkillerwhales #transientorcas #biggskillerwhales #biggsorca #t46b1s #t46b1a

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