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17 minutes ago

Each day of our lives, we make deposits in the memory banks of our children. -- Charles R. Swindoll ♥️♥️♥️ Charlotte loves to play outside. #babyfever #babygirl #babylove #mylove #mybaby #sweetchildofmine #childhood #childofmine #daughter #hija #happy #happygirl #girlpower #smile #wonderwoman #19monthsold #dailythoughts #dailyphoto #lovemakesafamily #love #adventurethatislife #adorable #momlife #motherhood #mothering #mija #mygirl #toddler #toddlerlife #alwaysbemybaby

17 minutes ago

Living a very balanced life of trees and ocean these days

19 minutes ago

Your soul is rooting for you. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📸: @sugarnibblets

26 minutes ago

sunsets at the Oregon coast are hard to beat.

26 minutes ago

Apa kehendakmu sekarang? Kau pergi berlalu begitu saja. Tanpa jejak dan pesan pun darimu. Apakah kau sengaja melakukannya? Agar diriku terus memanggilmu, sangat menginginkan kehadiranmu dan melakukan banyak cara supaya kau segera kembali kesini👁️ #lightroompresets #instagood #mystorymyjourney #adventurethatislife #photographyislifee #adventuretime #mytripmyadventure #exploreeverything #hijabtraveller #petualangcantik #explorer #danaubiru #centralkalimantan #centralborneo #traveldiary #indotravellers

31 minutes ago

They say your heart will tell you when to move. But my heart ain’t telling me nothing so...

33 minutes ago

Today was magical ✨Seeing it all through your child’s eyes makes everything even better ♥️ Get ready for @disneyland pics overload!

34 minutes ago

Want to work as an ambassador for an apparel brand? Message @wanderatic <3 ~ Railway beach, #Thailand 🏝 Photo by @danielschrammfotografie Share your story: #wanderatic #l4l #adventurethatislife #travelporn #adventurelife #travelworld #wandering

36 minutes ago

So I might just have a waterfall problem...in that I have to hunt them out all the time and it’s 0% a problem I plan on remedying!

21 minutes ago

{ Cheers to 31} Yesterday we turned 31 🥳❤️ Love being able to celebrate and going though life with this one! #AdjustYourFocus #happybirthday @mrsdrallie

37 minutes ago

Uh oh, looks like Brent has some competition in the "petting cats around the world" game.

47 minutes ago

One of us was deadly accurate... and it wasn't the guy on camera! I asked Amelia to put her cast a couple of inches off the tip of the log, flies 18 inches upstream. I figured that would give me some buffer in the framing because the light was so bright that I could barely see what was actually happening. It was a stunning evening and this big rainbow was feeding up a storm. You'd think the guy on camera would have framed it with an eat a touch downstream of the log. Nope! I was semi-blind. Amelia laid her tippet 2 inches off the log and drift right into the sweet spot. Even though this fish never broke surface (the rise you think you see is a subsurface eat with follow-through ) it was sure to eat a dry. A lesson learned years ago: if it's a feeding that close to the surface, float something through and have fun! When you're as accurate as Amelia was it takes 1 cast to find out 99% of the time! 😍👍👌

47 minutes ago

My little green home on the road. I was actually flying the drone from a kayak in the middle of a lake pretty far away from camp, but still managed to find where it was. Two more months until I’m back up here 🍂. • • • 🎶: @okmoonmusic // Harpoon

47 minutes ago

"It’s really fascinating seeing the end tail of the train as it follows the curves of the tracks. You will forget your worries about falling out of the train. Just hold on tight." - @theidio__ #travelph #adventures #travelnow #travelmore #beautifuldestinations #wanderlust #adventureseeker #doyoutravel #skyscannertraveler #goexplore #wonderfulplaces #openmyworld #lovetotravel #adventurethatislife #roamtheplanet #seekmoments #pinoytraveler

32 minutes ago

Had to get in the mix and capture this moment in the middle of the set 📸 the creative director @amasiamonet brought my vision to life 🔥 @blackboxphotospace - check out what we filmed with @shwavyproductions link in bio

1 hour ago

Rainy days #tamron #tamron45

1 hour ago

Backpacker's #accomodation in a confortable and warm hostel in #Quito Down Town!⠀ #Ecuador #budget #savings #adventureseeker #doyoutravel #goexplore #wonderfulplaces #openmyworld #lovetotravel #adventurethatislife ⠀ https://www.hosteltraveler.com/Ecuador-hostels/Minka-Hostel_Quito.htm

1 hour ago

Bahwa sesungguhnya kemerdekaan itu ialah hak segala bangsa . . . 📍Lambu,Bima NTB

1 hour ago

🌾 “Saturday is the mightiest day of the week. It's unshakably, overwhelmingly superior.” Wataru Watari

1 hour ago

Forever a tropic girl. • Laguna Beach, CA 2019

1 hour ago

What's your most magical wildlife experience? I found this enormous old turtle while completing my dive training. First, I thought my instructor was telling me to position in front of a large coral encrusted rock for a sweet pic for my license. I floated there for a good 2-3 minutes before actually looking inches below my flippers to see this 5ft turtle just munching away 😑 I nearly wet myself with excitement (we were in the sea, no one would know.... )! I got to enjoy flying around for a few minutes with this beauty as he glided off into the distance. 📷: @connor mccreesh 🔥🌴 Follow the Bio Link for a Free Class Where I Teach You How to: 1. Make Enough Money Online To Quit Your Job, 2. Work on Your Creative Passions, 3. Travel Full Time Click the Link! 🔥🌴 ____________________

1 hour ago

"Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, beauty and the beast" ❤️ #ANSELANDSTEF

1 hour ago

Humming “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and ignoring the fact that school starts soon 😬

1 hour ago

cozy details 🕯

1 hour ago

⛰️📷 @dbauermedia ⁠ ⁠-⁠ "The drive from Jasper to Banff was hands down one of the best we have had. We spent the day doing the three hour drive and stopping in at some of Alberta’s most iconic spots. Yes, the water is that blue in real life, if not more blue. Stuff like this can really only be done justice in person, but doing my best out here. Alberta and the PNW were what I was most excited for when planning the route and they definitely have not disappointed."⁠ -⁠ -⁠ -⁠ -⁠ -⁠ -⁠ -⁠ -⁠ -⁠ -⁠ -⁠ -⁠ -⁠ -⁠ #allaboutadventures #wondermore #wildernessnation #adventureenthusiasts #amongthewild #wildernessculture #welivetoexplore #theglobewanderer #tourtheplanet #puremichigan #puremichiganders #wonderful_places #earthfocus #thediscoverer #nakedplanet #ourplanetdaily #awesome_photographers #visualmobs #folkscenery #earthoutdoors #the_folknature #visualambassadors #roamtheplanet #adventurethatislife #keepitwild

1 hour ago

Almost died minutes after taking this photo. Posting this photo on my birthday, to remind me of how God has watched over me, guided me, and protected me throughout my twenty-something years on this earth. - Vlogged about my first legit near-death experience (that year ), you can watch it on my Youtube channel! I'll put the link to my YT in my bio 😁 - 📍 Yehliu Geopark, February 28, 2017

1 hour ago

Explorer Couple Goal ❤ Do you like shark ? 🦈 Would you ever do this ?👇🏽 👇🏼❤Tag someone who would love this place❤ Share this on your story if you love this location❤ Follow @travelforbes for more amazing content🌍 - Follow @travelforbes for more amazing content💝 - Follow @travelforbes for more amazing content✈👑 - By @juansharks #travellingthroughtheworld #welltravelled #adventurethatislife #igpodium_portraits #instavacation #traveldiary #keepexploring #travelmore #travelholic #travelguide #worlderlust #special_shots #lifewelltravelled #globetrotter #travelgram #traveler #travelphotography #nature_perfection #awesomeearth #wanderer #instatraveling #theglobewanderer #welivetoexplore #igtravel #nature_shooters #landscapes #worldcaptures

1 hour ago

I haven’t taken on many senior portraits this year due to not having time but I’m so glad I took on hers! This sassy little lady did anything for the shot, just like me! We both got touched by Stinging Nettles (which I had no idea was a thing 😂 ) crawling through this rock building in the middle of no where. But it was worth the sting for this shot 💓

1 hour ago

Instead of searching for greener pastures, dare to grow where you are planted, perhaps it is you that will turn the barren land into a fruitful forest🌳

2 hours ago

Big smile & big balloons ✨ I like life with you, @binghamsb

2 hours ago

There’s nothing sweeter than a calm, quiet day at the lake. How are you keeping cool this summer? 📸 @mssdaisy1

22 hours ago

"Surgaku surga indonesia" Cintaku, cinta indonesia Damailah selalu rumah kita. Cintaku, cinta indonesia Indahnya tanah air beta. ~Kinanti . . DIRGAHAYU INDONESIA 🇮🇩 🙌 Indonesia merdeka karena bersatu. Kita saling cinta karena menyatu. . "Berbeda beda tetap satu. Bhineka Tunggal Ika" . . "Jangan pernah melupakan sejarah" ~BungKarno . . 📷 @yussfajar #happyindependencedayindonesia #dirgahayuindonesia #tanahairbeta #cintaindonesia #17agustus #bhinekatunggalika


I do not even measure up, I do not even come close, not even on my best day, to you God. So let's quit playing games with ourselves and surrender to the great I Am. For He is better even on our best days and way EVEN BETTER on our worst. Grace flows from the highest to the lowest and I take my place as the lowest and rest in Your love for me. TYJ!

2 weeks ago

Taj Mahal 🕌

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