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2 hours ago

Sunset at Paris Le Bourget. The place was busy like hell due to the Paris Air Show #sunset #phenom300 #embraerexecutivejets #parislebourget #lebourget #aviationphotography #onlynetjets #crewlife #aviationlovers

6 hours ago

For #MatthewDayJackson , satellites are just another manifestation of humanity’s egocentricity. 'Despite how far we have traveled, we are looking back in on ourselves, rather than investigating where we are going,' he says. His ‘Solipsist’ paintings depict aerial views of colorful, silkscreened Formica landscapes, with satellites cast in poured lead hovering above. Presented alongside his furniture collection – made in collaboration with Finnish design house Made by Choice – these works transformed the #ArtBasel2019 @NetJets lounge, located within the #ArtBasel Collectors Lounge. #OnlyNetJets

22 hours ago

Today, I witnessed a NetJets pilot doing a good deed in Indianapolis Airport. I heard a “I’ve got him” and looked over to see him, bags in one hand & wheelchair in the other, pushing a complete stranger to his gate as there wasn’t an airport employee available. They had a nice little chat as they walked and I couldn’t help but smile and capture the moment. We need more good people like this in the world! 💙 💙 #ClassAct #BeTheChange #RAoK #NetJets #Travelgram #OnlyNetJets

2 days ago

This is one of the most peaceful airports I think I’ve ever landed at. There isn’t a soul around and I love it!! 😍🏔☀️ #montana #onlynetjets #citationsovereign #bigsky

2 days ago

Congratulations to NetJets golfer @Gary Woodland who won his first career major at the U.S. Open! #OnlyNetJets

5 days ago

Posted @withrepost@netjets Beauty is everywhere at #ArtBasel , but the innovative installation by @matthewdayjackson in the #NetJets VIP lounge is simply one-of-a-kind. #OnlyNetJets #madebychoice #matthewdayjackson

5 days ago

Motorsports legend and NASCAR hall of fame driver Jeff Gordon prefers to take the back seat when it comes to flying. Fractional ownership allows the same access as owning your own aircraft, without the commitment of keeping it in the air yourself. #OnlyNetJets

5 days ago

Making an entrance on a #Friday from @netjets #OnlyNetJets 🛩 📸: @netjetdriver See some recent research in our #wealthreport2019 to analyse private jet travel. See the six highlights below. Link to the full article in my bio 👆🏻 . 1. The number of private jet flights to our island locations increased by 7% to 58,091 from 54,093 in 2017 2. This was driven largely by an 80% increase in traffic to islands in Asia-Pacific 3. The most popular of the 30 islands, or collections of islands, we look at is the Bahamas with almost 16,500 private jet arrivals in 2018 4. European islands occupy second, third and fourth places with Mallorca, Ibiza and Sardinia seeing 5,564, 5,415 and 5,247 landings respectively 5. North America has more than five times the number of private jet registrations than the next highest region, Europe, Russia & CIS. So it comes as no surprise that more than a third of the flights we look at originate there 6. The majority of private jet journeys to European islands originated from within Europe with Italy, France and Spain accounting for 48% of flights, and the UK and Germany combined accounting for another fifth of the total . . . . #jet #privatejet #travel #luxury #speed #nice #monaco #data #research #wealth #mrmonaco #edemalletmorgan #realestate #villa #house #vineyard #superprime #travelblogger #travelphotography #invest #superrich #familyoffice #privateoffice @kfprivateoffice @knightfrank #weekend

6 days ago

Party like it’s your birthday 🎉 Have a good one, @balionis ! #OnlyNetJets

6 days ago

#Repost @netjets ・・・ Can’t cool down @djohnsonpga #OnlyNetJets 📸: @allen terrell

6 days ago

Nuff said. #netjets

6 days ago

The calm after the storm in Kansas City. 😎✈️😍 #onlynetjets #citationlatitude #storms #netjets

1 weeks ago

You Fly. We Drive. Whether you land in #farnborough or take off from #Luton , our impressive luxury fleet is at your service along with our gentleman #chauffeurs #chauffeurservices #farnboroughairport #harrodsaviation #signatureflightsupport #bigginhillairport #businessman #businesswoman #privatejet #privatejets #jetfly #onlynetjets

2 weeks ago

Rise and shine! Busy day ahead! @netjets @embraerexecutivejets #netjets #onlynetjets #embraer #phenom300

2 weeks ago

Beauty is everywhere at #ArtBasel , but the innovative installation by @matthewdayjackson in the #NetJets VIP lounge is simply one-of-a-kind. #OnlyNetJets

2 weeks ago

Ready and waiting, all 750+ jets. #OnlyNetJets

2 weeks ago

Private aviation industry presents incredibly high logistical challenges that companies should contemplate before going global but NetJets excels in managing it. The company is recognized as a luxury service provider but the best luxury they provide is the high level of safety as Warren Buffett used to say, 'price is what you pay, value is what you get.' #NetJets #OnlyNetJets #WarrenBuffett #aviation

2 weeks ago

Step on up. #OnlyNetJets 📸: @adventuresofapilot

2 weeks ago

Who run the world? Thanks for the photo, @jen_huizenga ! #OnlyNetJets

2 weeks ago

Can’t cool down @djohnsonpga #OnlyNetJets 📸: @allen terrell

2 weeks ago

Ich wünschte “Ich hätte” ... * * Oft verlieren die Menschen das wirklich Wichtige aus den Augen: Ich las ein Schild an einem Kindergarten: “Du bist auf dem Weg zu dem wichtigsten Meeting des Tages. Also mach dein Telefon aus und höre zu, was dein Kind dir erzählen will.” * * Was ist eine tolle Villa oder ein Porsche wert, wenn das Bett neben einem leer ist. Was bringt ein Titel oder 10 Millionen auf dem Konto, wenn man Schmerzen hat? 30 Jahre war ich ANALYSE-SPEZIALIST und machte nichts anderes, als das Leben von tausenden reichen Menschen und Familien zu analysieren. Ich sah unfassbar schöne Häuser, Porsche, Rolex, eine scheinbar glückliche Familie - mit Millionen auf dem Konto. Ich dachte: so sieht das perfekte Leben aus. Doch es war eine Illusion: Viele zahlten nach 5, 10 oder 20 Jahren einen hohen Preis: Viele verloren ihr Leben, ihre Gesundheit, ihre Liebe, die Würde und Freiheit. Ich verschlüsselte die kostbarsten Erkenntnisse in geheime CODES und prägte sie tief in ein Armband aus Silber oder Gold. Wie ein Freund begleitet Sie Ihr Armband und erinnert Sie immer wieder, was wirklich zählt im Leben; Gesund, glücklich, erfolgreich und frei zu sein. Ein Leben mit viel Zeit - und ohne Stress zu führen. Unseren Kindern, unserer Liebe und Freunde zuzuhören. Jeden Tag zu leben und viele Glücksmomente aufzusaugen, als wäre es der letzte Tag. Im CODE BLACK und BEUNIQUE Armband verschlüsselte ich die Erfolgsrezepte der Reichen und Erfolgreichen. Leidenschaft, leuchtende Augen, Mut und die richtigen Kontakte zählen mehr, als 10 Stunden tägliche Arbeit und eine Note “Sehr gut.” Jedes CODE LIMITED ARMBAND verändert und verbessert Ihr Leben so tiefgreifend: Es erinnert Sie und macht Ihnen Mut, wie wertvoll Sie sind und alles erreichen können, wenn Sie es wirklich wollen. More: www.codelimited.de #magicplaces #menstyleforyou #menstyling #menstyle #man style.daily #mensfashion #man_influence #man_speak #man_magazine #mindset lmindfulness #mindbodyspirit #mind #milano_streetstyle @millionaire feeds #millionairemindset #millionaire_desires @mrgoodlife #mybestsecret @natgeo #netjets #onlynetjets #network #nyfw #only netjets #_platinum_lifestyle_ #patekphillipe #polo

2 weeks ago

Proud to be a @netjets ambassador #onlynetjets 🐎

2 weeks ago

soaring to new heights 👊🏽

2 weeks ago

IOE... ✔️ #netjets #onlynetjets

2 weeks ago

*Cue ‘Coming Home’ by Diddy* ✈️ Thank you @netjets ! #OnlyNetJets

2 weeks ago

#Repost @netjets ・・・ All you need is love, and a Latitude. #OnlyNetJets 📸: @lucerneblue

2 weeks ago

When you’re dog tired but there’s work to be done.. #OnlyNetJets #NetPets 📸: @brenblower

2 weeks ago

Making an entrance. #OnlyNetJets 📸: @netjetdriver

2 weeks ago

Let’s take off somewhere this weekend with @netjets #onlynetjets #summer #summertime

2 weeks ago

Time to make the donuts!!

3 weeks ago

3,500+ captain-rated pilots, ready to take to the skies. #OnlyNetJets

3 weeks ago

Really proud to have joined the biggest business aviation company in the world today! Looking forward to see where this challenge takes me. #bizav #aviationsafety #avgeek #businessaviation #onlynetjets #netjets #nje

3 weeks ago

All you need is love, and a Latitude. #OnlyNetJets 📸: @lucerneblue

3 weeks ago

Congrats to Memorial Tournament winner @patrickcantlay ! NetJets is proud to support this tournament, taking place in our own hometown. #OnlyNetJets

3 weeks ago

I couldn't resist. I had to take a selfie at The Compton. I love this building. The detailing is spectacular. Completely unique.

3 weeks ago

Kicking off this weekend with the UEFA @ChampionsLeague final in Madrid where 82 NetJets flights land for the most watched sporting event in the world. #OnlyNetJets

3 weeks ago

Gravity can’t keep @johnmayer down. #OnlyNetJets 💫

3 weeks ago

What a week it has been for me. My appendix ruptured last Wednesday and I ended up in a hospital in New Jersey for 5 days. Getting sick on the road isn't ideal for anyone especially me. I was pretty sick and very anxious on my condition. Time and time again I talk about how much I enjoy working for the company that I work for and this is no different. My company and a couple union officials collaborated a plan to have my sister come and be by my side. My sister bridget was there for the 5 days that I spent in the hospital. I must say we have a very tight family. During my hospital stay my good friend Terri came up from her home to assist with anything that my sister or I needed. The Captain that I was flying with (Doug ) spent about 2 days helping with calls and organizing stuff with the company. My old roommate ( John ) from USA Jet came and spent the afternoon with me and a big thanks to Phil Y for stopping by and saying hello, it was my first time meeting Phil. A huge thanks for the hundreds and maybe thousands of prayers that were sent my way. They definitely helped. Lastly, I want to thank the company that I work for and the union personnel that helped in making sure I had family by my side. Monday I was released from the hospital and that evening my sister and I was able to travel home with the upmost care.

3 weeks ago

Ground Stops and SWAPs are definitely Challenging. #challenger350 #mammatus #sunset #pittsburgh #jetsandsunsets

3 weeks ago

Revving up for our newest partnership with INDYCAR and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where NetJets will serve as the Official Private Aviation Partner for the largest motorsports venue in the world. #Indy500 winner @simonpagenaud takes the first flight of our new partnership. #OnlyNetJets

3 weeks ago

Sunset over Palm Beach. #onlynetjets #aviation #jets

3 weeks ago

My favorite Uberjet • Sleek • Slim • Smooth • Left • Right • Aux - Passionate Bastard 🧘🏿‍♂️ #Repost from @bombardier_jets with @regram app ... The #Challenger350 aircraft has the largest cabin and is the best-equipped aircraft in its class. L’avion #Challenger350 possède la cabine la plus spacieuse et la mieux équipée de la catégorie des superintermédiaires 📷 @NetJets #OnlyNetJets #businessjets #corporatejets #privatejet #privateaviation #bombardier #bizjet #businessaircraft #avgeek

2 weeks ago

#bellaitalia 🇮🇹 #onlynetjets 🛩

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