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4 days ago

My favorite place in the world 🦈 sharing a moment with these beautiful tiger sharks @dante fl #SzJphotography

5 days ago

To the ends of the earth, would you follow me? @kristinarec @sand_cloud #SzJphotography

1 weeks ago

🔺️🔺️🔺️ are my favorite shape, three 🔴🔴🔴 where two ➖➖ meet @kristinarec @hulyaswim #SzJphotography

2 weeks ago

When you have to lay back in a barrel to dodge a shark fin 🦈🏄🏼‍♂️🌊 . The 3rd composite from the surf/shark series that I created. Top shot by my brother @zoard of @nathan_florence at Pipeline, the hammerhead shark photo shot by me in the Bahamas. #SzJphotography

2 weeks ago

~ drift away ~ float with me ~ @kristinarec #SzJphotography

2 weeks ago

As the water returned to the ocean after each wave, it left this dreamy reflection off the wet, sandy shoreline @kristinarec #SzJphotography

2 weeks ago

🐟 I'm probably in the sky, flying with the fishes 🐟 @kristinarec #SzJphotography

3 weeks ago

1000s of rain drops on the surface, the cutest little baby manatee swimming just below 😊 Need to spend more rainy days swimming in these Florida springs. @kristinarec #SzJphotography

3 weeks ago

This tiger shark shut her eyes and left her mouth open as I took the photo, kind of looks like she's taking a nap mid swim 😅🦈❤ #SzJphotography

3 weeks ago

Some moments in life line up so perfectly... we were swimming in a Florida spring while its pouring rain and this mom and baby manatee swim by us 😍 one of my favorite encounters in the springs @kristinarec #SzJphotography

3 weeks ago

Floating in paradise 🌴 @kristinarec #SzJphotography

4 weeks ago

🌊🌅🌴The movements of water and the flow of color and light during sunrise 🌴🌅🌊 @kristinarec @hulyaswim

last month

Fun experience getting to record some of the underwater footage for @danawhite 's new episode where we took them out shark diving. Link to the youtube video below, check it out its hilarious. 🦈 @mattserrabjj @dinthomas @floridasharkdiving

last month

A big pregnant tiger shark swimming in for a close up 🦈 my favorite animal 😍 #SzJphotography

June 2019

Driving through the Békás-szoros, 5 miles of beautiful roads twisting between cliffs that go hundreds of feet straight up on both sides. This road connects Transylvania to Moldavia. #SzJphotography

June 2019

🐄 curious cow 🐄

June 2019

🏰 The Castles of Transylvania 🏰 This one is the Hunyadi Castle, built in 1446. It was also the place where Vlad the Impaler "Dracula" was held prisoner by John Hunyadi. #SzJphotography

June 2019

Selling my underwater camera setup. Canon 7D Mark 2 with a Tokina 10-17mm, Ikelite housing, 8 inch dome 2.75" extension. All in very good condition, welcome to meet at my pool and test it out underwater. Selling for $2500 (brand new right now this setup costs around $3600 ) Also have a Canon 18-135mm for $200 and Canon 70-300mm for $250.

May 2019

🦈 tiger snacks 🦈 @surfzach #SzJphotography

May 2019

Pufferfish camouflaged in its home #SzJphotography

May 2019

@jferraragallery having to make the hard decisions... when a hammerhead and tiger shark both swim in towards you but then decide to split in opposite directions, which shark do you stay focused on to get the shot? 🦈 #SzJphotography

April 2019

~ Slow Flow ~ @jamieee_jo View in full screen 4k on my website

April 2019

🦈 smiley face 🦈 My favorite angle of a tiger shark, the view as they swim towards us from head on. #SzJphotography

April 2019

🦈 The view into a tiger sharks mouth 🦈 @surfzach gently redirecting this curious tiger as she swims in close to check us out #SzJphotography

April 2019

Close up view of a big pregnant 14+ ft tiger shark. She can be carrying as many as 80 babies 🦈 it was incredible seeing the size of her round belly full of baby sharks @dante fl @nikkibradyy #SzJphotography

April 2019

Cover song of "Crazy - Gnarls Barkley" Vocals @explorewithsara Guitar @szjanko

April 2019

🦈 Observe 🦈 @dante fl and @jsheffer watching two tiger sharks swim by, the bottom one was a very large pregnant tiger 🦈 a smaller bull shark sneaking in from the right side also #SzJphotography

April 2019

😊 Smiling Tiger 🦈 @islandkey_ blending in with the sharks #SzJphotography

April 2019

Tiger shark lovin' 🦈 @nikkibradyy #SzJphotography

April 2019

One of my favorite underwater caves in Florida One breath, no fins, no camera in hand, taking in the momemt Feeling 70000 gallons of water flowing past me every minute Watching the sun rays dance as they pass through the water . Thanks for this epic photo 📸 @jferraragallery

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