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3 weeks ago

hey!!! I got some exciting news! I’ll be at the Walmart in Huntington Beach, CA from 3-6 this Sunday (August 4th ) with @maybelline to celebrate the launch of the lipgloss collection! It’s gonna be a really cool event with lots of pretty photo ops, it’s freeee, AAAAND I’ll be there, so we can hangout!!! If ur in the area, u better be there😆 #maybellinepartner @walmart #maybellinexsummermckeen

last month

for my hairstyle to last all day, my go-to’s are @tresemme Micro Mist Level 4 and Volumizing Dry Shampoo 🌟 they both smell so good and help my hair stay put and stay fresh #TRESpartner

last month

HEY!! Want a sneak peek at my #BillabongxSummerMckeen collection launching on 7/17 and also a chance to win this custom surfboard?? (More pics on my story! )go to the link in my bio to enter🤭

last month

SECRETS OUT!!! been holding this one in for toooo long😆 #MaybellineXSummerMckeen exclusively hitting @walmart stores TODAY!!! and online July 15th!!! Pre-order is available rn! Go find my lipglosses perfect for the summertime 😎😄❤️ #MaybellinePartner

June 2019

hAaaaAAappY birthday mom!! I’m so so blessed to have you as my bff, travel buddy, and overall life helper 🥺❤️

May 2019

you’ll definitely be seeing more from this #film shoot ;p

May 2019

the sun makes me HAPPY @billabongwomens

May 2019

good evening

May 2019

another day, another giveaway😆 i’ve been working with @sc for a while and they recently came out with this amazing new skincare!! so we’re giving away over $100 of product for the clean skincare giveaway woooo! Rules: 1. Must follow me @summermckeen and @SC 2. Tag a friend, @SC and #SCSweepstakes in a comment down below! 3. We’re gonna choose 3 winners tomorrow! The giveaway is only open to US & Canada, btw check out the link in my bio for the official rules p.s. i love that the products are all free of sulfates, parabens, and other bad stuff so enter to win some! #SephoraCollection #Ad #BeautyUncomplicated #TroopSC

May 2019

I’m on film!!

May 2019

Hiii I’m guessing u guys love giveaways, so @firstaidbeauty and I are giving away their new Hello Fab Pores Be Gone Matte Primer (used on my face here lol ) and $100 of other fab faves!! Giveaway Rules: 1. follow me @summermckeen and @firstaidbeauty 2. tag a friend in the comments for a chance to win!

May 2019

It may have been a couple days since I washed my hair, so @TRESemme Volumizing Dry Shampoo is a must for refreshing my style lol. #TRESpartner

May 2019

cookin up somethin good

April 2019

I just uploaded my vlog from when I went to Tennessee with @sc and some YouTube friends!! They just came out with a new clean skincare line & you can see how I liked it in this video❣️ #beautyuncomplicated #TroopSC #SephoraCollection #ad

April 2019

100 points to u if u know where this was taken!!

April 2019

missin Tennessee and this ten.. i ... see....

April 2019

Nothing I love more than posting more festival pics lol🤪but thank you @tresemme Micro Mist for helping me keep my hair looking good by fighting this humidity in the sun #TRESpartner #TRESfest

April 2019

He is risen!!! this picture makes me happy and so does this day we’re celebrating today🐰

April 2019

Tennessee REALLY is my happy place I’m telling you

April 2019

this was a fun one

April 2019

took this one on a windy pier!

March 2019

here’s how I’ll feel if u don’t go watch the video i just uploaded!!2!!3&:&/!!

March 2019

I just can’t stay out of the flower fields can i!!

March 2019

Hello this rug rat is telling you to go check the link in my bio ; )

March 2019

home for a day 🤠

February 2019


February 2019

raise ur hand if u miss summertime

February 2019

I miss y’all

January 2019

hey check out my bio🤭🦋🌺 I finally posted the Hawaii vlog!!

January 2019

my current fav skincare product is @firstaidbeauty ’s Ultra Repair BarriAIR Cream. It’s so so so good I use it every day😎 #firstaidbeauty

January 2019

just chillin!

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