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FRAIA Architect, Vokes and Peters Brisbane, Australia

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2 days ago

spatial complexity at New Farm Cottage / design team: @georgia_cannon @_erobinson @aaron_vokesandpeters photo: @christopherfrederickjones / #newfarmcottage #vokesandpeters

4 days ago

fantastic architectural models at the Sam Cranstoun exhibition Between Dystopia and Utopia now showing at @milanigallery until 28 September / #newmilanigallery @samcran #samcranstoun

5 days ago

Teneriffe House is shortlisted in the 2019 Habitus House of the Year People’s Choice Award visit @habitusliving website to cast your vote 🙏🏼 / design team @_emmaamelia @aaron_vokesandpeters photo by @christopherfrederickjones / #teneriffehouse #vokesandpeters

6 days ago

New Farm Cottage will take part in Brisbane Open House 2019 thanks to the generosity of our clients @mjhill1967 and @_tchai / open Saturday 12 October 10am-3pm Bookings essential via @brisbaneopenhouse website / design team @georgia_cannon @_erobinson @aaron_vokesandpeters photo by @christopherfrederickjones / #newfarmcottage #georgiacannon #vokesandpeters

3 weeks ago

#BLOKchapelhill is a new courtyard house designed in collaboration with @blokmod in the western suburbs of Brisbane. (of course bricks are modular as well... ) / #blokmodular #vokesandpeters

3 weeks ago

great morning on location with the A-team @toneproductions @eleventhlight and @erikaheynatz at #teneriffehouse for @habitusliving @channel7 / thanks to @petercrowther @katepearso / #vokesandpeters

4 weeks ago

a coastal garden enclosed with pale brick walls: look out for the Casuarina House in a forthcoming issue of @greenmagazine / 🔨 by @sjreynoldsconstructions bricks by @brickworksbp photo by @christopherfrederickjones / #casuarinamachiya #vokesandpeters

last month

Subiaco House also received a High Commendation in the Bruce Mackenzie Landscape Award at the 2019 @thinkbrickaustralia awards / 🔨 @mulberry_homes brick floor @brikmakers photo by @christopherfrederickjones / #subiacohouse #vokesandpeters

last month

Subiaco House was announced winner of the Robin Dods Award for roof tile excellence at the 2019 @thinkbrickaustralia awards tonight in Melbourne. Special thanks goes to our supportive and trusting clients. We couldn’t have made this building without the dedication and superb craft skills of the head contractor @mulberry_homes and specialist roofers @carter_roofing , and of course the tireless support of our own team @_erobinson @kirstysara_ @martysaidwhat Thanks also to the 2019 jury. / photo by @christopherfrederickjones / #subiacohouse #vokesandpeters

last month

wall + gable 1935 casement window + hood 2019 / #hollandparksleepout #vokesandpeters

last month

entry via the garden gate at the Casuarina House, NSW / build by @sjreynoldsconstructions structure by @joshneale photo by @christopherfrederickjones / #casuarinamachiya #vokesandpeters

last month

a symbol of Home: a new coastal suburban setting for a young family at Casuarina House / 🌿⛏ by Prandium Studio bricks by @brickworksbp 🔨 by @sjreynoldsconstructions photo by @christopherfrederickjones / #casuarinamachiya #vokesandpeters

last month

we are thrilled that Teneriffe House was announced as joint winner of the 2019 Houses Awards Alts + Adds over 200sqm category in Melbourne tonight. The jury wrote: ‘Subtropical Brisbane is blessed with a caring addition to its rich timber Queenslander tradition in this sublime contribution to the landscape and fabric of the city.’ / thanks to the jury for their support and category sponsor @haymespaint / #teneriffehouse #2019housesawards @housesmagazine #vokesandpeters

last month

big sky at Casuarina Machiya / new project photographs by @christopherfrederickjones on the website soon careful crafting by team @sjreynoldsconstructions engineering by team @westera_partners @joshneale / #casuarinamachiya #vokesandpeters

July 2019

a careful articulation of rooms and thresholds at the Subiaco House. read the review by @simonpendal_architect in the latest issue of Architecture Australia magazine / photo by @christopherfrederickjones modelling by Bosco / #subiacohouse #vokesandpeters

July 2019

we’re chuffed by the announcement that the Subiaco House is a finalist in the inaugural @thedesignfiles awards 2019 residential architecture category. Thanks to the judges and category sponsor @brickworksbp / photo by @christopherfrederickjones / #subiacohouse #vokesandpeters

July 2019

Six Chimney House, Mt Lawley: a new elevation is composed of discrete windows in dialogue with the panoramic view of Perth CBD / 📐✏️ @_erobinson @martysaidwhat photo by @simonpendal_architect / #sixchimneyhouse #vokesandpeters

July 2019

morning light on the side verandah at Teneriffe House / photograph by @christopherfrederickjones 📐✏️ by @_emmaamelia / #teneriffehouse #vokesandpeters

June 2019

Teneriffe House : rooms where the sky and the ground are present. Look out for our clients’ house in the upcoming issue of @habitusliving magazine / photograph by @christopherfrederickjones / #teneriffehouse #vokesandpeters

June 2019

the Subiaco House arranges family life around a suburban cloister. Find out more in the July/Aug issue of Architecture Australia magazine. @architecture_au Review by @simonpendal_architect / project photography by @christopherfrederickjones carefully crafted by local builder @mulberry_homes and team V+P team @_erobinson @aaron_vokesandpeters @martysaidwhat / #subiacohouse #vokesandpeters

June 2019

morning light in the Subiaco House / careful crafting by team @mulberry_homes photograph by @christopherfrederickjones / #subiacohouse #vokesandpeters

June 2019

some houses don’t get old, they just get new owners. Thanks for the good times @yuktabubble Double Courtyard House, 2013 / photo by @christopherfrederickjones / #vokesandpeters

June 2019

A Weatherboard Urbanism: adaptive reuse of a neighbourhood commercial character building. / photo by @christopherfrederickjones built by @mairconstructions1 / #tarragindigeneralstore #vokesandpeters

June 2019

Imagine a Street: how are notions of domestic privacy, convenience and generosity informing experience in contemporary Australian suburbia? / photo by @christopherfrederickjones / #robertsonhouse #vokesandpeters

June 2019

quiet morning light on soft white-set plaster walls / photograph by @christopherfrederickjones / #subiacohouse #vokesandpeters

June 2019

a domestic arcade with civic ambitions: Teneriffe House is reviewed by @katelinbutler in the current issue of @housesmagazine / project photographer @christopherfrederickjones / #teneriffehouse #vokesandpeters

June 2019

the walk home from the local shops: look out for the Subiaco House in the upcoming issue of Architecture Australia magazine. / photo by @christopherfrederickjones / #subiacohouse #architectureaustraliamagazine #vokesandpeters

May 2019

the latest collaboration with local modular leaders @blokmod + Vokes and Peters is about to enter construction phase in the BLOK factory / video by BLOK / #BLOKbardon #blokmodular #vokesandpeters

May 2019

entry from a small garden via a new porch at Teneriffe House / photo by @christopherfrederickjones / #teneriffehouse @housesmagazine #vokesandpeters

May 2019

shingles are the shaggy sibling of weatherboards. / shingles by @cedarroofing photograph by @christopherfrederickjones / #teneriffehouse @housesmagazine #vokesandpeters

May 2019

a quiet moment on a Sunday afternoon in Subiaco / VP team @aaron_vokesandpeters @_erobinson @martysaidwhat photograph by @christopherfrederickjones / #subiacohouse #vokesandpeters

May 2019

Teneriffe House is a careful and complex undertaking involving the conservation and extension of an historic Queenslander designed by AB Wilson in 1909. Find out more about our clients’ home in the June issue of @housesmagazine / review by @katelinbutler photographs by @christopherfrederickjones / #teneriffehouse #vokesandpeters

May 2019

suburban elegance, Subiaco House / fine crafting by @mulberry_homes photo by @christopherfrederickjones / #subiacohouse #vokesandpeters

May 2019

a domestic cloister at the Subiaco House, Perth / photo by @christopherfrederickjones / #subiacohouse #vokesandpeters

May 2019

an exercise in restraint: conventional elements coming together in a new two-storey addition in Mt Lawley / photo by @simonpendal_architect 🔨 by @hugo_homes / #sixchimneyhouse #vokesandpeters

May 2019

Six Chimney House: careful and considered interventions to an original cottage in a heritage conservation precinct for cool locals in Mt Lawley, Perth / photograph by our local collaborator and architect @simonpendal_architect 🔨 by @hugo_homes / #sixchimneyhouse #vokesandpeters

April 2019

the gated entry to a small walled garden at Aspley Vet for the Vetwell Group / photo by @christopherfrederickjones / #aspleyvet #vokesandpeters

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