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2 days ago

91689 the fams

4 days ago

#zonewitmechanllenge @heav ennn

5 days ago

#FreeAlbeeal #Problem

1 weeks ago

Show Time #SB @therealswizzz ♍🔊

3 weeks ago

New 🔥 @ibnsharifshakoor 🔊🔊🔊

3 weeks ago

@mia_bossx #zonewithmechallenge @speedybaby @albeeal201 I tried yall🙈🙈🙈🙃

3 weeks ago

@quinones8174 @SPEEDY BEAT BBY😘💕

4 weeks ago

@lthedonraps au Here’s some light shit that I just worked on because sleep doesn’t apply to me... So apparently there is some #zonewitmechallenge over a @speedybaby instrumental that I kept seeing all over IG yesterday. Tbh that’s cool, but this beat is just so damn catchy, so you know I had to write down some bars. Check this one out 🎩🌹. . “If it’s a challenge they want then I’ll do em cold like the Ice Man/ Thought to myself, “what’s this fuckery, that i see on my IG newsfeed”/ Newsflash, it’s the return of the mic fiend/ I lean over after the leans poured mixed with sprite and a light splash of cream soda/ Got the weed rolled up and sure enough we keep it rocking all night until the sun rise and the light shows up/ I’ll shine over any rapper that tries to cross lanes and put em back in line like they drive sober/ It’s like a David Blaine trailer, with the magic that I tailor/ let’s get the party started till all my niggas touchdown and they can jet later/ Measured how dope she was on the gram, so DM(sodium ) me and let’s get to talking til i got that ass shaking like a salt shaker/ A slick talker, the way i shoot my shot will have you thinking I’m a tech blazer/ Red laser precision with the means to have her all night til the sun beams through the kitchen and she’s left fainted/ Yeah, the pen game clean, but the dome filthy/ Chase the liquor, if the drugs don’t do it, then the patron will get me/ I’m calling all players and boss ladies to zone wit me, uh/“. . . . . . . . . . . . #hiphop #rap #rappers #lyrics #rapmusic #liverapping #writingbars #rapclip #hiphopmusic #jerseycityrappers #jerseyrappers #jerseyartists

4 weeks ago

@typicalxindia #zonewitmechallenge @speedybaby Early Morning Shit Ju Already Know 🦋 Playing Round With It!!!!!!!!! #wokeupstraighttothis #shithappensforareason #lmfaooo @albeeal201

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