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Spaceman Givi 🛸🛰 photos and videos

last month

Happy Father’s Day to my Father Roscoe! He been there for me through thick and thin and our bond is stronger than most. May our bloodline live on for generations to come! 💉🤞🏿 #LFLS

January 2019

We had to push tape back but I’m leaking one of the tracks this weekend just to accommodate for the wait. Heavy Metal is dropping this Saturday on all platforms‼️ 🔥🛰 #LightYears #complex #thebreakfastclub #applemusic #spotify #soundcloud #googleplaymusic #Tidal #HeavyMetal 🤫🚀

January 2019

🚨PSA: Due to circumstances that were out of my control we will be pushing the Light Years Mixtape back to 2/22/19. This is my debut project and I assure you that it will be worth the wait. Light Years will be dropping Feb 22nd! Thanks for all the love and support‼️ 🔥🛰

December 2018

🛸Light Years 🚀 1.11.19 🔥

December 2018

🚨Light Years Will Be Dropping On All Platforms‼️S/O to @klbcmax and @rakewithanl For The Cover Art 🚀 Release Date: Jan 11 🌎 🛰 #LightYearsEP #SpacemanGivi #Souncloud #AppleMusic #Spotify #Spinrilla #LiveMixtapes #Tidal 🔥

December 2018

I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you blood..I love you.. 🥀💔

October 2018

S/O @v.liveatlanta and everybody that came out to support and show love! We really went up last night! 💥🛰

August 2018

Spaceman Givi- Overflow 🌊 Out Now‼️ 💥🛰

July 2018

Tell the truth you a hoe and it showed 🤫

July 2018

Spaceman Givi- “Overflow” Out Now‼️ Link in my bio 💶🔥🛰

July 2018

Big Mood 🖕🏿🌴

May 2018

🚨This How I’m Coming All 2018‼️Get a feature now bc the price going 🆙 I’m done holding back on you lil niggas fuck wit it or stay the fuck out the way‼️ #SpacemanGivi 😤🔥🛰🛸

November 2017

Stay down ambition can take you great heights 💰🖤

October 2017

🚀 Spaceman Givi- Funny $hit [prod. BirdieBands] Out Now On Soundcloud & Spinrilla‼️ Go Fw That 🔥🛰💶 Visuals by: @1s.autok