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3 days ago

Today, we celebrate you. Watch the full #BeAlpha film above. • • “Don’t go because someone tells you to go. Don’t go because everyone else is going. Don’t go because it would make you look good. Or because you can make IT look good. Go because you have to go. Go because it was written on your DNA. Go because it pours out from every seam and dream... And every map that leads you to the unknown. And every thought that seems to come back to the one thing that rips you out of bed at night. And when you go... Go with eyes open. Go fast. Go nimble. Go passionately. Go without sleep if you have to. However you go, go all in. And if you don’t like the rhythm, just change the beat. And as you go, remember... The world is waiting for your perspective.” #WorldPhotographyDay #SonyAlpha

6 days ago

Thank you to all the amazing creators who joined us this week at #SonyKandoTrip and to those who inspire us daily. As we wrap up our week, check out this awesome video created by @asenseofhuber and @tommylundberg for a look into what “Kando” is all about 👉 “Photography has such a powerful way of bringing together like-minded people to create. I’m so grateful to be part of the #AlphaCollective and for experiences like these where I’m surrounded by other passionate artists. Here’s what @TommyLundberg and I made over the past few days during our Sony Kando 3.0 trip in Oregon. The images in this animation were captured on the brand new #SonyAlpha a7R IV. It was such a treat to hang and collaborate with so many legends- Check out all of the super talented photographers mentioned below in the video by order of appearance! ✨” • • @asenseofhuber @tommylundberg @shortstache @jnsilva @nicolepickles @worldpins @ashleyinwanderland @danjoyce @charlysavely @theanthonycastro @so shauna @monaris_ @connorsurdi @jude_allen @ijustine @jennaezarik @erubes1 @funforlouis @johnny flowers @pierretlambert @colette peri @littlecoal @dave krugman #BeAlpha

1 weeks ago

Early morning adventures captured by @theanthonycastro with the #SonyAlpha a7R IV. “A surreal morning kayaking here in Sunriver, Oregon, during #SonyKandoTrip We had no idea what to expect, yet couldnt have asked for anything better. The fog covered everything within a hundred yards of viewing distance leaving nothing but the pines peeking through. So stoked I was able to capture this moment on the new Sony a7R IV!” | a7R IV | 16-35mm F2.8 GM | F4.5 | 1/2500 | ISO 400 | #BeAlpha

2 weeks ago

If you haven’t heard the news yet, it’s #SonyKandoTrip this week and we are here in Oregon with a whole bunch of talented photographers capturing all types of photography and video. Here’s a shot from photographer @max bon who captured this while testing our brand new a7R IV 😎”Just arrived from the airport and with a new a7R IV in my hands I began strolling around the stunning resort and catching up with my Sony gang...and BOOM, models, set, make up and lighting all meticulously (as always ) arranged on the shores of an Oregonian stream. I quickly adjusted my settings, checked the light and let the camera go to work! Now that’s how you kick off an event! Thank you @sonyalpha !!” | #SonyAlpha a7R IV | 85mm F1.4 GM | F2 | 1/800 sec | ISO 100 | #BeAlpha

3 weeks ago

An epic sunset over the Pyramids of Giza captured by #AlphaCollective member @oveck 🙌 "Some memories of Egypt, an ancient magical land. I shot this during a trip to Egypt last year on the last day of the trip. I suppose it needed to be an epic sunset over the city with the Pyramids of Giza in the background for me to be stunt and wanna go back to this amazing country." | #SonyAlpha a7R III | 70-200mm F2.8 GM | 200mm | F4 | 1/640 sec | ISO 400 | #BeAlpha

3 weeks ago

#AlphaCollective member @stanmoniz shares this dreamy view of Alabama Hills captured with the 24mm F1.4 G-Master lens 👉 "It's already a known fact that the 24mm GM can produce sharp stars at f1.4, but, try even stopping it down to f2.8. The realism and sharpness you get out of space in a lens of this size is just unheard of. It's definitely a serious tool to unlocking the door to endless creativity... I've said it before and I will say it again, the 24mm GM is a boss in the field of astrophotography." | #SonyAlpha a7R III | 24mm F1.4 GM | f2.8 | 20 sec | ISO 6400 | #BeAlpha

3 weeks ago

Last month we journeyed to the South Island of New Zealand with our #AlphaCollective crew and we’re lucky enough to meet local photographer @newzealandphotographs along the way. This shot was taken on one of the nights he joined us to chase some stars. "Can you imagine being at this location and seeing this pop up on your camera screen after the first click? It didn't take long before there were a couple of the enthusiastic Sony crew coming up behind me to set up. One of them, @missjessbess gave me some excellent tips on stacking for less noise. I took 15 images, one after another with the same settings. I was using the Sony 16-35mm f2.8 G Master and my ISO was 12,800 with a 6 second shutter speed. This allowed for lots of detail with minimal star movement. I was amazed at how sharp this lens was as well. I stacked the images together in post production and the final image has next to no noise as it has used 90 seconds worth of data and has reduced the noise pixels." | #SonyAlpha a7R III | 16-35mm f2.8 GM | 16mm | 6 sec | ISO 12800 | #BeAlpha #AICdoesNewZealand

4 weeks ago

Talented photographer @samoetiker shares this tip to help get a beautiful shot like this one here 👉 "When shooting landscapes I always look for interesting ways to frame my image. Adding some objects to the foreground helps to create a sense of depth, and leads the eye through the image towards the subject. For this shot I used some of the flowers in the meadow to add some interest to the foreground, while adding a splash of colour at the same time." | #SonyAlpha a7 III | 24-105mm f4 | 31mm | f5.6 | 1/400 sec | ISO 100 | #BeAlpha

4 weeks ago

Photographer @ali_olfat shares this moody long exposure taken at Moraine Lake 🙌🏾 "In an attempt to do something different at such a heavily photographed location, I decided to show off the cloud movement over two minutes. For this, I took a few longer shots exposed for the cloud movement and one of me standing with the headlamp. Luckily, it's all super easy to do yourself with the Imaging Edge mobile app." | #SonyAlpha a7 III | 16-35mm f4 | 16mm | f4 | Background: 188 sec, ISO 400 | Foreground: 15 sec, ISO 1250 | #BeAlpha

4 weeks ago

A new generation of compact speed and power has arrived-- meet the all-new RX100 VII. This premium compact camera is packed full of technologies that were previously only available in our a9 full-frame camera and allows creators to achieve new levels of performance using a compact camera for both stills and movie shooting. Some of the features of the RX100 VII include a newly developed image sensor, an a9 level of speed performance, Real-time tracking and Real-time AF for both stills and video, a 24-200mm F2.8-F4.5 zoom lens, and MUCH more. Visit our LINK IN BIO for all the #SonyRX details 🔥 • • “The RX100 VII sets a new standard for performance in compact cameras. Sony will continue to drive innovation in the world of imaging, constantly pushing to empower creators with the most capable tools that allow them to realize their vision, and create like they have never been able to before.” - Neal Manowitz, Deputy President of Imaging Products and Solutions at Sony Electronics (Photo via @erickhercules )

last month

Photographer and #SonyArtisan @pedromcbride was one of the first photographers to go constellation chasing with the all-new #SonyAlpha a7R IV full-frame mirrorless camera. Pete shares, "The camera was just released and is amazing in low light and high contrast scenarios. The moon was hiding while I was chasing the Milky Way so it was a good time to try it out. Using the built-in intervalometer combined with this better sensor was a real treat for me particularly because I do a lot of nighttime photography and timelapses. Shooting something that can handle weather and straddle the line between medium format in a lightweight expedition worthy body is remarkable. It's small but can make print sizes way beyond its weight." | #SonyAlpha a7R IV | 22mm | f4 | 25 sec | ISO 12800 | #BeAlpha

last month

A view of the Kuril Islands shared by the legendary @chrisburkard 👉🏽 "For the last few weeks I have been beta testing the new a7R IV - the new 61-megapixel full-frame powerhouse from @sonyalpha The camera just got released so I can finally answer all those who have been asking what I have been shooting with on my last few expeditions. In low light & high contrast scenarios, especially like this with dark shadows and bright highlights, I heavily rely on the 15 stops of dynamic range to bring back the details. Rain, sleet, salty wind and darn near terrible conditions have been zero issue for the weather-sealing. Shooting something that straddles the line between medium format in a small lightweight expedition worthy package has been insane. Especially when producing work you want to print as large as humanly possible." | #SonyAlpha a7R IV | #BeAlpha

last month

Photographer @chrisburkard was one of the first to test out the all-new #SonyAlpha a7R IV. Naturally, he decided to take it on an epic expedition to Russia's Kuril Islands. Here are some of his first impressions: "The a7R IV is the camera I have always dreamt about. Small enough to take on the expedition and hike with but with quality that rivals any medium format available…in your hand it feels like the most intuitive device I have ever used. I am halfway through my expedition to the Kuril Islands, some of the most remote and beautiful islands in the world that string out between Russia’s Far East Kamchatka Peninsula and Japan. To call this place harsh would be an understatement…constant rain, fog & ferocious wind are the norm amongst these active volcanic islands, which is what makes documenting the place so incredibly challenging. Every day my a7R IV has taken a beating from the weather while at the same time providing me with some of the most beautiful images I have ever taken. The camera has brought me back to the joy of shooting my first digital camera, and in many ways, it has helped me bring this remote and wild place to life in a way that I hope makes people feel more engaged about nature and its ability to change our lives." | a7R IV | 10mm | f/9 | 1/160 sec | ISO 100 | #BeAlpha

last month

📷: @mattkloskowski "As a landscape and outdoor photographer, I’m used to shooting narrow apertures to achieve the largest depth of field. But shooting with a 35mm f/1.8 lens gave me a new world of creativity to work with. Shooting at such a wide aperture let’s you really show off details (or a subject ) in a scene, while still using the wide field of view to help tell the story of a larger scene." | #SonyAlpha a9 | 35mm F1.8 | 1/40 sec | ISO 400 | #BeAlpha #SonyArtisan ICYMI: We announced the newest addition to our lens line-up, the 35mm F1.8, which was used to capture this shot here. Be sure to check out our LINK IN BIO to learn more 🔥

last month

📷: @karlzoltan "I was finally was taken to "The Spot" in Ohio and what a great place to utilize my favorite lens, the Sony 12-24mm F4 G. These trees were made to shoot with the wide angle. I love how much scenery I can fill the frame with using the wide angle. You have keep in mind the massive view and perspective to maximize the effects of this great lens." | #SonyAlpha a7R III | 12-24mm F4 G | 12mm | F20 | 1/60 sec | ISO 50 | #BeAlpha #AlphaCollective

last month

Photographer @december19 shares view taken at Bangkok's popular Ratchaprasong Intersection 🔥🔥 "This intersection is a really famous spot for both local and foreigner photographers. It can be taken both day time and night time. I came here at rush hour during the night time to capture the movement of the light. When the light was green, I took the shot the moment the car started moving and got it! I kept it super steady shooting handheld at f/2.8 and a shutter speed of 1/8 without any tripod." | a7R III | 16-35mm GM | 16mm | f2.8 | 1/8 sec | ISO 500 | #SonyAlpha #BeAlpha

last month

📷: @tiffpenguin "One of the goodest boys I know. It’s never easy photographing a moving subject (especially when it’s an animal ), but I’ve been using the new Animal Eye AF feature from the latest firmware update on my a7R III to help me capture the sharpest images possible. This new feature helps you nail the focus every time by locking the animal’s eye in focus no matter how much they’re moving while your shooting." | #SonyAlpha a7R III | 24-70mm f2.8 | f2.8 | 1/1000 sec | ISO 320 | #SonyAlphaAnimalPortrait #AlphaCollective #BeAlpha

last month

An All-American view captured by #AlphaCollective member @marcodegennarophotos 🎆 "It's the Fourth of July and the season for fireworks, which is one of my favorite things to shoot. I fire off continuous shots for 2 to 6 seconds at a clip throughout the show. I usually open the shutter as soon as I hear each explosion of the mortars. At this location it is usually very windy, and since a long lens is necessary, the IBIS of the Sony a7R III in conjunction with a sturdy tripod helps me keep my images tac-sharp. Wishing you and yours a very happy and safe Fourth of July." | #SonyAlpha a7R III | 70-200mm F2.8 | 191mm | F8 | 6 sec | ISO 50 | #BeAlpha #AlphaCollective

last month

Two photographers @mmeyers76 and @danorst traveled half way around the world to get a front row view of one of the most unique experiences a photographer can capture. Here is a first look at what they were able to capture with their #SonyAlpha gear 👉🏽 “Dan ( @danorst ) and I ( @mmeyers76 ) expected the total solar eclipse in Chile to be one of the coolest things we’d ever seen. It was that and then some. Not only was the event itself incredible, but the Chilean people were almost impossibly warm, friendly and generous. Thousands turned out and were in absolute awe, the two of us among them. To shoot it, we had six a7R IIIs working (one on the crowd, five to shoot photos, video and time-lapse of the eclipse ), along with two RX0 IIs to capture BTS. We are very excited about the content we captured and will both be editing and posting more from our adventure during the coming days, but wanted to share this moment from just after totality tonight. If you look closely, you can actually see the cratered edges of the lunar surface backlit from the sun.” | a7R III | 100-400mm G-Master | f5.6 | ISO 1250 | #BeAlpha #EclipseSolar2019

last month

📷: @nateinthewild "Centered in the Brooks Range of Alaska, nearly 500,000 caribou migrate through the Gates of the Arctic National Park twice every year. The sea of animals had already passed through by the time we arrived, but I got to spend a quiet morning with this lone straggler as he tried to catch up with his friends. A telephoto is indispensable when shooting in vast landscapes. The compression helps convey the scale and draw your subjects closer." | #SonyAlpha a7R III | 70-200mm f/4 G | 200 mm | f/5.6 | 1/800 | ISO 200 | #BeAlpha  #AlphaCollective

last month

Photographer @therealperfectionist brings us back to our regularly scheduled content with this shot taken of India's one-of-a-kind architecture. "The best places to discover are often the ones close to home. What really intrigued me is the pattern of this infrastructure and the way the people contributed to the image by hanging their clothes outside. This added a perfect balance of color to contrast the structure and add a unique element to the shot." | a7R III | 16-35mm f/4 | f/4 | 1/1600 | ISO 320 | #SonyAlpha #BeAlpha

last month

📷: @mmeyers76 “Morning fog over the lake in Wanaka gave a really surreal look to this iconic location. One of the things that makes this location so incredible is that it looks so different depending on conditions. I shot it four times in two days and each time had a completely different feel to it.” | #SonyAlpha a7R III | 16-35mm f2.8 GM | 35mm | f16 | 2.5 sec | ISO 100 | #AICdoesNewZealand #BeAlpha

last month

#AlphaCollective member @theanthonycastro shares this self-portrait shot taken at New Zealand’s Milford Sound 👏🏽👏🏽 “Milford Sound was one of the most beautiful places Ive ever seen. Just while driving on the road I wanted to jump out of the car and capture photos every 5 minutes. I will definitely be coming back!” | #SonyAlpha a7R III | 16-36mm f2.8 GM | 18mm | f2.8 | 1/2000 | ISO 320 | #AICdoesNewZealand #BeAlpha

June 2019

We are currently with a few photographers from our #AlphaCollective team in search of New Zealand’s most epic views and safe to say we were treated to one on our first night here. This milky shot was captured by photographer @connorsurdi 👉🏽 “On our first night in New Zealand, we shot a beautiful sunset then made our way to shoot milky way right 6:30pm. I don’t know about y’all but i’ve never shot milky way before 9pm before. I can get used to this.” | #SonyAlpha a7R III | 14mm | f2.8 | 20 sec | ISO 2500 | #AICdoesNewZealand #BeAlpha

June 2019

This epic shot, which was submitted to @redbullillume ’s Image Quest 2019, was taken by photographer @ivan_purcell_photography and captured from his glider 👉🏽 "The photo was taken in Pisagua, north of Iquique, Chile. This photo was taken from my glider. I used an RX100, as this camera was small enough to keep in my jacket pocket but still offering RAW shots and fast autofocus." • • Be sure to check out @redbullillume 's page to see more adventure shots and to learn more about Image Quest 2019. #BeAlpha #RedbullIllume

June 2019

📷: @epicworld_photography "Whilst traveling in Northern Thailand, @ali_olfat and I discovered this epic viewpoint overlooking the border into Laos. I love exploring new places in nature and get especially excited about being there and shooting them at night. It was super cold and the milky way wasn't as clear as had hoped for, but I was still stoked that the clouds stayed away and allowed us to play." | a7R II | 16-35mm f4 | 19mm | f4 | Foreground: 2 sec / ISO 500 | Sky: 20 sec / ISO 6400 | #SonyAlpha #BeAlpha

June 2019

📷: @zackowicz "As a photographer, I often go back to the same locations in different seasons to capture my favorite views in a variety of conditions. I like the way the changes in the natural environment affect my landscape images, and seasonal changes in building decor create new and interesting cityscapes. I took this photo at CityCenterDC, a downtown mixed-use development that changes the decorations in this alleyway to match the season. During the spring this year they put up lanterns to celebrate cherry blossom season. I’m looking forward to seeing what they put up in the summer." | #SonyAlpha a7 III | 16-35mm GM | 16mm | f/5.0 | 1/4000s | ISO 500 | #BeAlpha

June 2019

Views of the Peruvian Andes courtesy of photographer @brendinkelly 😱😱 "Being at 4500 meters (14700 feet ) in the Peruvian Andes and taking photos is something I dreamed of for so long. Experiencing shortness in breath, fatigue, and nausea is something no one can prepare for, but I am so glad I got to experience this incredible place and the beautiful country of Peru" | #SonyAlpha a7 III | 16-35mm 2.8 GM | 24mm | f5 | 160 sec | ISO 160 | #BeAlpha

June 2019

The Flatiron Building, a staple spot for photography in New York, captured by talented photographer @henbu_ Here's a tip to use next time you find yourself taking pictures at a popular location👉🏽 "Something I like to keep an eye out for is reflections. Using water, windows, mirrors or any type of reflective surface can transform your photo into a work of art." - @henbu_ | a7 III | 16-35mm f4 | #SonyAlpha #BeAlpha

June 2019

Thirty seconds at this classic Copenhagen spot captured by talented photographer @andy_draeger 👉🏽 "I was waiting for the sunset and went along the canal for a good spot. I was lucky because there were boats driving on the canal. It took some try but I got my final shot with nice light trails. I love to blur the clouds and smooth the water with the help of a long exposure." | #SonyAlpha a7R II | 16-35mm F4 | 16mm | f10 | 30 sec | ISO 80 | #BeAlpha

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