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Business inquiries • [email protected] {22 years old ❥Fitness} Jeremiah 29:11 † Dreams don't work unless you do ➳ checkout @sommerray2

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2 days ago

wuuurkin’ it in my all new @shopsommerray fit & sneakers 🤪

3 days ago

guuuuuys! another @ohoneydiary episode is liiiive! 😛 tune in to see what we’re chatting with @loganpaul about 🤪 @amandacerny & i will love ya forever 🥰 link in bio

4 days ago

GUYS!! the first batch of the july collection is now live!!! 🔥 available on ☀️🤪💛 @shopsommerray 📽 @jimmy co also if you live in canada, the whole collection is available in @urbanplanet stores 🥰

5 days ago

guuuuuys checkout my lastest youtube video! trying on all my previous @shopsommerray drops 🤪 showing ya how they look on & cute things to pair the fits with! 💛 link in bio

6 days ago


6 days ago

when ya song comes on 🤪 hahahha idk guys i’m crazy shirt- @shopsommerray girls it’s my men’s line but i cut it into a crop 😻 •• song - truth hurts by lizzo

2 weeks ago

WHO WANTS ONE? let me know and i’ll paint more 🤪

2 weeks ago

guys is this true or no?! ( btw i’m not saying personality or who they are as a person & looks wise, i’m saying do guys even care about what girls wear meaning a womans choice in clothing ) lol brand new @ohoneydiary is now live 🤪 tune in to see what we talking about with @markdohner ! also make sure to give @amandacerny & i 5 stars, we will love you forever &&& ever 🥰💛🙏🏼☀️ link in bio

3 weeks ago

happy 4th guys!!!! 🇺🇸🤪 love uuuuu

3 weeks ago

okay guys back into the honeypotttttt 🍯 🤪 tune into the newest @ohoneydiary featuring the beautiful @kylierae 💛 get the sticky & the sweet with meeeee & @amandacerny ! download on apple podcast or follow on spotify 🐝 link in bio!

3 weeks ago

date night.. where we goinnn’?

3 weeks ago

guuuuyss so i decided i might start posting workout with me videos on youtube! i talk and walk you thru what i do in the gym : ) ) since a lot of you always ask & i love you guys 💛 SO FULL VIDEO ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL 🙏🏼✨ link in bio! also this outfit i’m wearing is dropping this month so stay tuned 🤪 all kinds of neon vibessss @shopsommerray #sommerscamp

3 weeks ago

eyes tell more than words could ever say

3 weeks ago

this song IS my sommertime jam ☀️🙌🏽💛 bikini from - @shopsommerray song ✨ summer days by martin garrix ft macklemore

4 weeks ago

☀️ head to toe in @shopsommerray warm up - jump rope •• weighted ball slams •• •• lunge with shoulder press •• b*tch burpees •• squat •• #sommerscamp

4 weeks ago

guuuuuuys! all new @ohoneydiary is liiive! tune in to see what we were chatting with @jakepaul about 🤪 also me & @amandacerny will love you guys forever if you leave us a 5 star review 😏 link in bio loverrrrrrs 💛

4 weeks ago

i have no tits

3 weeks ago


4 weeks ago

summer moooooood

last month

guuuuuuys!! @ohoneydiary episode 2 is NOW LIVEEE!! 🐝🍯 featuring the beautiful @jacquelinef143 💛 leave a 5 star review if you’re cool 😎🙏🏼 @amandacerny & i will love you forever 😽 link in bio 😋

4 weeks ago

if could be any flower, i’d be a sunflower 🌻

last month

la la la laaaaadies free pair of boooooobies with every order hahaha jk but seriously @shopsommerray (also ignore my no makeup face, i’m dying of heat hahahaha )

last month

tree hugger 🌴🤪 guuuuys i’m having a bogo sale (buy one get one free ) on alllll my swimmies this weekend only! soooo 😏 go @shopsommerray

last month

guuuuuuys!! @ohoneydiary first episode is now liveeee! 🤪☀️ featuring @keeoone ! @amandacerny & i can’t wait to know what you guys think so pleeeease make sure to leave your positive reviews 🙏🏼💛🍯🐝 link in bio

last month

what are your plans for this sommer baaaabes? ☀️😛

last month

half woman half warrior delicate & strong 🌞 • @palms

last month

there’s 2 types of girls.. hahaha @savanaray

3 weeks ago

does anyone else have to mentally prepare before taking a shot or is it just me?! good thing i have my friends for support hahahha

last month

turned my garage into my art studio & i couldn’t be more stokkkkkkked 🤪 painting is so freeing & it’s therapy for meeeee

last month

damnit i can’t think of a caption but hey

3 weeks ago

last month

not really sure what’s going on other than the fact i FOUND MY FAVORITE FROZEN TREAT IN CEREAL FORM 😩😛🤩 also i look kinda ratchet don’t judge me it was a late night walmart run hahahahha shirt dress thingie - @shopsommerray

last month

last month

thank you @hangoutfest for the best weekend!! amazing time to spend with my sissy & momma @savanaray @shannon_rayyy

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