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3 weeks ago

The Viking ship from @lofotrvikingmuseum showing its glory by the pier. Haven’t seen it yet, come and capture your #viking shot! / @evolumina 🙌

last month

Exploring the archipelago by boat, and looking at these insane caves! Who’s ready for some adventure time? / @marcusfabengen

May 2019

Powerful nature in our playground! Come join us create memorable moments 🤩 / by @jannilaakso

May 2019

“Seek for adventure” - So what’s your next adventure? Join us this summer on memorable activities and feel the good #solsidenbrygge vibe 🤙 hit us up! / by @joeypalmroos and @ddoooris

May 2019

We at Solsiden Brygge hope all our Norwegian Followers had an amazing national day! / by @frauki

May 2019

Exploring the less traveled roads, and the remote places is always much fun! Walk down the road, feel the fresh air and enjoy the spectacular nature you’re surrounded with! By the way, we’re located in the middle of lofoten, and in our backyard you’ll find some insane moments 🙏 / by @joeypalmroos and @ddoooris ! Congrats to you two 🎊

May 2019

What are you up for this summer? We at #Solsidenbrygge are getting ready for an summer filled up with memorable hikes and adventures! Hit us up 👊💥 / by @joonaslinkola

May 2019

Come join us for a rememberable stay in the #lofotenislands ! The summer is right around the corner, and we got the perfect beds, activities and food experience for your stay! Hit us up! 🔥/ @hermanberger

March 2019

Storm in #Lofoten , what’s better then chilling in the sauna? 😌 / @marcusfabengen

March 2019

Yesterday came with some insane weather! Enjoy these shots of #solsidenbrygge , and join us on your next #lofoten adventure 🏔 / @marcusfabengen

January 2019

Ever wanted to experience Lofoten by sea? Either fishing, photos or exploring, we got the best rental boats for the ocation! Come stay with us, and get the most out of your stay 🚤 / @hermanberger

January 2019

~ @joonaslinkola | Winter in Lofoten ~ Furious winds, rain, and snow have been challenging our trip. Tomorrow is the first day when sun rises above the horizon. Until then we stay cozy in @solsidenbrygge ❄️ #solsidenbrygge

December 2018

Who’s taking the first ride this season? We’re ready to host you while you’re hiking the summit 🗻 / @bennybystrom

December 2018

White out #solsidenbrygge , with the Loftr Viking boat guarding our accommodation 🙏 come join us for a memorable stay in the most beautiful archipelago! / @bennybystrom

December 2018

The beauty of the sun, making our pier warm and cozy for your next stay in the #lofotenislands 🌄 / @bennybystrom

December 2018

Magical night at #hauklandbeach , just a quick drive from our accommodation! Join us in chasing the green lady down 🌌 / @marcusfabengen

December 2018

Hanging around up in the mountains, and enjoying the beauty of the sunset 🌅 who’s ready for some adventure? / @marcusfabengen

November 2018

Golden days in the #lofotenislands ! / @jonaspiontek

November 2018

Delightful evenings, that keeps you awake for the night! From the pier outside of your next check in! / @joonaslinkola

November 2018

A Golden our on it’s best, captured by @jonaspiontek ! Join us explore and get the shotz you always wanted 🙏

November 2018

Join us fish under the arctic sky 🙏 / @marcusfabengen

November 2018

Moody days, with insane colors! Hit us up for some days with exploring and hiking and relaxing 🙏

October 2018

A good combination of all good things! An incredible night, with both the Milky Way and the northern lights showing there powers 🔥 Who’s ready to hunt for it, or have you already started? 🤙 / @marcusfabengen

October 2018

The winter has arrived here at the archipelago! And nothing is better then some fresh snow covering the #lofotenislands 🙏 / @farannajafi

October 2018

One of the many beautiful color springs the green lady makes while she dances over the dark sky 🌌/ @jonaspiontek

October 2018

The northern lights are dancing around us these days, and we are out catching it 🙏 come join us join us, and experience it for your self! / @marcusfabengen

October 2018

The winter is closing in, and we are prepping up for some meaningful activities for your next lofotadventure 🔥 book your next stay with us, link in bio!

September 2018

Grab your morning coffee down in the reception, and let’s have a chat about adventure and life, or just relax in front of the fireplace 🙏 / @joeypalmroos

September 2018

Hiking our backyard in the worlds most beautiful archipelago! Something that takes our breath away every single time ⛰ This time up on #brurstolen / @marcusfabengen

September 2018

The water is heated up, and @giuligartner and @yann__b is ready for some relaxation after hiking the #lofotenislands ! 😌

September 2018

The girl in the yellow jacket, exploring our backyard by kayak! Thanks for coming over and making life time memories with us 🤙 / @marcusfabengen

September 2018

Hei everyone! @dominiclars here! I’m taking over this account now together with @_fabiozingg . One of the things we like in Ballstad is the quietness. It’s an awesome place to let go from your daily routine.

August 2018

The magical archipelago, never stop impressing us! Come join us for a paddle session out from your room. We can promise you and incredible experience 🙏 / @joeypalmroos

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