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12 hours ago

Biggy taught me how to do the bored face 🤣

6 days ago

I hate bananas... but I love any item of clothing with bananas on it. 💛🍌

5 weeks ago

Filmed a cool clip today, my outfit is a clue to what it was? Can’t wait for you legends to see it.

last month

Thought if I wore some fancy running clothes I wouldn’t come last in the race this time... didn’t work 😢🤪

last month

Legends I need your help... you know how Biggy picked my present as the best present and I got to open the mystery box and my prize was I can pick my dream vlog to film. I really want to make it super cool, but I’m struggling with ideas- any suggestions? Thanks so much Legends 🥳

last month

One more sleep till our TOY MANIA Facebook Live with BIG W! Tune in because we need YOUR help as we take on challenges to unlock the secrets of the Toy Sale! Follow the link to the BIG W Facebook page and click ‘Get Reminder’ to be notified of when we go live this Friday 7th June at 4:30pm AEST! We’re so excited! https://bit.ly/2KnFmJ2 #bigwtoysale #toymania @bigwaustralia

February 2019

Working so hard on the next edit, hope you guys are going to like it! 🤞🏻😊 jumpsuits or dresses, what do you like better?

January 2019

Sabre and I couldn’t be more different when it comes to fashion... Dressing gown or fancy what do you guys prefer? Hope you liked us turning 21 for the day. The bit I liked the most was Naz with the eyelashes 🤣🤣.... btw mum still won’t let me have a gaming channel 🥵. 💙 Sockie

January 2019

Happy birthday to my big (little ) sister Sabre. My parents had a terrible name for me when I was a baby and it was actually Sabre who re named me Sockie, which is a bit funny because Sabre is The most unable to make a decision person I have ever met. Im not sure if you know but Sabre is very good at working hard on her goal list. She writes goals down on paper and never forgets them. When I am tired I think I will rest and I look at Sabre and she is always still going still trying and if I try to give up she is always the first person to get angry at me❤️ . I love that Sabre has always included me in every good thing that has ever happened to her she never leaves me out. I love that Sabre has the bad computer to edit on and never whinges about it. I truly know that Sabre could be the best anything she wants to be when she grows up and I know she will always be the big/little best sister to us. 💙 Sockie

December 2018

When I opened my @lego present I ditched the rules straight away and turned all the slides into half-pipes and the little figures into skaters. But going through the instructions together and making the @lego amusment park was really fun too. I kinda got 2 presents in one! #LEGOXmas #ad

October 2018

Where’s Wally😜

October 2018

Legends my passion is to edit videos for our YouTube channels. I love it more than anything. But to know that you legends are out there watching our YouTube videos and saying kind stuff and supporting us makes me feel like my passion is filling my heart and it’s what I was meant to in my life forever! Thank you #legends for being kind to me and my edits for being on our team and supporting us. And to the #legends who we got to meet at this meet and greet and waited in a line just to see us- thanks soooooo much for coming it means so much to us you have no idea.💙 Sockie @westfieldtuggerah (and to westfield thanks so much for looking after us and letting us come! ) ps this isn’t my edit this is Westfield.

October 2018

I really hope you #legends get to watch our latest YouTube clip. *Very emotional* . I can’t watch it without crying!! The YouTube clip was sponsored by Wrapples from Moose Toys- they are the coolest toy ever, and you must try the Wrapple dance!! Did anyone get to see the YouTube Experts doing the Wrapple dance in the clip???? What YouTube expert did you think did the Wrapple dance the best??? Me?? haha 💙Sockie #wrapples , #littlelive , #moosetoys , #ad

September 2018

So every time we take a photo with Biggy he always pulls a crazy face... and it looks like Baby Disco does the same thing😛🤣ps thanks so much for 100k💙 @ripcurl_aus

September 2018

Trying to cheer a sad Nazzy up 🙂. Ps the vlog coming out tonight will explain everything...hope you get to watch it pss in the way home I thought a dog was a log and nearly tried to jump it, I should wear my glasses when I vlog 🤓🤣

August 2018

My dinner date 🖤 @disco norris (I think I like kissing Disco more than he likes being kissed🤪 )

August 2018

Guys I just can’t wait for you to meet Baby Disco!! The vlog is going live somewhere in the next 4 hours.... oh, I hope you like it as much as me 🤞🏻. I tried so hard on this one....I can’t watch it without crying. Me = 😥. Thanks so much everyone for always watching our edits you guys have no idea how much it means to me. 💙Sockie

July 2018

I tried to copy Sabre’s curls. What do you #legends think. Curly or straight? 🤔I reckon straight...

June 2018

Please🙏🏻 come join me and the Norris Nuts this Thursday 21st June to set ‘The Floss’ dance WORLD RECORD 🤪 💃 We’ll be at the BIG W Rouse Hill shopping centre between 7am – 8am so 🙏🏻🙏🏻please come!! It’s to celebrate @bigwaustralia Toy Mania sale! There will be a heaps of prizes too. 🎉 #toymania

February 2018

The best things about me and my siblings is we are very good at taking turns and sharing 🤣💚Sockie ps and yep Biggy farted on me 😡🤢 #whostinks #frontseat @sabrenorris @biggynorris @naznorris

January 2018

One time we got some special photos taken of us. Biggy, Naz and I thought it was fun Sockie said she didn’t like it she said it made her feel awkward and uncomfortable. The funny thing is her photos turned out the prettiest and she didn’t even bother to look at them or care about how pretty she looked. The other funny thing about Sockie is she likes to wear her swimming earplugs in the car she says it helps her to think even when everyone is talking. One of her favorite things to do is think. Sockie isn’t very confident about herself which doesn’t make any sense I reckon but she is a very good sister to us ❤️Sabre

January 2018

🤞🏼👶🏼🙏🏼💚 Sockie

November 2017

At the start I was the only who wanted a 👶🏻 baby but I convince the others it was hard. My mum tried at home first but she is very old (37 ) so we have to get a scientist who knows about babies. Sometimes it is sad but I feel all the hope we will get one. Biggy doesn't have any hope ✂️. We made lots of YouTube videos of the scientists and IVF and the first ones link is in my bio. 💚Sockie

April 2017

TRIPlETS PLUS ONE 😂😜 Poo Bear: Afraid of Forever is available on @redbulltv April 29 @kid_mac

September 2016

This is Sockie trying to say TRUCK. My favorite thing is to look at photos of when we were little. This is one that makes us laugh. 😂❤️Sabre

August 2016

@biggynorris and @cerrusnorris love practicing double tows. Biggy gets so into it he always forgets to look where he is going 🙈❤️Sabre @dhdsurf Music 🎼 by @kadamiller 💗

August 2016

Richie vas we love you let us come to your special party. I'm so glad you married Lucy finally . I love everyone who talk to me. I will read you book and learn about bra boys. I love bra boys. Can't wait to surf with you and everyone 💙 Sockie and the rest

June 2016

@biggynorris was trying to #livelikesally @sally_fitz and eat broccoli today 😂Thanks for looking after us in the surf Sally and Lucas . It was even better then FUN 🌊❤️ Sabre

May 2016

@biggynorris #noformaltraining #selftaught 😂💣❤️ Sabre @dhdsurf

May 2016

💙Sockie writes - thank you Barney for letting us all come to your movie @youandme_movie I like seeing how you and Kate love in the movie. 💛Biggy writes- You are amazing burney . I think you are making a different to the world best brother . I love Eddie and movie 🔷 I am Biggy aka surf 🎉🎉🎉👅👅🤘🏻 @barney_miller @kadamiller @garagefilms @youandme_movie

April 2016

This is Sockie , everyone asks Sockie why she doesn't have her own Instagram. Sockie isn't into insta that's why she doesn't want one. But Sockie is into pretending she won a world title 😊❤️Sabre @dhdsurf

April 2016

I didn't drown Naz @naznorris what happened was I pushed her on a wave and she nose dived over and she thought she was drowning . So now she won't let me push her in .It take her a long time to get one but she never gives up . I'm really really proud of her and I care 💙 Sockie @dhdsurf @lachlanmckinnon Naz picked your song 🎹

April 2016

Nothing is better for me than the feeling when the claw gets triple chocolates and you know heaps are going to fall in the hole part , that means you get to eat them ❤️ Sabre

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