Sikka Untuk Semua @sikkauntuksemua

a personal project aiming to lift the spirits of indonesian children to fight for education and chase their dreams 🌻 #sikkauntuksemua

Sikka Untuk Semua photos and videos

January 2019

Hey everyone, Happy New Year! Just a quick reminder that donations are still available and the awaited exhibition will be held on the 15th to 16th of January! We’ll see you there ❤️ . . . Shoutout to my friend @_calligraphyplus for making this art right here! Make sure to follow him if you’re interested in calligraphy art 🤗 #sikkauntuksemua

November 2018

COMING SOON ! Stay tuned for an upcoming exhibition “Eyes Wide Open” where I showcase my documentations throughout my trip to Sikka 🧡 Further updates to be followed! . . . Oh yes ! There would also be @wewhoobserve and @gabrielvalentc ‘s exhibition so make sure to check that out as well 😉 #sikkauntuksemua

November 2018

Hello everybody ! Donations are now open 😁 You can click the link in the bio of this profile to donate. Any amount of donation would help out a lot ! Thank you for your generosity and cooperation 🧡 SPREAD THE WORD ❗️ SPREAD THE LOVE ❗️ . . . p.s. here’s a sneak peek of the library that we are all going to repair 🌟 #sikkauntuksemua

October 2018

BIG dreams and BIG ambitions. We all have those, including THEM 🌟 Say hello to this little girl! This ambitious young lady aspires to grow up as a teacher, let’s support her and the others with love and encouragement because they have the potential and what it takes to continue our generation ❤️ You know what they say: For everyone is a shining star ! 🤩 #sikkauntuksemua

October 2018

Greetings everyone! Just a quick introduction here, this personal project is created by @kayladermawan The expectations for this project is to hopefully make great changes towards the education of Indonesian children. Starting small, I’ve decided to do some social work in a village called ‘Desa Wogalirit’(Sikka ) and document my trip through photographs. Despite of all the super welcoming people and fantastic views, unfortunately their facilities are still so limited, including their library. Two years ago, a huge gust of wind blew the roof of the library, and ever since then, students are unable to visit because the library still needs reparation. My aim here is to rebuild the library by gathering donations so that children can study and read books, as they thrive to become Indonesia’s upcoming leaders! 🧡🇲🇨 Come and join my journey! Stay tuned 😁 #sikkauntuksemua