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2 days ago


3 days ago

Socks N’ Docs 🎩🤘🏻

4 days ago

The early 2000s were a godless time, okay? #2000s #freshasfuck #maribou #crushedvelvet

2 weeks ago

It was so joyously fun and artistically fulfilling to share scenes with Cameron on #Jessie His timing was impeccable, and his energy infectious. There is no one who could have better played the object of my #CreepyConnie obsession, and he is dearly missed. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

4 weeks ago

This is late, but wishing a happy #pridemonth to all of my friends in the LGBTQ+ community. You are all so brave and courageous for simply existing (whether you’re out or not ), and fuck anyone who says otherwise. #happypridemonth 🌈 #gayisokay #transrightsarehumanrights #terfsnotwelcomehere #nonbinaryisvalid

last month

I 🖤 SPF 75+

last month

So honored and proud of @thevastofnightmovie for winning the Grand Jury Award at @overlookfilmfest As a lifelong fan of horror/genre film, this festival has been so much fucking fun.

last month

This started happening to me when I was 14 years old. This isn’t specific to women either. If this is happening to you, know your rights. 🤘🏻☠️ @feminist *** edit: this is only in Texas, so if you’re in Texas definitely remember this.***

May 2019

#repost @wildflowersex ・・・ We understand talking about abortion is difficult and there are many things to be outraged about. We understand if you choose to engage with this page because of its uplifting content. But without an abortion in our past, Wild Flower wouldn’t exist. It’s vital that we take action now. ‼️These conservative laws are not about protecting human rights - they are about controlling the bodies of people who can become pregnant. ‼️If these law makers were really concerned about respecting human life, they should first acknowledge and respect the human rights of refugees, immigrants, black people, and trans people. If a fetus is considered a person then they need to immediately release all pregnant incarcerated people as their fetus is being illegally detained. If law makers in AL are so concerned about children, they need to fund state wide education to improve their public school ratings from 50th in the US. ‼️This is not about morals - banning abortion is about maintaining power over women, poor people, POC, queer people, and the fucked up US medical system. It’s about keep women, black, and queer people as 2nd class citizens, using the prison system as a means of maintaining patriarchy and white supremacy, and framing health care as a privilege, not a right. If you oppose abortion, then don’t get one. But none of us have the rights to make life changing decisions like this for anybody else. Here is how you can make a difference right now ‼️If you live in a state that is considering passing a restrictive abortion law, call your representatives immediately. Prioritize reproductive rights in 2020 for all offices. ‼️ @scarleteenorg (an amazing youth focus sexual health resource ) has set us a help line for abortion access and information that can be reached with a simple text at 206-866-2279 ‼️ @reprorights is raising money to fight for reproductive justice. Other great fund raising efforts include @yellowfund @sparkrjnow @sistersong_woc ‼️Follow @plannedparenthood & @PPACT for further information on how you can help protects our rights. We will also be announcing an event here in NYC with @ppnycaction in a few days to help raise funds for their c

May 2019

#mybodymychoice Art by @broobs psd

May 2019

Happy (late ) birthday to one of my favorite people and my Tall Icon™️ @msbretthargrave

April 2019

Bedhead af and representing @fangoria 😜🤘🏻 #vfwmovie

April 2019

Proof that you can still be a ruthless bitch and cute at the same time @fangoria #vfwmovie

April 2019

I love the smell of fake blood in the morning. @FANGORIA #vfwmovie

March 2019

Friendly reminder that women don’t exist to be desirable and that includes me. UPDATE: because apparently I didn’t make myself clear enough, I don’t give a single fuck about what guys want or like. Full stop. End of story.

March 2019

Really fucking excited to be a part of this!! Link in bio. @joebegos

March 2019

Curating a new playlist featuring favorite saxophone solos— want to make sure I’m not missing any, give me your fave songs with KILLER SAX. 🎷

March 2019

👁 see you.

March 2019

Villainous caricature of me by my sister, @skeptikayla

March 2019

I stopped by @straycatalliance to hang out with some of the bottle babies that need foster homes— if you’re in the LA area, please consider fostering! @straycatalliance provides everything you need and even trains you. You could literally be the one to save a kitten’s life by giving them a second chance. To find out more about fostering, hit the link in my bio! #straycatalliance

February 2019

Suited up 🎩 photo by the amazing @laurentakespix @slamogram @thevastofnightmovie

February 2019

My visionary director Andrew Patterson and my incredible costar @jakehorowitz94 Couldn’t ask for better collaborators. @thevastofnightmovie @slamogram

January 2019

Serving looks with @jakehorowitz94 at the #ecoluxelounge at #Slamdance We are both representing some awesome literature and film on our shirts 😜

January 2019

Photo from the #Slamdance portrait booth taken by the incredible @laurentakespix

January 2019

To be clear, my earrings say “LET’S DANCE”. Of the Bowie persuasion. Photo from the @gettyentertainment and @pizzahut portrait studio. Photographer @richterfit

January 2019

Head on over to @slamogram to see lots of footage of @jakehorowitz94 and I being dumbasses but having an awesome time!

January 2019

I know it’s been a while, but the newest playlist is called Exquisite Eighties, and is a genre hopping collection of just a few of my favorite tracks spanning from 1980-1989. Featuring Grace Jones, Suicide, Arthur Russell, The Damned, The Smiths, Kurtis Blow and more. Link in Bio.

January 2019

Screenings for my film @thevastofnightmovie at @slamogram are on 1/25 and 1/28 !

December 2018

Wishing everyone a lovely winter holiday, whatever you may be celebrating. My gift to myself was not looking at social media on christmas. How are you treating yourself this season?

December 2018

Good morning gang let’s catch this flight.

December 2018

#Repost @broobs psd Rest in Power, Jakelin Amei Rosmery Caal Maquin.

December 2018

Y’all wanna know what the fuck’s going down? Some crustacean ANNIHILATION, that’s what.

December 2018

Description and trailer for #TheVastOfNight is finally up on the @slamogram website. Link in bio! . . . This is one of my favorite stills from the film— it has always reminded me of one of my personal faves: The Lives of Others (2006 )

December 2018

New still from my film #TheVastOfNight which will be premiering this year at #slamdance2019

December 2018

In snooty coffee heaven

December 2018

Taking my holiday shopping VERY seriously.

December 2018

As you all know, I’m an adamant supporter of the #TreatYoSelf ideology. And looking like a rose-gold goddess. Thanks @sonyadakar for making this possible.

November 2018

When someone tells me I should smile more. #RestingBitchFace #StopTellingWomenToSmile

November 2018

Please support @StrayCatAlliance 's KICU (pronounced kiss-you ) program this @GivingTuesday You can donate to help provide life saving medical care to cats like Alita at: Link in bio!

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