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15 hours ago

“mama needs a MARG” kind of day 🥳✨🤷🏻‍♀️ We’re headed to a wedding today! What are your plans?


I’ll never understand what I did to deserve you my sweet Capri! 😭 look at those cheeks ✨ 📸: @m_bongirnophoto

2 days ago

Who has time for makeup? These days I look like tired 24/7, but when I have 10 mins to spare I’ll add a few of my makeup favorites and look like a boss! Ya feel me??

4 days ago

I thought my husband would think I look sexy in my new pajamas and he said I look like his grandma 😹 I’m not mad about it though because she has great taste!

6 days ago

Very little is needed to make a happy life! 💕✨ Pulled a few items from around my house to make the cutest picnic on my front lawn! Cheers to PB&J sandwiches and family love!

1 weeks ago

Honestly, Capri is more than perfect- even if she keeps me up in the middle of the night and refuses the fresh bottle I just made! 😭😹 📸: @m_bongirnophoto

2 weeks ago

Anyone else love buying home decor? Been getting DMs asking for me to do hauls on YT, but IGTV is so much easier right now for me so I hope you still watch and enjoy 😹

2 weeks ago

A napping baby is the new happy hour- even if it’s 20 mins 😭😹 Wine down! Don’t judge me ❤️

2 weeks ago

Name a cooler person than me in the comment section. I’ll wait 😋 Accidentally left this sweater in France 😭

2 weeks ago

We are just now allowing jaxx to get closer to Capri and she’s really loving all the howls & kisses he gives her! SHE CRACKS UP! ✨ (NO kisses on the face! We allow hand kisses from jaxx and we wash Capri’s hands right away for all those weirdos out there with a stupid comment! )

2 weeks ago

Today marks 4 months of zero sleep & sweet Capri! She loves to smile, blow bubbles and use her voice! ✨ 📸: @m_bongirnophoto

2 weeks ago

BABY MALLOZZI ❤️ Exactly a year ago, we found out we were pregnant with our sweet baby. We just didn’t realize how much sweeter our life was about to get! Capri has been to Italy twice and France once... just in my belly 😋 this was the very first photo we took with Brent holding my belly and it was so awkward at the time, but now I look back and think it’s so sweet! We initially found out we were pregnant in Venice, Italy, but it took two days for it to sink in that we were about to be PARENTS!!! Our first and only photo of Brent holding my belly on this vacation was in France 😹 no one has ever seen this photo ✨

3 weeks ago

A psychic told me on Saturday I would be pregnant in 6 months with twins 🤔 comment below if you believe it or not 😹

3 weeks ago

I’m on a mission to shed my extra 30lbs of pregnancy weight! Posted a grocery haul in my bio just in case you want to work on your summer 2020 bod too 😹🙌🏻 . . . #csectionrecovery #csectionbirth #postpartumbody #pregnantbelly #momlife #sahm #fitness #cleaneating #fhytchallenge30

3 weeks ago

p.s. I love you! @brentmallozzi What’s your perfect engagement ring? (Mine’s twisted right here 🙄😋 )

3 weeks ago

Who has more rolls? Me or @allthingscapri ?! 😹 Apparently my workout towels are used for spit up now 🙌🏻

4 weeks ago

Exactly a year ago, Brent & I were on a boat in Capri, Italy. Now I’m in my husbands shirt getting crapped on by my sweet Capri. Which one sounds better? 😹

4 weeks ago

I’m truly the luckiest girl in the world to have you as my partner for life, my husband, my baby daddy, my best friend and my lover! I’ll write the rest in a card for me and you 💕 Happy Birthday Pooh Bear! Cheers to 30 more years and beyond with you! -XXO MONK!

4 weeks ago

ATTENTION EVERYBODY!!! 🥳🥳🥳 @brentmallozzi is 30 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU SEXY DADDY!! Best $40 I’ve ever spent buying these megaphones to make you feel so uncomfortable and loved at the same time! 🤙🏻 WISH HIM A HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELOW!

4 weeks ago

Thank you for making my dreams a reality ✨ Because you follow me on social media, I’m able to work from home and be a sahm- I’ll forever be grateful! If I could hug you one by one, I would!!

4 weeks ago

I’ve been dethroned by Capri 😹 Our 30th bae-watch beach bash for daddy was a success! 60 people dresses in all red is hard to do 😝

5 weeks ago

Birthday Boy ✨ dirty 30 looks mighty fine on you!

last month

Thinking about getting a bob- SERIOUSLY! 💇🏻‍♀️ what do you think?? It’s so hard to maintain long hair especially with a baby! I love how Capri’s bald & I have so much hair 😹

last month

Finding your wedding dress can be so intimidating and beyond stressful, but it’s MAGICAL when you find the one! ✨ What style is your dream dress? . . . 📸: @peytonrbyford

last month

I just want to be as cool as Capri! 🍓 Shaka BRAH 🤙🏻

last month

Losing weight is hard work, but I feel like losing pregnancy weight is 2x harder!Trying to balance mom life, work, finding time to workout, eat healthy, midnight feedings & all is tough and no one can prepare you for this shiz! I have two full time jobs- work and sahm. Today I have a babysitter for a few hours and all I wanted to do was workout and shower in peace- SUCCESS! 😹 starting a 30 day workout challenge Sept 1 so follow @fhytbysierra if you want to join!

last month

Experienced a really shitty situation today. Capri is not feeling well & daddy has food poisoning so he’s 💩 too 😹 SEND HELP!

last month

How we get shiz done around the house now 😹 she gets pissed laying down & is so content hanging on mommy’s chest! DISCLAIMER** no one was hurt while filming (to all the mommy shamers )

last month

This photo cracks me up LOL! Our faces are both like WTH is going on?! We look awkward & terrified 😹 When Capri was born, I thought she was colic because she cried all day long. Nothing I did helped & I started to second guess motherhood- not to mention, I was still recovering from a c-section. I felt so alone especially because the year prior we moved to Brent’s town and I had no friends or family close by to help or even hang out with. I saw lots of mommy bloggers on IG using the @peanut app, so I thought to myself “what do I have to lose?” I downloaded the app, created a profile & I’m so glad I did because I’ve been able to connect with so many new moms that live nearby who also understand the day to day struggles that I am facing! @peanut introduces you to nearby moms based on the things you have in common—interests, age/gender of your children, and so much more! You can connect, chat, join groups and ask questions to mums who get what you’re going through. I've organized coffee dates, walks around the parks and group date nights with our husbands included! I can definitely see a change in my personal and professional life now that I have people to relate to and hang out with on a weekly basis! I wanted to share with you all because I know I’m not the only mommy to feel alone or depressed and having friends to support/relate to makes it all that much better! #peanutapp #caprirose #mommytime #ad

last month

When we dated 11 years ago, I never thought I would marry you and build a life together. That’s simply why I ghosted you in college 😋. Now here we are- 8 years together, married & we have our sweet Capri. God’s plan is much better than mine 💕 📸: @m_bongirnophoto

last month

Just in case you forgot how weird I am 😋 What are your Sunday plans? ☀️ I’m taking Capri swimming 🧜🏼‍♀️🐠💕

last month

She may look like Brent, but she definitely has my personality. I think she’s starting to look like me a little each day, right? 😹 (📸: @m_bongirnophoto )

last month

I’ve written 5 captions and erased them all 😹 PLEASE CAPTION THIS FOR ME!! (📸: @m_bongirnophoto )

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